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Just played a bit of Embodiment of Scarlet Devil and this shit is hard. I can't get past China.

I'm somewhat disappointed in the lack of story though. Are there canonical comics/novels about the events of each of the games?

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Theres not much canon story which leaves alot of room for batshit insane doujin writers to step in. Its popular because they don't actually have to make porns for doujins.

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All doujins are canon. ALL.

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Stop playing on lunatic, you aren't that good.

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Yes some of them are and might I add they're epic in quality. The FlipFLOPS circle did an awesome rewrite for EosD and Perfect Cherry Blossom. Check them out.

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I warmly recommend these:
Two Scarlet Sacraments Under the Starry Sky
Wolf Howls At the Sixteen Day-Old Moon
Winter of the Residents of a Touhou Town
Variant Youyoumu

All are by FLIPFLOPS.

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Read Cho-Marisa, highly recomended.

Also, Zun written(but fortunately not drawn) non-game literature:

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Also, if you're playing on easy modo on EOSD, you're going to miss an entire stage and final boss.

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I'm.. I'm playing EASY MODO.

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Use the shift button to slow down.

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China is victorious!

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Reimu's slow since she's undead.

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Easy modo on EOSD? How did you get past Cirno's Icicle fall?

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I didn't.

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Remove Touhou from your computer and never touch any of the games again.

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>Also, Zun written(but fortunately not drawn) non-game literature

Holy shit, awesome. I just thought that ZUN should really write a book or two about Gensokyo as a lot of the settings potential is wasted if it's used only for games and funny doujins. I would read a book written by ZUN, even if he would write just as bad as he draws.

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See the sections for the different games and "Print Works" for the official stuff. Then http://www.pooshlmer.com/touhouwiki/index.php/Ennui_Akadako

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