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>“There will be a massive sweep through Akihabara,” predicts the editor of a manga title from a big-name publisher. “This is Japan’s biggest shopping area for electronics. Tourists and athletes will shop there.”

>In stores selling adult comics, the walls are covered in posters and signs depicting naked children. “In video stores, there are love dolls of little girls visible through the shop windows from the street,” says the editor. “If tourists and athletes, especially those from Europe and the United States, see this kind of thing it won’t go over well at all.”

>The magazine says action has already begun. In May, a revised law was submitted to the Diet that would prohibit the possession of child pornography. The amendment also intends to censor specific content in manga and anime that is considered harmful to society.

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Fucking olympics ruining everything

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oh boy! this thread again!

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We've only had one thread like this, yesterday that the janitor deleted because he doesn't know what he's dong. Stop turning away from a serious on-topic issue.

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I think they'll just move the weird shit upstairs and call it a day.

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Why are you so funny /a/?

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I agree that it's kind of gross selling merchandise of naked children. This isn't an issue of culture or censorship, but international standards. Us Brits didn't display golliwogs to the Africans at the London Olympics, it's not fair that the Japanese show lolis to the entire world.

And this actually benefits paedophiles, so I don't get why you'd be upset about it.

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I'm not from /a/. We had one thread when Tokyo got the olympics with /sp/ crossboarders talking about how happy we should be. Then we got one yesterday pointing out why it's bad. Now there's this one. Tell me how this isn't serious please.

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How does making the sale of merchandise for pedophiles illegal benefit pedophiles?

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They are always trying to pass some law like this. Every time you idiots from /a/ freak out about it. Nothing ever happens. It is like when you idiots thought C84 was going to be cancelled. /a/ has no grasp on common sense.

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The (drawn) child pornography ban is submitted to the Diet, like, every year. It never passes.

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Just curious, what happens if it does pass? Do we start worrying then?

Could it be struck down as unconstitutional? I seem to remember that they have fairly strict freedom of speech laws.

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Keep accusing anyone who doesn't shut his eyes to problems of being from /a/, retard. This is the Olympics we're talking about, this should be taken seriously.

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Let the age of milfs begin

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I mean putting this out of sight benefits paedophiles.

If you all scream, "No! We deserve our cartoon child porn in Akihabara!" then it'll attract international attention and get banned, just like producing CP did a few years ago.
If you keep quiet and move that stuff upstairs while the tourists are here, then you can live to fap another day. Stay strong, don't get too cocky, and keep it to yourselves. Don't try to be heroes because you will fail.

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>Just curious, what happens if it does pass? Do we start worrying then?
Then you're fucked. What's the point of worrying, though? You going to mail your local prefectural councillor? Sign an online petition? Protest in front of the Diet?

>Could it be struck down as unconstitutional?
... obviously not.

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Just like all the other times this should have been taken seriously. Go die nerdo.

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They only get serious about this kind of thing when foreigners are involved because they need to keep up their image. Foreigners are involved, so it's an absolute fact that there will be permanent restrictions. They've been waiting for an excuse like this for over 10 years.

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Trying to figure out what might happen in such a hypothetical situation dude.

I know the loli would dry up immensely if the law was enforced. Wondering if some underground dojin artists would still try and stick it out, or operate entirely out of other jurisdictions.

And there's still a handful of chinese artists...

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Give me one example. There are a couple of examples I can think of off the top of my head, but I just want to make sure you aren't talking out of your ass.

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People would probably confine themselves to offline or anonymous P2P distribution.

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Vancouver cleaned up a lot of squalid poor neighbourhoods with the pretext of creating housing for athletes.

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How about this:
Not be pedophiles.

Crazy, I know.

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Why should I have to stop enjoying what I enjoy?

>> No.11419772

Because it's wrong?

How is this difficult.

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because somebody in a seat of power tells you not to, l2p n00b

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It's not wrong though. The way you post makes me think you're a girl, or maybe a fag.

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>problems of being from /a/

Let's not shut our eyes to them!

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because all the people who want child pornography banned in japan are women and homosexuals

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nice argument, tyrant
plox, make more decisions about my life for me, oh superior one

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I've tried ;_;

Well ain't that just peachy

I have a bad feeling that a lot of non-H work is going to get swept up in this...

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No, but everything in >>11419761 and >>11419772 sound so smarmy that it could only be from a girl or a faggot.

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Except it's wrong on principle, not because of some evil censorship or whatever you tell yourself.

But whatever, I have billions of people on my side. I guess that's just a huge coincidence. Enjoy screaming, "MUH ARGUMENTUM AD POPULUM!" on your way to prison, nerd.

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Billions of people have been brainwashed.

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It sounded like a troll to me. I didn't even think about taking it at face value, and honestly don't see why anyone would.

>I have a bad feeling that a lot of non-H work is going to get swept up in this.
Maybe the kind of super ecchi non-H work that randomly slips in nipple and vag shots, but I doubt most of it will be affected.

