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I can't not understand how could this happen.

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i cannot understand what is going to

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Alice is weird like that

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It's a reference to Minami-ke, they put the youngest sister in such a position to imitate some good-weather-dolls.

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I can't not understand how could this happen.

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yeah what is that, a strait jacket?

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oh. Oh, the ones that you hang by the head?

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Teru teru bozu, yes.

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So you hang Alice and expect her to make rain?
Golden rain maybe?

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You hang alice there to make it shine, not rain.

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Aren't you supposed to hang Teruteru-bozu by the neck, though?
Alice is one of my least favorite Touhous, and even I think that's a little harsh.

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Yes and yes. Thus why we compromised and got that result.
Alice tied up is cool, but Alice hung to death is not.

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Good, good.
Hanging is too messy, anyway.

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Cleanliness is important.

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If I were to kill myself, I'd probably go with hanging, as long as I could make sure nobody accidentally found me.

I don't dig it for guro pics though.

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>as long as I could make sure nobody accidentally found me
How would you make sure of that? You think your body would never be discovered? Somebody would find you sooner or later.