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ZUN will be attending Anime Weekend Atlanta on Sept. 27-29

Who among you Touhou fans will be coming to pay tribute?

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With Touhou fans you meant disgusting secondary cosplaying normal scum? I'm glad it's in USA and far far away.

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I'm probably going to mug him with a few of my niggas

might even break his computing hand

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Arc pls.

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I'm going to get him some chicken and waffles.

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Might say hey to him if I see him.

Only going to AWA to bully m00t.

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Could you word that like anymore of a faggot?

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Me 2 I'm going to be dressed up as hitler say hi if you see me.

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I'm looking forward to the 4chan panel
Especially watching it live with /jp/

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Not directly as Hitler but Hitler with cat ears so moe Kitler.

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I'll probably go. Although now that is moot is also going, I'm not sure I should. It's bad enough it's an anime convention, but now there's going to be even more annoying faggots coming to see moot.

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The more I think about this the more terrified I become. I can just imagine some obese child trying to show off how clever he is and asking some sort of awful question filled with "memes" or something.

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I'm going to be there in person it will be worse for me if that happens.

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What a normie.

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"Uhm...When you made the dog meme how much did you kek?"

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I wish I could go, but I just landed a pretty sweet job, and I can't request time off the first month of working... /sigh

Not being a NEET is suffering

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I wish I could go, but I have absolutely no money for traveling, and I can't request any more out of my friends or family... /sigh

Not working and earning money is suffering

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I want to go to this

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I'm going.

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I bet you're not man enough to pull it out in front of ZUN

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reminder to attend this orgy if you're going

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Probably not.

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This shit is always on the east coast.

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For those of you going please ask him why won't he officially port his game to our market (as in translate it with a partner or something).

He obviously care about us or else he wouldn't be attending.

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>care about us
Or he's simply curious.

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Because 90% of the people from America who play it pirate it anyway?

Look what happened when Gurren Lagann was brought over to America and how unpopular that was. America's culture just doesn't appreciate little girls in frilly dresses.

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Why aren't Sunny Milk, Star Sapphire and Lunar Child in that pic?

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One of you normies going punch moot on stage. You'll become a real life meme.

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>Look what happened when Gurren Lagann was brought over to America and how unpopular that was.
So long as Japan is too terrified of their own domestic market importing from America to lower prices to suit the American market they will always fail to sell anime here. It's a joke.
Games on the other hand we've proven for 30 years we'll buy them if they appeal to us. Sure there are some modern reactionary fuckwits but jap games still sell.
Why? Because they're priced for our market. Anime and Games are apples and oranges for such a comparison.

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Carpe Furgur made tons of cash selling loli games on Steam, your comparison is null.

I'm not saying he should go for big online distributions since he said before he'd like to stay small, but the very least he could do for us is localize it, and a game like his would more than sell enough to at least pay for it.

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Why should I, a person who lives in the greatest country in the world, California, go all the way to Atlanta to watch a shitty artist and an even worse composer get drunk off his ass?

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If I had money I would go there and punch moot straight in the schnoz just to become famous on the internet.

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I'll be there

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The original creator also doesn't see a dime of that money.

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Steam cut is around 30%, what are you implying?

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Le implying xD

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Would Zun enjoy my taste in beer?

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That's what they want you drones to think.

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What does zun brew?
Ale? IPA? Brandywine? Piss Lager?

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Cute pic.

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fermented youkai piss

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Nice Suika

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SON OF A BITCH! If I had known that, I would've shilled out the extra dough for admission. fml

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Look for me on /ban/.
/jp/ get coming through.

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this is just a test

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I really wish I'd paid for one beforehand. Now I probably won't be able to get one.

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And then the next thing you know, he's going to partner with the thpatch faggots and their wikitranslation.

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Going to be there... wondering if ZUN will hit the AWA party crowd. Local sheriffs got called in last year. Wasn't pretty. Can only imagine the uproar if ZUN gets popped for disorderly conduct.

No chance in hell of partying with him, I suppose, as I didn't bother hooking back up with people running the con.

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>ZUN gets popped for disorderly conduct.
there would be a total of one thread with 63 posts and 5 images.

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Please kill moot

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I'll be there, cosplaying Youmu, Touhouvania Youmu, and Tenshi.

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Yeah kill him, I want the precious blue sage back!

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kill zun like they did lennon

it's your only chance

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I'll probably have either a yuyuko, yukari or mokou, along with this thing.

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If he's gonna be in Atlanta, someone from /k/ needs to take him here to get a taste of 'merica.


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I dunno if it's a great idea to walk around the con with a beer, you're probably gonna want to leave that in your room

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I want to go to AWA but Atlanta is very far away and I'd be too scared to interact there anyways.

But if I did go, I'd be Alice!

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i will be there 😋
does anyone feel that new york is the best place to live in?

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I'll be going, hopefully as Mima. If I can't get that costume together in time, then I have IN Yukari as a back-up.

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Who would have thought all the tripshits are normies?

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Dude, that is seriously a bad idea-- think about it. If anyone even so much as threatened ZUN at AWA, then the hundreds of rabid Touhou fans would rip his attackers apart.

>> No.11434920

It's actually pretty obvious if you think about it. Desire for attention and all that.