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Stop being gay

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I look forward to seeing how far my fav pixiv artists try and push the envelope without actually stepping over the line

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How wonderful, you have a mass supporting you, that must make you right.
I suppose the Catholic church is right in all of its teachings as well because they have a mass of supporters too.
You truly are a faggot, go find a cave and preach to your followers based on your personal principles
Enjoy working a minimum wage job where people with your similar "holier than thou" world outlook abuse you because "principle" and "that's how everyone else does it!", shitstain

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Who first decided that murder was wrong? Why?

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A jew, becausue jew

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Our Father, which art in heaven, hallowed be thy name.

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I guess its time to kill myself.

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I guess I'm just going to have to kill myself.

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Typical weeaboos. When the going gets tough, the wapanese nerds flock to Aokigahara in drones.

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Who said I was going to kill myself in some gay ass forest, looks like you're the fuckin weeb here gay boy.

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Remember The Land Before Time?

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droves... the word is droves

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Not blowing yourself up and taking 500 trees with you.

When the Tree People invade I'll blame you and spit on your grave, treefag.

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*All Dogs Go To Heaven

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The old one of these is still probably on the catalog.

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the old one of my dick is probably still in your ass queer

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Chill your beans, dude. I could care less about what the proper terminology is, irregardless of your projecting.

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Alright its time for you to leave, you're too retarded for the jay.

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You're doing it on purpose, aren't you.

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>Or concrete Angel
>Yep! Yep! Yep!

Even the mightiest of the sides can't handle this kek

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>you're too retarded for the jay.

I'm unironically and objectively literally not.

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hey now, give the mighty 14 year old props for spelling irregardless properly
his dead grandfather would be proud

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Dead children are pretty funny.

Especially when you're raping them! Am I right, /b/ros?

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Kill yourself out of /jp/, faggot.

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yep yep yep

this is going to be my new catchphrase

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I thought the image was supposed to be hilarious.

RIP in Peace to the girl though.

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I can see them asking shops to move the lewd stuff upstairs or at least put it way and close up shop during the Olympics. But why would people go to Akihabara anyway?

>> No.11419894

It's a nexus of "Japanese popular culture."

>> No.11419898


Anybody with sense would steer clear of that. Also don't people already have the impression of Japan being a bunch of pervs into used panties and tentacles anyway?

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It would be so ironic when half of the Akiba was purged in order to show the culture to the rest of ther world.

>> No.11419903

If you're traveling to a foreign country you might as well check out their culture while you're there.

No, unless maybe the entirety of your socialization comes from the internet.

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please tell me something about all of this is going to get people killed

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Just the beginning...

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These cards have been used to predict disasters on every Olympic Games so far.

>> No.11419936

>Amerifats get to host the Olympics
>they hide their military grade personal firearms and institutional racism so they don't scare the tourists
>ChingchongChina hosts the Olympics
>they hide their forced labor camps and pollution-mutated underclass so they don't scare the tourists
>NipnongNihon hosts the Olympics
>they hide their rampaging pedophilia and rape-promoting culture so they don't scare the tourists

I see nothing new here.

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/pol/ please.

>> No.11419959


Looks more like Big Ben.

>> No.11419964



It's the same retards that scream "world is ending" every two years.

>> No.11419966

And Brazil has been clearing Rio out of the slums ever since they were chosen as the hosts of the 2016 Olympics.

>> No.11419970

if they really pass this law just because of the olympics, surely it would fade away after the olympics end at some point
It's not going to be passed anyway, though

>> No.11419985

I'm pretty sure politicians see this as their opportunity to finally strike hard against the big bad otaku culture, one which they likely won't get again for a while. I think we're going to see them be more aggressive about it than ever before.

>> No.11419995

Fucking good.


'Otaku culture' hasn't been considered to be 'big and bad' for a while now, it's been the cool thing, it's been earning the Japanese economy some decent cash, but they need international support now because of their reactors leaking into the sea. So hopefully they will wipe out of the memory of the mainstream, good I would love to see it all gone and go back to being an electronics district

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That was almost epix dude.

>> No.11420009

It is regulated as pornography even if it is not pornography example if the government say it's pornography.
Thing the government to sell, beautiful thing of the supernatant leaving only.

>> No.11420014


Google translate?

>> No.11420016

You need to leave.
You clearly do not belong here.

>> No.11420017

You have billions of people supporting you, as in old haggy females who are jealous of their young.

You only have to look at nature to see that, the moment you are fit to bear young, you have sex.

You shouldn't encourage the repression of the male gender because of you envy your youth.

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>Thing the government to sell, beautiful thing of the supernatant leaving only.

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epic face

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this thread just got epic

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Why don't they just, you know, black out the incriminating windows for a few weeks? I'm sure it'll make buying loli goods and stuff even more exciting anyway.

>> No.11420072

But that's the reason tourists go shopping there...

>> No.11420087

The event is in 2020 fags most of you will be dead by then so who gives a shit/

>> No.11420100

i may be dead, but my legacy will live on forever

>> No.11420102


What makes you think I'll be dead?

>> No.11420108

So you say.

>> No.11420123

>people actually worried about this
because every country that has hosted the olympics permently cleaned up right?
They'll just cover things up for a while and then return things back to normal when the games are over
Besides they have a anti-lewd things bill every year to get support from voters, then drop it like a hot potato because it would be a pain in the ass to actually do. Its the perfect way to get support without actually doing anything

>> No.11420135

Why won't they host the Olympics in a third world hellhole like Somalia instead so they could finally get their shit together? They certainly need it more than Japan and the West which gets the Olypics 8 times out of 10

>> No.11420146

Maybe because Olympics cost billions of dollars, you ignorant tool?

