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i'm going crazy here, I NEED TOUHOU 14

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We're all trying to find them.

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As a friendly reminder, discussing piracy of touhou games is frowned upon here. Thank you!

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Tomorrow the torrents will be all over piratebay.

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Oh lord, such a kaleidoscope.

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Reload furiously until it appears.

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Sup tumblr.

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tumblr is disgusting

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Ask the Chinese.

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I thought it would be out by now, but guess I was horribly wrong ._.

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Then, sup /a/ or /v/ or wherever you come from.
Everyone in /jp/ knows that the first downloads won't appear in nyaatorrents or famous sites since moonpeople aren't way too afraid of going in jail for piracy so the only site they will upload the game is a shitty chinese site where the dowload speed is awful.

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i've been refreshing there for hours

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"The "important parts of this page" refresh every 30 seconds - no need to mash F5 on your end, that's what we're doing for you ☺"

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They don't get the download first, they're in the same situation as us, they just advertise that the download is out and they don't even give it, they just put a code that shows it being legit.

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>posting a URL to that website made by Tumblrshits

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feels better to refresh

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jp why are you so fucking shit. I thought we'd have our best people on the job for such an important download. Turns out you're fucking SHIT.

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All we do is refreshing chinese sites and wait for some jap to dump the game. My de/a/r friend.

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LOL epic /a/ro sage for le worst girl xD!

best girl never wins XD

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Guys this might be it
> bitly

Password = fchr

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I have faith in our chinese bros.

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how do i actually download it i got some weird application/virus

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This. So I take it it's not legit or am I just retarded?

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yeah that gave me this weird application

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Click the white one on the second prompt.

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thanks dude

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just get the exe it has a cute penguin

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I click that shit and it asks me to download some .exe in order to download it. Not gonna happen.

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Did the download just disappeared?

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So... what am I looking at here?

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weird, im downloading a .rar

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it's here! i cant wait to play it!

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Select the grey button not the blue one

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holy shit 4 hs?

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Well, I'm just going to wait for a mediafire/mega reupload, I have a shitty connection right now.

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30 minutes left for me.

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hahha godlike!

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Uh-oh, you come late, file sharing has been canceled, next to early yo.

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WTB working link

offering 1 rumia

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Just heard that the download might have been taken down. :(

Will keep on the lookout for more.

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I'm still downloading it

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Same, I will put it up on mega when it finishes if someone doesn't beat me to it.

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here we go!

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Me too , but someone else told me he couldn't get it , so I think the people downloading are still in the safe zone.

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Mine's still going as well

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Yeah the download link was taken down after just a couple minutes but several people have already started downloading it

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41% into the download although im sure there are some that are already halfway through it.

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Any confirmation about fakes?

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Well, whoever puts it on mega and posts link first is doing the world a huge favor and will almost certainly be rewarded in gensokyo in the next life.

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reupload pls

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3:30 left

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Not that I know of, hopefully not.

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It was real reuploading atm

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Show a picture proving it was legit?

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Nice that the download has been confirmed, I'm going to work. Hope I did you a favor and hope you might all enjoy it later when it is reuploaded.

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Torrent : http://www.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=462400

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I don't think torrenting would be a good idea at this moment

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someone put it on mega, torrent a shit

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You sir are destined to visit Gensokyo someday. Many thanks.

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I hope this one will let me use an arcade stick.

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Friend with godly internet just finished the download--it's legit, guys. Enjoy DDC.

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Explain yourself. Be condescending.

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The more, the merrier, isn't it like that with torrenting?

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New torrents are normally pretty damn slow.

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Get it while it's hot, kiddos.

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this is going to take a while...

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so slow

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Torrenting is pretty stupid in situations like this, it should be easier uploading it to mega.

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reuploaded orig

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lol torrents

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thank you.

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Everything you are downloading is offensive.

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I love you

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Wait is that shit real?

>> No.11295624

oooh shit warp drive activated

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i don't download things to impress people, you know

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touhou is not offensive

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>finish download
>extract folder
>got cee pee


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Why would you be using anything other than Deluge?

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>whinng about something free

top kek

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Not seeding you're torrents.
You swine.

