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Older 2hus are best 2hus

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I want that Yuyuko

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i just want to masturbate and die

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Don't you nerds ever get tired of making threads about Touhou?

I mean, what's the fucking point.

We have threads every god damn day about Touhou asses, tits, Touhou X, Y, Z, fumos, etc.

This lack of innovative content is degrading the board's quality. It is terrible.

You must think out of the box, it's the only way to solve this issue, with urgency.

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No, I will never tire of Touhou just as each day I enjoy the familiarity of pounding ur mum XDD #rekt

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Which touhou would you argue with?

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fuck off of /jp/ dood

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Because without touhou the entire board would be reduced to nothing but janny's stupid train threads

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This is why this board is in the current state it's in.

You only have to blame yourselves on your ineptitude to change and move forward.

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She isn't old you meanie!

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Only you can change yourself, dude.

No one will ever be able to do that for you.

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Yeah wrong picture.

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That's because we're running out of things to discuss. We've discussed almost anything.

I mean, I've seen threads about the girls pubic hair color and bushy-ness, areola diameter, detailed reports about each girl's anus cleanliness, if hymen regeneration is affected by the hourai elixir, fart and body smell, longer legs, ass festivals, which belly is softer, etc, etc.

Not that I mind reviving discussions from the past.

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Change for the sake of change doesn't make any sense.
People like touhou, new touhou pictures get drawn, so it keeps being discussed and will be until touhou dies.

>You only have to blame yourselves on your ineptitude to change and move forward.

So /v/ is shit because they have videogames, /a/ is shit because they still talk about anime, /jp/ is shit because they still talk about touhou. Simply epic, every board should talk about new things for the sake of it and no reason at all.

If you think you can make better threads that people can enjoy, make them. If not you are exactly what you complain about. If people dont like your threads they were shit and maybe this board isn't for you.

jannytard will eventually delete our posts and clean this up.

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so, whats the problem exactly?

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Oh my how lewd

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>if hymen regeneration is affected by the hourai elixir

This is a surprisingly interesting prompt.

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Is Miko part of the hag party yet? Also, do you think Shinmyoumaru will ever join them?

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>Simply epic, every board should talk about new things for the sake of it and no reason at all.
/a/ and /v/ have new shit coming out every week to talk about. /jp/ only gets new shit twice a year.

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The problem is lack of new content.

This board has stagnated and it's in terrible condition.

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Well that's too bad. Just leave if it is so awful.

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Most beautiful hag

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Which 2hu would you live in a utopian society in outer space with?

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idk men

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Young hags!

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This guy gets it.
Also why are cheerleader outfits on old hags so good?

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That heart makes for a perfect paizuri window

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Eirin is busty!

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Please don't sexualize Mom or Grandma.

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>spot assist
Battlefield Reference?

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Too fat

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It really does warm my heart to know that I am the core person behind the recent communal focus towards Eirin and now further expansion to include more mature ladies.

I foresee with cosmic certainty that my posts on /c/ of Eirin have spurred this. It is good to know my focuses have purpose to their existence.

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>Older 2hus
If we're just going by age, then this is my preferred old Touhou

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Old lady feet!

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>OP's picture
Let's be honest here : Your body wouldn't be able to handle this.

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I think I could. All of them at once.

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I wouldn't even be able to handle prolonged eye contact or gentle nudging from one

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Depends. What will they do to me?

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A single touch might lead into premature ejaculation.

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I admire your optimism but let's be honest :
- Those curves
- Those personalities
- An infinite lewdness
- A strong and insatiable lust
You'd explode right away as they tease you with some sort of "Ara~ ara~ done already?"

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Each of them would have methods to alleviate that

Yukari could remove the boundary between refractory periods
Eirin would give aphrodisiacs
Byakuren would make you work for it (Heavily training body and mind)

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What about Yuyuko and Kanako?

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One of them would kill me with busts like that.

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which hag do you wish to be more popular in fandom?

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can you picture yourself having sex

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Tell me more.

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Please tell me more about what that group of fine ladies would do to me!

It's arousing to consider

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Fuck off.

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"Mom" old is hot.
"Granny" old is not.

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What's the matter? Mamizou is like your traditional Japanese mom.

