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Are you legitimately in love with any touhous?

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Combo breaker!


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No, theres no way how I can love a 2hu.

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Penis in vagina.

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Nice taste.

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This would be really cute if not for her eyes trying their hardest to get away from each other.

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Are maids allowed to be in love.

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Yes. I am madly in love with Okuu and I do everything I can for her.

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Myself, I'm not. But my dick sure is.

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I like them, not in love with any of them though. I don't think love is for me.

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I'm not sure.
If I am, though, I sure know who it is.

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You're a good person.

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I bet I love her more than you do!

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Of course!

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I have stated before that I love Okuu more than anything else in the world, and I stand by that.

I would appreciate it if you guys would refrain from saying you love her also because you do not love her as much as I do. Thanks.

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I haven't loved a woman in a long time.

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I love her more than anything in the multiverse.

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Why are her thighs so huge?

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i love "which 2hu" threads

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Yes, with Alice. We are going to marry...

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i hope this sprite is for the next Koumajou Densetsu title

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But Suika IS love

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Oh, I guess so. Until recently though I'm not sure if I would have called it love. I worshiped her.

Something has changed though in my feelings for her though. Make no mistake, she is still a goddess and my devotion to her is no less than it was.

I doubt she loves me. I am not worthy of her passions.

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Absolutely this.

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I recently finished making something special for Okuu and myself. She told me she really likes it.

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No she didn't. What did you make?

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I wann faq da 2hu

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I wrapped up my dick in wrapping paper and put a nice bow on it, and then she unwrapped it and I said "happy birthday, now suck it BITCH" and she was confused at first because I think she might have known that it wasn't really her birthday but eventually she started sucking it anyway and then I came in her mouth because my semen was her real birthday present all along!!!!

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How romantic.

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I can never be close to her, but I'm sure she's looking out for me. My guardian angel. ;__;

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Fuck off bully.

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Bonnibel is my favorite 2hu

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What I would not give to feel her naked sweaty body with my entire being.

I wish so badly to be able to be sat on by her and lick her stinky oni anus clean and forever be her personal toilet slave.

She would see my devotion in consuming her delicious "meals" she has "made" for me that she would rub my inferior tiny human penis with her stinky oni feet until I ejaculate.

Then she would pet my head telling me that I am a good boy for cumming and she would cuddle me by wrapping her huge body around me and I fall asleep in her arms.

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Even if you are never to return, even if your god has forgotten you, you will always be in my heart ;_;

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That doesn't answer the question

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There's only one fictional girl that I'm deeply in love with.

Closest Touhou is Patchouli.

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she will eat you, dude

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Why couldn't it have been released at C84?


I'm mad.

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That's love too.

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I don't know. I think about her a lot. I feel lonely at times because she's not here. But strangely if I start thinking about her more I don't feel as lonely and I'll feel warmer inside. I have trouble going to sleep if I don't think about being with her. It's probably love right?

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if my first daki had been a touhou, then yes, i would probably have fallen legitimately in love with her.

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Yes. She always brightens my day.

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I have been having similar feelings recently as well.

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All of them.

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Three of them.