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tfw 16 hours while chinese one is 3 hours

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because utorrent gets shit done and something like that isnt a place for programmer-tier nitpicking

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Because Deluge is buggy as fuck?

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How do I know the other people who are downloading are people I'd like? If I don't know that, I don't seed at all. So I basically never seed.

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That was fast. This is going to be so much fun!

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This is a great moment for our community, and first of all, I'd like to thank my friends and family...

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can someone upload a screenshot of the 576mb just to be sure its real.

>> No.11295668

It should be 547.9MB, I am suspicious

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seems legit
(also this is an ironic post)

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So I got the torrent and my antivirus immidietly deleted it claiming virus. What ... that can't be right.

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It's legit

Alternatively use https://mega.co.nz/#!4pJVzZCR!XYWmGiRB94xpyNj3n_mfAx6BXVtsAZmofPrkEOmBoi8

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It's from the chinese, it's obviously a botnet.

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Damn it ZUN.

>> No.11295708

The download is done but I'm too scared to install. Is anyone who installed it having any problems?

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forgot my image

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Same problem as the demo, I guess.
Let's cry together fellow poorfag-kun

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Don't install, just run the exe from the th14 directory.

>> No.11295719

D-don't worry, an XP patch will come out soon, right?

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This is gonna be so great oh god I can't breathe

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Weird. The demo worked fine but for some reason the full version is giving me an error.

>> No.11295735

Thanks for the passwords OP 10/10 They all work very great, good job!


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Thank you anon.

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nobody is posting screens because they're too busy playing.
it works MSE says its okay. (Mega link)
you dont need to install, just run th14.exe

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Why do the bullets and characters look so pixelated?

>> No.11295743

Fuck, I used the Torrent, and it's not working.

>> No.11295744

>you dont need to install, just run th14.exe
lol thx i was havintg trouble
it works now

>> No.11295752

>Sukuna Shinmyoumaru
male character

>> No.11295755

Please don't spoil anything.

>> No.11295753

I promised that if it worked i had to go jogging for a while so, have fun guys.

>> No.11295756

how is that possible?

>> No.11295758

OST rip where

>> No.11295762

Because the playing field still renders at the old res, I assume. He could've used filtering at least.

Also, cap your upload speed if it the torrent is not DL'ing as fast as you want it to.

>> No.11295764

Someone spoil the new characters for me I want to see

>> No.11295765

>Also, cap your upload speed if it the torrent is not DL'ing as fast as you want it to.
how do i do that??

>> No.11295768

Just downloaded the Mega version.
Don't torrent it you guys.

>> No.11295767

Stages from 4-6

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>4th boss shoots music note danmaku


That's right, /jp/.

I implemented it before ZUN did.

How does this make you feel?

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Look for an option that says something like maximum upload rate or something in the options of your client. I have mine set to about 2/3rds of my actual rate.

>> No.11295774

learn how to use your client, but don't expect an increase in DL speed from it.

>> No.11295777

ok done but what do i set it to?
more upload speed = faster download? its on "maximum"

>> No.11295780

Yeah it's the kid from Okami.

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I'm not joking, /jp/.



I'm tempted to make a video comparison showing this, because the vertical scene flip is pretty much entirely my idea.

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My game isn't displaying correctly. The demo did this as well, but I thought it work in the final release. All the other games work fine as well. How come some things just look wrong?

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xp fix when
I can't handle all these spoilers

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thats a cute anime reaciton face image
do you mind if i save it ty

>> No.11295792

The md5 of th14.exe and the .dat files are the same in the mega and torrent. They are identical and should both work.

>> No.11295793

holy crap

>> No.11295799

Just downloaded. It's legit.

>> No.11295794

The danmaku in the first video look kind of like spermatozoa.

>> No.11295795

anyone has already downloaded and can confirm it to be legit?

>> No.11295800

So you used a shitty mechanic on your game before ZUN! Good job, KoG-kun!

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hello eugene

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Nice KoG. Pretty sweet you implemented that before Zun. Def awesome.

>> No.11295811




dat music dat item spam dat FLIPPING

>> No.11295822


>KoG implements something before ZUN

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: KoG is the American ZUN

>> No.11295820


>> No.11295828

We expected mima as extra, not as 6th stage boss...

