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Eirin lets you enjoy the aesthetics of the female body

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Good, I guess...

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That doesn't look like a bra.

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Female body is disgusting, I'd rather fuck a dude.

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look don't touch

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I can't think of anything to type. I just keep staring and biting my tongue.

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Is this a Keroro cosplay?

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Get a load of this queer.


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Go. Away. Now.

Its your fault we can't go forward here in /jp/, shitposter.

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You just got Milk'd, bro! LMAO!!!

RIP thread 2013-2013. We hardly knew ye.

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Why do you shitpost? Why?

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I Can't Believe
   It's Not

Although she's pretty cute (´・ω・`)

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milk needs to eat
she's about 20lbs to thin

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I Can't Believe
   It's Not

Although she's pretty cute
┐('~` ;)┌

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If Eirin was standing before me in a bra while smiling, I would be frozen in place.

And then I would have to hope she doesn't notice a growing bulge in my pants.

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You said that already!

But I would smack Eirin's butt! Well, if it wouldn't upset her too much, anyway.

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I want to fuck an anime

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I don't know. I think I need help. I really have no intentions of doing it and I can lurk and participate on /jp/ for long stretches of time without the urge creeping up on me but once that seed is planted I can't control it.

It's horrible. I don't want to live like this anymore. I'm afraid one day I will start shitposting a few times in a row and never be able to stop.

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feelio when no /jp/boy to milk

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It would be funny if her pants split and we saw her butt.

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Then stop living that life, can't you see that one of your kind isn't much of a deal but the thing is that there are millions! And the number is increasing with each day!

Crossies, shitposters, newcomers, etc. These people can't control the urge you just need to stop for a moment and ask yourself how others feel! Seeing the same lame things over and over again is painful anon-kun! Its boring!

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Why did they not give her a braid as God (ZUN) intended? It's the best thing about her.

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I would let a /jp/sie milk me. Either through a simple tugging or a true prostate milking massage.

It would be fun.

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I want to stop. I really do. It's just I see these pictures of milk and people stutter talking and saying things like "rekt" and I just lose it.

It's not even about irony anymore. It's just a natural reaction

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It's good to feel at home

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Because she just washed her hair, and she wants YOU to braid it for her! And she will only be wearing her bra while you do it. Try to concentrate!

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I used to think you my friend anon, you were my Nee-chan... But you have come a long way now, I don't recognize you.

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I used to think you were my friend anon, you were my Nee-chan... I don't recognize you anymore.

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I'd tickle her and see if she has the willpower to lay down flat on her belly!

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experiencing catharsis is self-feeding behavior and especially scary when done permissively

'Some scholars believe that "blowing off steam" may reduce physiological stress in the short term, but this reduction may act as a reward mechanism, reinforcing the behavior and promoting future outbursts.[11][12][13][14]'

Please don't send yourself into this downward spiral!

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That stare is too sexual, way too sexual!
When girls do this it makes me really uncomfortable, its like their entire body has an aura of fuck and sex.

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Are there any particularly good Eirin artists or at least well-known ones. Like Miko has cis, or Shinki has Fuantei.

You're right, no imagination, and I'm normally the one to berate others for not having one.

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You wouldn't know

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Say no and back off from them.

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I've been given laid a milliion times im not gay

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Keep telling that to urself, virg.

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forgot pic
polite sage ^_^

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Well, she knows you've never seen a woman nude before. She wants to be your first!

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I've seen my mom..

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that's not izayoi

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I've seen millions of women naked before.

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In real life! She wants you to be able to touch and smell the body of a woman.

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Different situation, but sometimes I will literally black out if I don't do something spontaneous and somewhat destructive. But I only get this feeling when working.

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Why is it so important? I don't want to be a hypersexualized normie like everyone else.

Live by the virg die by the virg

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H manga and JAV don't count.

No one?

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Good goyim. More bitches to me.

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But Eirin is giving you a generous opportunity to fondle her soft, round breasts! Don't pass that up, anon.

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But the jews are the ones that have turned popular culture into a degenerate madhouse. You make no sense.

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Jews turned a once proud country into a porno cartoon degeneracy shithole just so they and you will never reproduce.

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/pol/ should go away.

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I've never done anything like that before...

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Oh thank you. That's one lovey-dovey Eirin.

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>Eirin lets you enjoy the aesthetics of the female body
Do you think Eirin would let me draw her nude?

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I like her mainly for her chemist aspect, call me a nerd.

I really wish there more chemist girls in general. I have looked and looked and there are almost no pictures on the internet of any girls doing chemistry whatsoever. Yes, of course there is the Atelier series, but they are doing alchemy, not chemistry.

Please, please prove me wrong. Please.

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Alchemy is ultimately magical chemistry. Though the definition of magic may differ on account, just by results we can call what Eirin does (like make beings immortal by solidifying the supernatural powers of others in an elixir) magical.
And so, Eirin too is doing alchemy rather than chemistry.