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too many yukaris already

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so edgy

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That's a good one. You don't see too many Mima cosplayers around.

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Why would I be afraid of touhou fans of all people?

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Now I can get ZUN to sign it.

I like how AWA is turning into a "Come see ZUN!" event.

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>Due to the demand, he will only be signing 100 autographs (and only on official Touhou items). Tickets will be given out for the autographs (we will hand out some at the panels, he will have others to give at his discretion). I would expect lines for everything he is doing.

How do I possibly secure a ZUN-Signature Ticket, /jp/?
I wish I could just go really early, instead of having ZUN signatures raffled out or something.

He'll probably only give them out to those who 1cc Lunatic at the game booth he will be at.

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But then ZUN would ignore you and pretend you're not here.

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Why is ZUN going to Niggertown of all places?

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>and only on official Touhou items

The two people there who actual own the games and brought them along will be happy.

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He's got the jungle fevor.

>> No.11437123

Why does this shit even exist? Do they not perceive at all how disgusting and stupid they look?

>> No.11437173

I thought its an old picture back when the south were more racists with a few poor white folks.

>> No.11437191

cute :)

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GFW has no 6th stage so not touhou.

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Holy shit. Tenshi finally gets a ZUN art and it's available only on a fucking shirt of all places. Would so kill for it.

>> No.11437425

I really want to go since I'm only a few hours drive away but I don't have any cosplay and im afraid of crowds


>> No.11437436

Doushi-go back to /a/.

>> No.11437447

How many people from /jp/ plan to kidnap ZUN?

Wouldn't confining ZUN in your underground BDSM dungeon and livestreaming your depraved acts toward ZUN be /jp/'s dream realized?

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I don't want to have sex with ZUN, I want sex with Touhous.

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I hope nobody pulls one of these when talking to ZUN.


I don't want /jp/ to be like /mlp/.

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So you do terrible things to him until he tells you the secrets to Gensokyo

>> No.11437479

Don't worry, no one from /jp/ will be there.

>> No.11437506

I wouldn't want to hurt ZUN, he seems like an alright kinda guy.
Yukari or Reimu would hurt me if I did anything like that anyway, so I'd rather not get there by malicious means.

>> No.11437520

He's had some pretty autistic questions at Japanese conventions and interviews if you look at translations, so he probably won't be insulted or phased. Most of his answers to stupid/autistic questions from fans were rather witty or taken in stride.
ZUN takes it easy.

>> No.11437525

Would you mind pointing me in the right direction for some of these translations?

>> No.11437527

What the hell is he even going to talk about? It's obviously not going to be officially releasing the games in the states since he gives no shits about marketing it overseas because it would be too much work.

>Due to the demand, he will only be signing 100 autographs (and only on official Touhou items).
All four people who have official shit going to AWA must be so fucking ecstatic.

>> No.11437547

If you have sex with ZUN and the sex is so mind-blowing he divorces his wife and marries you, you gain half ownership of Touhou, Just think about it.

>> No.11437586

There are probably a thousand copies of official Touhou whatever floating around the States, and half of their owners will be there, so...

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>Q. Can I marry Marisa?
>A. Japanese in general can't say no, but NO.

>Q. Where's the entrance to Gensokyo?
>A. An old shrine in the heart of a mountain perhaps.

>Q. How much do you weigh?(ZUN IS really thin...)
>A. Less than 50kg.

>Q. Who has the largest bosom in the series? Do you like large bosoms?
>A. Er... in general, maybe...

>Q. Don't they feel ashamed for flying with skirts?
>A. No one is looking at that, anyway.
>Also he said that making trousers needs a professional dressmaker, so it's no wonder that skirts are more popular in there.

>Q. Sakuya is freakin difficult in IN! Is it a bug!?
>A. Oh, is she? ...hmm, it's a feature.

>Q. Please talk about moe. Forget about curtain-fire, moe about Marisa.
>A. Marisa... she has a dirty mouth, are you fond of....?

>Q. I've met Reimu in my dreams.
>A. Describe the details of that dream, and ask for medical help.

And most important
>Q. Where's Genjii(the turtle in PC-98 series) now?
>A. Probably living in the lake at the back of the shrine... at least he's not consumed.
Because I know someone's going to ask about Mima.

>> No.11437617

>Marisa... she has a dirty mouth, are you fond of....?

Never change, ZUN.

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>Q. Do you want to live in Gensokyo if you get the chance?
>A. That place isn't convenient... no internet there. I'll die if I live there.

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>Q. Who's teh uberest in Gensokyo?
>A. ....................maybe Reimu, or maybe not.

That's it, party's over. No more power level discussions needed.
Someone will probably ask it again though.

>> No.11437688

This interview was almost nine years ago. Do you not think that there is a possibility that his answer might be different this time?

>> No.11437707

He didn't even give a proper answer, he just said maybe Reimu.

>Q. Where's the entrance to Gensokyo?
>A. An old shrine in the heart of a mountain perhaps.

Hey look now we can go to Gensokyo. How many mountains are there in Japan?

>> No.11437720

Yeah I was actually thinking that too.
He'll probably say maybe Moon Sisters, and then the person asking the question probably won't know who they are.

At NYCC, one of the Japanese doujin artists was selling Touhou buttons, but by the time I got there, there was only a bunch of Watatsuki Sister pins left.

