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/jp/ I am sad.

Kanji is too hard. Flash cards are stupid and boring. Eroge is very rarely any good, and genderbender stuff is too rare.

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I know how you feel. Hugs.

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Go get a job as a fisherman OP

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read manga.
or take a break and meditate for a week.
it will charge you with motivation.

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i'll do that, maybe find something easy to read. can't believe hidamari sketch is so wordy. I think it's actually the lack of furigana.

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I know these fellatios, OP.

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The japanese language along with its media and entertainment are all stupid and boring.

Also, asians have small dicks.

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>Eroge is very rarely any good

So why the fuck are you learning Japanese?

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He wants to join the higher beings in the eroge thread

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it's worth the 1/100

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How would you know if something was good or not when you can't read it?

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