>> No.11295840

There's too many spoilers in this thread. Does anyone know where an XP patch might be uploaded so I can just camp there?

>> No.11295833

shit stage 5 boss. You don't do that in a game, faggot.

>> No.11295856

It will be uploaded on ZUN'S Shanghai Alice website just like previous patches.

>> No.11295868

is anyone else crashing on stage 4 lunatic during the boss fight? crashes everytime after 2nd spell

>> No.11295880

rename the folder to something non-japanese.

>> No.11295881

No, a patch to fix ZUN's fuck-up that made the game only work on Vista and up because of some Visual Studio thing.
The one for the demo came out pretty quickly.

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I gotta say the music is a mixed bag this time.
Stage 1,3,5 are awesome, maybe the EX one too but for the bosses, i prefer 2,4 and 6.
The EX-boss theme is more like a stage theme.
The title screen and staff-roll theme are amazing though.

>> No.11295898

A matter of >mytaste. For me it's 5 boss > 2 boss > 3 stage > 3 boss > 6 boss > rest.

>> No.11295905

Holy fuck, that stage 5.

Control flipping is one thing I fucking hate since the old day of my gaming career.

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>> No.11295912

It's just my point of view, but it feels like ZUN stopped composing awesome final boss themes with Cosmic Mind. True Administrator somehow feels uncomplete, and anything this year is a bit "empty" and emotionless.

>> No.11295914

Worst stage 6 boss by far. And the demo was so promising, too.

>> No.11295917

xp patch:

>> No.11295921

I wonder if I can get all good ends on easy. Screw all this endless memorizing and grinding. Just beat it as ReimuA. Got Ending 1. Huh.

>> No.11295925

Vsync patch where?

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It works! Thank you!

>> No.11295931

>little girl
Oh god, she's so cute! Can't wait for the footjob doujinshi.
Also holy shit, those feet look great. Why ZUN can draw feet?

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File: 3.00 MB, 226x175, 1374552387369.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.11295944

The new Prismrivers are kind of cool. Their noncards look absolutely amazing.
The new stage 5 boss is hard as hell with all them flips and shit.
Sukuna is very cute. レイプしたい.

>> No.11295947

He had to reallocate some of his art points to drawing limbs correctly, since this game has so many barefoot characters.
Also, did the name of the game get explained yet?

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>my emotions when stage 5

>> No.11295980
File: 190 KB, 475x355, 1372584367065.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So, how is Japan going to react when they see this:


>> No.11295983

no more streams for today in niconico?

>> No.11295985

i imagine lots of different people will react in lots of different ways.

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File: 251 KB, 653x494, 1369798267819.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you do realize you're not the first one to come up with vertical flip in danmaku games, right?

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File: 1.71 MB, 1200x1200, 7382b2fdf8693291ee329a6d14ea2322.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>KoG uses vertical flipping, nobody cares
>ZUN uses vertical flipping, revolutionary concept

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"Consider a mediocre gimmick based of screwing with interface. There was one unremarkable game that made use of it, and now, everyone else is now forbidden from using it regardless if they are aware"
See, that's why patents are made. Don't have one? Sucks to be you.
And top pushing whining, I've seen 3 posts from you already, if you hadn't gotten your response you most likey won't.

>> No.11296006

i like how you used full-width english characters despite the japanese using normal english characters

>> No.11296008
File: 128 KB, 600x480, 37466920761399ab62d94fc279dda39e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The games aren't popular on gimmick alone.
*And stop fucking whining

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When did I say I was whining or forbidding the usage of it? All I was doing was pointing it out.

You guys seem to be missing the point.

If ZUN is using my idea, that means that ZUN plays my games/watches my videos.

Either that or ZUN and I both know the secret to Gensokyo and spend every weekend there partying it up

>> No.11296017

i never thought of it that way

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>When did I say I was whining or forbidding the usage of it? All I was doing was pointing it out.

doing it once would be acceptable, doing it over and over again is not.

>If ZUN is using my idea, that means that ZUN plays my games/watches my videos.

yeah, sure, keep telling yourself that.

>> No.11296024

Dude, Stage five made me dizzy and I lost. Faaak.