>> No.11437722

I'll be going as a sin sack, and unrelated to touhou, Ronove from seacats. Hope I can get one of those 100 autographs.

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Will you be naked?
Are you buff?

>> No.11437729

Aw. I would buy a Yorihime button over most other.

>> No.11437731

Q. Is Patchouli's clothing pajamas? Or casual wear?
A. It's like how foreigners sleep in their jeans, and go shopping with them too.

What. A. Fuk?
I only do this when I'm in the woods

>> No.11437734

AWA doesn't allow nudity, but I have a skin-tone full body suit that I am going to wear with a fig leaf on it, and not particularly buff, but I am not a lardass either.

>> No.11437735

What's the character for the guy on the left?

>> No.11437762


My exact words before I even read your post! Why couldn't they just do this at Anime Expo in Los Angeles? Then at least I would have a chance to go.

>> No.11437767

>then the person asking the question probably won't know who they are.
Either that or yell "FUCK THOSE MOON BITCHES" and uttering something about SSiB being bad.

Which it was.

>> No.11437768

I love Japan period.

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>> No.11437775

Amusingly enough, about a year or so after taking that picture of me in Tenshi cosplay next to that Route 66 sign, I ended up living in Chicago two blocks away from the very same sign over last summer.

>> No.11437782

Could you post the pic?

>> No.11437790
File: 89 KB, 500x500, 1335835227533.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks for telling me, dude.
Is this you?

>> No.11437795


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I think the main one's been posted quite a bit but here's another.


>> No.11437808

Why are there so many normies here?

>> No.11437810

W-what does it feel like to wear a d-dress?

>> No.11437812

This picture has always looked shopped to me. I think it's the lighting and/or your skin tone.

>> No.11437816

I love all the maybe, I don't know answers.

>> No.11437818

Yeah, it was kind of an awkward time of day. It was already a little bit late when we got to the area, and we spent like 2 hours driving around to try to find corn dogs so it was getting dark. Best we could do was frozen ones, which is why I didn't take a bite out of it. Also it was lightly raining, which further made things weird.

>> No.11437822

Go to a store and put one on.

>> No.11437825

Fuck this. I'm only going for ZUN (to sign my official games). I don't give a fuck about the panels.

>> No.11437826

It's pretty neat. I sewed that one myself so it's a weird combination of fitting well and fitting weird, but ultimately it's fun. Especially when people know who you are.

>> No.11437872

For those worried about people asking stupid questions, the Q&A session will be limited to those with press passes. John Q. Weeaboo is out of luck.

>> No.11437878

even if i lived near there and had money to waste, i dont think i could handle all the normalfags and secondaries. good luck

>> No.11437883
File: 63 KB, 517x700, 1375780376834.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the Q&A session will be limited to those with press passes
That's bullshit.

So what other panels will ZUN be doing? What will he do during them?

>> No.11437888

anyone from california wanna do a road trip to awa and get a hotel?

>> No.11437896

Fuck! Really! That's complete bullshit. Why use Zun as a selling point if no one gets to see him or ask him questions.
I mean, I was worried about some asshole from /jp/ asking him which 2hu he would fug or something, but what's the point of going now?
Only 100 signatures, and a shitty press Q&A?

>> No.11437897

Drinking people under the table.

>> No.11437899

Who's this newbie?

>> No.11437900

Not from Cali, but if you pass by Colorado I might be able to come along.

>> No.11437901

Don't worry, we still have the 4chan panel to look forward to.

>> No.11437903

lol @ you norms that thought this would be a meet and greet.

>> No.11437905
File: 141 KB, 768x1024, 1357997954165.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Drinking Contest with ZUN would be the best panel.

>> No.11437906

"How do you come up with funny memes like advice dog?"

>> No.11437907

But is it worth going just to call m00t a fag for changing sage?

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>> No.11437913

ZUN is going to be hanging out at the local bar scene, slaying that exotic Georgia tang, not drinking with weeaboos.

>> No.11437916

C-Can I come, moot?

>> No.11437920

I wish I was one year older :c

>> No.11437925

Cute emote kid.

>> No.11437939

Oh shit, my degree in journalism is finally paying off!

I may be getting paid jack squat but I can die happy knowing that I got to ask ZUN to his face which touhou he would fuck!

>> No.11437943

You can die a corporate slave is what you can die as.

>> No.11437944

It's a sigh of relief, but that autistic shitbirds ae what makes these things fun.

>> No.11437952

Anyone that goes through the trouble to get a press pass at an anime convention is an even bigger autistic shitbird.

>> No.11437954

U-urusai! I fight for truth and justice, just like the crowsluts!

>> No.11437962

Makes me wish I knew about this earlier and gotten a press pass.
I could be the official reporter and interviewer for /jp/. I'd ask him what comes up on /jp/.

>> No.11437980

You just described most journalists.

We are literally autists. EV training pokemon is a favourite pastime amongst my coworkers.

>> No.11438013


He has a standard guest-talks-about-themselves panel on Friday at 7(this might be the Q&A panel, I'm not 100% sure) and a panel where he laughs at your tiny shmup penis on Saturday at 4.


Have fun getting tossed from the room.

>> No.11438034

Why do you have a trip?

