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/jp/ heritage thread. Let us honor the colorful past and fallen /jp/sies.

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where my anime friends at

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How far back into archives do I need to go before I reach Golden Age /jp/?

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I got bored of anime. Maybe I'll get back to it when I'm done with my new videogames.

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There's a lot of people I miss but I have a really bad memory and can't remember them off the top of my head but would have to be reminded.

That guy who posts "my girlfriend" filename pictures is one of them.

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I don't blame you, the last seasons have been exceptionally shitty with maybe 1 or 2 shows per season worth following.

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We'll bump into them again someday.

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So many fucking variations of this.

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Janny approved thread.

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what are you playing?

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i'll miss you when you are dead trevor

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Get fucked 2kike.

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I'm emailing moot about this Janitor, you won't get away.

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I just bought a ps3. I play miscellaneous stuff like RDR and Saints Row 2 until my DeS arrives

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omm nom nom

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I always wanted to read this but accidently bought the japanese version instead of the translated one.

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looling hard

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I'm emailing moot right now.

RDR is really boring though.

It's pretty good, like yotsuba except if yotsuba was crazy/

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Who was the one that finally ended up slaying him?

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Oh boy, Tokiko's here to shit on /jp/'s remains since his friends aren't giving him enough attention again.

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you mean the guy that kept shouting over the mike for the Tank to suck his dick?

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why /v/, I was talking about video games

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holy FUCK 2kike is getting owned

Good taste, I haven't played SR2 but the others are great fun.

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Let's see how many oldfags remember this.

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One of these days I'll get you.

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1. who is this guy, and
2. who gives a rip

we don't depend on the goodwill of single users anymore, if there is a problem it's like 12 people thinking as a crowd

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I wish /jp/ would return to the era of tripfags again

At least it was more fun

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because of your filename

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You would be a shitty tripfag, don't even think about it.

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That's the nicest thing anybody has ever said to me on the internet.

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Thats why you latch on to a few rival tripfags and make yourselves seem cooler. You'll never be on the A list but you could be a healthy B lister and get that awesome feeling when you use your trip on another board and someone says "hey xfag what are you doing here?"

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post the "squirming boys" one

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go play it, it's probably the best in the series.

but that really is Marisa

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He's just lying so you won't do it.

I hate that.


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the other filename, dumbass crossie

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Don't talk to him like that.

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Even the /jp/ heritage is ruined, thanks fags.

Maybe nightshift /jp/ can do better.

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get in here toKEKo bros

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It feels good when I'm imagining the janitor looking like a jackass after spamming the report queue with tons of different ban requests for what are now null addresses. I hope he gets too embarrassed to send ban requests like he did last time after having to be told by the mods to cool his autism and stop spamming the report queue that much.

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wait, what

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You got owned, deal with it and move on you dweeb.