>> No.11420152

Pool all that warlord money into something productive for once in their sorry lives.

>> No.11420157

you could buy somalia for a couple billion

>> No.11420163

The thing about warlords is that they tend to shoot people who want money from them.

>> No.11420167

Since when were we talking about the U.S.A.?

>> No.11420175

It doesn't take that much effort to hide the child love dolls, etc. until the Olympics finishes.

>> No.11420176

Even if it's a joke it sounds plausible.

>> No.11420196

So they'll have to close the worst shops in Akihabara for the duration of the olympics and then everything goes back to normal?

What's the issue here?

>> No.11420217

Those shops will stay closed. Permanently.

>> No.11420227

pfft you realize those shops can just close their doors to the public and operate online

>> No.11420230

Will they do anything about Harajuku? Please, will they do something about Harajuku!?

>> No.11420236

No, that's the kind of thing foreigners would like.

>> No.11420249

I'd rather they purge the populace of Shibuya myself.

>> No.11420263

so who is going to the 2020 Olympics????

I will legit go no matter what

>> No.11420271

I just got back from a trip to Japan for C84, and it was so much fun that I plan on going back every year. Except that year. That is the one year you DON'T want to go to Japan because everything will be about three times as expensive and ten times as crowded.

>> No.11420282


Red Light doesn't close since Olympic Athelete's number two past time is fucking.


Japanese population towards law is pretty submissive except for taxes in which they get rowdier than the Tea Party over here.

The problem with Japanese laws is that once it sticks, it never falls off.

>> No.11420359

but I don't like lolis because I like to imagine myself sexing them, I want to BE the loli...

>> No.11420368

I wonder what the Japanese themselves think about this. Oh that's right...they probably don't care because nothing will happen.

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File: 82 KB, 396x579, 1379271826375.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what are they gonna do about the shinjuku area

>> No.11420416

Nothing unless it involves kids
Actually, nothing because they won't do anything at all

>> No.11420423

>I suppose the Catholic church is right in all of its teachings as well because they have a mass of supporters too.
No, Catholicism is right because of ONE person who supports it. Jesus.

>> No.11420426

Westfags are okay with adults getting trafficked but not MUH CHILDREN, even if the children are imaginary.

>> No.11420427

Nothing, the Yakuza owns the whole district.

>> No.11420438

god, bless those yaks

>> No.11420442

Then the solution is to make the Yakuza get involved with Akiba. Tell them there's a shitload of money to make with otaku garbage, they'll be all over that.

>> No.11420455

That's not true at all. Police have been striking hard for over a decade.

>> No.11420456

Yakuza view the entire Otaku scene as small fry.

They won't waste their time with it.

>> No.11420458

Is it possible to join Yakuza if I move to Japan?

>> No.11420466

Do you have Japanese heritage?

Are you willing to cut off your fingers to show distinction and cover your body with tattoos?

>> No.11420467

How can you say ``striking hard'' and then say ``over a decade?'' Don't you realize how contradicting that is?

Over 10 years and they still haven't done anything noticeable to the district, they sure are trying hard.

>> No.11420471

I don't but I'm a slav so I'm good with crime.

>> No.11420481

im 1/2 jap is that good enough?

ive always wanted to be an outlaw

>> No.11420490

You go and clean Japanese traditional toilets there, son.
That's what they give shitty slav's to do.

Go back to bed, kid. You're out of your turf and it's way past your bed time.
This is men's time here.

>> No.11420492

please aniki I want to be a real man with a full tatted out back

hel p

>> No.11420504

Get rekt, scrub.

>> No.11420524

Does the Yakuza seriously not hire white people?

What the fuck? You'd think they'd love having some gargantuan Russian or Fin on their side.

>> No.11420547

Is anyone here old enough to remember 2002?

Do you know what happened?

Japan co-hosted the World Cup with Korea. A major sporting event. America probably didn't give much of a fuck but Europe and the rest the world did. There were a few programmes on television about how the Japanese were hard working little chinks with strange fetishes, sensationalism swept through the anime forums prophesying the end of loli and Walkers made a interesting teriyaki chicken crisp flavouring but nothing changed in the long term.

As long as there is demand for drawn little girls doing lewd things someone somewhere is going to want to satisfy that demand.

>> No.11420567

they do business with russians for sure, i dont know about white members though

>> No.11420573

>You go and clean Japanese traditional toilets there, son.
>implying jap dwarves can do that to a Slav cave man
top lel

>> No.11420590

It's a shame the Japanese feel the need to sweep all this under the rug. Back when the winter Olympics were held in Salt Lake City, the Mormons saw it as a great opportunity to try and convert people to Mormonism. It didn't work that well, but why should people change just for a bunch of stupid tourists?

>> No.11420615

Even the US, freedom of religion is protected more than freedom of speech.

>> No.11420620

I'm going to laugh so hard when loli media is banned in Japan.

So fucking hard.

What will you pedos-in-denial do then?

