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Old thread (>>11309591) hit bump limit. So here's part 3

Talk about games that was released at C84.
Upload thread: >>11289239

Talk about Labyrinth of Touhou 2, Touhou Quest and many more. Also thank you, based China for pirating Bullet Report. Saves me 16 bux for something so easy and so short.

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For Touhou Quest.
Extract Setup.001 (the bigger one), you'll get 東方クエスト.tar.
Then extract the .tar and you'll get a folder with the game you can run after replacing Engine.dll.
I wouldn't bother patching because the cracked dll will still be at version 1.0.0.

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I was honestly expecting a much longer platformer, not an extremely short beatemup.

Either way, it was still cute and fun for the hour or two of entertainment.

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Momiji on the game is so cute. Also that Kisume inside the shelf drawers.

But man, i wish there's more to it.

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Download link for Maid Made Maze

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Apparently the game had some kind of problem on release that was so big you needed to patch it with "thq_salvation" from the maker's website, so I guess I'd rather wait until an updated crack is released.
They're releasing patches at a pretty quick pace, too. The game is already at 1.0.4.

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>在得到允許的情況下,將本站資源轉貼到他站時,請記得注明出處為 http://bbs4.2djgame.net/

That says, "In the case where permission has been obtained, please mention the source (URL) when reposting on other websites."

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Is there a direct link to the patch somewhere?
The auto patcher takes ages.

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Nevermind, I got everything from their patch server manually.

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I believe you will cannot install it. except you have original

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Can't move to the second floor in Maid Made Maze and I'm feeling like an idiot. What button gets me through doors?

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nvm, it's up+z.

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How long did you play it? I'm considering playing it today, but a sub-1-hour-game would be a little bit too short.
Maybe i should start with the megaman-danmaku-type of game (めいどめいどめいず). With the leveling-up-system is looks a bit the the Touhou Gendansyou games, which are pretty neat.

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Can someone please tell me what the default key mapping for Maid Made Maze is? Mine got fucked up for some reason.

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z x c v a s

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Thank you!

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Bullet Report took me around 2 hours. Very fun, but very short.

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Touhou Quest patched dll for 1.0.4

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where is my tenko game? :((((

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Online: Success
offline: no

anyway, thank you for dll

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Thanks, but the patch files can't detect my game because of that 7z unzip trick, and refused to patch. Where should I add the relevant registry entry?

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Thanks, but the patch files can't detect my game because of that 7z unzip trick, and refused to patch. Where should I add the relevant registry entry?

Does the game even let you play offline?

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you must autopatch it.

offline: no

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Really? Downloading the first 300MB patch would take me half a day. :(

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Any news on Tenshi hack and slash or Ikaruga Yuyuko?

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Does anyone know how to get the final achievement in the first mission in bullet report?
Pic related, thats the one im talking about

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If that text below is the condition for it, it's 'Clear at 10% below HP'.

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Yes, that worked, thanks anon

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I found that if you change "EnableSerial" to "No" in the Installer.ini file on the install cd it won't ask for any serial key and install just fine.

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This year at comiket I bought a 3D game with Remi beating up monsters for 100 yen.

It sucks.

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Breaking News: 1$ indie games suck jjokbari tiny phallii.

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what are some good doujin danmakus from c84?

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Is Meido Meido Maizu random generated? Sometimes you spawn in rooms at the beginning that are pretty much insane to beat. And what's the meaning of these Flandre spellcards, is there a boss somewhere?

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Question: How do you extra Setup.001?

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I did it with 7zip

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Yes it is, though after a while you recognise the rooms with only enemies and position of doors and vases changed.
Flan's attacks appear when you timeout, one of my biggest problems in scene 2.

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Try this instead >>11319082

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What I've found is the dash attack is your best friend. Total invincibility and damages all the enemies around. That and Demon's Dinner Fork (with a few in shot power up) are my dump stats.

Time bonus seems to only be around three points for every second left on the clock, so it's not worth it to leave early unless you're about to die.

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Is it just me or are some controls weird? For example the up-left arrow-shot doesn't seem to work correctly, the up-right on other hand is perfectly fine.

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Are there manual patches for Touhou Quest? Its patcher is too slow.

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There aren't so you need to deal with the slow downloads. Mine had to take 2 hours just to finish 1.0.1

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You can try installing properly using this method >>11319082

Then you can try downloading patches manually from hxxp://patch.hachikuma.net/thq/patch_1_0_1.exe

It should work. I think. Maybe. Probably.

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Nah, my diagonal shots are working fine.

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How do you summon Sanae in BR, she appeared once but I don't know why. Is Nue in this game?

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Can someone point me where do I have to search for a Touhou Quest download link, please?

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Any news on Tenshi's game?

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Still not in stores. wait for 1 or 2 or 3 weeks

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Wasn't there a demo out at C83 for that 3D Suika game?

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Ok, thanks. That's a lot better than not knowing at all.

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I think she's just a random appearance. She showed up twice for me, both only on missions I haven't completed yet.

I dunno if thats the criterea, or just coincidence. Keep trying?

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>Maid Made Maze
I thought I was going to play as Sakuya.
Not that this is a bad thing~

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She appeared for me in my first time doing the last cave mission, the one were you have to beat 30 spirits, and beat me in 2 hits. So, after beating the final boss, i went there and did that mission a lot of times till she appeared again.
While talking about that, did someone beat the extra boss Sanae?. Is there an item that reduces her 14k hitting attacks, or do i need to raise stats till i can go hand to hand?

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The defense stat is actually fucking amazing.

I did the last mission where you have to kill 10x of toyotas, yuukas, ikus, etc. Gives over 400k exp each time you beat it.

At 199 defense the most damage i've taken from anything is 50.