>> No.11296025
File: 1.11 MB, 1600x850, 1348711835617.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>If ZUN is using my idea, that means that ZUN plays my games/watches my videos.
Sorry to burst you balloon, but that is unlikely. It's not such a distinct gimmick that there's no way for two people to come by it.

>> No.11296027
File: 107 KB, 850x850, 491a7bc46534987edaf82e8d7da466f5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>doing it over and over again is not
>doing it over and over again
>complaining about autism on /jp/

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File: 687 KB, 880x1000, 1372651651725.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



>> No.11296032

I am an Australian and had no problems with this stage! I am very happy ZUN has decided to cater to our country finally.

>> No.11296033

And extra boss card 6 is shit too.
screen shaking, what the fuck

>> No.11296037

Did the ex boss get leaked yet?

>> No.11296038

ITT, KoG trolls while all of you take it seriously

>> No.11296042

The hero /jp/ needs not the hero /jp/ deserves etc.

You sure showed ZUN who's the boss.

>> No.11296047



>> No.11296059

And we have 2 new lolis

>> No.11296057
File: 48 KB, 505x480, MEGA download.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.11296061

Finally got back from jogging 10km, time to play guys.

>> No.11296064


>> No.11296069

This means the computer predicts a keyboard-killing rage on Stage 5.
Smart move, PC.

>> No.11296080

I didn't understand what was going on the first time I watched it. You should be more elaborate during the segment about your game.

>> No.11296086

Why is she taking damage from spellcards during spells?

>> No.11296083

>So, how is Japan going to react when they see this
ZUN is going to release a statement that all unauthorized derivative software is now banned. Especially if it's made by a gaijin.

>> No.11296090

I tried to play this and I realized that I don't care about Touhou anymore...

>> No.11296092

Huh. So you either fight the older sister or the younger sister depending on if you chose type A or B? Cute.

>> No.11296095

>staff roll theme
link, anyone?

>> No.11296099

Shaking screens aren't new, but the way it's used in there it's rage tier since you have to rapidly dodge because you're at the end of the screen while everything is shaking like pudding and you don't understand shit.

>> No.11296098

Stage 5 Lunatic on my first try! 1cc here I come!

>> No.11296104 [DELETED] 


>> No.11296105

The soundtrack is beginning to appear, here's Reiko's theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BMQX8T_YfbU

>> No.11296108

So what species are each of the new characters anyway?

>> No.11296112

First try writing normally.
"Ironic" Caps aren't funny anymore

>> No.11296113

was that supposed to be funny?

>> No.11296116

Nah, you'll never beat my scores no matter how hard you try. Best to just not bother while you still can.

>> No.11296121

why is touhou fighting female battler?

>> No.11296125


>> No.11296127

Just import thbgm.dat into Audacity or something until thxxbgm or equivalent updates.

That and IaMP has done UI fuckery before.

>> No.11296130

>implying that Cape!Miko isn't also Battler

>> No.11296135
File: 159 KB, 1366x768, KoG 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hey you're using those images I was challenging you with that one time. Happy to see you use them.

>> No.11296148

Oh wow, you can unlock Extra after clearing easy.

>> No.11296149

Holy jesus fucking christ hardest stage 5 yet

how is this possible to 1cc with a total of 4 lives throughout the game and the shittiest gimmick in gaming history

2/10 would rather play PoFV

>> No.11296153

What. You can get 29 lives in the demo alone, a bit less if you aren't playing MarisaB, but you can still get quite a lot. More than enough to clear.

>> No.11296160

Someone should make a video showing how Spaceland Adventure is a rip-off of Touhou.

>> No.11296164

Fucking how? Getting lives in this game is fucking retarded, its completely random

>> No.11296167

I don't know about everyone else but I think the stage 6 boss theme is great.

I also liked Miko's though, so everyone will disagree with me.

>> No.11296173

Get enough items on the screen and PoC, get Bonus 2.0, life piece drop.

MarisaB can do this easily in the demo, since every bullet is converted into a bomb.

>> No.11296182

I stopped playing after stage 5, but I cant think of a single time I had a bonus over 1.6, even with UFOamounts of items on screen

>> No.11296188
File: 312 KB, 700x683, 37745389.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

easy mode is quite easy this time around, must be the simple life/bomb system - I like it so far

>> No.11296186

I managed to get a few 2.0 bonuses even on normal. You have to bomb to get them though, unless you're a living god.

