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I don't suppose any Canadians here have experience importing doujinshi? I have a couple that someone is going to send, but I think there might be some loli content, and some sex that may not be loli. Would Canadian customs not care if a loli manga with no sexual content was being imported? Can I risk trying where they will just keep the package and not arrest me?

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If there is no sexual content with underage girls then on what grounds would they arrest you? If there is sexual content with underage girls, then I would not risk it.

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well I mean, there are naked loli. The only one I am familiar with the content is this one
and I am guessing those 1 or 2 pages of tenicles would mean its a no no for import

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Just do it you pussy.

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It's illegal in the US, too:

tl;dr: nobody gives a shit, do whatever you want.

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>(B) lacks serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value;
So if it's artistic, you can't get fined?

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Someone was already arrested in Canada for trying to import loli. Its been ages, but I cant seem to find any real info to just how bad it would be trying to import.

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Well that's really vague and subjective

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I heard that the feminism empowerment and propaganda was extremely strong there.

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I want to know if there have been more than one or two cases. Reminds me of one of those things where the RIAA would sue some poor fuck for a million dollars for pirating music every once in a while, I guess to try and scare people.

That's the point.

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Yea. That's why we elected a conservative government the last 3 elections.

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I think they do something dumb like get a panel of "average Americans" to decide whether it has artistic value.

So basically if your loli is painted in watercolours, you're fine.

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Security through obscurity?

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Nah, women have fuck all to complain about here really so not much feminism. I've never met a feminist here.

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Trust me, if I knew a method I would do it. Frankly I don't care if I just lose it, I just don't want to get arrested.

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what, pray tell, is a "tenicle"

don't import print porn from overseas anywhere, don't even buy it domestically or keep it around if you've already got it, what the hell's the point these days?

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>>11291908 what the hell's the point these days?

The guy went though the trouble of picking it up because he knew I liked it... and one is signed, so I wants it bad.

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Even if they inspected the package, I doubt they would arrest you for that, they usually go for guys with a ton of the stuff, or maybe some actual CP as well thrown in, because it is easier for them to build a case. The only thing I would be worried about if it was me, is if they could somehow flag me or something.

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We have our share of religious conservatives

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If somebody's sending you stuff unbidden, that's not your fault. Customs is looking for drugs and chemicals and such, they can't tell the difference between urotsukidoji and excel saga. Just don't buy a copy of Puni Poemi in the u.s. and then wave it around in front of a judgemental cop when you get back to banada, or start importing shit from some company that's known for shipping videos of little kids in thong bikinis to people.

Don't drink the educational kool-aid while you're up there, either. The british monarchy did not invent the republic, the ancient greeks did.

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Send it during Christmas and customs wont have time to check it.

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Couldn't you just say that you didn't know what was in the package? It's not like you ordered it.

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Would that really be a valid defence? I would worry at that point they might pull my net history and take all my computers.

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Can they do that? To pull up every post you've ever made?

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While they maybe technically could get your hard drives (I don't know if the doujinshi would be enough for a warrant or not though), I really don't see them wasting all that time and money over just one semi-lewd doujinshi.

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It's not about "just one semi-lewd doujinshi", it's about arresting a dangerous pedophile and reassuring the public that their tax money is being spent well.

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well, in fairness, its 4, maybe not all even having loli content.

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It all depends on the cop. Granted potential kiddie fuckers will get much less leeway, but with the introduction of mandatory minimums I've heard cases where the cops have just confiscated drugs from nonviolent offenders and letting them go because if they were to haul them in they'd be slapping some kid with a mandatory 2 or 3 year sentence because he happened to have a few ounces on him

Jeez it's less hassle to just move to some third world shit hole and convert to islam in order to dunk yr junk in the real thing

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A guy in my city was arrested for loli eroge recently. If I were you I would stop thinking those sinful impure thoughts you dirty barbaric pedophile.

