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Thoughts on the end of this game?

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I am incapable of independent thought, maybe you could share yours?

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I thought it was confusing, and I should ask /jp/.

This was a few months ago and the janitor wasn't aware this was a doujinsoft, so he deleted my thread.

I'm trying again.

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I forgot why they left the planet. Aren't they just going to die in space?

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Maybe, because how do they breathe out of water? Do any other planets in our solar system even contain bodies of water?

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I loved ikachan, what a neat little surprise to find inside my cavestory folder. I also fiddled around a bit in the music creator and did a good beat but didnt save it.

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Despite aquatic life breathing through use of water, the water itself has oxygen, and it is that oxygen that fish breathe. This is why fish tanks contain those bubblers. I don't know what this game is, but if that pod is filled with water, those fish men will die of asphyxiation before long.

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Uranus has water despite being mostly gas.

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Please don't tell me that fish seeking out new lives on other worlds will die before long.

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I like reading old magazines because they're all AMAZING TALES OF VENUS GIANT JUNGLE WOMEN WITH BRONZE BREASTPLATES!!!

Silly past-people. You didn't know SHIT about Venus.

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Isn't that the place where women come from?