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I have noticed some fans saying "I hate Reimu, she's such a bitch, she beats up youkai for no reason."

Here's what I have to say: the only time Reimu has beaten up an innocent youkai is when she beat up Tokiko. Reimu even admitted herself that Tokiko was minding her own business before Reimu fought her. As for the youkai Reimu has defeated, no, they are not exactly innocent. Reimu is just doing her job to make sure Gensokyo is safe. It's not like she has a personal vendetta against youkai. Each time she has gone and "beaten up" a youkai, (with the exception of Tokiko) she is trying to find out what's going on or who the culprit behind each incident is.?

Yeah, Reimu isn't perfect, but no one in Gensokyo is. And don't even say Byakuren is, cause I'm sure she ain't perfect either. Anyway, I'm sure Reimu doesn't like beating up youkai, it's just something she has to do as the Hakurei miko.?

Tl;dr Reimu's not a bitch just because she's doing her job.?

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delete your thread now

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> the only time Reimu has beaten up an innocent youkai is when she beat up Tokiko.

What about the 80% of bosses and midbosses where her reason is "You're in my way!"?
Are those youkai guilty of some horrendous crime by going about their daily lives?

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i dont even know who tokiko is besides the tripfag lol

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Reimu's a violent bitch but I like that about her.
Actually, over the years I have only grown to like Reimu more and more. I am always interested in learning more about her or how she will react to different things.

It's hard to explain but I think that she has developed a pretty unique character.

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>Recent Dream: The Annihilation of Youkai


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Too soon.

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Symposium of Post-Mysticism?

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I wonder how Reimu thinks. Does she really want to put youkai to extinction?
Or is she just having a serious case of denial, triggered by her fear of losing her entire purpose of being?

I mean, she has so many youkai friends. But then again, I don't think the word "friends" even exists in Reimu's dictionary. But she must at least recognize some of them as her allies right? And Yukari at least, she even takes orders from (SSiB, IN, SA etc). That must mean she trusts and/or respects her to some extent.

I don't really get Reimu sometimes.

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"I-It's not like I want youkai friends, or anything...! After all they're human-eating monsters, right?!"

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I've heard people talking about Tokiko more than actually seeing Tokiko post. In fact, I only saw him post once and that was probably a fake. And I'm not about to go look up any tripfag besides Melg.

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>It's not like she has a personal vendetta against youkai.
But this is wrong. She's always talking about how youkai should be exterminated simply for being youkai. Like Kogasa in TD, she didn't even do anything wrong.

She was asking Reimu for HELP

I understand that she sees it as her job as a shrine maiden but that doesn't really change anything. She's still treating youkai differently simply because they're youkai, including acts of violence.

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Marisa is stronger, smarter, cuter, and better for Gensokyo then stupid Reimu.

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>innocent youkai
There are no innocent youkai , don't trust their cute appearance, it's all a trick so you let your guard down and then you're easy food

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I hate Reimu

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You mena "Unnamed Book-Reading Youkai"

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They just need to be educated and given a better diet.

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And a good spanking.

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Speaking about spanking, what does that mean :
2013年08月13日 21:04



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But from a dwarf, I heard that youkais taste delicious. Also, their bones make good chairs.

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I don't think she particularly cares about Youkai, one way or another; she just wants a stable Gensokyo that works without anyone rocking the boat too much. But she has a job, and the Youkai have a job; they have to cause incidents to maintain human fear, faith, belief, or whatever you want to call it, and she has to put them down to restore order.

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Someone named Kasutadon created a group for people who enjoy spanking. Please join.

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Okay, thank you.

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>Are those youkai guilty of some horrendous crime by going about their daily lives?

Their daily lives consist in eat humans.

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>Are those youkai guilty of some horrendous crime by going about their daily lives?
Bitch, please.
It's explicitely told numerous time that Youkai aren't metaphorically eating humans, and that humans aren't metaphorically exterminating youkais.
It's even explained that some youkais are crossing the border to get their meal. That's right, those bitches are leeching the Outside World that they're scorning so much.

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Without much of a reason, you've exterminated many youkai.
It wasn't once or twice that you've defeated ones that weren't youkai.

Yamaxanadu agrees, she's a bitch.