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Imizu's Eirin is best Eirin.

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Alchemy is merely the manipulation of magic via chemistry, man. In worlds where magic is a known force, the scientific method can still exist, and it is in fact even more vital, as one needs to know exactly what the fuck does what. Alchemists are chemists that specialize in applying the method to reagents instead of pure chemicals.

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Alchemy is bringing out the potential in any given substance.
Like realizing the potential lead has to be gold.

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Disgusting chest.

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Digging into the deepest depths of obscurity - I think this lady might be someone you would like.

ユーディーのアトリエ ~グラムナートの錬金術士

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Eirin's initial alchemical experiments didn't go so well.

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This gave me a b*ner

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She's super immortal. This is canonically impossible.

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>implying she couldn't be turned into immortal, living wax
And so, craving death but unable to die, Eirin stopped thinking.

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Why would you light this candle?

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She's super immortal. She can't be permanently detained because it would break her immortality in some kind of bullshit meta way. Same thing with wax bro.

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>some kind of bullshit meta way
Kind of like you?
>B-b-but you can't do that! She's immortal!! Bloo bloo bloo!!!

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My little anon can't be this secondary.

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Only Kaguya and Mokou are true immortals. Eirin might have existed for a long time but I don't recall her being unable to die. She's probably similar to a god or youkai in terms of mortality.

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eirin doesn't wear pants you knuckle-dragging earthling

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You think she didn't take her own elixir? I find that dubious

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Eirin has indeed existed for a long time, longer than human species[1]. She's also not "similar to a god", she is a god, period[2] (and therefore in no way reliant on her physical body). She has also drunk the Hourai elixir, which would logically make her a true immortal[3]. Indeed, she is describing herself as an eternal being[4].

^ http://en.touhouwiki.net/wiki/Imperishable_Night/Story/Magic_Team's_Scenario#Stage_5
^ http://en.touhouwiki.net/wiki/Symposium_of_Post-mysticism/Interview
^ http://touhouendings.wikkii.com/wiki/Th08#Good_Ending_4_-_Ghost_Team
^ http://en.touhouwiki.net/wiki/Imperishable_Night/Story/Scarlet_Team's_Scenario#Final_A

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That's not yohane's hairy megane Eirin.

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in during master's thesis on eirin

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neither of those are DOUMOU

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>rectum inspection day

Can I inspect hers?

Maybe her vagina instead?

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None of those three are strongly Eirin-focused. I am partial to this one myself, and that one PARANOIA CAT book.

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what are you gay?

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>not strongly eirin-focused
she's the only touhou he draws dude

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No! I just want to stick my fingers in Eirin's vagina and give her pleasure while I feel the soft, sticky insides.

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We both exaggerate, he has done others characters. But OK she is prominent in his works.

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he only has reisen there because if eirin just fingered herself all day it would be boring. i was just saying i'm pretty sure he hasn't done any touhou works that did not include the good doctor.

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Apart from all the non-Touhou works, there's an Alice x Yuuka one, and also that one with the adult Scarlet sisters.

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oh yeah, you're right. i completely forgot about them because they were shit.

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doumu draws huge breasts the way huge breasts were meant by nature to be: barely contained by rippling clothes

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Those were great, fuck you.

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why did you post a picture of one that i wasn't talking about?

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Type-Moon is ruining pure waifus all across Gensokyo.

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Rukako lets you enjoy the aesthetics of the feminine male body

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Because I don't have any pictures from them.

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I applaud your sources and mastery with knowledge about Eirin.

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This was the very first picture I saved on this computer.

I wish he'd do some vanilla Eirin doujins too.

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Gross. Lewd cosplay never works like I would hope it would.

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gross dude

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This is why cosplay never works out. No matter how good your costume is, if you don't look like the character, then it doesn't work.

Pic related. Where are you going to find an Eirin cosplayer that looks like any woman Fugi Jis draws?

Why did Fugi Jis stop drawing Touhou and demand his works be taken off booru? ;_;

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Femdom with Eirin

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I think she's pretty good at it, I actually really like that set.

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it's 夢の東方タッグ編
a derivative work based on touhou and kinnikuman

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He probably failed to 1cc Lunatic and got depressed or something.

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I like this artist

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2nd best Eientei

And does any /jp/er already own this technology?

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I like this Eirin.

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Is that a male?

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get lynched faggot

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That is completely rude and uncalled for. There's nothing wrong with males cosplaying, and nothing wrong with liking pictures of males who cosplay.

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they should make it legal again to beat up a queer, tie him up to the back of my pick em up truck, and drag him to death on the freeway.

fucking homos ruining my /jp/

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/jp/ has no need for such rudeness. Please leave.

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That wasn't ever legal. They were hung.

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That's a lady, fagmo.

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That's disappointing, honestly.

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His work scares me. I dunno why but it scares me.