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Well, im at 132 def, guess ill have to grind.

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My order of importance on stats is probably

Max HP > Special Attack > Special Charge > Defense > Normal attack.

Although once you get into the assrape territory, defense plays a MUCH larger role than padding your HP stat.

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I hate it when a horde of enemies is spawning directly at the entrance.
And the title seems weird in japanese because "めいど" (meido) could be stand for "maid" or "made", i guess that's the ingurish-joke.

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when do i get to play laserreimu

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Exactly. The title is "Maid Made Maze"

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I love that fake 3D embossed effect.

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So, I won't be at home until tomorrow night. I had to depart right after setting up Touhou Quest and patching to 1.0.4.
I'm curious. How's the game? Does it compare to DoD, or what?

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It could also mean 冥土.

>> No.11320241

You can leave and enter again if it's not the first entrance of the floor. I think the enemies respawn that way.

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File: 146 KB, 600x600, 冥土カフェ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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Remilia can feel the pain.

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Just spam Z+X dash. Damn that move is overpowered.

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So, what are the must play games this comiket?

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Touhou 14, because its out.
Bullet Report for a short beatemup.
Touhou Labyrinth 2 for long grindan RPG
Meido Crisis - Soul of Elegant Skill for a really bullshit platformer.
MaidMadeMaze for a decently fun platformer
Alice Pikmin (Not sure what the actual title is) for, well, alice pikmin.

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I guess us Suikafags won't ever get the game at this rate, let alone a translation patch.

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I've made an up-to-date installer disc, changed the Installer.ini so it no longer asks for a serial AND patched the latest Engine.dll file. Patching the latest Engine.dll was done by looking at what was patched in the initial dll and then adjusting it for the new file.

I've also made what I hope to be a "universal" patcher for any future Engine.dll files. Though it could be easily made obsolete if the right things are done. There's two files in this folder, one's the full ISO the other is a ZIP file containing just the updated patched Engine.dll, Patcher program, and source file for anyone who may ask for it. Patcher was made using dUP2.


Hopefully I uploaded the correct stuff.

>> No.11320398

Did you include the default engine.dll? The official patches won't work without that, since the md5 will be different.

>> No.11320399


Thank you.

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There isn't much out yet but pretty much everything worth playing. I'm very happy about this C84 so far. My last happy Comiket was C80 with a lot of nice games i enjoyed.

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Ah, damn, really? Forgot about that, well uploaded an original copy of it as a separate file. Can add it to the ISO if enough people want it.

>> No.11320413

Alright. As long as it's available it should be fine.


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The title for Alice Pikmin is "Shanghai and the Magic Grimoire". Surprisingly not many knew it even me until i look it up

>> No.11320437

The lighting effects in this game makes my laptop chug at 11 fps. ;_;

>> No.11320475

For some reason, I can't move left with my pad in this game.

>> No.11320493

On closer inspection, it's because the developer decided to have a huge dead zone for the analog stick, so I have to really press hard to get her to move.

>> No.11320503

i cant move at all
keyboard or gamepad

>> No.11320515

Can you at least get through the menus using your gamepad? The game will ignore all keyboard input until you choose keyboard...

>> No.11320576

only a/b on the gamepad works

>> No.11320602

looks like your only option is to get a copy of someone else's config files... The game is really tough to control anyways, and is near impossible to go through doors.

>> No.11320632

oh, what a same.
anyone willing to share it?

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Yeah, i'm playing with pad too and the left-up and left-down directions don't work if i start a jump facing to the right. But i can avoid it by pressing first left to turn around midair and then pressing left-up or left-down after that.

>> No.11320649

What file, key.dat?

Here's mine.

>> No.11320678

I think that would be the better option, having the original game as a base with the instructions to go full pirate in separate. Especially if having things that way is the only way you can update the game.

>> No.11320802

Alright so here's what I did, put original Engine.dll in game's root directory, and added "Patcher" directory which contains Engine.dll patcher along with a Readme.txt file.

Currently uploading as "Touhou Quest 1.0.4.iso" into the folder, and I renamed the other ISO so it's clear that it's a pre-patched copy.

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So I've started making a spreadsheet with a rough translation of the skill trees in Touhou Quest.
It's mostly for my own reference, but I can upload it if anyone's interested in it.

>> No.11320857


please if you want.

>> No.11320864

Alright, I'll upload it when I'm done with Marisa's tree. It's all I'll have done for tonight, but I'll work on it more tomorrow.

>> No.11320900

Makes me curious, is there any protection on the game files or has anyone managed to extract the pak files? Looking at one of the pak files in a hex editor shows TARC for the first few bytes.

>> No.11320940

>skill trees
Oooh, I like the sound of this already.

>> No.11320957

Alright, here's what I have so far.
Only have Marisa done, too tired to continue tonight.
Hope this helps someone

>> No.11320961


thank you very much

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I think the SSH album is much better than last comiket.

>> No.11321158

I can't seem to use the melonbooks special code. Help?

>> No.11321174

I have no idea on special codes for the game, though I'm going to guess that at the moment they'll only work if you actually have a working keycode for the game.

Unless you do and have installed/setup the game with a proper keycode, in which case I still don't know what to do, to help you.

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So there is no regular discussion thread for C84 anymore, is there?

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What's taking Astebreed, R360 and LASERREIMU so long?

>> No.11321536

People happen to discuss only Music and Games. What else would you want to discuss?

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File: 1.03 MB, 600x1731, 37691330_big_p1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Like, whatever happened with picture related?

I hope it gets scanned.

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Couldn't sleep so updated with Youmu's tree.
If anyone has a character they really want to see next, just say something and I'll work on it when I wake up.

>> No.11321584

Is that blue zenith game uploaded yet? Think it was called Mitsurugi or something.

