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I want to formally renounce my religion, /jp/.

I am seriously considering Buddhism or Taoism as at least a nominal alternative. Leaning more toward Taoism. I know it sounds silly, and I guess it is. It sounds like Taoism in particular has more to offer than just belief and ritual though... it seems like there is some true effort to understand life in those religions. Has anyone on /jp/ actually converted to Buddhism or Taoism?

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You should become a Raëlist.

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Buddhism is better.

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you are an undefined faggoty object

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Shinto Masterrace

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Must be nice bein' a clueless teenage "anarchist" huh OP

You don't formally leave, you just quit showin' up on sunday and let them figure it out for themselves. Unless you're a kid (you are, yes?) in which case you say think and do what the pair of genitals that spawned you demand of you. Religion is an identity cult, an inherited tribal affiliation which you can't opt out of until you're on your own. Deal with it.

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You could probably have loli sex.

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Shinto doesn't make sense unless you live in Japan. There's only one active shrine outside of Japan and it's in Seattle, where I don't live.


I'm in my late 20's, and I'm not Christian either.

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Become a Catholic

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>Needing religion
>Not just living your life based on your own derived morals and ideologies

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To my best knowledge, Hawaii does not belong to Japan either.

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>Not just living your life based on your own derived morals and ideologies

That's crazy.

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Shinto and Taoism are top tier religions. Buddhism is also good. Wicca is fun, especially if you don't want to take religion too seriously (Shinto is a bit like that too).

Every monotheistic religion is a pile of shit for braindead retards.

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>What do you recommend when evangelizing a Taoist?
Full Question
My wife is trying to convert a man who believes in Taoism back to Christianity (since he isn’t Catholic). Any help?

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I hope they succeed

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Yog Sothoth

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I'm joining Church of NERV.

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i want a discordian toho

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All occult literature is a secondary source. The same ideas can easily be recreated through introspect.

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some should do a quick question as byakuren or miko and ask for quick immortality

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I just like Miko

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Why does she wear headphones though

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Her Abilities "listen to ten people speaking at the same time" comes from a famous legend of Prince Shotoku. It's said that Prince Shotoku was so smart that he could understand ten people questioning him all at once and than able to give them back perfect answers.
Because Prince Shotoku's ears are so sensitive, this is the reason Miko wears earmuffs.

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I have sensitive ears, should I wear earmuffs?

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I want to wear Miko's thighs as earmuffs.

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I'm pagan. Odinist.

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Where do you live OP?

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>not being catholic
where my churchbros at

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Probably at church.

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I can't believe people like this actually post on /jp/
Its a tripple whammy.
"religions is for idiots!! xD"
"weeb religions are top tier I love Japan I hope to be Japanese one day"
"Wicca, I'm a witch dark rituals~"

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The only thing your post was missing was some green.

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How do you live with yourself knowing you're in an institution of evil? Do you know what is happening at this present moment?
Papa Francis will save, but for the ultimate price. The End.


All corporations and companies are chartered under the papal states, effective yesterday, law has returned.

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look at this fuken nerd
its 2002 dude no one cares about jesus

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lamfo im gonna go hit up the sk8 park ill catch u an jesus l8r

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I like being freelance Christian

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The earliest Taist philosophy (Tao Te Ching etc.) is really cool but from there the religion went full retard like all other religions.

I don't like Buddhism as much and plus you'll look like a huge hipster faggot if you become a Buddhist.

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No he'll look like a shaved head in a knit cap if he becomes a monk. No fedora or whatever.

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I formally declared myself an atheist to my sunday school teacher when I was ~9.

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who is the most muslim touhou?
I want to talk about islam

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I'm orthodox christian, i was born into this faith, and it's pretty cozy, but i don't know if it approves of otaku culture, and if yes, does it do so fully, or are there certain parts that it considers wrong? I don't want to leave my hobbies for it and stuff.

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>Be Orthodox
>See Lutheran church

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Go back to worshipping idols and basking in material glory, heretic. We are trying to serve God here.

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We're worshipping idols as much as the early apostols did, heathen.