>> No.11296191

Bomb and chain to get more lives.

>> No.11296195

Yeah, but then everything from stage 5 onwards were great for me. My favorite is the stage 5 theme, even though it's a bit of a Higan Retour rearrangement.

Don't worry anon, I also found Shotoku Legend amazing. We can shit taste together, you and I~!

>> No.11296199


>> No.11296200

I really like Miko's theme as well. And the stage 6 boss theme this time around was great.

>> No.11296206

Just played the game but didn't unlock extra, and won't get to play again anytime soon. Can someone please post the extra boss? In spoiler images of course.

>> No.11296201

retard. go back to your fps and choke on a dick

you don't even need to bomb most of the time. just stop shooting and herd. if you don't have max lives by stage 2 (3 if pleb) your either too dumb to live-tier or doing something very wrong

>> No.11296211

Sorry dude, I just asked something? How the hell can I get better if I can't even get a tip from guy like you that are way better?

Calm down, just, wow.

>> No.11296216

Wait until there's a lot of enemies on screen, kill them rapidly for a lot of point items, grab point items.

Was it really that hard? :V

Just play. Practice makes perfect!

>> No.11296221


>> No.11296224

and by point items, I mean all the items. :V

having a lot of lives doesn't matter much because you're going to be killing yourself a lot for more bombs to get more score at certain points of the game, which is a basic concept I understood on day one :V

>> No.11296234

Shit taste with us, anon!

I also found it somewhat clever how Sukuna's theme shares the same motif as her stage's theme. It's really cute. Everyone's cute in this game.

>> No.11296231

Thanks, I was already doing that, I just didn't know that the action was called "chain".

>> No.11296244

Some would call that laziness.

>> No.11296240

tfw 20 till DL completes and I'm downloading in mega

>> No.11296245

*20 hours

>> No.11296246

Finished in 8 minutes here.

>> No.11296250

Died on stage 6 boss on my first run, having not played the demo either. Now I have to wait until Touhou 15 to have another shot at getting a clear on a first blind run. This is upsetting. I was so close.

>> No.11296251
File: 19 KB, 111x101, Ahhh~.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I found this game to be pretty lewd actually.
Wakasagihime has fish genitals.
Sekibanki can remove her head, which has limitless potential.
Kagerou is a wolfgirl. Weak, but it's there.
Stage 4 bosses are sisters.
And Sukuna can make things grow pretty large.

Only Kijin and the Extra boss aren't very lewd, and with Kijin I think it's just because I lack creativity.

>> No.11296255

Kijin? She's clearly horny. And she inverts things, meaning that she would prefer the 69 position.

>> No.11296257

Still no Mima. The best touhou will never be in a game again.

>> No.11296261

My first run brought me to Stage 6 Lunatic, but I died a thousand times on Stage 5. I knew I had no chance of 1ccing it after going in with only 3 lives. I'll give it a run again maybe next week.

>> No.11296267

>And Sukuna can make things grow pretty large.
Oh boy, I already see all the doujinshis that will create.

>> No.11296268

MarisaB's ending shows that she's pretty small as well.
Thanks for fueling my minigirl fetish ZUN

>> No.11296269

It's lewdcute. It's lewte.

She constantly ahegao on you, how is that not lewd?

>> No.11296271

I can't do stage 3.

Can't do it.

I knew I was rusty with these games, but fucking hell...

>> No.11296272
File: 811 KB, 768x1152, 0fbf7cefdaaba8934bbac582ab9e1ff6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I failed at Kagerou normal despite clearing Wackysackyprincess and Sekibanki with no miss. Still the best DDC

>> No.11296273
File: 438 KB, 750x1000, 1376282750555.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>And Sukuna can make things grow pretty large.

So all touhou giantess is canon if we assume Sukuna around?

>> No.11296274


EX boss seems like a cool big sis type.

>> No.11296276
File: 62 KB, 500x500, 62bb44876ee4df3ac8b51fb4c58e2608.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I sense that you did something there.
Everybody's still going to love Wockasoggy, Seckybonky, and KagAROOOO more than the new characters anyway. So it goes.