>> No.11321651 [DELETED] 

I'm pretty sure it's just the same file format used in GoS and DoD. I can try using the old tools I have for it if you want. Are you looking for anything specific?

I wouldn't really expect a serious effort towards an English patch, though. GoS and DoD are enough of a royal clusterfuck.

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Add VERSH to the ``no stg uploaded'' list.


>> No.11322118


reimu please if you have time only,

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Fairy Holocaust: The Level

>> No.11322284

Wait untill you get to the Yoshikageddon.

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I just hate fairies.

>> No.11322334

Anyone know how many stages the scenes in Maid Made Maze got?

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This is only a handful of how many there are. It's ridiculous at how many enemies they can cram in one stage.

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Filthy, dumb, fairy scum.

>> No.11322396

Is there a guide anywhere for Touhou quest? This game seems pretty fun. Can't figure out how to open chests or what the slot machines do.

>> No.11322397

Well shit, Bullet Report wants me to raise Sanae to lvl 30, lvl 2 sanae already shits on my maxed defense and the attack damage that i used to kill her. Good thing she gives a double exp item to ease the grinding. but still, i fear hitting the stats limits and not being able to hurt her.

>> No.11322400

How do you fight sanae?

>> No.11322411


We have some translated skill trees here: >>11320957

Beyond that, no. I don't even know how the damn job quest works. I just kept going into the same (randomly generated) dungeon and fighting the same damn boss before getting sick of it.

A wiki page would certainly be nice.

>> No.11322425

At first, they were pushovers. Until at one stage where they move super fast and their bullet did more damage

>> No.11322426

From what I've figured so far, you go to the bulletin board to take a quest, and talk to the girl to turn in a quest. It's split by level, and you can accept up to 3 by marking them green. As you turn in more quests, more open up. As for the slot machine, the coins you pick up can be gambled away, but I've only ever gotten trip 9s, and nothing happened. Thanks for the skill trees!

>> No.11322432

I presume you hit her till she dies. She did not stunned when hit so i guess you hit her and be careful not to get hit.

I fought her once and out of surprised and not expecting what to happened, i lose. I haven't met her ever since

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File: 53 KB, 875x693, 44UqP.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How do I set up Touhou Quest? Having some trouble. Running the patch doesn't really seem to do anything other than creating the game configuration file, and I don't know what to do with the .bin or .cue (besides mounting it, didn't do much).

>> No.11322437

I love those graphics.

>> No.11322442

I got mine working by simply using the pre-patched installer cd you see in this thread.

>> No.11322446

She appears randomly in some missions, and as the extra boss once you beat her (i think thats the condition to unlock her). The random appearance has low hp, so you can beat her with dashes, just dont stop near her, cause her melee attack hurts like hell without max defense.

>> No.11322505

Updated the skill tree with Reimu.
Will probably start on Sanae after I get some food.

>> No.11322573

Ugh, using too many charged dashes in Bullet Report sent the cpu usage to 100%, and thats the only cheap way to hit sanae withou risk.

>> No.11322670

There's no limit on HP, attack, or special attack, so you can always grind it. By level 30 she starts to have around 20 million HP or something.

>> No.11322736

I'm having some trouble with those bouncing things. How do you guys deal with them?
Spamming z + x is not always the best solution.

>> No.11322805

Spam C from a distance

>> No.11322845

Sometimes there's not enough distance and 3 of them on you face.

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They're the most difficult enemies because they're pretty fast. When i see one i try do dash-attack them perpendicular or play safety strats by staying away and spamming arrows out of the screen where they might fly around.

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I wonder how many other characters we can recruit.

>> No.11323069

Do you know if the taohous are in this? They aren't in LoT2 and I was super disappointed.

>> No.11323083
File: 96 KB, 601x328, Untitled-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

guys, what's the secret?

oshiete oshiete

>> No.11323099
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Seems like you need a key to open chests. Keys randomly drop in battles, and it seems like they disappear if you exit a dungeon. I haven't found a way to preserve keys from dungeon to dungeon.
You need coins to use the slot machines. They give out random equipment if you match a pattern, or some crafting materials if you bust.

I just started playing this, so I have no idea. I'll post again if I see any other characters.

>> No.11323104
File: 152 KB, 400x500, mikotremble.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is that for sure? Because i thought they were in it...

>> No.11323110

Sanae's tree is now done.
This leaves Nitori and Byakuren's until the original party is done.
I don't have anyone else recruited, so it might take some time for me to get to others unless someone uploads a save with more characters.

>> No.11323123
File: 684 KB, 905x1032, autism_yukarin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.11323128

unpack things properly with the newest 7zip-software or switch to japanese locale if you wanna install things

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Still no Mitsurugi, Magical Battle Festa and the new edelweiss game, the wait is killing me.

To top it off my friend doesn't want to upload MBF, he's scared of the japanese police.

>> No.11323162

>he's scared of the japanese police.
They'll never find him. Ask him to email you the game directly. Then you can reupload it for us ``/jp/ bros''.

>> No.11323163

He's living there right now though, it's not just a trip to comiket.

>> No.11323172

Sure. But as long as he doesn't distribute/upload/seed it himself, he's safe.

Just ask him to email you the game.

>> No.11323176

E-mails have a limit of 10mb files right?

>> No.11323178

Depends on the email service you use. Like I think GMail's limit is 50MB per file.

>> No.11323185

Email or some other one-time uploading service where he can delete the file immediately after you get it.

>> No.11323189

I'm gonna to try to convince him then, thanks for the tips.

>> No.11323275
File: 75 KB, 837x524, murasa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.11323306
File: 97 KB, 575x304, Untitled-2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

but it's an iso, don't i just mount the thing and run it? tried extracting with 7-zip all the same and tried the locale switch but still no good.