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Without much of a reason, you've exterminated many youkai.
It wasn't once or twice that you've defeated ones that weren't youkai.
And despite being a Shrine Maiden,
you do absolutely no exchange with God.
There are times when you even bare your fangs towards God.

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Yamaxanadu as a supernatural being is probably more incline to support yokais than human. (The fact she is obviously a dyke in denial can also explain why she wants to treat the seductive reimu so harshly too.)

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She's a supernatural judge. It's her job to be completely objective. That's even her power, the ability to judge black from white.

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>implying Shikieiki is reliable.
She would find flaws in Buddha's behaviour.

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You think Buddha is perfect? Everyone needs improvement in some area of their morality. Although Reimu's faults are particularly heinous than most, such as attacking people for no reason and being an atheist shrine maiden.

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Completely objective before or after she lost confidence in her sexual orientation in front of Reimu's slim, soft, moist and tender body ?

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She isn't atheist, she just don't have a clue who her shrine's god is. (That or she doesn't even bother to ask)

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>atheist shrine maiden

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There's no point in using canon to support your point. Secondaries will just always believe what they want.

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>thinks Reimu is atheist
>pretends he's arguing with secondaries in order to avoid losing an argument.
You're really bad at this thing, you know?

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Nope, she's more of a big-boobs woman.
Why else would she keep Komachi hired all this time?

Jokes aside, yes; the Enma is harsh. That's because that's her job. And to be frank she's great at her job. I respect her a lot.

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What? I said nothing of the sort.

Also who are you quoting?

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I agree, compared to 90% of japanese female protags she's a really good character.

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Why do people who post about Touhou sound like they bumbled their way into /jp/ from Gaia or /a/?

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What time in any of the games does Reimu do anything remotely religious? She's basically a glorified monster hunter. Even Sanae is more religious than her and she's a stereotypical Japanese schoolgirl.

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I'm very glad you too feel the same way.
I think she deserves more praise, it's like we all take for granted.

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And now he's playing dumb. How predictable.

Quit samefagging.
And to answer your question, go read Wild and Horned Hermit. You know, that thing your kind tries to ignore because it goes against your fanon. If you can use your brain to read, you can figure it out by yourself, without needing me to embarass yourself.

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I don't want to read any of the secondary materials. I mean any proof from the actual games.

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More than one person thinks she's a bitch. Deal with it and stop yelling samefag everytime someone new disagrees with you.

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>secondary materials
See? This is why you suck. Hell, it's not even a novel, just a manga, and still out of your pathetic lowborn reach.
Go back to Gaia and leave Touhou to people able to read.

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what does being a bitch have to do with religion?

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>secondary materials

This is bait.

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Not being able to follow the conversation is your problem.

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Reimu does in fact do many religious things, but never because of any real kind of religious motivation.

It's either because she wants to make money like in WaHH or because Yukari told her too like in SSiB. Too call reimu atheist would be very weird though. Even those who do not necessarily worship Gods in Gensokyo still recognize their existence, just like the existence of other supernatural things like youkai or ghosts.

That said, I think in many ways Reimu is good at her job as a shrine maiden. She solves incidents without fail for the most part, for example. The problem lies mostly, well, with her personality.

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Being unable to answer a question is your problem.

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I'm currently reading Les Miserables, so I'm probally better read than you. I just think that all the Touhou comics suck. I've read a couple, some of Silent Sinner in Blue and Inaba of the Moon and Inaba of the Earth but they all have terrible plot and aren't even faithful to the source material. I don't know why you would bother wasting your time on that shit.

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>moist and tender

Reimu is not meat.

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Reimu deserves a slow and painful death.

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To which one would you bend over your knee and administer a well-deserved spanking?

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>I'm currently reading Les Miserables, so I'm probally better read than you.
>I'm probably better read than you
>better read
HAHAHAHAHAHA BITCH, I READ IT IN FRENCH. Take your snotty tone elsewhere, you just proved that the most complicated book you ever read was The Hungry Caterpillar.

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C'est toi le misérable, gredin secondaire !

>> No.11303956

I never said anything about my writing ability. Heck, even most writers have editors to catch typos like that.

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You can't call someone who just plays the games a secondary, that makes no sense.