>> No.11438041

>Have fun getting tossed from the room.
It's not that big of a deal. A security guard or two come over and act all huffy, you say "I'm going" and then you leave while they follow you out of the building.

Keep a recorder hidden on your person in case they are total dicks and try to delete your shit. Isn't against the law if you're in a public space.

>> No.11438048

So people will know who he is. Duh.

>> No.11438057


..I'd still go if I had a ride though

>> No.11438062 [DELETED] 

>a panel where he laughs at your tiny shmup penis on Saturday at 4
So is the chance to get ZUN to sign something onlya vailable if I play the game

>> No.11438074

>a panel where he laughs at your tiny shmup penis on Saturday at 4
So is the chance to get ZUN to sign something only vailable if I play the game and get a 1cc?

To be honest, the ZUN-related panels are starting to look underwhelming. I thought I would at least be able to talk to him or shake his hand.

>> No.11438081

You can shake his dick in the rest room.

>> No.11438095

>I thought I would at least be able to talk to him or shake his hand.
Yeah, you and 1500 other fans. glhf

>> No.11438096

I want Zun to make fun of my tiny shmup penis!

>> No.11438105

Will you take pictures?

>> No.11438109

What would you do if ZUN got mugged and killed by a bunch of gang members

>> No.11438110

Guess I'm too used to meeting lower-key doujin artists.
Maybe ZUN is right about the whole doujin scene.

Oh well, maybe I will one day meet him at a Japanese convention.

>> No.11438111

I don't really have anywhere to carry a camera in any of those cosplays, so probably not, unfortunately.

>> No.11438128

Where the fuck are all these normaltrips coming from?

>> No.11438144

AWA probably

>> No.11438164

I'd be one of the gang members.

>> No.11438175

They were here all along.

>> No.11438180


So the information I provide will come with a modicum of reputability.


I'm pretty sure there will be dedicated times when you can cash your golden ticket in. In fact, I wouldn't be at all surprised if you couldn't do so during either of ZUN's panels, since that would entail distracting him from the panel subject matter.

>> No.11438527
File: 519 KB, 1329x601, ZUNs Golden Ticket.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How to I obtain Golden Ticket?

>> No.11438833 [DELETED] 

I'm conflicted. I'm staying far far away from the 4chan panel, but on the other hand I'd love to hang out with some cute shy /jp/sies.

>> No.11438845

You make it sound lewd. I don't want lewdness at the /jp/ meetup.

>> No.11438849

There won't be any tru/jp/sies there
There will just be those weird normie crossboarder tumblr types that go to college and stuff.

>> No.11438855 [DELETED] 

And you can't do that anonymously, attention whoer?

>> No.11438858 [DELETED] 

yes, as that would defeat the entire point of "reputability"

>> No.11438868 [DELETED] 

So he's just an attention whore.

>> No.11438874 [DELETED] 

i don't know why you even bothered to ask the question if you were going to ignore the answer

>> No.11438892 [DELETED] 

Because there is no reason to have a trip for this other than being an attention whore.

>> No.11438897 [DELETED] 

I don't know why you can't capitalize proper nouns.

>> No.11438900 [DELETED] 

the purpose is both to add reputability and to signal to people who know him that he is going

you are the only one feeding him attention anyway

>> No.11438903 [DELETED] 

So attention whore so people can find you at the normie conventino?

>> No.11438904 [DELETED] 

there were no proper nouns in that sentence

>> No.11438910 [DELETED] 

"I" is a proper noun.

>> No.11438912 [DELETED] 

if you think all forms of self-identification are "attention whoring" then sure, you can call it that

nobody other than you will care though

>> No.11438917 [DELETED] 

This is an anonymous image board, whore.

>> No.11438918 [DELETED] 

"i" is no more of a proper noun than "you" is

maybe you should go back to school before lecturing people on grammar

>> No.11438920 [DELETED] 

trip up, bros

>> No.11438921 [DELETED] 

I is always capitalized. I guess you just didn't pass the first grade. Why don't you capitalize the beginning of your sentences either?

>> No.11438922 [DELETED] 

actually, it's an imageboard where people are given the option to post anonymously

there are many truly anonymous imageboards out there that don't have a name field

>> No.11438927 [DELETED] 

Find me at the con bros let's get wasted and bag some cosplayers!!

>> No.11438929 [DELETED] 

when writing formal english "I" is always capitalized but that doesn't make it a proper noun; you made a claim that was incorrect and you should suck it up and accept that you were wrong

i don't apply full punctuation or capitalization when i think i'm talking to a retard

>> No.11438930 [DELETED] 

4 real lets do some e and wathc naruto ma nigga

>> No.11438931 [DELETED] 

Actually, you're just an attention whore. I'm sorry your mommy didn't show you enough attention as a child and now you have to beg for it online.

>> No.11438933 [DELETED] 

it's really great how you've abandoned any pretense that you actually have an argument to make, it saves me the time of arguing with you

see you never

>> No.11438934 [DELETED] 

that would be a lot of fun

>> No.11438935 [DELETED] 

So don't you capitalize I when its a basic rule of English?