>> No.11323334

The version of "めいどめいどめいず" from doujinstyle is pre-installed and already properly updated.

>> No.11323341

>don't i just mount the thing and run it

Did you remember to copy it to another drive? You can't just run the game off the virtual CD, since you can't write to that.

>> No.11323382
File: 39 KB, 508x533, 1292975595001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Dude, what the hell are you talking about? Calm down computer nerd. This isn't your cyber space, please speak like a human being.

>> No.11323407

You can try to run it as administrator, that helped in my case.

>> No.11323433
File: 77 KB, 302x250, 1329671970371.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.11323585
File: 43 KB, 277x240, Untitled-3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


i did do that. but i just tried updating directx and now i'm getting this (can anyone translate?)

i also had to download d3dx9_42.dll before it would do anything, so i'll try getting a different copy of that and see if it works.

>> No.11323604

nvm it worked when i ran as administrator
thank you >>11323407

>> No.11323662

Spreadsheet now updated with all 6 starting characters.
I'll probably continue this whenever I recruit more characters.

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File: 101 KB, 967x572, Nuesaysmoo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

God damn unlocking this.

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File: 589 KB, 1307x773, Translate pls.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm a faggot, please translate.

>> No.11324018

Some one made a music discussion thread instead and people rolled with it. If you want to make a thread devoted to printworks that would be cool, go ahead.

>> No.11324027

how shit is she? I can't get GoS cirno out of my head.

>> No.11324028
File: 136 KB, 954x356, 1376656249753.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

extra for you, friend :-)

>> No.11324029

Better yet, please translate >>11316736 which should be the text for the entire game. It's just a few (large) images.

>> No.11324032

You're a lifesaver.

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File: 76 KB, 835x524, untitled.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think she's okay so far. She has a spammable water AoE/single target attack that's basically free and does a fair amount of damage.
I'm not sure what her other initial abilities do (I'm guessing some sort of debuff/dispel), but all of her attacks are water elemental. Her role seems pretty niche but not as bad as GoS Cirno.

>> No.11324453

How do you unlock it?

>> No.11324481

The magic is discovering it yourself
last mission in the cave, theres an achievement that gives UNKNOWN, you get it by completing with no damage

>> No.11324522

So, anything worthwhile that is NOT Touhou related?

>> No.11324546 [DELETED] 

ECE-SMZ & JOYH-TV - Aether_Eru

>> No.11324555

>game thread
my bad.
but to answer your question, nope dont think so....

>> No.11324578

Be honest. How does Touhou Quest compare to GoS?

>> No.11324609

It doesn't, but it's still fun if you like random dungeons and material collecting.
Just got Cirno, and after a quick glance at her skills I think one inflicts sleep and the other instant death. I'll see about updating my spreadsheet tomorrow.

>> No.11324755
File: 72 KB, 835x524, fever.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The battle system is less complex than GoS. There are no formations, less elements (no earth, it seems?) and you can only bring in 3 characters with you into battle. If those three characters die, another 3 from your roster replaces them in battle. I don't think there's a way to swap out a character without having one of them die first.

You learn abilities from each character's skill tree but you don't have to equip them in order to use them. Different weapons also have different skills on them.

Crafting seems a bit easier in this game since dungeons are randomly generated along with chests. You also get coins from dungeons that you can use on the slot machines, which also gives out random weapons/crafting materials. You can fuse two lower level weapons to create a higher level weapon, but this might get grindy for really high level weapons. You can also feed the crafting pot materials to level it up, which seems to reduce the amount of points needed to craft items.

>> No.11324990
File: 30 KB, 298x403, 785326895.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Me waiting on Astebreed.

>> No.11324994

what's with the り in javelin

>> No.11325002

Not liking your Shyaberin?

>> No.11325117
File: 73 KB, 835x524, flan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh my.

>> No.11325130

I dunno. And i dunno about GoS, but in DoD, they also use the hira Ri for that word. Is it an in-joke that none of us baka gaijin would understand?

>> No.11325298
File: 184 KB, 960x545, iwtb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thanks for the tip. I've unlocked it.

Also, i didn't know the Japanese knew of this reference.

>> No.11325385

>talk to the girl
>the girl
Come on...

>> No.11325429

How do you do the last achievement? It says 'Go ask Momiji' but i do either use nothing but Momiji support attack in game and talking to her does nothing. The last achievement says it unlocks new stage.

>> No.11325436
File: 254 KB, 800x783, paa029.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That secondary smell.

>> No.11325556

Still stuck with that.
There's a big thread here with people asking how to complete various achievements, if someone understands chinese. http://tieba.baidu.com/p/2531549756
And damn, there are more stages to unlock through achievements, not knowing japanese is proving more restrictive for this being just a beat'em up.

>> No.11325587

It turns out i just discovered how. I just keep on using Momiji support so much, even when no enemies are around. Then i manage to get it unlock. On the achievement, it says "Use Momiji support 10 times".

The only stage i haven't unlock is the one with Sanae. So far, she appears only twice in my game. Once i lose due to just knew what she is and the 2nd time, she runs away after a short while. Hope i can find her for the 3rd time.

>> No.11325595

I kept doing the 4th cave stage, where she appeared to me the first time, and by the time she appeared again, i had already beat the final boss and had too much special damage. 3 dashes killed her. I think beating her is the only requirement to unlock her stage, maybe i did something else i dont know of.

>> No.11325628

where can I find the download links for the games? the spreadsheet only has like 4 games

>> No.11325656
File: 932 KB, 1706x1102, zunganaiwane.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I got ya, buddy. Read >>11317904

>> No.11325657


A secondary is someone who know the names, appearance and stuff of the 2hus from secondary souce. If he doesn't even know them he can't be a secondary.

