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Can you judge intelligence from a hobby?

>> No.11319569

Of course.
People who listen to dumbstep are, well, dumb, for example.

>> No.11319571


HOWEVER. You can judge intelligence by how well one does in their hobby, i.e. someone who restores classic cars for a hobby but can't keep one running more than five minutes is probably an idiot.

>> No.11319608

short answer: no
long answer: yes

>> No.11319611

That's deep bruv.

>> No.11319669

No. What if I'm an intelligent lawyer who secretly has the hobby of eating shit? What a dumb question.

>> No.11319686

rev up those desires /jp/

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I am not very intelligent because I once got a candy bar stuck up my ass.

>> No.11319693

of course you can

>> No.11319695

I'd say someone that spends their free time eating shit would be a good lawyer.

>> No.11319697

I once exploded a thermometer with a lighter and drank a drop of mercury out of it which probably made me retarded for life

>> No.11319708

For real?!

>> No.11319713

I wanted to see if I could digest something in my asshole as well as my mouth.

It didn't work.

>> No.11319722

Speaking of candy bars in asses, would anyone here use a website where you can input your penis measurements and get some common household items of the roughly same dimensions as your penis?

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I study Baudelaire, Rimbaud, and other french decadents but also like to watch chinese cartoons and pour liquor on myself while I masturbate to ladyboys. My IQ is 92.

>> No.11319734

Are you non white?

>> No.11319736

Are you retarded?

>> No.11319739


Yes to both questions.

>> No.11319742

since there are so many niggers into weeb shit I always figured it was for dumb people

>> No.11319744

Fits you perfectly.

>> No.11319749

lmao only a 4 cylinder

i have a 6 liter v8

>> No.11319752

No, but you can judge intelligence from what race the person belongs to.

Example: >>11319739

>> No.11319754

I own a bike.

>> No.11319758


I wasn't aware "non-white" was a race

>> No.11319760

Like a bicycle I mean.

>> No.11319761

No you don't.

>> No.11319764

nice truck

>> No.11319769

I don't ride it or anything.

>> No.11319772

what if everuyone in thius thread retarded and you, but you dont know cuz you ttooo retarded??????

>> No.11319776

He admitted he's not white, and I doubt he's a chinamen

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