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Who's the lewdest Touhou, in your opinion?

This is not an excuse to shitpost by saying so-and-so character just because you don't like the character or the fanbase. We're going to need empirical evidence here. How many doujins she's been in, what type of fanart she inspires, how fanon typically portrays her, what the general consensus is in regards to her personality and such, etc.

In my opinion, it's Patchouli. And I believe it's wholly undeserved. She's an unhealthy, reclusive librarian who doesn't take care of her body or her hygiene, and she wouldn't even consider having social contact with anyone, let alone a sexual encounter.

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we've never discussed this before

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Maybe I should rephrase the question to ask who's the most sexualized Touhou, then.

Why is she more lewd/sexualized than Patchy?

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While we're at it Remilia probably doesn't really want lolicon sperm deep in her uterus.

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> an unhealthy, reclusive... who doesn't take care of her body or her hygiene, and she wouldn't even consider having social contact with anyone, let alone a sexual encounter.

Like a majority of /jp/, which is why people here obsess over and sexualize her.

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If it's fanon we're talking about, do you really need to ask?

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Obviously there's going to be some disagreement, but I just want to know which character is generally most widely accepted to be over-sexualized.

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Imagine all of the fetishes Patchy would have gathered over the years.
Are you hardcore enough for Patchouli?

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Definitely Sanae.

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I want to pound Patchouli's lazy bookworm ass.

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Anal gaping with Patchouli

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Canonically wears make-up and extravagant clothes, is blonde and her personality and power makes her the perfect dominatrix. She shows her shikigami love by beating her.
Fanon makes her even lewder by making her flirty and sexually aggressive.

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stop this...just...stop this

Patchy is not lewd...Yukari is not lewd..
No touhou is lewd...

I don't want to suspect anyone...

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>stop this...just...stop this
>Patchy is not lewd...Yukari is not lewd..
>No touhou is lewd...
>I don't want to suspect anyone...nue is lewd as hell. I love nue so much

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That. Yukari is overly sexual. The submissive want to be dominated by her, the doms wants to be break her and complete the chain of slave by being on top.

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Yukari and Nue are pretty lewd, it's undeniable.

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I never seen any touhou hentai. All my touhous are pure as the driven snow.

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Ran is the most tastefully sexualized.

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Ara ara~
What's wrong? Can't handle the truth, Battler?

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Would you mind fucking off and taking your bad words about Patchy somewhere else you vapid cunt?

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But she's only sexual to Yukari.
And Chen when no-ones looking.

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Go back disbelieving magic, Battler.

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Yeah right, you're on /jp/ - Worksafe Board.

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Nue because she has the shortest skirt, second is Tewi, this is "wch 2hu lwdest" thread #92859258 on /jp/ so please next time use the fucking archive.

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But isn't lewd discussion exciting? Are you not entertained?

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As much as I hate responding to a thread like this, Byakuren is glorious. She just radiates health and beauty in a way that makes me feel

a lot of things.

There are other Touhous that are pretty/sexy/beautiful but to me she's in a league of her own. She's not even among my favorite overall characters but still.

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I'd have to say that Momiji is also unnecessarily oversexualized, based on how little we see her in-game.

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Wy even make this thread.
I thought we all agreed by now that the biggest slut in all of Gensokyo is Sanae.

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idk about lewd, but if this is the slut thread

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She keeps doing this pose in the official work.

But at least she wears a sarashi, unlike Sanae who wears some tank top that doesn't hide jack.

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now it is

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The true slut.

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Girls love spreading their pheromones from their slutty smelly armpits.

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Touhous aren't lewd.

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cum just spontaneously started spraying out everywhere.

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They're girls, aren't they? All girls are lewd.

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That's not true, you can't prove that.

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But you know that it's true.

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Post the other 81.

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I don't know that, so unless you can convince me, I'll assume that Touhou are not lewd

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im still waiting for someone to scan that raidenlabo doujin where reimu has a dick and sakuya just feels like raping her.

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This doesn't prove anything. Anyone could draw a picture of something that isn't true.

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>that doesn't prove anything
that's an official work where reimu keeps showing her pits.

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There's nothing lewd about showing your armpits. It's only considered sexual by fetishists, so going by that logic showing your feet would be considered lewd as well

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>bunny shot in the lower right
What's that chapter from?

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>This is not an excuse to shitpost

2hu itself is an excuse for /jp/sies to shitpost without end.

Also, it's Yukari. She's older than everyone, and knows the pleasures of the flesh.

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new candidate

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Lewd, not lewd, Sakuya is pure sex.

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Kaguya best slut.

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Sakusluts that can't be found on warosu:

Please make sure to post these ones.

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>showing your feet would be considered lewd as well

But it is! It's no less lewd than a girl showing off her bare breasts.

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thanks, i had lost track

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I can't say which is most sexualized, but there are a few who have a shot at least sexualized. YuugenMagan, for instance.

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yuugenmagan is just 5 fucking eyes.

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And a humanoid.

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I can't see shit.