>> No.11325667

didn't really found that many games there either

thanks dude

>> No.11325755

>If he doesn't even know them he can't be a secondary.
He's a tertiary then.

>> No.11325817


How could you not know
the girl Haiku from Touhou?
I will never know.

>> No.11325898
File: 186 KB, 832x480, capture_19082013_142220.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What are the options above and below "reset skill points"?

The 80 and second 10000 point ones.

>> No.11325943

I think the first one shows you how many treasure chests are in the dungeon and the second makes an encyclopedia with the monster data and all that shit. You can update it later with the drops of the monster, their weakness if you pay more.

>> No.11326003

Oh cool, thanks. I was wondering where the bestiary was.

>> No.11326118
File: 107 KB, 1254x771, alice.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Alice is back, and she brought her party protecting skills with her.

>> No.11326276

I got the disc image for Touhou Quest from the Chinese site on the old thread, and there's no Installer.ini on it, so I can't turn the serial off. What now? Creating a file with that name and adding "EnableSerial=No" to it doesn't do anything.
I'd rather not have to download the whole image again because my download speed is terrible.

>> No.11326288

If I remember right, the installer.ini is in the setup.000 file. It doesn't matter anyway, since you can just manually install the game by extracting everything out of setup.001

>> No.11326296

But then you can't patch the game.

>> No.11326299

You can, but you have to use the built-in patcher, which can take ages.

>> No.11326331

Managed to install the game after playing around with setup.000, but the patch file still refuses to run. Oh well. I'll try to find out if there's any way to force the patch downloader to find the files I've downloaded before giving up, because I know trying to use it is going to be horrible given how bad my Internet connection is.

>> No.11326354
File: 33 KB, 192x128, saku.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Do you get anything for finishing Made Made Maze with good scores/medals?

>> No.11326704

I can't even beat the 3rd floor final boss with bad score/medals right now.
Send help.

>> No.11326723

>3rd floor
3rd scene is what I meant.

>> No.11326786

I place myself under Marisa und spam dash-attacks up and down. If you connect the dash-attacks you're kinda invulnerable. You just need to refresh the magic sometimes if the regeneration level isn't high enough.

>> No.11326813

>Speaking of C84
New version of Overdrive where?

>> No.11326819

So what's this supposed to mean?

[エラー] 差分を適用するフォルダの取得に失敗しました.
[エラー] 「バレットリポート」 がインストールされていないかもしれません.

"I have to check the integrity of the difference file ...
I failed to get the folder to which you want to apply the [error] difference.
[Error] "Barrett Report" may not have been installed.
An error occurred while applying the difference file.
I am back to the original files of work in progress ...
I switched back to the file of the work in progress."

I thought you could just unrar Bullet Report and then run update.

>> No.11326841


The launcher does not work for the update. Do not update it if you want to play it.

>> No.11326853
File: 1004 KB, 976x578, werkz.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Worked fine for me. I had to patch the game because it was crashing in Iku's cave, after the killing blow.

>> No.11326962

Should I take it that I was too slow with updating?
Meaning that I should have tried it a couple of days ago?

So much for playing Maid Made Maze first.

>> No.11326972

I don't know. All I did was unpack the game folder and run updaer.exe
But if your game is fine (doesn't crash) then just don't update it.

>> No.11327088

Anyone think they can post a list of all the achievements for Bullet Report?

>> No.11327216

What kind of special combos and moves can you do in Bullet Report?

>> No.11327219

There's a video for the list. And some of them show how to do said achievements


>> No.11327232
File: 455 KB, 800x600, prgsw.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The Spam Normal Attack combo, the Spam Dash Attack combo and the Spam Call of Momiji combo.

>> No.11327246
File: 100 KB, 837x524, wacko.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.11327287
File: 143 KB, 852x437, 462iE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

wait did I miss something

Just trying to run bullet report and keep getting asked for serial key

wat do?

>> No.11327303

You didn't buy the game, filthy pirate scum.

Yeah it's DRM'd. You need a serial or the crack. There is a crack, but to my knowledge it doesn't work with the updates, and it's fairly buggy without them.

>> No.11327312

The launcher works with the update and the game runs fine even unpatched.

As always, don't bother patching if you don't have any issues.

>> No.11327319

I updated my game to 1.01 and it worked out just fine.

>> No.11327325
File: 379 KB, 934x768, Patchouli (2).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What where the best games that came out in C84?

>> No.11327329

no good games came out in c84

>> No.11327327 [DELETED] 

There are no combos as more as keep hitting things. Basically, you can attack, use wind cuttertoo lazy to search the spellcard name in soku, call momiji, and use wind cutter in the reverse direction of braking from dashing in the ground. Theres also a command to teleport to the last enemy hit, unless it died.

>> No.11327334

As far as i played:

Good tier: LoT2, THquest
Too short tier: Bullet Report
Same game tier: TH Divegrass 2

I should go play the others...

>> No.11327335

no good games were uploaded out in c84

>> No.11327337


>> No.11327344

Actually, there is another formation. Go in the menu and press X when switching characters and it'll move the middle character to the back row.

The remaining character in the front row draws a lot more attacks, so it's pretty useful if you put Alice there.

>> No.11327412

Where would i be able to find these?

>> No.11327427

The Upload thread. Check the OP for where it is or look for it yourself here.

>> No.11327467
File: 499 KB, 343x400, 1375764487771.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

everything good, GHost93 best

>> No.11327641

Has it been uploaded? If so I must have missed it. I would love to give it a try.

>> No.11328493

What about Mitsurugi? The demo was amazing.

>> No.11328527

Maou e youkoso 4 is quite amusing, but its probably because I never touched previous titles. They all look the same. Also I have no idea how jobs work, so I'm getting gameovered by Pazuzu every time.