>> No.11438937 [DELETED] 

Go back to tumblr

>> No.11438939 [DELETED] 

then we can all go fuck some 5/10 chick who is dressing up as sasuke

woot animeconventions 4 lyfe

>> No.11438941 [DELETED] 

Remember to follow me for live, REAL updates of the con @bokunopico
*blows kiss goodbye*

>> No.11438942 [DELETED] 

not when talking to suspected retards

the only tumblr i've ever visited belongs to cis because i'm not a retarded child who goes out of his way to visit or pay attention to websites i don't like

>> No.11438943 [DELETED] 

sure why not experience all we can

>> No.11438945 [DELETED] 

So why are you not following basic English rules? It just show how childish and uneducated you are.

>> No.11438946 [DELETED] 

lol what kind of nerd posts like this

not using shift but still using commas and other gay shit

your trying way too hard and fucking it up dipshit

go back to ./a / and come back never

>> No.11438947 [DELETED] 

>So why are you not following basic English rules?
because i think you are a retard

> It just show how childish and uneducated you are.
i'm not the one calling people whores over the internet

>> No.11438949 [DELETED] 

We still meeting up at the bar bros?

>> No.11438952 [DELETED] 

yeah i'm organizing a meetup at 9 PM on fridaywhich none of you are going to show up to because you're all parody posters who don't actually exist

>> No.11438953 [DELETED] 

What board are you from?

>> No.11438956 [DELETED] 

with this I can add to my achievement list and drink with zun

ive already drank with nobuo uematsu and megumi nakajima

>> No.11438956,1 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.11438957 [DELETED] 


originally /a/

>> No.11438958 [DELETED] 

you sound like a riot to chill with

>> No.11438959 [DELETED] 

Baww, did our little attention whore's feelings get upset?

>> No.11438962 [DELETED] 

Sounds like it will be fun to hang out with such a passive aggressive bitch like yourself.

>> No.11438968 [DELETED] 

okay guys see you there i look forward to it

>Baww, did our little attention whore's feelings get upset?

>> No.11438969 [DELETED] 

Actually organizing a meet up. Get the fuck out crossie.

>> No.11438972 [DELETED] 

i'll let you in on a secret: nobody was actually planning to go to that meetup

>> No.11438974 [DELETED] 

Who are you quoting?

>> No.11438977 [DELETED] 

yeah literally no one wants to hang out with you

like maybe you should think about killing yourself

or go attend an animecon by yourself lol

>> No.11438980 [DELETED] 

Oh shit man. You fucking destroyed that dweeb. He'll never be able to show his face again hopefully.

>> No.11438983 [DELETED] 

your hopes are dashed to pieces

>> No.11438984 [DELETED] 

*eats popcorn while looking at the replies*

>> No.11438986 [DELETED] 

i know bro im part of the #nerdrekt krew

gotta represent

>> No.11438989 [DELETED] 

im sury
i c y i wus rung naw
pls 4giv me

>> No.11438990 [DELETED] 

I'm too drunk to read any of this shit please help

>> No.11438991 [DELETED] 

I'd love to hang out with other /jp/ posters at AWA. Catch me on IRC. Peace.

>> No.11438993 [DELETED] 

Can't wait to find a partner for me and my gf's 3 way. A little pre orgy practice. ;)

>> No.11438999
File: 38 KB, 720x540, 479904_10151245157896704_1947752359_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

and before anyone says
>pics or it didnt happen

>> No.11439002 [DELETED] 

If you're going to joke about how slutty all the girls at cons are, you could at least try to make it funny instead of throwing the most cookie-cutter passive-aggressive ironic imitation. Peace.

>> No.11439003 [DELETED] 

you look like the kinda fag who sucks dicks

>> No.11439003,1 [INTERNAL] 

Janny is irate he wasn't invited.

>> No.11439004 [DELETED] 

who are you quoting?

>> No.11439005 [DELETED] 

who is that hairy spic

>> No.11439012

was that really necessary

>> No.11439014

So all they need to do to be profitable like carpe furglur is completely butcher everything and shove in epic memes, jokes, and catch phrases everywhere, right? I really want anyone who supports carpe furglure to kill their self. I'm not even joking. I hope anyone reading this who bought their trash and doesn't regret it dies.

>> No.11439015

You should be used to unjust deletions on this board by now. Peace.

>> No.11439024 [DELETED] 

lol is janny one of the fags going to this anime con?????

maybe you can finally talk to moot in person and he'll look you in the eys and laugh that at the fact that some loser is desperate enough to be a janitor for /jp/

>> No.11439024,1 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.11439028

yfw this is the janitor

>> No.11439039 [SPOILER] 
File: 35 KB, 554x252, 20121110110455790.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.11439039,1 [INTERNAL] 

joot must be in this thread

>> No.11439045
File: 1002 KB, 1944x2592, garbage.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

that's prolly the new one.

here's the old one

>> No.11439046

he looks so sad

>> No.11439048

drunk megumi nakajima pics next

>> No.11439049

He's just deep.

>> No.11439054

He looks like one of Dahmer's victims.

>> No.11439057



>> No.11439060

brb getting my loic

>> No.11439063

uh oh spaghettios

>> No.11439064

what an annoying normie
I like how he had to post the wiki article because nobody would know who he is otherwise

>> No.11439081

Holy shit.
Image macro memes
4chan screen caps

>> No.11439086 [DELETED] 

lol 2 ban queues in one day.

janny youre getting pretty desperate arent you

so who you going to cosplay as????

no matter what it is moot is still going to laugh at you just like we all do everyday on the jay

>> No.11439087 [DELETED] 
File: 54 KB, 720x540, 555336_10151245149226704_65710451_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I told you man.