>> No.11420625

Otaku is a religion and Akihabara is it's shrine.

Leave our naked children alone

>> No.11420632

You mean Mecca.

>> No.11420633

Look at old stuff, obviously, or get it from western artists.

>> No.11420634

They will see the light that is older women

>> No.11420636

There's more loli porn in existence than I could ever get through. Besides, banning it will just drive it underground. It might not be as prolific, but it's not going away.

>> No.11420716

I don't know what started this belief that most people who masturbate to characters who are children don't also masturbate to characters who are adults. Anti-pedos are the ones missing out, since they're not enjoying the best of both worlds like pedos are.

>> No.11420717

loli is so great that once people start they never go back

it's like heroin

>> No.11420719

It didn't work that way for me. I do masturbate to it a little more than I do to milfs, but I enjoy both. It just depends on what mood I'm in.

>> No.11420721

I'm pretty sure you can be on heroin and still do coke once in a while.

>> No.11420749

Normals, please go.

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File: 931 KB, 1419x2080, manziGI2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This better inspire more artists to start selling on sites like MelonbooksDL

>> No.11420767

You first, normie. Think I can't spot you in the shadows? What? You think normies don't fap to loli these days?

>> No.11420786

normies perfers fugging RL kids

>> No.11420849

at the same time, Korea went on a full PR assault to improve its public image. Meat vendors who sold dogs were fined, in an effort to keep them out of sight from foreign visitors.

The 2002 FIFA world cup had a sigificant effect on Korea, to the point that to this present day, consumption of canine meat has significantly decreased. Very few people eat it today.

>> No.11420853

See, this is why international sports is a bad idea.

>> No.11420856

tfw your country is so Alpha that other countries change their culture because you will send a boatload of tourists there for a couple weeks.... 7 years from now.

LMAO it's good to be king

>> No.11420859

Actually it just means too many poor people play soccer.

>> No.11420874


Based anon, only true gentlemen can enjoy onee-san and imouto alike.

It's sometimes hard to decide which to fap to though

>> No.11420910
File: 583 KB, 850x657, nakano_maid_sign02.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Japan already puts these on anything they don't want pesky gaijin to see. I couldn't really imagine them doing anything more than this.

No skin off my nose as I don't acquire the printed stuff anyway.

>> No.11420915

I lived in Japan for a full year and never saw a single sign like that. The only places that put it up are ones that have frequent issues (which is a very small fraction of most of them). Also, most places that put it up are soaplands and the like, not anime-related crap.

>> No.11420918

Have you seen how westerners respond to those signs? They would only be more eager to see whatever is being kept from them.

>> No.11421179


But the effect it had on Japan in the long term was minimal. Japs were fapping to loli before the WC and still are today.

>> No.11421270


Yakuza have been controlling Maid Cafes for a while now.

>> No.11421281

first they took the incest away, and now its loli?

I was destroyed by the incest ban, but Im too tired to care about loli
I watch YnS and cry myself to sleep

>> No.11421289

Would japs even do anything if you came in and sat down. You could just say I dont know japanese over and over and point at shit on the menu.

>> No.11421303

lol I wish I had enough money to fly to Japan and try that.

Does kickstarter work? We could do a gonzo journalist thing called "Trolling Japan". I have the balls and lack of pride to do it if we can get the funds.

>> No.11421361


I'll donate $150 if you run around an elementary school, with your gaijin dick flapping out, while screaming "FOR PEARL HABOR"

>> No.11421380


But Filthy Frank already does that for free. No one would pay you to do what another man already does for free.

>> No.11421456

Some Jap explained that these types of signs are mostly meant only at Koreans.

>> No.11421519

You're all late.

Anyway, join the good fight, /jp/. Support the CBLDF.

>> No.11421582

There was an incest ban? I sure as hell haven't noticed.

>> No.11421587

They're all about tradition, aren't they? They might hire them as temporary handymen or body guards, I guess.

>> No.11421647


Nothing, unlike pedophile porn rings. Sex is a well known past time of celebrities, if anything, Shinjuku's RLD is going to be flooded with sex tourists and atheletes.



Except in Japan's case, this will stick

>> No.11421649

Citing Cracked isn't going to prove your point very well

>> No.11421965

This needs to happen, 'otaku culture' has been bastardized and become stagnant for some years now. We need a reset switch, let it go underground and be pushed away.

Ever since otaku mania exploded again in the Japanese mainstream in the late 2000s this stuff has always been trickling away in the background. It's hard for companies like Sony to make big bucks from the culture when it has such controversial roots. Too bad the otaku boom is starting to shrink again, they will likely just close all their business interests in Akihabara and the entirety of the 'culture' and leave it for dead. Akiba will be forced to revert back to an electronics district and when the storm passes the mainstream will latch onto something else, and it'll be up to the remaining figures of the industry to pick up the pieces.

We've waited nearly 10 years for this moment, I'm glad to see it's finally here. This will be the shakeup the entire scene/industry/etc needs.

>> No.11421983

Are you an angry, old man who finds it disgusting and vile that his hip hobby has become more well-known and widely accepted? That others lust after his previously unknown waifu? That young kids tip their fedoras when he comes passing by with books depicting little girls getting raped?