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You can put your faith in anything as long as you won't hurt anyone because of it.
People's disapproval means nothing when you're feeling good with your beliefs.

I feel that Taoism went corrupted after it became a religion.
Reading Zhuangzi was enough for me to make this book very important to my views.
I have never felt an urge to read rest of the Taoism texts.

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Are you the /jp/er who hates Catholics?

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Catholics = gays, pedos, gay pedos, and immigrant gangs/mafia
Religion = silly ethnic junk

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Buddhism and Taoism aren't religions at their core. They're just a way of looking at life and don't have an influence on your actions unless you're making them out to be more than they are.

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my understanding is that taoism is an umbrella term for referring to historical philosophers, rather than an active organized religion

buddhism is organized, it has several active sects and many many compounds

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Religion is for edgy people. Religion is about nothing but hate and being angry.

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religion is a crowd of people howling like they're in pain and/or jibbering in a foreign language, cutting their foreheads open and/or waving a poster of Mary around right next to paper-mache skulls and swords and a cardboard skeleton. As supposedly a celebration.

Scary gangster shit.

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Taoism has had followings and sects, and controlled governments just like Buddhism. Both have had huge influence. People made them into more than they are by adding rules and rituals and all that, which ignore the meaning of contradiction in Taoism and unity in Buddhism. I guess that's where the likeness ends.

If we are talking hocus pocus Thervada then Buddhism is a religion full of ritual bullshit. Japanese Buddhism (which I assume OP is interested in), and most contemporary Buddhism is a philosophy that can influence your worldview but in the end can't be meaningful to the way a life is lived unless ritual is added, which moves against the theme of unity and elimination of desire. There is no right or wrong in Buddhism so there cannot be guidance - the idea of Karma is often misinterpreted;.

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Emacs was originally an extensible text editor written by Richard Stallman, but it became a way of life and a religion. To join the Church of Emacs, you need only pronounce the Confession of the Faith:

There is no system but GNU, and Linux is one of its kernels.

Sainthood in the Church of Emacs requires living a life of purity. Being holy in our church means exorcizing whatever evil, proprietary operating systems have possessed computers that are under your control, or set up for your regular use; installing a wholly free operating system (GNU/Linux is a good choice); and using and installing only free software with and on the system. Note that tablets and mobile phones are computers and this vow includes them.

Join the Church of Emacs, and you too can be a saint!

People sometimes ask if St IGNUcius is wearing an old computer disk platter. That is no computer disk, that is my halo — but it was a disk platter in a former life. No information is available about what kind of computer it came from or what data was stored on it. However, you can rest assured that no non-free software is readable from it today.

In addition to saints, the Church of Emacs also has a hymn—the Free Software Song.

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Anyway, Buddhism has countless monasteries everywhere.

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Chemical Engineering has countless schools everywhere. Is it a religion?

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no but apparently a command-line text editor is, and it has a lisp or whatever, so I don't even know man what the fuck

wait what were we arguing about

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I converted to buddhism a year and a half ago.
The big concept of buddhism is the middle path, taking the middle route of life. For example, not being attached to things, while at the same time not renouncing everything. Being able to have without needing is important.
If you choose to be a taoist, that is your decision, but its rather silly to "choose" one or the other. Both are philosophies which can be used hand in hand without any real conflict.

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GNU could actually be considered a religion as joking as that kopipe is. It outlines a set of beliefs as morally correct and commands you follow them. A religion is intended as a closed world interpretation that grants man access to 'right' decisions. Buddhism doesn't do that.

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Not yet, anyway... They're buying it up on the quiet so it can become Japan2 in case North Korea gets too dangerous

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yeah well north korea can eat a dick

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Latching onto ideals higher than oneself is admirable but not when it comes to religion.

You guys are better than this. Religion is not the way to go.

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Yeah, i can't understand how such weak humans would succumb to such an idiotic "belief", even the weakest of people can see how it's all bullshit, but i guess they were forced into it by the fanatical.
Religion is a sickness of the mind, a depravity, we can't live in the 21st century and accept it as a part of our existence, these people are clearly gathering together to do something evil and mean-spirited, mysticism is bullcrap! We all know this! God is made to explain the scientifically-proven phenomena around us, it's not needed anymore!

