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How come no tree hat 2hu

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What if the next 2hu was based on Christianity and one new-hu had a burning bush?

afu fu fu~

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Too silly, even for Touhou.

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Looks like Yukari should have stopped while she was still a head.

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zounose a shit

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crying Yukari best Yukari

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Why does it take so long for Yakumi Sarai's stuff to get translated? Rain Fall has been out for a while and that Akyuu one has been out even longer.

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Crying Yukari a cute!

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Little Yukari is super cute. There's something mega cute to think about that the old hag was a young girl one day.

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That picture is cute.

While Yukari is preoccupied with crying about her Popsicle it makes me want to take advantage of the situation by quickly sniffing and licking her butthole.

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Well that escalated quickly.

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Sniffing is fine but licking is dangerous! Who knows where Yukari's anus has been.

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maybe she looks tiny and cute but she's a merciless killer