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Either Mystia, because she uses her ability to deceive people, or Rumia, because she's actually trying to eat the protagonist in EoSD.
I'd spank Chen too, but that spanking would probably not be well-deserved. More like because I just don't like her as a boss and find her annoying as a character.

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Does Hakurei Reimu know the pleasure of being cummed inside?

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I'd spank Chen because I want to touch Chen's butt and to dominate Chen.

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Well that explains a lot. Inaba is of dubious canon since it's a gag series not written by ZUN and SSiB is just bad.
The other ones like WaHH and FS are good, better than the two you sampled.

>> No.11303968

Better read is actually a saying in English, what are you going on about?

>> No.11303969

Someone who claims he's a fan while avoiding the side works, despite the fact that ZUN made them (except for Inaba, we know) ?

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I like how you just ignore the rest to nitpick. That's what trolls do.

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>Gensokyo's peacekeeper is on the job, trying to find the cause of the latest incident and eliminate it so that Gensokyo is safe again
>HURR DURR I'll just loiter around and hinder her progress because I'm dumb and flat like that

If they're in her way, they deserve whatever comes to them. Also most of the stage 1-4 bosses in newer games actually open fire first.

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Did you know: "secondary" is the same tired shit planted by people who hate the source material to divide the community as "truNEET."

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I'd spank Rumia because she's a filthy man-eater. And I think I would enjoy having her crying over my knees.

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Most secondaries are the bigger fanatics. That's why they eat up secondary crap, because they are obsessed with Touhou to the point they don't care about quality as long as it involves Touhou characters.

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>Does she really want to put youkai to extinction?
She put up the spellcard system specifically so she wouldn't have to exterminate youkai completely.

This had the unforeseen effect of making Gensokyo more peaceful and drawing youkai to her shrine, which made the human villagers distance themselves from a shrine maiden that associates with the youkai. She's really a victim of circumstance. And lack of foresight.

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I actually am monolingual, I can't argue with the reading it in English part.

>> No.11303989

She however does not make much of an effort to get humans on her side besides exterminations which have some times been unknown to the human village.

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>secondary crap
Still written by ZUN. You're the one avoiding official works because it's "secondary".
You're deliberaly making yourself a secondary by playing only the games and not reading the books.

To be short, you're only seeing one side of the coin.

Holy shit, and I though everyone was speaking at least 2 languages.

>> No.11303999

She does actually make plenty of effort to get the villagers to visit her shrine and to keep her youkai acquaintances reasonably secret. This can be observed in both the latest manga, Forbidden Scrollery and Wild Horny Hermit.

So yeah.

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Keine, of course. As their teacher, she's responsable for them.
And spanking her in front of her class would be quite hot.

>> No.11304005

What do you call someone who can speak two languages?

What do you call someone who only speaks one language?

>> No.11304008

>What do you call someone who only speaks one language?
Makes sense.
That would explain why we're taught american at school.

>> No.11304019

And you, whose skirt would you pull before delivering a good spanking?

>> No.11304020

There are two official languages in Canada, which is in America.

>> No.11304026

Yet ZUN himself agrees they aren't primary material. Notice how each official Touhou gets a number after it? He does this to the point he calls the fighting games point five because they aren't a true part of the series.

>> No.11304032

Except for Americans who live close to the border, they speak Spanish.

>> No.11304035

And yet he's still writing them. I don't think he's writing them just for laughs and money.

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You know the reason English is taught in virtually 100% of schools globally is because of America, right?

America doesn't know another language because English is the global language - thanks to America. The reason you get to act like you're 'intellectuals' for being taught a second language is because your nations would not be relevant if they were not able to interface with an America-dominated world.

>> No.11304041

He's writing them to piss off us true primaries. He knows we hate secondaries, so he goes and creates more works that attract more secondaries.

>> No.11304044

The correct phrase is "well read".

Also, enjoy your overrated book for tryhard hipsters.

>> No.11304042

I don't know why he's doing them, he's a video game programmer not a comic book author. It's completely out of his area of expertise, it's no wonder they aren't that great.

>> No.11304049

I am more well read than you sounds stupid.

>> No.11304052

Yeah... He's totally working his ass off just to annoy your little person.
Of course.