I wish all weaklings (religious, NEETs, christian etc.) would die, and leave way for the higher man, the Super-man.

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lol what

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What an ugly, dorky hat.

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But that's not a space colony

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>As you probably know, Taoism (pronounced "dow-ism")
>pronounced "dow-ism"

Are americlaps really that bad at prononciation ? Did your jewish lords enlarged your noses so much not only you speak through them but litteraly speak WITH them ?

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Were North Korea the guys who were trying to build a giant cannon out of pipe to launch torpedoes into space, or was that Iran?

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We can say whatever we like however we like and you'll have to take it.

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You're trying too hard. Enjoy getting mad at people for not willingly making their lives more stressful and restricted. I just want to take it easy.

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The problem with protestants is that even if they're right about most of the bible interpretation they always fucked up because someone somewhere understood it in a wrong way and had dozens of followers at the time and BAM, here you are, fucking mormons. That and taking the bible LITERA-FUCKINGWHY-LLY.

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>willingly making their lives more stressful and restricted

Are you referring to the rituals and commandments priests are telling you to obey?

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Religion thread?

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A fedora at the age of 9? The neckbeard is strong with this one...

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You're so edgy, insulting anyone who doesn't have the same beliefs as you.

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I'm sure this is bait, but whatever. This needs saying.

Mormons have their own bible, and it at least used to claim that black people came from the devil. Yeah, seriously.

They're an NRM or cult/"sect" they're not protestants.

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I know this is going for epic irony lulz trolling all the fedoratards atheists of /jp/ but NEETs are probably just as bad and unsightly as tyhem.

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I want to wear Miko's vagina as a cock sleeve.

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Aww how cute, the fedora thinks its people. It's your lucky day though, theres a dorito chip stuck in that neckbeard of yours. Wash it down with some of that mountain dew you take in intravenously.

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So dark and edgy.

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Well said, brother! Let us wear our fedoras without scorn and discuss subjects such our favorite atheist subreddits and how bad the friendzone is.

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You're putting a lot more effort into this than I am.
Wow, so edgy.

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I *just* got back from arguing about religion and how it's making society regress at the dinner table but I have some free time to do what I want. An atheist's job is never easy, but someone's gotta do it.

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Please go to /v/ and do not return to /jp/. You aren't high society for posting here. You just bring your stink with you.

Please, please, please.

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Careful with those edges, edgemasters. I'm not an atheist, by the way.

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Euphoric thread? Euphoric thread. #fedora

OC, btw.

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I hereby, officially and irrevocably, renounce my penis. Henceforth, I shall be a cute hairless little girl!

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I formally declare myself a Shinto shrine maiden. I learned all about the religion and the duties expected of me by watching anime. Please wish me luck in my new career.

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Choosing a religion because of a videogame. You just want to show of to everybody that you are "enlightened" by a weeb religion. You are probably just going to read one text and do some of it's practices for a month, then give up.

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That thread...

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Inventing your own religion is the only real option.

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While openly following a mainstream one as to not appear a weirdo.

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I don't think most people get asked what religion they follow in this day and age.

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Religion isn't really an issue here.

If it ever is talked about, the majority are irreligious, in that they either don't consider religion to be part of their life at all, or they have some "spiritual" belief. Many more have a religion, but they don't really do anything with it. Anyone who is overtly religious, or overtly militant atheist is considered weird.

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I just want to take it easy, guys.

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It is easy.

Live as a pure little girl!

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In speech, be true.

In ruling be just.

In action, watch the timing

No fight: No blame

One who lives in accordance with nature

does not go against the way of things.

He moves in harmony with the present moment,

always knowing the truth of just what to do.

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That sounds pretty cool. What is it?

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*tips fedora* *upvotes my reddit bros* *is an atheist*

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a part of the Tao Te Ching, it's all about taking it easy.

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Please don't use Raidou-san for your shitposting.

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