>> No.11421985

The Yakuza are the modern-day Samurai.

>> No.11421990


Nice, epic. I like it. Very 'euphoric'.

>> No.11421996

Can't the /jay/ show disapproval without sarcasm and irony?

>> No.11421998

That would require actually responding to what other people had to say.

>> No.11422014


Nobody can beat me in a battle of pure wit, hard scientific evidence and pure subjective logic. *tips fedora*

>> No.11422015

Or even reading those things.

>> No.11422017

What nobody can top you in is being a jackass.

>> No.11422026

Are you >>11421965?

>> No.11422032


That's Viva la Bam, not Jackass.

>> No.11422059

Nobody else could possibly care that much.

>> No.11423062

Why don't you just say it? You're one of those people who hate lewd things and want everything to strive to be as socially acceptable as can be. The fact that you consider the "controversial roots" a bad thing and complain that companies aren't making the "big bucks" makes me think you're a some kind of normal who feels they should try to make things more appealing to as wide an audience as possible so they can make more money. The figures of the industry today are doing what they want to do just as much as the figures of the 70s and 80s were, if not more so. Actual otaku are not the mainstream. Nobody here is talking about "anime and manga fans" when they talk about otaku.

>> No.11423097
File: 82 KB, 191x184, sadhina.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I feel sick.

>> No.11423124

They won't have to worry about the Olympics once Fukushima pops.

>> No.11424714

>Consider Athens, where 21 of the 22 stadiums erected for the 2004 Olympics were reported last year to be unoccupied.
>$14.4 billion cost

>Beijing’s central business district offices will stand roughly 38 percent vacant this year
>Building creates jobs, and feeds prestige, and pumps up the GDP. Here in the nation that is too big to fail, as long as the bad loans don’t overwhelm the good, the waste is tolerable.

>Almost four in five Bernese voted no to two Olympic related questions

>These days the summer Games might generate $5-to-6 billion in total revenue (nearly half of which goes to the International Olympic Committee). In contrast, the costs of the games rose to an estimated $16 billion in Athens, $40 billion in Beijing, and reportedly nearly $20 billion in London.

>that there is little evidence that tourism increases during the Games. Rather, Olympic tourists replace normal tourists who want to stay away to avoid the congestion and greater expense during the Games.

>Barcelona ran up a reported $6 billion debt to host the 1992 Games, but the city's image gained enormously and tourism has since flourished. The stars all aligned and Barcelona is arguably a case in point for Olympics


Will tokyo make it?

>> No.11424721

Olympics have failed financially only in third world countries. Nipps already have the infrastructure.

>> No.11424770


cainite pls go

>> No.11424861

Don't tell me how to run my life

>> No.11426374

>You're one of those people who hate lewd things and want everything to strive to be as socially acceptable as can be. The fact that you consider the "controversial roots" a bad thing and complain that companies aren't making the "big bucks" makes me think you're a some kind of normal who feels they should try to make things more appealing to as wide an audience as possible so they can make more money.

Actually I'm the polar opposite of everything you just typed there but well done anyway.

>The figures of the industry today are doing what they want to do just as much as the figures of the 70s and 80s were, if not more so.

The figure industry of today was completely different just 10 years ago. There wasn't an anime figure industry in the 70s and 80s.

>Actual otaku are not the mainstream

Actual otaku don't exist in Akihabara, there's no reason for them to go there anymore. There are better places.

>> No.11426383

>Actual otaku don't exist in Akihabara, there's no reason for them to go there anymore. There are better places.

can you tell me them/???? i want to be an otaku hipster

>> No.11426391



>> No.11426573

Why the hell are you mentioning that kind of figure? You know that's not what I meant.
Anyway, you're not making any sense at all if I didn't describe you perfectly with that. In what way are you hoping things will change?

>> No.11427079

I can say with confidence nothing changed in Vancouver. No lasting laws were introduced, no policies enacted to this day.

Anyway the issue I see is that the availability of loli as it were, reduces the abuse of children. This would be a large step in the wrong direction.

Anyone who thinks this bill passing would be good is ignorant and/or trolling.

>> No.11427192

Why does Japan care so much about how the West thinks of them? What did the West ever do for them besides bombing their land and raping their women?

>> No.11427204

>bombing their land and raping their women
They want to prevent that from happening again.

>> No.11427233

I think it's probably not, since it's written in english...

Shut up kid

>> No.11427245

Don't worry. The Jews won't go anywhere near the land of the samurai.

>> No.11427249

I never thought /jp/ was full of ACTUAL pedophiles, holy shit
why hasn't moot deleted this board yet

>> No.11427262

moot once posted/said "/jp/ lacks direction and is full of pedophiles," if I remember correctly.

>> No.11427269

Go suck moot's dick on /q/ or something, normie. He won't grant your wish though. This is a containment board, and many of us like it that way.

>> No.11427277
File: 159 KB, 600x450, 1336950071909.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think you may be lost.

>> No.11427311

hahahahahahahahah ah man

but for real why is /jp/ still around. the rest of this imageboard is full of normies

its basically facebook for edgy kids

>> No.11427354

Japan banned CP at the end of the 90s. I think it was even '99, not sure. FIFA was 2002. Preparations usally starts a few years ahead.

