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Why does /jp/ hate her?

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Because she's the worst 2hu

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let's get something straight
i love sluts

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Why does every artist draw her with tits? That is not accurate.

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Because Sanae fags, I love her anyway

she is a good playable character and her backstory is cool

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Because the SDM fanbase should be eradicated

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>every artist

>Zun is an artist

>thus sakuya tits are canon

That's why, fag!

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Yeah but we're talking bazooka tits. Not just small tits.

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I wouldn't say I hate her...

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I don't even

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B-but she's the most perfect... and elegant...

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Sanae scum like >>11386271 are annoying faggots who think Sakuya fans are the ones to call Slutae a slut.

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why does kanako have condoms under her eyebags?

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I love Sakuya.

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Youmubabies and Slutnaes are jealous that Sakuya came first and is superior.

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Sakuslut guy is no Sanaefag.

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>implying i wasn't one of the people pushing the title on sanae and youmu too

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I don't hate her.
I don't care for her much, I want to molest/torment her, I cannot fucking stand most of her fanbase, and some of her canon is garbage, but I don't hate her. She's...ok.

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Yeah, you're a real mastermind.

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what, youmufags and sakuyafags were not allies?

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she has no personality

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finally someone understands

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I feel like she's just a bullshit character now, since DDC. Like ZUN just drastically changes her backstory on a whim. Is this how PC-98 fans feel?

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Of course not!
Youmufags only team up with Sakuyafags when mocking Slutnaes and any other non silver hair red/blue eye maidens other than Yuyuko and Remi.

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What happened with her in DDC?

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Love this face. Wish the rest of those doujins were good.

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dude the second half of that sentence
it has too many double negatives or something. what the fuck does it say?

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tiramisu's doujins are declining

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It's shit.

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Sorry but, I think you might be stupid!

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What hate?

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/jp/ never talks about her, so they hate her

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Sounds like indifference.

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indifference is a special kind of hated

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I want to kill all touhous.

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i love sakuya! even i agree she's not the best touhou, but i truly love sakuya! she's got her own charm that appeals to me!

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so you're saying she's not your main bitch, but you'd still smash

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yumeko > sakuya

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she has no personality

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no, she is! i just don't think shes like the super best touhou or anything. it's hard to describe.
but yes i would still smash

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I want to be a mindbroken slut maid just like her

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Reasons people initially like Sakuya :

- omg Dio Brando reference lel I read Jojo's epic

Reasons people dislike Sakuya :

- babby's first favorite Touhou
- flat
- no personality
- part of the SDM crew
- Sakuya fans are sub-human

Seriously, saying Sakuya is your favorite Touhou is the equivalent of claiming that Pikachu/Charizard/Venusair/Blastoise is your favorite pokemon. Yes, it's possible. No, I'm not encouraging you to be a hipster and pick some super fucking obscure Touhou, but for the love of god, it just makes it look like you have zero interested in Gensokyo.

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>disliking flat

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>the equivalent of claiming that Pikachu/Charizard/Venusaur/Blastoise

Reimu, Marisa and Sakuya are off limits for favorites. Even if I like them, picking them as favorites is in poor taste. I'll add Cirno to that list as well, since there's 4 pokemon, there should be 4 2hus.

Cirno is just for meme spouting retards.

>LEL 9

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Fight me, pedo.

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>super fucking obscure Touhou

Oh you mean like ORANGE?

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Sakuya and Marisa are part of my favorites...does this mean I'm a sub-human secondary cancer or whatever you guys call these people?

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Ironically, only secondary scum themselves give a shit what Touhous other people have has their favorite.

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That's stupid. Why do you deny your favorite because of what you think other people will think about it?

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I don't give a shit about what other people have as their favorite so I think I'm safe! Thank you

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Reimu and Marisa aren't bad because they have enough story to accompany their popularity. The most secondary touhous are the ones that are obscenely popular for no reason. Sakuya, Alice, Cirno, and Flandre are the first ones that come to mind for me (granted, Sakuya has more plot associated with her than Cirno or Flan, so she's not quite that bad).

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1) It's okay if they're part of your favorites, but it's like claiming you like pizza. No fuckin' shit. They should not be #1 for you.

2) Have some tastes, explore other 2hus.

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That's because of your pedestrian tastes.

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Bretty gud

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I have explored other 2hu's, Kanako and Toyosatomimi are my other top favorites. I just really like Sakuya for my own personal reasons

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>personal reasons
i read u loud and clear

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They aren't sexual reasons because I don't like reading lewd doujin's with Sakuya, nerd

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But I really love PCB, she is my fav char, and I am a huge JJBA fan. I wouldn't say is is my all time fav to play as but for that game she is rad. <3 sakuya.

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OP here, I don't even know who she is. I just wanted to make a /jp/ thread for once.

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I fap the best to Sakuya, but my favorite 2hu, at least design wise, is Mokou, because she has pants and because ZUN actually drew here as something more than a horrible abomitation.
All 2hus have shitty backstories and personalities, only filthy secondaries think otherwise.

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>caring this much about how people see ur favorite 2hu

sasuga secondaries

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Orange isn't an obscure Touhou because everyone talks about the would-be obscure Touhous just because they would otherwise be obscure

Unnamed Flared-hair Kappa is way better

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>no personality
>confirmed for never playing Sakuya, even in the fighting games
>confirmed for never reading the official manga
>inb4 >fighting games >manga is not canon

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do people on /jp/ really think the manga is not canon? i thought it was at least semi canon or something, like you don't have to take it seriously

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>let loose

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>abyss of chaos
If ever I have seen an accurate description of Sakuya's vagina...

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>all this hate for other 2hus
>stop liking what I don't like
I don't understand it, but there is something very human about it I think. I believe it would be best however if we could leave such feelings behind though and just accept that people may enjoy the fantasies of touhous that are not our personal favorites.

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I only like her when she has blue eyes

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I like Sakuya because I like Sakuya, that's all there's to it.
But I also like characters like Ichirin, Koakuma, Daiyousei, the Prismrivers and the three fairies.
Wether they are popular or not doesn't change that I like them.