>> No.11329262

How do you progress in this game? All I've been able to do is randomly select floors in the portal. Also enemies do 0 dmg for some reason.

>> No.11329281

Keep doing missions and eventually you'll get one that unlocks the next rank.

>> No.11329296
File: 211 KB, 848x539, thq.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


What do these options mean?

>> No.11329313

First is for choosing from the spellcards you have and create a dungeon.
Second are the quest dungeons. You have to accept the quest first and have certain spellcards. With these quests you can get new 2hus and unlock new dungeons.
With the third you can enter into dungeons you have completed already. Not sure why would you want to do that.
The next one is some twitter shit and I don't know about the last one.

>> No.11329359

The second to last one actually generates a bunch or random dungeons made from the cards you have. The third option is useful if you're looking for a boss you already beat for a quest or finishing a dungeon you left early.

>> No.11329491
File: 216 KB, 848x539, th2q.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I keep selecting the second option but that just repeats the same lv1 dungeon. Might it have something to do with this? I really have know idea.

>> No.11329508

You need to have the story quest in you log before its dungeon shows up in the second option. Look for quests that don't have a quest reward, those tend to progress the plot or get you recruits.
You also need all the cards that make up the quest dungeon, and if parts of the name are in red it means your missing a card or two.

>> No.11329526

I also just noticed the "unknown data"s.
Yeah, that shouldn't be showing up like that. I'm not sure how it might affect you, but I suppose it would make it difficult to pick out quest.

>> No.11329592

Thanks for noticing that. I changed my locale to japanese after that and that fixed trouble with quests\0dmg stuff. Weird thing, game worked properly otherwise.

>> No.11329945
File: 58 KB, 836x484, stoned.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fucking shit

>> No.11330270
File: 55 KB, 1000x972, PTSD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How do I kill Kisume in Bullet Report?

Hitting her until she dies is ineffective.

>> No.11330304 [SPOILER] 
File: 968 KB, 955x539, KISUME DIES.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nevermind, I just needed to hit harder.

>> No.11330349

Where the hell is the spanking game!?

>> No.11330372
File: 285 KB, 580x760, 24259575.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.11330661
File: 442 KB, 959x538, nuculear.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Payback for Pearl Harbor

>> No.11330765 [DELETED] 

Any news on Yuyuko Ikaruga?

>> No.11330769

Any news on Yuyuko Ikaruga?

>> No.11331817

You know when you go to overtime and it becomes longer than the two half times because nitori blocks all shots and between chiyuri and rikako can win all challenges or dribbles?
And after getting the golden goal and going to the next match you return to main screen instead of saving because you pushed down one more time than needed, losing the last match progress?
Fuck touhou soccer, it rebirthed to haunt me once more.

>> No.11331927

I heard they added people up to MoF?

How are the Moriya family's shots?

>> No.11331929

>Add people up to MoF

I wonder what take them so long to release it? They even run on the same engine as the last game.

>> No.11331950

Dunno, im taking it easy,just up to the second scenario. You start with Sanae and the Aki sisters, and only new character I got in the opponent team was Nitori as GK and Hina defending. Sanae starts with the same overhead kick as Reimu, and the Aki sisters have a combination special kick like the Prismriver sisters.
I was gonna play against the youkai mountain team but, well, >>11331817
Still have to unlock a spellcard besides the Aki's one, and that doesn't even have a video.

>> No.11331958

Also, getting a skills unlocked china in the first scenario makes all matches easy-modo, not even Letty-Cirno combination got past her.
But, second scenario Erin fucked everyone with her Apollo 13, even a BoD Sanae trying to intercept the shot.

>> No.11332181
File: 53 KB, 834x524, 八ァ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.11332303


>> No.11332327


The match after that is so bad.

Reimu, Marisa, Yuyuko, Youmu, Luna/Star/Sunny, Alice, Ran, Chen, Yukari as GK.

>> No.11332340

Tell me Sanae gets some fantasy seal lvl shot, cause i dont know how the game expects me to break past yukari otherwise.

>> No.11332363


Actually I got my stage order wrong, after Eirin and Kaguya's bullshit you have to deal with Mountain if Faith team with Aya, Momiji, Prismrivers (randomly), Suwako, Komachi, Shikieiki, and Kanako as GK.

And THEN you have to deal with Reimu and co.

I haven't actually tried to face Reimu's team yet but I would hope Sanae does 'cause she didn't get anything against Kanako except a free shot via event and that didn't unlock anything.

>> No.11332378

You are forgetting the match I complained about, second match in the second scenario is yumemi and co/yuuka(who only fired double sparks from the corner, easy to block for china)/hina/nitori.
Then MoF, and then, by your word, Reimu and rape.

>> No.11332401


Right, right. Been a few days since I did it.

Anyway, your team roster changes a bit int he match against Reimu. Suika becomes your GK and Meiling hits the field. I forget how strong Dragon Kick is as a shot but I think she's the one to make the shots unless Sanae gets hax.

>> No.11332404

Man, here I was hoping the suika shadow was... actually, I already forgot who it was the first time in Touhou Soccer 2, but it wasn't Suika, but I guess using the same joke gets old.

>> No.11332979

In my defense, I'm here for Comiket.

>> No.11332990

That was not smart thing to admit to. You're better off just letting everyone think you're an idiot.

>> No.11334516

Finally got around to updating this.
Added Alice, Cirno, Flandre, and Iku.

>> No.11334975 [DELETED] 

Labyrinth of Touhou 2 related.

Is it possible to get Tenshi if she ran away on Floor 6?

I had her escape 'cause my group could barely even stand up to her attacks and she escaped before I could defeat her. Kasen and a few others could damage her but she was downing my members in one hit and she ran away when I had a few left.