Because there are stories that he can't tell with a game.
Unless the dialogue looks like that :
"Egawd ! Kanako ! What is your deeeeeeaaaaal?"
"MWAHAHAHA Thanks to nuclear fusion, Gensokyo will be mine !"
"NO WAY! THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE ! Nuclear fusion requires Palladium !"
"Did you forgot already? You gave me Palladium during the intro cutscene !"

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Reimu being stressed people will find out she gets along well with youkai is so cute.

Makes me wonder how she even managed to keep it secret for so long, even the Hakurei shrine is known as the "youkai infested" shrine, isn't it? Or maybe it's just the average humans in the village who are unaware of this.

It's strange though now that I think about it, in FS. Even Akyuu is friends with Yukari, right? And she should have decent insight into the workings of that of high-level beings in Gensokyo, and that includes many youkai. Kosuzu seems oblivious to it all though.

>> No.11304054

>more well
You can't even grade adjectives properly.

>> No.11304056

pretty much this

>> No.11304060

Better also works as an adverb.

>> No.11304062

That must be why it sounds stupid.

>> No.11304067

Speaking about spanking, that thing in PMISS always bothered me :
>Even if they suffer large injuries so that their bodies are in pieces, they heal immediately.
>If you were to be successful in catching one, you can freely vent your anger on it since they're not very strong.

>> No.11304072

It's okay because the village is a safe zone. The youkai are obliged NOT to eat anyone within its bounds. Outside of it, however, anyone not trained to fight youkai is fair game. These are the rules. This includes the Hakurei Shrine. I think the core issue here is that people would expect a place of worship like that to be protected from youkai (while still remaining outside of the safe zone of the village). But with the rumour being that the shrine maiden actually lets youkai loiter about in her shrine instead of keeping them out, well... Not so appealing now, is it.

And yes, Reimu's cute when she's in deep.

>> No.11304075 [DELETED] 

Can the people who don't enjoy Touhou official works please lave the thread? This is a Touhou thread, so I don't see why you should be posting in it.

>> No.11304078

I enjoy the games.

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Filthy shrine maiden cooperating with a cannibal monster.

>> No.11304086

no they don't

>> No.11304089

Not to mention that the path to the shrine is noted to have youkai lurking about instead of being devoid of them

>> No.11304095

The Touhou games are pathetically bad BHGs. The only good part is the characters, so stop whining about people who only like it for them.

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Wow, you're complimenting your own post.
And I though that Deviantart was bad...

>> No.11304106

They are generic anime lolis with magic powers.

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>> No.11304113

but that's completely wrong

>> No.11304119

Admittedly I'm only reading it because of Cosette.

>> No.11304124

We're not in Kindergarten, you churl.

>> No.11304123


Dude stop responding to yourself

>> No.11304132

/jp/ entirely consists of little kindergarten girls.

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>> No.11304135

That explains why I feel like I'm the only one with a brain and a dick.

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>> No.11304138




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>> No.11304177

Why is Reimu hanging out with Rumia? That doesn't even make sense.

>> No.11304183

Because Reimu kicked Remilia's ass, and Remilia ended up hanging at Reimu's shrine.
It would make sense for Rumia to do the same.

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It's her job to beat up youkai, actually.

It's stated in the books that all the youkai love her, it's also why she has tea parties with the final boss of every game after the fight.

Nothing in Gensokyo is serious anymore, this dates back to Mystic Square, but especially after the spellcard rules as they made combat non-lethal.

>> No.11304213

It's her job to exterminate youkai that are eating people and causing incidents. Not just go randomly attacking people until she finds the right one through process of elimination.

>> No.11304218

Also, Reimu is pretty damn cute in her own lazy, violent way.

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This needs to be updated for the newer games.

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what about th13 and th4

>> No.11304267

Touhou 13 : Reimu protects Democracy from a monarchist / Reimu attacks without provocation of Japan's finest diplomat.

Touhou 13,5 : Reimu takes down a master-manipulator / Reimu beats up an little orphan.

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Reimu is the Gensokyo Terminator.

>> No.11304289

look at her belly

>> No.11304292

Touhou 14: Reimu's stick spins / Reimu's stick spins

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>> No.11304299

You're linking to the wrong person, dudeski.

