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Where would you take a loli on a warm Saturday afternoon?

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Home for some ice cream and rape.

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me on the right

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Nowhere, I hate being around kids.

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Me on the left.

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Looks like some's getting laid.

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Nowhere because I'm not a filthy degenerate pedophile.

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Me hiding behind the bush taking the picture.

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They are both standing up though?

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The woodchipper

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Those pedophiles, amirite :-)

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The picture implies nothing of the sort.

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You're just too stupid.

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Has anyone seen that comcast commercial about the beach? Here is a cute loli that pulls out her wedgie and you can see her swimsuit tan line when she does it.

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There is a loli and a man walking on a beach during a sunset. The picture looks as if the loli has enjoyed her day so far, and they are probably going back home as it is getting late. Please enlighten me on how it looks like someone is going to get laid!

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I already told you, you're too stupid to understand.

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You're like one of those kids who act like they know the answer to something and say "not telling" and ask someone else to tell them it while they really have no idea.

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Why do you only post lolis that look retarded?

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I know, I just have nothing to gain by telling some stupid kid something so obvious.

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Please refrain from posting lewd loli images.

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Is this loli?

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Spoken like a true American pig

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No, she looks more like a teenager.

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me on the right!!

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Is this loli?

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I'd say so.

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Is this loli?

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You're halfway there.

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That's lolli.

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This is a bit odd. Coincidentally I took my youngest cousin to the park today. She said she'd walk as long as I held her hand but soon tired and asked me to carry her on my shoulders. We stayed at the park for about two hours, going on the swings, digging holes, playing pirates, climbing trees, and sitting in the shade sharing drinks. There was also a friendly cat who lives in the park whose nametag read, "Mittens - I'm OK at the park".

On the way home she asked when we could go again and I said once it gets cooler out we'd go to a bigger park with lakes and ducks we could feed.

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Serious question: Can I adopt a loli in Japan?

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You are objectively wrong

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If you're a working adult that can support her, then sure. Just don't say "I want to adopt a loli" when you're at the orphange.

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>Tsukiko is a first-year student at Yōto's high school...

You are wrong.

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Which one

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He's one of the many who care about the body and not the age, which is fine. I'm like you and care about the age as well as the body though.

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me on the left

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You're quite the slutty little girl.

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what are you gonna do about it?

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Have sex with you, that's what sluts are for after all. You'll come over to my house at a specified time every day.

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Can't I just live in your basement?

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Never forget.

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I had already forgotten.

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Summer is declining

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No more short shorts, tank tops, skirts, and swimsuits.

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Tomrrow is officially fall isnt it

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I don't know. When does fall start? It's September first now. I think I would still consider it summer. Or maybe, the first day of fall.

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The actual first day of fall is considered the 21st, isn't it? Or is that just the autumnal equinox?

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I would love to take a Loli to see WOLVERINE tomorrow

any lolis want to meet up @the mall??

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guy who drew this made a HELL of a lotta loli porn
kind of weird to see after looking at that image

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someone make a new loli thread

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