Just saying~

>> No.11427400

I mean, I understand being a bit weird and not having a job, girlfriend, etc. but if you're a pedophile you're an EXTREMELY shitty person and should probably kill yourself

I don't care if you're being ironic or not, since it's nothing to laugh about

>> No.11427405

Nothing wrong with liking kids a bit more than usual.

>> No.11427408

lol did you just realize what kind of people are posting here

>> No.11427418

Racists, rape-enablers, and shitty people in general it looks like

I think i'll go back to my usual boards :x

>> No.11427421
File: 959 KB, 842x850, corndoglove.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There's nothing wrong with pedophilia. Grow up, please.

>> No.11427432

Isn't Akihabara for otaku and weebs? Why would Olympians go to Akihabara? Wouldn't they go to Tokyo?

>> No.11427445
File: 79 KB, 320x471, b.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's where you go to get electronics and most foreigners still think japan is a HELLA SWEET futuristic society when you can get a rice cooker that washes yr anus so Akihabara is a quite popular destination for piggus of all stripes

>> No.11427451

+ akihabara is a neighborhood in tokyo you fucking nerd

>> No.11427458

It's 4 blocks of stores and allies. It's basically just a station and some buildings around it.

>> No.11427463

thanks nippon_expert, that's still a neighborhood
it's like that in famous cities around the world

>> No.11427470

A neighborhood has people who live there. Akihabara is a district, not a neighborhood.

>> No.11427481

get cheeky with me one more time and i will poz ur fucking pathetic excuse for a bum

>> No.11427491

It's a giant monument to capitalism. Not a neighborhood.

>> No.11427496

youre not taking it easy man

>> No.11427501

U wanna hav a tustle m8? Ill fockin nok yer teeth back to yer mum's loose fanny.

>> No.11427522
File: 432 KB, 800x800, 1346519699211.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Akihabara is a district. Like SoHo in New York. People live there, but not really enough for it to be considered a neighborhood.

Only a wannabe pedo would reply ironically like this.

>> No.11427530

Who's being ironic?

>> No.11427532 [DELETED] 

hows THIS for ironic??

*rips me a big stinker right ur mug*

>> No.11427825


Akihabara is a neighborhood and has its own community of residents (And it's own official BBS).

>> No.11427837

>January 31, 2013
>The police made enemies with the adult industry last year. “The [strip] clubs over Japan are extreme. If the Tokyo Olympics happen just as things are, it would bring shame on Japan,” it infamously said.
Everything's as good as fucked. They've been planning to crack down on everything for the sake of looking good for the Olympics from the start. Any changes that are made to Japanese law are as good as permanent. It doesn't matter if it's only done for a sake of a single week, it will stick for decades at the very least, but most likely for over a hundred years.

>> No.11427871

This is funny considering how little they did for the London Olympics. They even let American and German companies advertising fast food and lager sponsor the world's biggest sporting event, which is hilarious.
I think one fish and chip shop was allowed to sell fish and chips so they could pretend they were doing something British. I wonder what that fish and chip shop is doing now. Maybe they're rich and famous, or maybe they're overworked and dead.

>> No.11433864


The whole discussion about pedophilia is retarded. You have people who were sexually ready at age 6, claiming it happens, and you have people who were sexually ready at 15 claim that it doesn't happen.

Why late bloomers are obsessed with proving their normality and claim everyone else is a liar or a freak is beyond my ability to understand.

>> No.11433872


Nobody is retarded enough to destroy industries worth billions of $.

>> No.11433881

>Nobody is retarded enough
I'm sure that's been proven wrong a thousand times before

>> No.11433887
File: 869 KB, 1500x1139, l0lic0n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>In stores selling adult comics, the walls are covered in posters and signs depicting naked children. “In video stores, there are love dolls of little girls visible through the shop windows from the street,” says the editor. “If tourists and athletes, especially those from Europe and the United States, see this kind of thing it won’t go over well at all.”

>> No.11434011

I'm more concerned about earthquakes:

>In January 2012, the respected Earthquake Research Institute, at the University of Tokyo, reported there’s a 70% chance a 7.0-magnitude or higher quake will strike Japan’s capital by 2016.

>> No.11434070

A quake already hit Fukushima, potentially setting up the entire facility to fall in on itself, thus creating an inescapable extinction event.

If you're worried more about loli in Akihabara than about Fukushima, you are an ostrich with its head in a bucket of bleach.

>> No.11434077

I don't give a fuck about normie Japan. Stop being such a weeaboo.

>> No.11434095

Perhaps you will give a fuck once the resultant radioactive release travels around most of the Northern Hemisphere, making it completely unlivable. Fukushima has already eclipsed Chernobyl's release by many factors. They are dumping incredibly radioactive water right into the Pacific. If the exposed cores achieve fission again, without containment, the results could mean the contamination of the entirety of Japan, the Pacific, the west coast of America, and potentially much worse. Air and water, with the entirety of the Pacific food supply being tainted beyond recovery.

This is an event which could be extinction level. Enjoy your visual novels while you can.

>> No.11434108

Let me put it this way: instead of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Fukushima, it's going to be S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Humanity. Except you'll be playing it in real life, and the Russians will like you even less than they like themselves.