>> No.11304295

How can you look at her belly when her groin is exposed like that?

>> No.11304296

Touhou 14 : Reimu protects Gensokyo from a rebel army / Reimu attacks civilians, forcing a little girl to prostitute herself in order to pay for the reparation.

>> No.11304300

You quoted the wrong post, anon.

>> No.11304307

How can you look at her belly when her groin is exposed like that?

>> No.11304302

You forgot the part where Reimu's stick spins.

>> No.11304303

Wrong post

>> No.11304314

The patch is ready, you know. Well, the descriptions are translated already, at least.

>> No.11304309

Haven't long enough for that. Waiting for the patch to know what's going on.

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>> No.11304327

Yaay. I love having the game in windowed mode while reading the discussion in another window.

And by "I love", I mean "I fucking hate with the intensity of a thousand sun".

>> No.11304347

Is that 3d manouver gear under her skirt?

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>> No.11304358

It's okay, anon. We understand if your toaster can't handle the game in HD windowed mode.

>> No.11304359

that sounds dirty.

>> No.11304364

>implying it's possible to play Touhou in windowed
You can, of course. If you don't mind SUCKING.
And my computer is poor with Supreme Commander, Team Fortress 2, Shogun 2, but Touhou works just fine, thank you very much.

>> No.11304365

No these are tactical nuclear bombs

>> No.11304371

She's nice on the inside but generally doesn't like showing it whenever the discussion is about her shrine's reputation. Her job and popularity with the villagers is based on her anti-youkai measures yet she ends up befriending every youkai mob boss she beats up. It doesn't help that the books say that youkai are naturally attracted to her because of her power.

There's times where it's a bit too clear like in SSiB with Reimu bringing in Reisen II when she was unconcious in the wilderness and at the end of OSP with the fairies.

>> No.11304377

That's what everyone else does though, and nobody seems to mind.

>> No.11304387

We're getting off-topic. I've been told that this thread was about spanking youkais.

>> No.11304385

>to exterminate youkai that are eating people and causing incidents.
Nope, it's just youkai in general, this dates long back due to the whole getting-friendly-with-them only started in Reimu's time, after Mystic Square. Hell, her being friendly to youkai at all means unpopularity with the villagers and that has been mentioned at times, sometimes by herself.

>> No.11304392
File: 832 KB, 1170x877, 36804896.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.11304396 [SPOILER] 
File: 146 KB, 640x480, EOSD Reimu B ending.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

she went a bit too far.

>> No.11304394

Every youkai Reimu beats up develop a biological need to hang out with her.

>> No.11304404

ZUN really got better since EoSD.

>> No.11304406
File: 156 KB, 1080x1080, ab37919fsa98721.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Miko was the only one nice enough to apologize, or at least, that we've seen anyway.

>> No.11304407
File: 1.62 MB, 2000x2494, 36756728.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.11304412

yeah he doesn't color endings anymore and just does quick sketches.

>> No.11304416
File: 403 KB, 486x640, 2464439.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.11304422

He got better with the eyes.

>> No.11304425
File: 1.41 MB, 1600x1200, 36728179.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.11304430

>that picture

That explains everything.

>> No.11304434

The uncolored sketches look way better. To me, at least.

>> No.11304437
File: 81 KB, 202x380, reimuddc.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

and the breasts.

>> No.11304441
File: 57 KB, 213x166, okuutriangles.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

because coloring hides all the line detail.

some things would most likely only be visible without color.

>> No.11304443

>I have noticed some fans saying "I hate Reimu, she's such a bitch, she beats up youkai for no reason."
Touhou-project's users aren't "some fans". They're "some self-inserted and self-centered faggots".

>> No.11304446

I liked his old eyes and lack of breasts better.

>> No.11304450

you have to understand that lil reimu is growing up.

though it is worrying that her breasts are noticeable despite the bust-decreasing sarashi.

>> No.11304460

TVTropes too, or at least, the guys that wrote the Touhou sub-pages in that site.

>> No.11304480
File: 465 KB, 1000x709, 36652506.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.11304494
File: 19 KB, 437x384, crying man.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.11304497

>Reimu is a nice girl thread in disguise.
You're not fooling anyone here OP.