>> No.11439094

some sort of baldie meetup

>> No.11439115

>In flight back to Atlanta wearing my SAO kirito cosplay because its the only thing close to winter gear I have.

Hahahaha what the fuck is this.

>> No.11439115,1 [INTERNAL] 

lol janny put me up for 3 ban requests today. Got a ban for complaining about 4chan

why does he try so hard

>> No.11439144

Well I still feel pretty healthy.

>> No.11439186
File: 141 KB, 1466x378, AWA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.11439194

What will this board be like past touhou?

>> No.11439202


>> No.11439432
File: 509 KB, 600x450, 1379358450172.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You like this, right? It's pretty damn epic after all, with great funny writing. This is the way localizations should be, just like Ace Attorney!

>> No.11439468

All these groups uploading, translating and hacking Touhou stuff are fucking disgusting. What a joke of fans.

>> No.11439469

>For those worried about people asking stupid questions, the Q&A session will be limited to those with press passes.

This in no way eliminates the possibility of stupid questions.

>I thought I would at least be able to talk to him or shake his hand.

But at least the organizers will be able to, which is likely half of the point of inviting him.

>> No.11439473


>> No.11439476

Nonexistent, thus better.

>> No.11439478

Only the Touhou autists think Touhou is all there is to /jp/. You're almost as bad as the idol lovers.

>> No.11439487

Only an autist could think that there's anything else relevant in /jp/ apart from the VN thread and the occasional Japanese videogame.

>> No.11439492

He's probably thinking of shiteposting and other assorted so-called "board culture".

>> No.11439499

This is why I think the people who are only here for Touhou are retarded. There's more good on-topic content than just visual novels, eroge, and doujinsoft games (other than Touhou and fan-made spinoffs). Even if there wasn't, that would be more than enough on its own anyway. Touhou is really the shittiest on-topic part of the board. I don't even know why you'd attempt to deny this.

>> No.11439504

>There's more good on-topic content than just visual novels, eroge, and doujinsoft games (other than Touhou and fan-made spinoffs)

Name something. Chances are it could just go to another board anyway.

>> No.11439506

It's funny because I don't actually give a shit about Touhou, and you're the one who goes on with his autistic rant about people who like different things from you.

You look like a child who watches other children playing with toys he doesn't like and then proceeds to stomp his feet on the ground and cry.

>> No.11439511

It doesn't matter if it could go to another board, board overlap is acceptable. This is a containment board anyway, moot and his retarded mods aren't going to unleash us onto the other boards, which is a good thing for both us and them. Just from the front page you should see card games, mahjong, and denpa. /jp/ is not Touhou, no matter how much you dumb fucks insist it is. You guys are the worst part of the board, besides idol retards. You have no right to be as cocky as you always are, especially not when Touhou draws in more shitposters than any of the other topics.

>> No.11440232

Is milk going to go to awa?

>> No.11440232,1 [INTERNAL] 

Where else would she find willing dicks to suck for money?

>> No.11440275

Last I heard, she couldn't get the money, I think she had some sort of relationship troubles with Mush. They were looking for someone to share a hotel room, then she cancelled.

She is (was?) selling some of her stuff, so maybe her goal was to afford AWA. Probably too late now, unless someone wants to make a last minute Kickstarter.

>> No.11440595

I don't think anyone is claiming that /jp/ is Touhou only.
However, it does make up a large chunk of the board, and without it the board would be even slower than it was before.
In fact, this board might not even be necessary at that point.

>> No.11440603

What's so fucking great about Atlanta?

Why would ZUN go there, and why were the Olympics ever held there?

Atlanta has a big airport and coca cola is made there, but fuck's sake, if you want to visit a large US city with some cultural appeal and relevance there are dozens of better choices.

>> No.11440610

Someone who runs the con probably convinced him to go.

>> No.11440629

They probably pay everything for him so it's like a free trip to the USA for him.

>> No.11440641

Well why wouldn't he get a free trip to a con at a city which really matters? Like New York or Chicago?

>> No.11440646

probably his schedule didn't allow it, or they didn't offer him a paid vacation.

>> No.11440671

>Gangnam Style

Fucking gross.

>> No.11440685

The best part is, ZUN is going to be polite. He's going to laugh at the bad Western Touhou fandom jokes. He's going to join in when some Cirno cosplayer starts dancing. He's going to praise the American Touhou community.

/jp/'s tears will be delicious.

>> No.11440693

Watch him go home and drink twice as much as usual because of it, though.

>> No.11440699

Did that shit actually get finished? Because i tried my best to forget it.

>> No.11440720

Are you somehow implying that Japan doesn't have dancing Cirno cosplayers?

>> No.11440723

He'll probably make fun of everyone at the shmup panel though.
I wonder if anyone there will actualy be able to play.

>> No.11440724

they do not, all japanese touhou fans are true primaries who stay in their room all day, unlike filthy western normalfags who cosplay and go to conventions.

>> No.11440726



>> No.11440732

those are american weeaboos who went to japan to do that dance.

