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Touhou, like everything else, is better with the introduction of firearms.

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le slavshit rifle

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not really, trivialising weapons isn't even funny anymore in an ironically way

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I wish I could be as free as an American, but my country is nogunz shithole.

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pussy liberal faggot

How's the Communist Youth Group treating you? lel

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He'll man up when he gets drafted into Syria.

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I hope he dies!

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Hippie with a shotgun

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Fucking god her mouth is so displaced its painful to see. Its off to her right side.

If it weren't for that single "little" detail, this would be a very beautiful drawing. However, it is 100% screwed over now.

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There I fixed it...
I'm no fucking drawer or anything though, so I just cut and pasted her mouth to where it was supposed to be and I still think it could look a little better. I can't do shading or shit so the skin tones around her mouth and chin might look a little odd, but I can't do any better than this.
It's your turn if you want to improve it further now anons. Hope you enjoy it though.

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That's because weapon-freaks are usually dumb brutes or mindless military puppets.

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We must force this artist to redraw it.

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Why do purposely be a faggot, anon?

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Are there any pics with Satorin handling a 1911? That'd be two of my favourite things in one.

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Congratulations, you turned a distinct art style into an "uguu" type of face.

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Harassing me verbally without any arguments only verifies my hypothesis.

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Anon, no one is impressed with your faggot imitation. Please act normal at the dinner table.

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Uguu is a myth. Stop spewing bullshit, it looks so much better now. Unique art style my ass, she looked like she had downs. Are you "unique" by any chance too?

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Assburgers in full swing.

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the only people in Touhou even confirmed to have firearms are the lunarians gets this secondary shit out of here

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Does /jp/ play Arma?

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Rinnosuke has a umbrella shotgun and Nitori has a variety of ludicrous-looking weapons.

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The HELL is Arma?

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A Military "Simulator"

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You didn't fix it you fucking retard you just made it worse. You clearly haven't drawn a decent picture in your god damn life and yet you have the nerve to fix other peoples drawings? Fuck off.

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Like Call of Duty? I played CS 1.6 when it was still cool, but mostly fun maps.

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Not really, it's more slow-paced and on a larger scale.

It can simulate anything from squad-level operations to a regional war.

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This is another good way to fix it without touching her mouth.

Do you prefer this version over >>11421934
this one?

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Holy shit where are all these HORRIBLE wannabe artists coming from?

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This one is better. But I don't see much of a difference between any of them.

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we're here we're queer and we're fixing your favorite 2hu art whether you like it or not

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I like my 2hus to be quick on the draw.

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looks much better now :)

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Why does she have a door-stopper in her holster?

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/jp/, like everything else, is better off if crossies stop shitting up our interests with their interests.

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This thread is now diamonds

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no, you broke it.

Now her eyes and nose face a different direction than her mouth.

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>caring about any other details other than the weapon

Also, in OP's pic the AK's stock is actually too long, as the cheekweld curves up much closer to the hinge than how it's drawn. Goes to show that most artists who draw guns don't know shit other than referring off a pic on google, at most using airshit

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Well, it seems highly likely that the artist is Japanese, and I believe it's very hard to get a gun like an AK in Japan. Out of 178 countries, Japan is ranked 164 in gun ownership rates (there are 0.6 guns per 100 people). I didn't own a gun until about a year ago and there are things that are obvious to me now that wouldn't be to me before I got a gun, even if I was looking at an image of the weapon. Cut them some slack.

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>Japs are nogunz
>implying they use real guns or know how they function other than unload, reload, pull trigger
>what is airsoft

Japs can buy airshit or deactivated guns (poor things) to refer off. But it's pretty obvious in this case where the gun is drawn entirely flat, showing that the artist pretty much referred off a 2D photograph of the rifle itself. I live a nogunz country too but I take the effort to try learn about various angles of a firearm.

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Wow that fat faggot Nue has P90, whoulda thunk it/

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Satori what are you doing, there are no girls in the Zone.

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I don't know, I think you're expecting too much from an artist who draws for his/her own pleasure.

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There are actually, though they're only mentioned in text in SoC.

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Would Satori join Freedom or Duty?

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I want a modification for Counter Strike that replaces the playermodels with Touhous.

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There's one for TF2, there must be one for source or go

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She'd be a loner, of course.

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Pardon me for being assburgers about my tacti/k/ool

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is that misaka mikoto?

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It's sad, the one for TF2 was nice but hats kept getting added so fast, they couldn't keep up

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that outfit does not provide any protection against flak or shrapnel or bullets

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Welcome to /jp/ queerlord. Who ya quotin'?