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Awwww, my thread was deleted.
Pitty really, you faggot's aren't helpful at all.

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Reported again.

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I did nothing wrong D:

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Yes you did, you spelt "pity" wrong.

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Stop using these fucking emoticons.
Find another tag name.

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Oh, fucking sorry i use D: and :D.
Also, what is wrong with Kapow3? It symbolizes who I am, and my style.

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>Also, what is wrong with Kapow3? It symbolizes who I am, and my style.
Almost laughed as hard as when you posted カぽ in the other thread

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then why change it?
find a random kanji that looks cool and make it a second tag name.
pic unrelated

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Who the fuck calls a name or tripfag a tagname? Seriously, what the fuck are you, some kind of wannabe graffiti artist?

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>It symbolizes who I am, and my style.
uguu...get out uguu~

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looks like you didn't see previous thread
OP is a graffiti artist
let's help him so he gets the fuck out quickly

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Jesus Christ, go end your life now you miserable pile of shit.

P.S.: Reported for being underage.