>> No.11440733

those are western secondaries in disguise

they're trying to subvert the paradise which is Nihon

>> No.11440738

Cut off moots head and present it to ZUN so he no longer has to fear this weird white guy harassing him multiple times a year.

>> No.11440739

self-hating weeaboo detected

>> No.11440760

I just want to drink with ZUN!

>> No.11440769

Moot gets to but you and I never will.

Life isn't fair.

>> No.11440810
File: 18 KB, 300x100, 26.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What are we gonna ask him about Mima?

>Will Mima be in the next game?
>Is Mima Marisa's mother?
>With the gods taking swings at each other, will we see any new gods arising out of this? Maybe Mima?
>Hey, Zun. I like Mima.
>More Mima?

>> No.11440846

My anonymous gentlemen of African descent, son of my father.

>> No.11442431

he's actually expressed interest in porting the game to america.

moreover he thought it hilarious that some people play upwards of 30-40 dollars for his games.

>> No.11442827


[citation needed]

>> No.11442835

citation: interview by some guy from shrinemaiden

>> No.11443592

I wish I had as much fashion sense as ZUN

>> No.11444687

Probably not, all the American 2hu players are objectively shit, Europe is where it's at.

>> No.11445830

Did he find it equally hilarious that some people pay $0?

>> No.11445840

I was so surprised when I went to akihabara to buy DDC and it was only 1200 yen or so. I thought maybe I bought a demo or something by mistake

>> No.11445859

I've always wondered why I'm shit at Touhou.

>> No.11447097

Fucking disgusting. I hope something bad happens.

>> No.11447694
File: 19 KB, 800x600, laugh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>bronies at AWA
I can't fucking wait.

>> No.11447715
File: 64 KB, 231x175, moot_friend.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

moot, will you come to the /jp/ meetup and get ZUN to go drinking with us?

Surely you can think of no better group from 4chan to spend your time with.

>> No.11447719

After reading this thread, I can see that AWA is going to be just as shitty as normal, except they'll embarrass themselves with higher quality guests. I felt bad when they cut that Macross guy's panel a year or so back in order to do stupid con bullshit. I figured they'd never get another guest, ever again, that wasn't American-made.

Hooray for press passes at an anime convention. America is a shithole.

>> No.11447721
File: 55 KB, 340x500, questiontimej.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's ZUN really like as a person?

>> No.11447760

Who is ZUN going with? Friends? Wife?

>> No.11447768

sadistic. cynical. socialist. anti-government.

The exact same as Jesus.

>> No.11447779
File: 392 KB, 800x800, 1373436323378.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pony Touhou when?

>> No.11447836

Disregard that. I am homosex.

See you all in Atlanta

>> No.11447842

Why would I want to go anywhere that someone who just admitted they're a fuggin homo is gonna be? You're probably just going there to suck some dick, and I don't want to catch AIDS from being in the same room as you.

>> No.11448139

I'll be there, bad-fake-kun, while you will be crying in your closet, posting dick threads on /jp/. Granted, my experience won't be much better, given that it's AWA, but...

At least it'll be worth seeing Rider.

>> No.11449183

>Excitement of TGS has been calm. You went to the United States in order to appearance in the event from tomorrow. Everyone, shaking hands with me in Atlanta!

>Interaction with fans of the United States seems to be the main in the event. My game, it 's just over not sold officially abroad surprisingly

Aww yes
Can't wait to shake hands with ZUN this weekend.

>> No.11452857
File: 117 KB, 400x395, 4383496151_bca7ccc6c0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hopefully I can get ZUN to sign my copy of Akyu's Untouched Score Vol. 4
Let's see how tough ZUN is when Mima is staring him right in the face

>> No.11452862 [DELETED] 

so who is going to get him to shake your cum stained hand?

>> No.11454106

Meetup when?

>> No.11454114

I was thinking of bringing some thoroughly semen-stained underpants with Chen porn printed on the fabric and having him sign them. However, I'm not sure if this is illegal.

>> No.11454115

>mfw ZUN is glomped to death by secondaries >ZUN with his last dying breath gives moot the copyright


>> No.11454174

>Who among you Touhou fans will be coming to pay tribute?
tribute? you steal men's souls and make them your slaves!

>> No.11454206
File: 111 KB, 500x500, 1375427449554.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Who are you quoting?

>> No.11454221

Is there anyone on /jp/ that has a hotel room?
I'm going but I didn't make any plans as far as rooms are concerned. I was hoping I could pay someone to let me sleep on their floor.

>> No.11454229

lol normie

>> No.11454231

You could always sleep in a park.

>> No.11454265

I'm afraid hobos might attack/molest me. This is Atlanta after all.
But I guess I run the same risk in sleeping on some stranger's floor.

If only milk was still going, I could have stayed in her room.

>> No.11454275

Then don't sleep at all.

>> No.11454321

Guess I'll just sit on a bench until morning.

I could browse /jp/ on my phone maybe until the batteries run out.

>> No.11454577

I cannot reconcile the idea of letting any of you share my hotel room with reality.

>> No.11454584

Wow, you're like king of the normies.

>> No.11454587

One of you faggot socialites let me know if you see Rack Em Willie.


>> No.11454622

can ZUN speak english

how are you gonna comunicate with him

>> No.11454637

In the universal language of whc 2hu wdu fug

>> No.11454655

That was awfully lame.