>> No.11304502
File: 468 KB, 1122x1500, 36563865.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.11304516
File: 506 KB, 600x1500, reimuayakoma.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.11304526

Rename it to crying niggy.

>> No.11304528

that was cute.

>> No.11304541
File: 155 KB, 800x600, 36416463_p5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.11304549

Whoever's hating on Reimu are in the minority:

And can be disregarded.

>> No.11304561
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I likes da raymoo

>> No.11304566

that's not raymoo that's yukkuri raymoo, two completely different things

>> No.11304576
File: 1.38 MB, 1379x1000, 36344666.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.11304590
File: 2.38 MB, 2000x2261, 17420990.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

they're the same as far as my dick is concerned.

>> No.11304601
File: 432 KB, 1309x1654, reimuswimsuit3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

now that's raymoo.

>> No.11304605

Raymoo yukkuri is cute and tastes good. Does Reimu also taste good?

>> No.11304613
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>> No.11304621

She did tell Reimu to "exterminate youkai more."

>> No.11304633

If she took her job more seriously, there wouldn't be as many serious incidents. There is more to youkai extermination than just bumbling around randomly like she does in every single game.

>> No.11304636
File: 454 KB, 1073x1037, 36142660.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.11304651
File: 246 KB, 703x1000, reimupai5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you'd have to taste her to find out.

her armpit sweat

>> No.11304665

What does she have to do with incidents? Nothing, she just solves them. In fact, her way is the best, as the youkai aren't harmed seriously and instead become her friends. That's the least Yama-aggravating outcome.

Also, there's no serious incidents, the closest one was SA.

>> No.11304674

Except not only is her job to beat up youkai, but the youkai DO get in her way and try to stop her or just attack her for the sake of it, because they're doing their role as youkai, which is to attack humans.

>> No.11304680


But then there'd be much more hostility between humans and youkai. I'd rather live in a village where occasionally a youkai will steal the concept of stairs or whatever for a few hours before getting beaten up and opening a stair-dealership within five minutes of my house than one where that rarely happens but instead she just eats me on my way home.

>> No.11304692

If it weren't for Reimu there would still be lots of deaths going on on both sides. Thanks to her implementation of the spellcard rules, battles are now non-lethal as well as the ceasing of human devouring. If anything, she's a pacifist.

Hell, even the yama had a tea party with her after the battle.

>> No.11304700

It's like she thinks that her enemies are innocent or something.

That ''even non-youkai'' part makes me think she doesn't judge by reason, but by act. That's terrible. And her shoddiness has been brought up by Seiga and I think Komachi as well.

>> No.11304726
File: 26 KB, 656x589, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.11304740
File: 947 KB, 826x1000, 35910563.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.11304736
File: 270 KB, 620x788, reimumeira1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the one true OTP.

>> No.11304827

Spellcard rules have nothing to do with casualties. Without them, there just wouldn't be any fighting.

Or should I say, there wasn't any fighting, since that's precisely what was happening in the period between creation of the barrier and the first vampire incident.

>> No.11304851

There was fighting, see: the first 5 Touhou games. Afterwards, youkai were complaining that Reimu was too OP as well as the fact that killing her would destroy the Gensokyo barrier, dooming them.

There were casualties, youkai attacking, killing and eating people is mentioned in the books prior to the spellcard rules. Hell, one the very rules is ''You can't eat humans, even if you beat them''.

These rules effectively ruled out all casualties caused by combat.

>> No.11304854


Perhaps the best description of the franchise I've ever read.

>> No.11304881
File: 864 KB, 1024x768, classic.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The barrier was created in 1885, you know, more than a century prior to the vampire incident. You're saying there was no fighting?

>> No.11304906

Youkai not attacking humans is specifically mentioned in the books.

>> No.11304913

at the end of the day she ends up having tea with the youkai she beats up, and befriends most of them

what a bitch(sarcasm)

>> No.11304923
File: 531 KB, 1120x1600, this_one_time_08.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I like to think it's something like this.

>> No.11304932

What? Are you insane? Where the hell did you get that from? Hang on I'm gonna get an article off the top of my head that disproves that.

>Just about the only thing in common between youkai is that they attack and prey upon humans.