>> No.11434142


>> No.11434149

Nippon, do you even know what you're talking about?

>> No.11434166

Do I know about what nuclear physicists and scientists are saying regarding the situation at Fukushima, where the missing cores going critical and achieving uncontained fission would be incredibly bad for the entire world? Or the facility falling on on the exposed fuel rods, of which there are over a thousand, could cause them to release radioactive elements which could spread worldwide? Or that TEPCO has been dumping radioactive cooling water and runoff directly into the bay? Or that radioactive water has been seeping into the entire water table, making the area unlivable for centuries to come, and has been leaking out into the Pacific, possibly making the Pacific a dead zone in decades to come?

Or that they have no fucking idea how they're going to contain the existing problem, much less keep it from escalating into a larger one? Or that they've been lying about the seriousness of the problem for 2 years, while TEPCO officials either fled or bought off Japanese politicians? Or that it's getting so bad that even Russia is telling them to fucking get things under control, somehow, or there will be repercussions?

The general consensus amongst people that know about radiation, nuclear energy, and have examined the results of Chernobyl ranges from "We are all fucked in the decades to come." to "We are fucked within a few years, possibly less, if the facility collapses."

But, please, Japan can discuss the Olympics. Maybe they can develop hazard suits capable of keeping people alive long enough to watch the games.

>> No.11434175

The facility is so radioactive that electronics cease to function, meaning that they can't use robots to clear debris or handle the fuel rods. Most of their workers have already put themselves on the Cancer Express, meaning they can't go back in without putting themselves at SHORT term risks. And one fuck up when trying to find the cores, remove the spent fuel rods, or shore up the building could break it all.

Right fucked.

>> No.11434176

who cares. lolicons are fucking idiots anyway.

who knew that you signed up for a fetish you also got to be part of the most vocal internet defense force ever. and you also suddenly became exempt from SFW rules and can post it where ever you want.

>> No.11434180

no japan i need you to make stuff i like what will i do without you :(((

>> No.11434185

>who cares. lolicons are fucking idiots anyway.

Loli is the finest creation of humanity. If the Ancient Greeks had thought of it, it would be an historical part of every civilization in existence, revered as the ancients are. It has come too late to be accepted by close-minded, monotheistic fuckheads who are fine with killing each other, but not of attempting to display a pure and perfect concept in a two-dimensional form.

>> No.11434186

What is it with Japanese governance and lying constantly?

>> No.11434192

It's easier to lie, and believe a lie, so that you can save face, than have to admit that you fucked up, your government fucked up, everyone fucked up, and you're all screwed.

It's the same thing they're doing with their economy. Japan's total debt is large enough to construct a ladder to the moon made out of money, yet Japanese politicians convince their populace that "EVERYTHING IS FINE, THERE IS NO CAUSE TO THINK DIFFERENTLY." And the populace believes it, because it's easier to lie to yourself than to face your shame, other people's shame, and your entire nation's shame.

>> No.11434199

>Loli is the finest creation of humanity.
I think futanari mindbreak diaper impregnation is the best thing ever (and i'm serious that's the gist of what i like).

Where are my countless threads fucking EVERYWHERE? Where's my attention? My legions of idiots here to argue the legitimacy of my tastes?

>> No.11434219

>My legions of idiots here to argue the legitimacy of my tastes?

Your tastes are perfectly valid, if dumb (in my opinion.) You won't see me campaigning to put you in prison for having bad taste. If you keep to your own threads, then that's cool. If you want to open a place in Akihabara for that shit, then why not? It should be a free world.

Your move.

>> No.11434251

things deemed distasteful will also get you arrested (beastiality and co).

>If you keep to your own threads, then that's cool.
even if they're on /a/ daily?

that's just hurtful.

>> No.11434262

Look at this tripshit's superiority complex.

>> No.11434263

>things deemed distasteful will also get you arrested

As long as it's 2D, nothing should get you arrested. That's the point. Buying into the normalfriend "2D == 3D! FOLLOW GOD'S LAWS, OR WE KILL YOU" illogic will lead you down the path of ruin.

>even if they're on /a/ daily?

Get out.

>that's just hurtful.

Yes? And?

Liking something means being unafraid to have people not like it, and it also means being unafraid to defend it.

>> No.11434266

Nope, still won't give a fuck. Might want to go to a cardiologist to get that blood checked out.

>> No.11434269

>Get out.
nope. lolicons need to learn time and place.

or at least that said time and place isn't in everyones fucking face all the time. 7chan has a whole board for it. why isn't anyone using that?

>Liking something means being unafraid to have people not like it, and it also means being unafraid to defend it.
so if I called you a paedophile you wouldn't be offended?

>> No.11434273

Get the fuck out.

>> No.11434275

Rustle traces CP

>> No.11434278

>so if I called you a paedophile you wouldn't be offended?

Nope, because I like a wide variety of female body types. Also, I like 2D. 3D can go to hell in its entirety. Unless it involves making 2D physical. Virtual reality will save mankind.

>nope. lolicons need to learn time and place.

/jp/ is loli. Just because you are newer than footprints in fresh concrete doesn't make it any different. And /a/ can also fuck off.