>> No.11454656

I'm guessing translators.

>> No.11454660
File: 31 KB, 480x360, proxy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ZUN eat big american steak

>> No.11454665

Do you think he can win one of those "eat a huge steak" challenges?

>> No.11454668

I hope he has enough sauce.

>> No.11454670

No vegetables, just like a real American.

>> No.11454677

They make you eat the gristle in those.

>> No.11454678

thats the tiniest steak I've ever seen

>> No.11454682

I too watch King of the Hill

>> No.11454702

It's the greatest slice of life of all time.

>> No.11454726

I bet he's going to scream and flee

>> No.11454727

But that's not Hey Arnold.

>> No.11454762

So, the ZUN autographs are going to be a lottery type deal... that is pretty retarded. They'll probably all go to tertiaries, or the people that actually get far playing the games in the "Dance like a monkey for ZUN" segment of the con.

It's a shame that IaMP is the only game I'm really any good at, as that's the one most unlikely to be there.

>> No.11454777
File: 530 KB, 600x455, 1371675181226.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Stab someone with ticket and take it. No one's going to miss some nameless nerd

>> No.11454794

I really want to pretend this isn't happening, along with all the 4chan stuff. It actually makes me feel sick. I just want it to not occur.

So basically I'm going to have to avoid /jp/ for a few weeks. It's going to be tough, but I think I can stomach it. Please don't keep talking about this when I get back.

>> No.11454798

Touhou has been disgraced for years. It's not like ZUN coming to America and laughing at the locals is going to somehow make it worse.

I just want him to sign Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red, because apparently he won't sign my copy of LolitaEmpress by Cherish.

>> No.11454799

I made a post about shaking ZUN's hand with a cum stained one but it's gone and the hard work I put into making that post was just pointless

>> No.11454801

>Touhou has been disgraced for years. It's not like ZUN coming to America and laughing at the locals is going to somehow make it worse.

I know, but I can close my ears and clasp my ears, and pretend it isn't happening.

>> No.11454802

You'd really ask him to sign something like that?

>> No.11454812

I'd ask ZUN to sign my penis.

(his name's short enough.....)

>> No.11454815

Can one of you guys please shoot him?

It's not too late for ZUN to be John Lennon.

>> No.11454824

Will Jared Letto play me in a movie?

>> No.11454826


>> No.11454849

Why not? It's absolutely beautiful. Possibly the best Remilia work ever made.

>> No.11454858

What's wrong anon?

Are you afraid ZUN will be overwhelmed by how amazing the land of the free is and start making more american 2hu games with manly men and testosterone?

>> No.11454863

I think it'd somehow be weird to ask him to sign a H-doujinshi by another artist.

>> No.11454870

He's only signing official merch, dipshit.

>> No.11454878

Yes, he knows that, as he said as much a few posts up.

>> No.11454882

So I'm going to have to buy something to get his signature? What a scam, I was just going to ask him to sign a picture of Suika a /jp/ user's sister drew.

>> No.11454892

Wow, ZUN is a heartless asshole.

>> No.11454939

Why would it be weird? A creator must be expected to recognize perfection, especially if it involves something he created. To give his signature would mark it as something perfect in the eyes of its origin.

Is it fun being blind as a fucking bat?

>> No.11454956

From the forums

He will be there for all three days, doing several different panels. Due to the demand, he will only be signing 100 autographs (and only on official Touhou items). Tickets will be given out for the autographs (we will hand out some at the panels, he will have others to give at his discretion). I would expect lines for everything he is doing."


So no, he won't be signing any doujins.

>> No.11455001

I hope someone asked him why he doesn't port games to PSN and XBOX Live, and then buy a fucking yacht with the mega-piles of cash he would make.

I'm sure he's covered this many times elsewhere; I'm just unaware of his position on this.

>> No.11455004

So, you are fucking blind, as well?

>> No.11455011


Don't bully the handicapped!

>> No.11455019

Sorry I'm not following every post you make with your cracked trip, you attention whore.

>> No.11455028

You don't sound sorry at all.

>> No.11455555
File: 897 KB, 634x1853, Al-Shabaab's American recruitment drive- 'Betray the US and join -the real Disneyland- of African jihad' - Telegraph.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Let's just hope no-one invites him to the Disneyland of Minnesota.

>> No.11456605

yo anon hit me up at I think i can solve your problems if your interested still...

>> No.11458286

Attendants please don't shoot ZUN. Please.

And I can't wait to something like this occur.

I thought that was a joke. Cool I guess.

B-but, you're male!

We've seen him hanging out with moot.
/th/ - Touhou Project

>> No.11458296

Don't reply like this, it's sickening.
Cute stutter too, crossie.

>> No.11458347

Replying like what?.
And I'm sorry about the latter.

>> No.11458362

Reply to multiple posts at once and in a column like that.

>> No.11458386

I don't see what wrong with that.
It would be silly to reply to each one using individual posts.

>> No.11458447
File: 156 KB, 1100x743, 1350105922338.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Y-you could always use a different name for each post.. and have the different names talk to each other, I guess..

>> No.11458458
File: 292 KB, 377x1589, happy_birthday.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Y-you could always use a different name for each post.. and have the different names talk to each other, I guess..

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