I mean, there wouldn't be any reason to create rules that prevent youkai from eating humans if they didn't do that in the first place.

>> No.11304938

Yeah I guess all the events that happened in the games never happened and it was all a dream.

>> No.11304969

>Originally, attacking humans was the point of the youkai's existence, but since the erection of the Great Barrier it's become difficult for them to do so, and they've had to find sources of food outside their normal choices. Consequently, the collective willpower of the youkai began to fall.

Read the rest of Reimu's article for the actual reason to create the spellcard rules. As for the factual validity of Gensokyo Chronicle in its entirety, check the Monologue. Long story short, Akyuu retains the old structure and some contents of the book, fully recognizing it's anachronistic.

>> No.11304991


There's a difference between attacking people straight from the village and attacking wandering humans. This is still present today, see: IN stage 3 where Keine accuses the heroine of being a youkai who has come to devour people.

Also, that statement doesn't say ''they don't attack humans'', only that ''it's has become difficult for them to eat humans''. The PC-98 games as well as the pre-EOSD vampire group invasion show that youkai were still attacking humans.

>> No.11305038

>This is still present today

Under the spellcard rules, which were created specifically for this purpose. I'm also convinced youkai like Kogasa, who operate in specifically non-lethal way, could continue to do so.

>The PC-98 games

Wrong continuity, and they were mostly about humans attacking youkai anyway.

>pre-EOSD vampire group invasion show that youkai were still attacking humans

Actually, it shows the exact opposite due to how important and extraordinary event it was.

>> No.11305064

>Wrong continuity, and they were mostly about humans attacking youkai anyway.
Oh god no this shit again. They are canon, the sheer fact that Yuka and Alice came back proves it. And no, what matters is that youkai were attacking humans, the incidents were all about that (except TH03), did you forget about Mima?

>Under the spellcard rules, which were created specifically for this purpose
The spellcard rules prevent youkai from eating people, there's no reason to invade the town if they can't kill or eat them.

>Actually, it shows the exact opposite due to how important and extraordinary event it was.
Really now? It doesn't matter how big it was, the point is youkai attacked humans.

The main point was that the spellcard rules made it so that casualties (i.e: caused by desire for murder or apetite) were avoided altogether, which is a good thing regardless of how you may try to alter it.

>> No.11305068

I guess Okuu was gonna have a party with the humans after completely obliterating the surface and making it into a new hell, right?

>> No.11305087

What. I love Reimu exactly because she doesn't give a fuck, only does her job if there's no other option and beats anyone that shows up in her way.

>> No.11305090

>Actually, it shows the exact opposite due to how important and extraordinary event it was.
That's a bad excuse. It was just ''big'' because it was an event planned by vampires who wanted to do a full invasion, there were already attacks prior to that like in the PC98 games. Also, the vampire attack was done right before the youkai went full paranoia mode and started complaining, which is when the spellcard rules were made.

>> No.11305094

She has weird motivations. I like her as well because yeah she is perfect for the job, she just gets it done and doesn't gives a fuck.

Maybe she lacks personality(?).

>> No.11305098

Attacking? What attacking? PC-98 games are all about youkai suddenly appearing and Reimu not liking them being around. In Mystic Square, they're even specifically said to be tourists on vacation.

>The spellcard rules prevent youkai from eating people

No, they don't. The circumstances and Gensokyo's ecology prevent youkai from eating people.

>the spellcard rules made it so that casualties (i.e: caused by desire for murder or apetite) were avoided altogether

That's not true either. The correct phrasing would be that they're avoided during spellcard battles, barring accidents.

>> No.11306135
File: 153 KB, 334x418, 2680858.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>implying Reimu isn't a bitch

>> No.11306146

>Reimu appreciation thread
I seriously hope you little girls don't do this.

>> No.11306147
File: 260 KB, 357x504, 7061803.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Gensokyo citizens, yeah.
However, outsiders are fair games.

>> No.11306157

>And don't even say Byakuren is, cause I'm sure she ain't perfect either.

You wanna find out how hard I can punch?

>> No.11306160

Your waifu is a filthy hypocrit.
Not anyone can be Joshua Graham.

>> No.11306182
File: 371 KB, 477x600, 5733538_m.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Byakuren is as bad as Raymoo.