I'm way beyond that now because I thought nothin' of it (the wiki hadn't been updated with her then) and I'm at floor 10 now.

Disappointment all around if I missed her 'cause of one battle.

>> No.11335076 [DELETED] 

There's a Labyrinth of Touhou general, in case you don't know. >>11323746

>> No.11335104


Oh, shit, my bad. I did not realize it as this was the only /jp/ thread I was keeping open.

Moving the question there, thanks.

>> No.11335435
File: 84 KB, 837x524, OTL.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I might have to do some more grinding for this boss...

( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \ oops

>> No.11336344
File: 1.52 MB, 1275x721, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What a mess (´・ω・`)

Nevertheless, thanks to the dude who managed to mindbreak his jjokbari friend into sharing the game.

>> No.11336494

I think it's better than TSA, but that isn't much.

>> No.11336525


>> No.11336572
File: 144 KB, 800x800, miko is small.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are the Taohous in Touhouquest?

>> No.11336606
File: 257 KB, 1680x1018, 2huquest.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anyone knows what are the requirements for unlocking this hidden quest in rank 1?

>> No.11336629
File: 136 KB, 316x312, 1296116306718.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anyone know if Ghost93 from BlackBastard or 天壌のテンペスト from Lion Heart is on share/pd? I might even join the botnet for these games!

>> No.11336638

Was any of the other ghost9 shared?

>> No.11336651

I got the zero damage problem too, but I fixed it by changing my system locale to japanese.

>> No.11336652
File: 23 KB, 850x429, 1309348584225.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Where's the Suika game? Where's VERSH? Where's LASERREIMU?

>> No.11336676

Just a guess, but it might show up if you gather more/all of the rank 1 spell cards. Or maybe it's bugged.

>> No.11336708

I have GHost93 coming in the mail, no clue when it'll arrive though, got a shipping confirmation email this monday.

Wish I could get ahold of the other GHost9 games.

>> No.11336737

feels etc

>> No.11336759


I got all of the spell cards from this rank so it's most likely bugged or it's that mokou quest you get from entering a serial code.

>> No.11337189

I can't find a way to play/enter the serial code on Bullet Report. Can anyone show me a way?

>> No.11337200

There was a launcher posted somewhere.

>> No.11337213

I'm seriously searching for it but no luck till now...

>> No.11337220

I think this is it, https://mega.co.nz/#!uV5VFaZR!LtrrYgmRntw3CfaocggpkVF7GwBvxyMDb1zQuDduLVs

I'm not sure what you do with it, I just searched the archive.

>> No.11337231

I just had to copy it to the main paste. Worked fine here. Thank you

>> No.11337239

>I just searched the archive.
You just spoonfed yet another mentally challenged /a/tard.

>> No.11337244

You call it "spoonfeeding", I call it being nice. There's not reason to be a dick over the internet.

>> No.11337260

It teaches people to be lazy.

>> No.11337261

The one being a dick is the one who says "I seriously searched it everywhere" while it takes 15 seconds to find it on the archives or google.

>> No.11337298

When I first came to /jp/ I asked a very stupid question and people told me to find the answer myself, so I did. I've never been more grateful to an internet message board.

>> No.11337337

Damn, those classic tengu outfits are really cool looking. Also lewd as fuck.

>> No.11337365
File: 35 KB, 300x808, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don't sexualise tengus please.

>> No.11337384

I'll be whatever I wanna do. The tengu outfits are way cooler than they are sexual anyway, so don't worry over it. Though, based on your image, it seems like you want me to sexualize the tengu.

It might be time now for some Itou Life Aya. If you'll excuse me...

>> No.11337388
File: 746 KB, 959x540, sënaë.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Breaking News: If you don't kill her fast enough, she disappears.

>> No.11337420

Leaf on head version is best Sanae.

>> No.11337494

This guy gets it.

>> No.11337600 [DELETED] 

Yeah, me too. My (pirated) copy comes from the Mokou special code, but the cracked launcher keeps saying "this function is currently unavailiable" when I try to input anything and press that button. Any ideas about how to make it work?

>> No.11337603

Yeah, me too. My (pirated) copy comes with the Mokou special code, but the cracked launcher keeps saying "this function is currently unavailiable" when I try to input anything and press that button. Any ideas about how to make it work?

>> No.11337863

So has anyone figured out what to do for the ones not yet solved in this vid? All of the Trust No. 1 stage achievements and the one that says 常に飛び続けろ for stage 4 of the rightmost world have me stumped. Also has anyone done the Sanae at lvl 15 and 30 challenge? She already took 5 min for me on lvl 1 so I don't really feel like grinding for the rest, but I'm curious what the items you get are.

>> No.11337877

Airborne only.

>> No.11337887

Yeah, I can read that, but the vid explicitely states that he already tried that. Though I haven't done so myself, guess I'll give it a shot.

>> No.11337931
File: 747 KB, 965x571, works.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Worked for me.

>> No.11337944

How did you do it? Just did the stage not landing even once, I used the 60% cost reduction for the dash for it and kept dashing up, but I didn't get anything. Maybe there's another condition?

>> No.11337953

Use the flight/glide mode as much as possible.

>> No.11338041

Right, the hint changed once I got the achievement and now says "Flap your wings more than 30 times".

>> No.11338052

Just got it, thanks. I'll admit I didn't even know there was a glide move in the game, seems pretty useless anyway. Reminds me that I stumbled upon a secret move kind of: if you dash on the ground, then turn around and attack dash that way, you'll do a charged dash.

>> No.11339379
File: 100 KB, 836x524, yatta.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Phew, I finally beat him.