>> No.11296279

what if suika and sukuna fugg?

>Extra boss
crossdresser or OL type

>> No.11296286
File: 132 KB, 631x468, crashDDC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is your game crashing here too /jp/ ?
Lunatic modo

>> No.11296282
File: 24 KB, 469x171, error.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How do I get this to work? My computer is set to Japanese Locale already.

>> No.11296284

Holy fuck, extra midboss last card is too hard for me. I could reach card7 of the boss on my first try but that one card is the hardest for now.

>> No.11296289

What are you doing owning a computer if you can't use it?

>> No.11296291

update directx9

>> No.11296294

Ah, I keep forgetting to do that. Recently reformatted.

>> No.11296299

did anyone else thought raiko's last 2 cards looks like flandre on steroid?

>> No.11296303

Please do not sexualize little Rumia, even in return for a DL link.

>> No.11296326

Seija's theme sounds like she's mocking me. Fuck that bitch

>> No.11296329

All of the characters get really crap after stage 4

also wakaflockahime and Kagerou are complete sex COME ON what are you even doing m8

>> No.11296346

I didn't have that, but I didn't die until Stage 5, sooo yeah.

>> No.11296379

go back to bad, Suzuran.

>> No.11296402

Sukuna is soo cute!!! kyaaaa!!
I love her!!

>> No.11296419
File: 753 KB, 850x1200, 37560744_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>As a friendly reminder, discussing piracy of touhou games is frowned upon here. Thank you!

Apparently you need to frown a lot harder. You could even try scowling. Glowering, however, would be a step too far.

>> No.11296420

I want to fap to the new touhous...

>> No.11296422

A buddy of mine overnighted me the disc in exchange for Bitcoins.

I dont know if you guys know him, he's really fat and makes desktop threads sometimes.

>> No.11296428

Cast seems promising. Way ahead of TD and UFO.

>> No.11296430

Is there like a list of the games that are getting released at Comiket 84?

Heard maybe some cool fangames were being released and I don't see any C84 thread here....

>> No.11296435

barefoot loli as a stage 6 boss? That sound you just heard is /jp/ creaming itself with the force of a tsunami.

>> No.11296452

Stage 6 boos doesn't even look like a girl. Stage 5 boss on the other hand is cute.

>> No.11296454

indeed. touhou i want to fug in
ufo: 3 (kogasa, hijirin, nue)
td: 2 (seiga, futo)
ddc: 6 (wakasagihime, waon, new prismrivers, seija, raiko)

in conclusion we can see that ddc is superior and at least twice as superior as it's two percursors.

>> No.11296493

I'm sure Sukuna's hammer might be referring to something, but I can only think about one Doraemon's wish-fulfillment gadget that certainly looks like that hammer.

>> No.11296497

Lucky Mallet

>> No.11296500

>List of every boss except sexybanki
So far she's the best for me.

>> No.11296503

Music too.

>> No.11296515

>574.537.588 Bytes
Is this TH14-torrent legit?

>> No.11296528

Dunno, but you will download it either way.
I got mine from nyaatorrent posted here.

>> No.11296539


After checking the wiki, I'm surprised there isn't any reference in Doraemon written in there.
Sucks to be nostalgiafag.

>> No.11296547

seki a cute but too freaky. even for me there are lines to not cross. i would be her friend though, she seems bro tier

shinmyoumaru I wouldn't even touch, sorry.

>> No.11296559


It says to me "Enter the crypting key", did anyone put a password?

>> No.11296568

So what's the story this time? What's this ``Resistance'' thing going on? Who are the new 2hus? Why does EX stage theme sounded a bit like stage 3 theme?

>> No.11296571

No, it's not legit at all. It's a virus that loads this weird game where you play as a cute girl and fly around and dodge bullets that come at you in patters while music plays.

>> No.11296591
File: 89 KB, 576x432, dorfhou.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

/jp/'s boss predictions were pretty close this time around.

>> No.11296599

Woah! Nazrin is a mantis!

>> No.11296608

>my old computer cannot get the game to run smoothly even on 640x480
>average framerate is 31FPS
I did not remember it to be so old and shitty...
This, or Zun cannot into optimisation.