>> No.11306213

>Maybe she lacks personality(?).
Reimu is pretty much a standard "I want to be normal" kind of character. She's perfect at her job, she's the only one who can do it and she will do it, but she'd really much rather be just left alone and chill out.

>> No.11306229

Explains why she never bothers checking if the person attacking her is part of the incident or not.

>> No.11306235
File: 390 KB, 615x1050, aae7a451768c8b7452bc99bbda7b5098.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You are now aware that Reimu would make a lovely housewife if only she wasn't forced to defend Gensokyo from stupid youkai.

>> No.11306241

Keep in mind that there's the Hakurei border.
She's more or less forced to stay pure.

>> No.11306245


>> No.11306244

That means : no boyfriend, no husband. She's die a virgin.

>> No.11306250

Touhou 12.3: Reimu reminds foreigners on architectural designs/Reimu blames foreigners for her own accident

Touhou 12.5: Reimu prevents rumor-mongering from tabloid reporters / Reimu attacks the media and the right of free speech

Touhou 13: Reimu promotes freedom / Reimu attacks a well-beloved political figure.

Touhou 13.5: Reimu calms an emotionally unstable person / Reimu beats up a person with special needs

Touhou 14: Reimu disperses a militia uprising / Reimu beats up civilians

>> No.11306259

Touhou 1: Reimu goes on a genocidal rampage.
Touhou 2: Reimu seeks revenge for Mima's revenge for Reimu's previous rampage.
Touhou 3: Reimu interferes with academia and scientific progress.
Touhou 4: Reimu kills a youkai who tried to help her.
Touhou 5: Reimu orphans Alice and destroys an entire world for its creator's belief in free enterprise.
Touhou 6: Reimu places a little girl under house arrest.
Touhou 7: Reimu prevents an innocent girl from being revived.
Touhou 7.5: Reimu breaks up parties.
Touhou 8: Reimu strips away Gensokyo's defenses against a Lunar invasion.
Touhou 9: Reimu attacks people for no good reason.
Touhou 10: Reimu oppresses other religions.
Touhou 10.5: Reimu endorses slave labor.
Touhou 11: Reimu cuts back funding for alternative energy sources.
Touhou 12: Reimu persecutes Youkai Jesus.
Touhou 13: Reimu stopping a resurrection of a Saint
Touhou 13.5: Reimu attacks people to gain popularity
Touhou 14: Reimu attacks people to calm her rod

>> No.11306264

>Youkai Jesus.
More like Youkai Nixon.

>> No.11306300

Morality is overrated anyway. As ethic.

>> No.11306297
File: 731 KB, 1800x1068, Reimu-Hakurei-Flute.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's just you beta nerds can't handle a strong, devout, and courageous women. You just want some one dimensional and moe personality bimbo who says some stupid phrase at the end of every sentence.

A soldier can't ask every enemy about their motives and decide whether to kill them or not. She just does her duty to protect her species (humans) by any means necessary. She doesn't care about your silly morality or if some youkai bitch is your wifu.

>> No.11306303

It looks as like the one dimensional personality is actually Reimu's to me.

>> No.11306304

I think reimu will make a great grandma with her stern but kind nature.

>> No.11306306

Dunno, always thought that extremely lazy but loyal enough to her task to do it anyway.
The mangas depicts her as taking it easy, only moving when necessary, when she's out of food or when she needs something.

>> No.11306311

His colors are usually muddy gradients, it looks gross.

>> No.11306314

Except she'll have to have a kid to continue her bloodline.

>> No.11306316

I seriously doubt she's the last Hakurei. Yukari wouldn't let that happens.
She must have a cousin somewhere.

>> No.11306319

>Yukari wouldn't let that happens.
"Only one kid? That's all? Take that aphrodisiac pill, and go meet your husband again. We needs more kids."

>> No.11306330
File: 365 KB, 679x959, 34819170_p2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.11306334

Would you rather have shitposters from /b/ or actual real-life otaku from gaia?

>> No.11306353

I'd rather have someone from /d/ so I can discuss the possibility of spanking youkais to teach them to behave.

>> No.11308312
File: 298 KB, 620x877, 1375581428364.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hi Dok.