>> No.11434280

What makes you think I care and haven't known that for like 3 years?

>> No.11434281

No he doesn't

>> No.11434286

>/jp/ is loli
Says you, kid fiddler

>> No.11434287

Just go back to /a/ with your le 3DPD shit already.

>> No.11434291

There is so much irony and projection here I don't know where to begin.

>> No.11434294
File: 730 KB, 1092x1250, 1366397627896.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Says you, kid fiddler

So, you cannot distinguish fantasy from reality. I've always known that moralfriends were insane.

>> No.11434296

The sooner they cleanse akihabara, the better.

>> No.11434303

Then why does his girls look like midgets and not little girls?

>> No.11434305

I love the smell of newfriend in the morning.

>> No.11434306

Actually in the London Olympic area the only vendors allowed to sell chips were McDonald's you had to buy fish AND chips if you wanted actual chips not fries

>> No.11434307

i'm just saying it cause I can.

and thought is the necessary precursor to action which is why people worry at all. when you're having one bad day you might decide it's worth sampling the real thing. this isn't what i think, but if you can't see the reasoning you're probably autistic

>> No.11434313


why don't you guys just hop into a gas chamber right now

>> No.11434314
File: 27 KB, 419x410, rustleface5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The little girls in the Little Girl series are little girls.
Loli artists do not lie.

>> No.11434316

>and thought is the necessary precursor to action which is why people worry at all.

Which is why when kids dream of being astronauts, they one day miraculously end up lifting off into orbit of the Earth because they feel like it.

Fantasy is completely separable from reality. If it wasn't, you would probably be being raped by a girl with a huge horse cock right up your ass, at the moment.

>> No.11434317

Too busy masturbating to children.

>> No.11434324

it's fine you say that, nobody necessarily has to trust you.

>girl with a huge horse cock
those literally don't exist in any way shape or form ever. there's no way to parody that in real life. also i'm going to call you a paedophile again for the horse cock thing. such ignorance anonymous!

>> No.11434327

It's possible if the horse cock is attached to a horse the girl owns.

>> No.11434328

Pfft. It's Shitkaku Light. Congratulations for being trolled in.

>> No.11434335

>those literally don't exist in any way shape or form ever.

Sure they do. She'll wear a huge dildo, just for you. All you have to do is ask~

And if you put a fake horn on its head, you're being fucked by a unicorn girl.


>> No.11434337

>and thought is the necessary precursor to action
Are you saying you thought before you shitposted?

>> No.11434338

No, you are being attacked by a girl with a unicorn.

>> No.11434340

Please stop projecting.

>> No.11434347

All fetishes are based in reality. Stop trying to kid yourselves.

>> No.11434352

It makes me physically ill to think there are so many disgusting Brits posting here.

>> No.11434355

Yet they can't be satisfied in reality. Unless you are really lucky, or rich. So, for the most part, fantasy is divorced from reality with the exception of those lucky few who realize their dreams.

>> No.11434361

Explain furries

>> No.11434364

And yet so many of us are attracted to unrealistic haircolors and huge eyes that would make us scream in reality. Same with high pitched voices that in real life would make girls seem deranged and psychotic.

>> No.11434366

All of my fetishes are not based in reality, because they operate in a lower dimension.


To even consider calling me a newfriend marks you as an infinite newfriend.

>> No.11434366,1 [INTERNAL] 

The janitors are unpredictable as hell. They let the thread go for over 4 days before one of them decided to delete it.

>> No.11434366,2 [INTERNAL] 

Not that you'll see this, since you're from /a/, but loli is a major part of all otaku media. Bitching about people posting loli on boards related to it is like bitching about people posting big tits. Maybe you should find another hobby if it offends you so much.

>> No.11434366,3 [INTERNAL] 

this thread really should have stayed

it keeps seeming like things are getting better then they go and do stupid things like this

>> No.11434366,4 [INTERNAL] 

Maybe they were discussing whether to delete it and came to a consensus 4 days later

>> No.11434366,5 [INTERNAL] 

What happened to lolibooru?

>> No.11434366,6 [INTERNAL] 

It wasn't me.

>> No.11434366,7 [INTERNAL] 

Interpol raid on the data center hosting their servers.

How embarrassing!

>> No.11434366,8 [INTERNAL] 

Why does Interpol always ruin everyone's fun? Have they ever even once served actual justice?

>> No.11434366,9 [INTERNAL] 

Will lolibooru be back online or was the raid unrelated to the site?

>> No.11434366,10 [INTERNAL] 

>will a child pornography site come back after an Interpol raid?


>> No.11434366,11 [INTERNAL] 

2D is not 3D. Loli is not child pornography.

>> No.11434366,12 [INTERNAL] 

There are still laws against it in some countries. Do you know where the servers were located?

>> No.11434366,13 [INTERNAL] 

I have no idea. I'm not really a loli fan but hearing stuff like that makes me a little scared for the future.

>> No.11434366,14 [INTERNAL] 

Loli porn = porn with children in it
How is it noth child pornography?

>> No.11434366,15 [INTERNAL] 

Same way my collection of Free! ero doujinshi isn't gay porn. I'm not gay, dude.

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