>> No.11296622

i don't think ZUN ever changed his 2hu-engine over the 10 years

>> No.11296630

Marisa's missile attack seems a bit too strong. I'm just a scrub playing normal mode anyways.

>> No.11296631

Get the one on nyaa

>> No.11296632

What the fuck I couldn't beat Lunatic

>> No.11296633

I have to turn off my antivirus in order to play this. And then when I turn it on again it deletes the game and I have to restart my computer. I can't seem to make an exception for it either. It's such a pain in the ass.

>> No.11296636

What shitty antivirus are you using?

>> No.11296639

what thefuck I couldn't beat izimodo

>> No.11296640

f-secure. I'm so buttfrustrated.

>> No.11296644


>> No.11296645

Really? It's not that hard. I consider myself to be the worst player in the west and I made it to Stage 5 on my first credit. :V

>> No.11296656

You are Zengeku aren't you?

>> No.11296658

How to fix lunatic crashes on stage 4 help i tried every shot type

>> No.11296672

Nah. Zengeku would have cleared Luny on his first try. I'm too shit to loop a CAVE on my first try let alone clear a Lunatic on my first try. If I can't do an easy task like that, how am I supposed to clear Lunatic?

>> No.11296680

Too many bullits

>> No.11296701
File: 204 KB, 1280x960, itismyfirsttimepleasebegentle.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

First try. Would've done better if my keyboard didn't attempt to suicide halfway through that midget of a final boss.

>> No.11296705


Was it your first try at any shmup ever? I'd say you got some pretty good talons if that's the case. Even if it isn't, still bretty good.

>> No.11296714

stage 5 made me lose all my shit. I was not prepared.

>> No.11296740

It's legit, however I'm also having the "Crash at stage 4 end" problem, so I'm not sure if it's all legit.

>> No.11296747

No, but I hadn't been playing shmups for a year or so. I'll need to brush the dust off my fingers if I want to clear higher difficulties on this thing, though.

I thought I'd hate the guts out of that bullet-reversing bitch, but her patterns are actually pretty fun if you spend some time on her.

>> No.11296751
File: 103 KB, 262x209, cheer.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Stage 6 boss is a dwarf?


>> No.11296754

More like Thumbelina but yeah that's the gist of it.

>> No.11296756

>Stage 4 bosses are sisters.
Barefoot sisters!
Aki sisters v2!

Foot-jobs ahoy!

>> No.11296762

One will be more gifted than the other one. I'll bet on the younger one.

>> No.11296786

>younger sister will be more powerful.
ZUN gonna ZUN.

>> No.11296938

>>4th boss shoots music note danmaku
>That's right, /jp/.
>I implemented it before ZUN did.


>7th PCB Stage 4
>9th PoFV

>> No.11296956

Anyone know if there will be another source for translations for touhou 14 that is not that horrible whereismynew2hu thing? The idea of a self updating touhou launching patcher sounds like bullshit I'd rather not support.

>> No.11297042

Normal 1cc! Had 4 lives left, too. Oh man, that staff roll theme is a remix of the title screen theme, that was awesome.

Also ZUN is 173cm tall, apparently. Shorter than me...

>> No.11297042,1 [INTERNAL] 

>So, before we begin, ponder this: If reality is too unenviable... And fantasy is too intangible... Why can I not transverse the path inbetween?


>> No.11297626
File: 563 KB, 1265x949, クール.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> オールクリアおめでとう!クールだね!
Cool indeed. I don't care what the haters say, the game was great and the new characters are nice and cute.

>> No.11297863

And with this game, official Touhou rankings can be updated:
#1 IN
#2 UFO
#3 DDC
#4+ the rest

>> No.11297870

ten desires never happened, this game is the real deal

a DOUBLE deal

>> No.11297891

Lunatic is absolute rape in DDC. Even more difficult than UFO.

Thank you based ZUN for not making another TD.

>> No.11299216

>hold down X to shoot
>characters slows as if holding shift
2/10 this is the definition of stupid
On top of that:
>click X rapidly to fire while moving fast
>high pitched ear-rape in the background constantly
0/10 this is the worst game in the entirety of the series

>> No.11301211

no you don't

>> No.11301217

i think a lot of people are lying here

i'm afraid to download this

>> No.11303544

turn the slow shot option off you retard