He had an attack that would do over 1k damage, instant killing pretty much everyone in my party. Good thing it was physical (and only happened every 10 turns) so that Alice could nullify it. In the end, I ended up stalling out the fight with Alice/Sanae/Reimu. I had Alice and Sanae use normal attacks to try and conserve MP/whittle down the boss's HP while Reimu would try and manipulate the field so that it was always 100% light. Reimu and Sanae were both on heal duty, since the boss really liked to spam AoE attacks that would stop MP regeneration and couldn't be nullified by Alice. If I had Sanae's -MP skill unlocked, this fight would've been much easier.

>> No.11339444
File: 64 KB, 836x524, asdf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Seems like that was the end of the game. There's still another quest/spell card rank, but it doesn't look like there are any plot dungeons in them.

I don't think so, unless they're in the last rank of quests. There were less Touhou characters in this game compared to other games released by Strawberry Bose.

>> No.11339880

Touhou Quest refuses to patch to 1.0.5. halp

>> No.11339963
File: 684 KB, 905x1032, autism_yukarin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Engine.dll MD5チェックサム
Whoa, I wonder what it could mean.

>> No.11339969 [DELETED] 

You obviously didn't look at what the crack maker had said before downloading one.

Basically, you patched engine.dll is different than the original one, so it didn't work. Get a clean one, and patch again

>> No.11339973

You obviously didn't look at what the crack maker had said before downloading it.

Basically, you patched engine.dll is different from the original one, so the patch won't work. Get a clean one, and patch again

>> No.11339982

I think I wasn't ironic enough. I should have added more smileys to my post.

>> No.11339988

Just checked the new update; they added another bonus code using your serial code from Touhou Battle Raider... and Kokoro-chan, which they'll release her code later on their site. Along with some small bugfixes.

So... when will the cracked game support those bonus codes? It's of top priority now.

>> No.11339995
File: 75 KB, 420x248, marisa_51.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>It's of top priority now
What's of top priority now is 100% clearing Bullet Report.

>> No.11340183

How do I get the Unknown stage in Bullet Report?it jsut says UNKNOWN in the achievement to unlock it, but can't figure out what I have to do

>> No.11340241
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New Shinkirou patch. 1.21

>> No.11340313

Where can one get one of these bonus codes?

Also can confirm that the "Universal" patcher works on the 1.0.5 Engine.dll.

>> No.11340586

Touhou Quest Patcher maker here.

Updated the patcher so now it'll toggle between checking for a license and not checking for a license, course do keep your own backup if you feel the need to. Also updated the Patcher title and other text things in it.

Same folder link as listed above.

>> No.11340683

>"Universal" patcher works on the 1.0.5 Engine.dll
What will happen once they release an update which messes up jump offsets?

>> No.11340717

There was only 1 code (melonbooks code i.e Mokou code) before 1.0.5, obtained by buying Touhouquest in melonbooks. My pirated copy comes with the code, so presumably the pirate bought the game on there.

>> No.11340740

So does the code work?

>> No.11340806

I suppose it does... but my 1.04 game keep saying "This function is currently unavailable" when I press that "enter special code" button, regardless of whatever I typed in. I guess it works only if you have a license file, since it doesn't work no matter Engine.dll is patched or not.

Please, can you look into the code once again, and figure out which part of code checks for the special codes? Currently (1.0.4) it seems to be not working with a license.

>> No.11340810

>can you look into the code once again
I think he only repacked the dll which was posted.

>> No.11340825

Well that's why it's "universal" and not universal
So far it's worked with each version that's been released.

If/When they decide to change things up, we'll have to deal with it, plain and simple. I'll rename the patcher to reflect it too, like if 1.0.5 is the last one this works with, the patcher will then be renamed to "Engine.dll 1.0.1-1.0.5 Patcher"

Where'd you get that copy that comes with the code?

I can try, but no promises or anything.
Wonder if the stuff that gets unlocked is already in the game's data or gets downloaded.

>> No.11340857

>Mokou code
Do you happen to know what does it do exactly?

>> No.11340878

It unlocks a special quest that lets you recruit her as a reward.

>> No.11340916 [DELETED] 


Or if you don't want to download the whole game again:


>> No.11340920


Or if you don't want to download the whole game again:


Also, I think the bonus content must be sitting in the game package, since they're saying "Kokoro-chan already put into the game, bonus code (for using her) later on official website" in the recent update.

>> No.11341626

New thread, I guess:

>> No.11341989

No, we're not going there. That's not even a game thread.

Specifically, we don't want to get flooded by music and other stuff.

>> No.11342601

Okay have fun with a topic which now gets less than 5 replies a day.

>> No.11342780

spotted crossboarder because of the whorish reply-hunger

>> No.11342794

It's because the thread will be full of "bump" and other garbage replies just to save the thread from pruning.

>> No.11342874 [DELETED] 


>> No.11342881

Were there any useless replies at all? At least I can't spot any, except yours, maybe.

By talking garbage here you can already open a new C84 game post, and everything's solved. But you chose to become a faggot.

>> No.11342889

Go ahead and make your "2 replies a day" DOA thread.

>> No.11343196

"bump"? This is /jp/, 90% of /jp/'s threads get deleted. It takes a week for a thread to get lost. And everyone should know how to use the archive. Until no new games appear these threads are kinda useless anyway.

>> No.11343207

>Until no new games appear these threads are kinda useless anyway.
Exactly. This is why there's no reason not to use the General Discussion thread.

>> No.11343345

Stop promoting your post, fuck you. We'll go there whenever we want; the more you keep doing this shameless promotion, the less we're likely to go.

>> No.11343378

Stop doing this. "You" isn't "We". And that thread isn't mine, I just linked it because this one was approaching page 10. And then some subhuman nerd decided to sperg out and go all "we, we we".