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Why would ZUN put his height in the credits?

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why not

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That's not his height ;)

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His other measurements are too embarrassing I guess

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is that even tall for japanese though?

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Fun fact: ZUN-sama is as short as I am.

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Didn't we have a thread about this two days ago?

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Not everyone is on here every day like you, loser.

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Above average, yeah.

I'm only 5'10 and I feel like Godzilla when I'm over there

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Are you some casual crossboarder or something?

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Only casuals don't crossboard.

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It doesn't really seem like ZUN to brag. Is he feeling like he's better than the rest of us now that he's married and living off of Touhou royalties?

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4chan pros crosslurk but don't crosspost.

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No, I just have a life.

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I blame the fans tbh.

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If 身長 is height, then what the hell is 体長 supposed to be? Rikaichan is confusing me.

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Cause the game featured dwarfs.

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Because he will never list all the 2hus 3 sizes

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life of sucking dick maybe

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Wow at least that's more sex than you'll ever get permavirgin

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He'll release his blood-type in the next game to keep the cult of ZUN going strong

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Length of animals, mainly.

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ZUN is taller than me? That's a little depressing.

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we have the same kind of feel

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Shut the fuck up nigga. I raped your moma last night.

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Jokes on you, his mom had a dick, and that dick was infact... MINE!!!

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Anyone can have sex with a corpse

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This is getting weird. I don't want to fight anymore.

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I know what you can do...~♡

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>be European with blonde hair and blue eyes
>be as short as some beer-addicted chink dwarf

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OK I'll come in from behind and jack you off at the same time.

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Are you a white aryan angel? If yes then you're perfect.

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How short?

Do you think your eyes and hair are cute?

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The story was about a midget getting big
Do I have to say it all?

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I'm a 184cm tall aryan girl.

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btw im a girl

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Wanna date? I'm a 187cm Slav

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Maybe, do you have a photo?

I don't want to be a race traitor but I like Slavs for some reason... My last boyfriend was from Ukraine but he ended up getting shot...

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>My last boyfriend
How terrible

It makes no sense for somebody to be fine with dating used goods when they think sharing onaholes is gross

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I'm still a virgin if that's what you mean. We did... stuff... but I never let him put it in, I'm trying to wait until I'm married.

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Women are gross dude.