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Train threads are official /jp/ board heritage. Just because you don't like them doesn't mean they're not /jp/ related.

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yeah you keep saying that jan jan

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onikobe rin's fat motherly mamizou is the best mamizou

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that face does not match the rest of the picture.

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I want her to seduce me. I know a lot of people on /jp/ don't like her but I can't get enough of Mamizou.

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Which hag has the most distinct smell

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You bumped this thread for this?

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What's your problem?

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Not him but your shitposting isn't being subject to the janny

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My dick can't take good Mamizou art. She is my favorite new hag

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No animal please.

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Anon-kun, come wash my tail~

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What exactly is the cut-off to hagdom for Touhou?

When is the soonest you can become a hag?

How long can you remain non-hag before being hag?

>> No.11405431

i think it has more to do with titty and hip size than actual age tbh

>> No.11405455


Some of the fattest tit Touhous aren't hags though.

I never noticed hip size.

>> No.11405460


That's only part of it. There are plenty of characters who are portrayed as being busty/curvy enough to physically qualify who don't get included. If you can imagine the character saying ara ara and it sounds right/arouses you that's how you know that they're qualified to be considered a hag.

>> No.11405476


Is Marisa a hag then? She actually does say ara ara sometimes.

>> No.11405484

Marisa doesn't have enough curves. Besides a hag has the ability to make you explode with a single word and I can't picture Marisa with such an ability.

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I guess Master Spark is two words.

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Why do you care? /jp/ is like 4chan's zoo, normal people come here to laugh and be amused by the loonies.

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Ran can make my dick explode with just 2 words
"ara~ ara~"

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Trying too hard, normie

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Which would you rather have, a loli with the mind of a milf, or a milf with the mind of a loli?

>> No.11405635


Milf master race. I can't handle flat. I just can't.

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A loli with the mind of a milf might seem off, but a milf with the mind of a loli would just be outright jarring

I pick loli with mind of milf. Even a sexy body is ruined by an immature mind

Damnit, where's that picture where Remilia shows off her tits, expects the faceless male to marvel over it, and he asks her what she's planning to do with that cutting board?

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I don't understand. Is this one of those epik new me mes?

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A milf with the mind of a loli, but Okuu specifically. She already pulls it off amazingly well.

>> No.11405752

Awful taste

>> No.11405758

Typical haglover attitude.

>> No.11405973

Kanako's bush!

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File: 459 KB, 658x950, From today, she'll be my wife! 'Cause I can fill her with happiness! S... something like getting married to a fairy is ludicrous, isn't it -throb -throb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Guess what happened on Cirno day

>> No.11406192


Is Fatchouli an honorary hag?

>> No.11406204

No. Only Ran and Yuugi.

>> No.11406222

What about Mami, Seiga, and Yuuka?

>> No.11406226

Keine and Letty

>> No.11406227

Seiga, maybe.

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Seiga too

>> No.11406805

How come most of them are wearing a diaper on their head?

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The best

>> No.11406889

I wouldn't mind if Yukari had her way with me, but would she be gentle?

>> No.11407140


Maybe a little?

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Yes yes yes!
Ran is lovely and mature!

>> No.11407339


Depends what you mean by gentle. I doubt she's going to peg you or anything but I don't see her being the lovey-dovey hand-holding type. That'd be Ran.

Yukari would probably just use you like her boytoy, which is probably fine with most of /jp/ anyway given the generally submissive attitude here.

>> No.11407400

Which hag's vaginal discharge would you slurp up?

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>> No.11407405

I wish I could make /jp/ into my boytoy.

>> No.11407411

I wish I could strangle homosexuals on /jp/.

>> No.11407447

I like the older touhous a lot but I hate how they're always drawn with boobs bigger than their heads.

>> No.11407460

well how would you prefer them to be drawn faggot

>> No.11407477

With dicks where there boobs are supposed to be!!!

>> No.11407484

wow you're a fucking degenrate

>> No.11407539

Well your a fuckign skiboodlebop then

See I can make up words to

>> No.11407749


Who says it's not a grill, huh? Bet you never thought of *that*, did you!

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homosexual until you post yer boobs with a timestamp. That's just how it goes, no girls on the internet.

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495 is a bit young too young for me now