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why dont reimu simply get rid of the yokai and simply extinguish gensokyo barrier.

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She tries to.

Are you kids forgetting that she and Marisa literally exterminate (i.e. kill) youkai? Gensokyo is not a friendly hugbox for faggots. She murders these people because they are monsters who eat (i.e. kill and consume) human beings.

This is like when Holocaust deniers look at the Nazi's speeches and say "oh no by 'kill all the jews' they actually meant 'give the jews a cruise trip to madagascar' and you're all misunderstanding sheep!!"
ZUN has written this shit in clear, absolute terms, and I have no idea what's wrong with your brains that you can't parse and accept such basic information.

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What the fuck

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Animals are people too. Check your privilege.

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JIDF are this stupid

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>Are you kids forgetting that she and Marisa literally exterminate (i.e. kill) youkai?

Extermination literally isn't killing.

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Well, office lady Hakurei Reimu danmaku game doesn't sound as fun. Although an old bald boss sexually harassing her sounds like fun.

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Because that would be a dick move from a character without one.

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Except Youkai don't eat anyone because all the humans in Gensokyo are descended from ass kicking youkai hunting monks. The only time anyone died was those humans from our world who ended up in Gensokyo.

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The non-lethal spell card battle system is there for Reimu's protection as much as that of the youkai. Yuyuko has the ability to kill people without them being able to resist; fighting someone like her all-out wouldn't really work.

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This. All you have to do is challenge anyone to a spell card battle and they can't kill you. It's literally a safe as fuck place to be. I don't know why people are trying to turn Touhou into a 2grimdeepderp4u setting.

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They don't need to eat people in the first place, just have humans believe they eat people.

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Remove youkai from /jp/

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>Except Youkai don't eat anyone because all the humans in Gensokyo are descended from ass kicking youkai hunting monks.

Two rights can make one wrong when you connect them wrongly.

It is true that Youkai don't eat anyone. It is true that all the humans in Gensokyo are, mainly, descended from Youkai exterminators. But the average difference in power is such that all the Youkai above the lowest of the low (and the fairies) can kill a human without a big problem.

As such, Gensokyo's humans aren't being extinct because they literally a protected race. They are important for the spiritual well being of Gensokyo and the continuing existence of the Youkai. The human village is a nature reserve protected implicitly by all the big players and explicitly by a cop (the Hakurei Hunter Killer) that has the sole purpose of protecting it.

People ends up in Gensokyo mainly to be eaten. Yukari hunts regularly neets to feed them to hungry Youkai.

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If the youkai don't eat people anymore, then why would Yukari need to commit serial killings on unrelated humans?

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The Youkai don't eat Gensokyo's human. The Youkai eat Neets instead.

My god, what are you, twelve? A little reading comprehension will help you in the future.

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Perhaps the youkai feel that eating someone is the purest expression of love? After all, the human they eat will become a part of them forever.

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>because all the humans in Gensokyo are descended from ass kicking youkai hunting monks

I guess that's why the likes of Rumia are way too much for them to handle right?

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Because the moment she tries Yukari will tentacle rape her to death. Before making her give birth to a rape baby so there is new Hakurei miko.

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>raping Reimu
Fucking Fantasy Heaven, how does It work?

The only reason Reimu occasionally loses is because she doesn't care enough.
Once Reimu deems something unacceptable, that thing is instantly fucked. If Yukari doesn't want to be titled Yukari the fugitive she has to play a scheming bitch.

Also, even If the youkais aren't eating Gensokyo's people, the mere fact that Yukari needs to have "our side" is scary enough.
Not "Gensokyo's side". "Youkai's side". "My side".

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Why do they need to eat people? Why not cows?

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Thinking about sides, I love Zun created the perfect situation for human/youkai war to replace religion war.

Yukari can get Buddhists on her side. Byakuren is all about keeping Youkai's side.

There's also the protector of humans, Prince Shotoku Miko. Moriyas go there, what's with faith and other.

The undertones are there, the question is, how seriously Zun is treating them Provided he sees anything more than tea parties and silly disputes

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There's only a one cow in Gensokyo and It's not even a full fledged one

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Why not kidnap NEET cows from our world?

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Are you forgetting about youkai who organize hunting parties and kidnap people?

Jesus, this is even beyond Touhou Wiki levels of ignorance. There are Tumblr users who know more about Touhou canon than you do. I feel like my IQ has dropped 50 points just by reading your post.

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That fucking bitch keeps flipping them and the cows die from trauma before even leaving boundary's whereabouts

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Well, there's still the possibility that Yukari is just fucking with Kasen for some reason. Seeing how in the past she's started two shitstorms that could've resulted in either the lunarian civilization or Gensokyo being destroyed if something goes wrong, just to play mindgames, it's not too unlikely.

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Do Youkai specifically need to eat live humans? Would just sending them dead people not work?