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Formula for Touhou character porn frequency, a measurement approximately proportional to the number of H works created for a character per year:
Porn frequency = Number of H works on exhentai / number of years after EoSD since character was revealed (because works prior to that game don't exist on exhentai, or anywhere, really. Also, Yuuka and Alice shouldn't be counted here as pre-EoSD, because their works were mainly made after they appeared in the windows games anyway.)
Substitute the denominator with 'number of years since the oldest work for that character was created that appears on the site' if possible. Note: the oldest H doujinshi on exhentai appears to be from C65...Winter 2003. Either way, try to determine the number of years to the nearest tenth.
Finally, if your Touhou is a stage 1 - 3 boss/ midboss, remember to use the trial version date instead of the full game date, because that's when it was revealed.

Formula for Touhou character lewdness coefficient, an attempt to take popularity bias out of porn frequency to create a relatively empirical measurement of a character's lewdness:
Lewdness coefficient = Porn frequency / (number of 一押し votes the Touhou got on the last popularity poll / total number of votes on the poll)
'The total number of votes on the poll' part was technically not needed, but it makes the number more able to be compared with those of past and future polls.

Pixiv version:
Porn frequency = number of R-18 works Touhou has on pixiv / number of years since oldest work that appears.
Use a tag that would include all works for the Touhou, usually what should work is 東方 'first name of Touhou' (for example 東方 燐), instead of just full name of Touhou (火焔猫燐).
This formula should yield a more accurate measurement, chiefly because the numbers it deals with are larger.

Tl;dr: I just spent the last 4 hours creating a shit post on some shit thread. And I enjoyed every minute of it.

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So which Touhou needs to be sexualized more?

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Any non-Shinki PC-98, obviously.

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It will never happen.

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If it had to be a realistic choice, more Seiga would be welcome.

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The lewdest. You cannot deny it.

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also Fanmade touhou characters like Mitori, Sasha and the others got a lot of pron too.

too bad, that all characters from ''The Last Comer'' and ''Mystical Power Plant'' doesn`t have pron yet.

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If she didn't want to be lewd, she wouldn't have all that rose imagery and a pink colour scheme.

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I want to pollinate Kasen

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>doesn't care about hygiene makes her lewd
the opposite

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It can't be helped, she's like a disease carrier who is immune, but infects everyone else. Except instead of disease she has lewdness.

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Oh yes I can.
There are Touhous about as physically lewd as her, but are mentally lewd too, or at least can be. Most of the hags have her beat in lewdity.

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Does simply living in Gensokyo make one lewd?

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well nue is probably the lewdest touhou zun has ever designed

i dunno if shes a big slut whore though

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What about Nue makes her lewder than any other Touhou? The zettai ryouiki?

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ZUN took the sluttiest touhou and made her sexy instead of slut.

Even her danmaku is lewd.

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She has an erotic outfit and she's a naughty trickster, it's obvious.

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Reported for announcing your report, for which you will no doubt return the favor.

See you in hell, scumbag.

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reported!!! all murderers get death sentence!

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It's Nue
You can even have sex with her while she's still in her entire outfit

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I'm not seeing it.

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What is it with pink and lewdness?

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Udonge is pretty lewd. I mean she's a bunny-girl that wears a suit/uniform.

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that's because you have the gay goggles on

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And she doesn't realize how lewd she is.

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If it's just her body that's lewd, then she's not the lewdest.

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If this isn't the obvious answer, then I don't understand the question.

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She doesn't need to be lewd in her mind, as long as she implants said thoughts into the minds of men with such force.

And there is also the factor of you being able to corrupt her!
In the other hand, Yukari is already corrupted beyond help.

>> No.11329690

Her being blissfully unaware of her charms and having an anti-lewd personality somehow makes it even more intense.

>> No.11329711

But, but, Yukari and some others implant the same desires in men at similar rates, but also are or can be mentally lewd. That adds up!
If both Kasen and Yukari have rank 10 bodies, but Kasen's got a 2 in mental lewdity where Yukari's got a 9, then Yukari's got her beat. Right?

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Cba to read the thread, has
>We're going to need empirical evidence here.
>How many doujins she's been in, what type of fanart she inspires, how fanon typically portrays her, what the general consensus is in regards to her personality and such, etc.
caused a flame war yet?

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No, not really.
Read the thread next time.

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Canonically Tewi.
Going with the fanon Flandre.

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which mommy would you fuck?

>> No.11338237

ur MOM! LOL!

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Good1 m8 sure sh0wed him!!7

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Anything more to say? :P

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Yeah, stop bumping the thread and let it die.

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Why do people keep drawing Patchouli with cow tits when she actually have a flat chest?

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Because they're idiot and think that a girl who never move will eventually have huge tits.

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Patchouli's unmoving great rack

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> Canonically wears make-up
what? there are touhous who wear makeup?

>> No.11340900

Could you people please stop abusing the word "canonically"? Your distorted interpretation of Gensokyo does not count as canon.

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If we're talking about fanon, it's gotta be Sanae.

If we're going canon... most likely Seiga. She used to be married, and is now labeled as a naughty hermit. And she brainwashed Miko.

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