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Looking at Yukari, I wouldn't say It was just for kicks and mindgames.
She wanted the stronger and the more aggresive youkai's gone, so she rallied them up and sent them into a suicide campaign. It was more than a elaborate humility lessons. She wanted to show who's the top dog around here.
SSiB incident was an organized message to the moon bitches. "You won that last time because I wanted you to win. I can outplay each and every single one of you any fucking time"

Sometimes I think that in ZUN's mind, OP's scene (similarly to many other eerie moments) had that innocent and playful side and It's the artists fault that they look like that

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Humans provide a plethora of spiritual nutrients.
Life essence, emotions, faith, that weird mechanic that makes spirit energy from rumours and subconcious.

Dead body is just a chunk of meat. Animals are only slightly better

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That's the only scene i can think of that looks like that. SSIB just looks like shit and the fairy manga doesn't have anything like that. FS also didn't do much in this direction so far.

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What? Is this from another Akyuu's fairy tail? Why would you believe that shitty youkai propaganda? It's a well known fact that Yukari proofreads all her books and corrects everything to make youkai looks more fearsome than they actually are. Like for example Remilia's article is saying that she eats and kills humans while her ZUN's profile and game dialogues say completely opposite thing.
This "Human village is just a zoo" theory is complete bullshit. Why would you put spies in your zoo? "Hey, John, I suspect those fucking turtles are up to no good. Take that turtle costume, infiltrate them and try to get some information". No, that's not how things work, if you want to preserve control you need watchers/police, not spies. The truth is that Yukari (and rest of youkai) is just extremely afraid of humans.
Also Yukari uses her border powers to steal shotas from outside world and this is how she fills youkais stomachs with food. Yes, "food" is actually just hot white semen. It was confirmed countless times in lots of doujins.

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It's out of place even in WaHH, which is mostly just cutesy antics all the time. Based on previous information it wouldn't be out of character for it to be a ruse made to influence Kasen or getting a reaction out of her, Yukari probably isn't too happy about an oni pretending to be a hermit while planning something.

That or ZUN is going to troll everyone by having the last Touhou game be a serious conflict where everyone dies.

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It was in out-of-universe documents written by ZUN before the Spell Card Rules retcon and before Akyuu was created. There's no M. Night Shyamalan twist because ZUN isn't that gimmicky (one of the few compliments I can give the guy).

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I don't really think you can trust anything Yukari says. She is one of the most Youkai-like Youkai out there. She will lie and assure you that it's the truth to her grave, if not to only keep herself alive.

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>This "Human village is just a zoo" theory is complete bullshit. Why would you put spies in your zoo?
Becuase you don't seem to understand the contrast.
Human's mind is the place where yokais are born. Human mind is giving them strength. SoPM mentions that modern youkai shtick would be misplacing small things like remote controls or car keys. Because the human that looks for his shit keeps thinking "The ghosts must've done that". Do read on that.

Even If modern youkai can exist, It is but a bootleg version of an ancient youkai's. Why? What changed?
Human mentality. They started to think, they started to cooperate, they started to explain things with science, logic and experience.

The contrast is that the people are all about progress and evolution, while the Youkai's are stuck in the past, born from memories and leftover thoughts literal "old"

Gensokyo is supposed to be a safe haven for youkais. But youkai can't live without humans.

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So they can't eat them however they like and they can't treat the village like a farm, true.

But's It's pointless If the humans are going to team-up and "push forward". Youkai's are stuck in time, so they have to make sure that humans will also stay in the past.
This is why Yukari is setting up spies.

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Which makes me think.
What was Yukari's stance on Kanako who has a huge boner for progress and what was Kanako view on all that technology thing because I know WaHH had something like that and I just can't remember

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>Youkai's are stuck in the past, born from memories

I must be a youkai then

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>Youkai's are stuck in time, so they have to make sure that humans will also stay in the past.
Not only that, but also to monitor how well the psychological warfare works.

Since the youkai don't assault anyone from the human village with lethal force, and the human population is really small, the humans would probably figure out after some time that people aren't going missing or getting eaten at a rate that's even close to what you'd expect from living in the middle of youkai. But if you'd let it become the sort of unspoken knowledge that the youkai are eating people from somewhere else, the humans would still be scared of them because now there's a good reason why the people from the village aren't disappearing. Maybe drop an unknown spooky skeleton into a well once in a while.
Unless it has been said somewhere that the youkai need to kill and eat humans and not just recieve fear and belief, it's irrelevant from Yukari's point of view whether people from the outside are being killed or not, as long as the dirt farmers in the human village think they know it's happening.

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Me too

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I don't accept any part of Wild and Horned Hermit that contradicts any part of the games, say for example, Scarlet Weather Rhapsody regarding Celestials and Shinigami.

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How foolish.

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Youkai eat people Yukari bring from the outside world.
Youkai eat animals living in Gensokyo.
Yukari will not allow Reimu to kill youkai, or youkai to kill humans, because then the youkai race will go extinct.

Also, Touhous poop.