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nice b8 m8

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If they open the package they will search your house and computer and you'll probably get arrested. Canada views loli as child porn.

customs doesn't seem to open much in Ontario however as of the few hundred packages Ive received over the years Ive only ever had 2 inspected. That being said i still don't risk it unless its a loli eroge i really want and even then i order lots of other stuff as well to try and hide it.

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Listen listen, I know this is heard for you euros to understand, and let's not split hairs here canada that's what you are, but not demanding that everyone accepts even more cultural enrichment right NOW doesn't make you hitler, styling yourself as conservative means fuck all when it's just a hat you wear.

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I don't really give a fug


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Don't lie.


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fuck you

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Would this work?

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no I don't that's why I'm on /jp/

I can't take it easy with people vomiting identity politics and race war into my otaku culture

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If that was true you wouldn't come into a thread about legal matters.

Stop lying.

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I've come here to shitpost about my own country!

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Oh, then it seems I am in the wrong here afterall.
Sorry about that, carry on.

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well, they are all loli.

Anyone have any suggestions on how I can get them mailed to me?

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If anyone successfully ships a loli doujin to canada, please post about it on /jp/.
It'll clear the air for a lot of people.

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If anyone can link me to a good site, I'll order some.

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Here's how customs works in most large countries, the sheer volume of incoming mail prevents the the people at the handful of entry points from thoroughly inspecting every parcel. What happens is things get tagged down for extra attention, "engine parts", strange powders, stuff like that, your porn will only get that same level of attention of you give it reason to.

I'm not up to date on what exactly the current law on loli is in canada, so I don't know specific what they are looking for. A box marked porn or comics coming from japan is most likely going to be given an extra eye though, it's not the 90's anymore and this stuff does make news now. Ordering a few extra things or just asking the shipper to mark it "books" or "merchandise" can help avoid this issue.

You won't be prosecuted if it's just a dozen cartoons of school girls swallowing dicks, while a crate of four year olds being raped with cactus might warrant a little more incentive for you to be the asshole the make an example of. Just don't be the biggest fish in the pond and then even if they intercept your shit, it will most likely end in confiscation rather than prosecution as it won't be worth the money and time to prove you knowingly ordered it.

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Well that sounds reasonable. Let's say someone sends me a small box with them as a birthday gift, declared as say 'gift books' or birthday gift would that sound like it would get through? And if it does get flaged could I just explain it away as not knowing what was being sent to me? Maybe even doing it around Christmas so it will be even less noticeable.

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Doujinshi import that was opened but was sent through. (When I saw that tape around the edges when I got my package, I was like 'Oh Sh-'). Purchased from an online store and shipped as >>11292494 had specified.

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Rule of thumb, never never never send it marked as "gift", chinese bootleggers and heroin slingers from kazakhstan done ruined it for everyone and customs knows that trick in just about every country. You want something that seems just descriptive enough for the asshole who has to look at it to be satisfied.

We're talking international mail here, big or small it's going to at least be looked at.

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Lots of people have shipped loli doujin to Canada. It's not like customs will check every package. You just have to hope that you're not the unlucky fuck that gets his package randomly opened.

Marking it as "birthday gift" will make your package more suspicious. Just mark it as "books" or something.

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>You want something that seems just descriptive enough for the asshole who has to look at it to be satisfied.
Such as?

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Something that is on the mark of what you ordered, but not explicit. I'm not going to dream up a euphemism for every facet of otaku culture you might try to get through on a blockcade runner.

Mislabeling is a crime, and a LOT of places won't even allow your input on it. Japan is especially bad about this for foreign orders, though proxy buyers will usually play ball. What you want to do isn't throw everything under some catchall or use a blatant lie, but something that describes what's in the package succinctly without being a word on some watch list.

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Maybe its just me, but using books to describe the contents of a package from Japan seems like a red flag to me.

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Let's talk about a hypothetical situation where someone is going to be going to Japan on a return trip from Canada. Would it be prudent for that person to disassemble a doujin and smuggle it samizdat-style if that person did not want customs to find that person's tastes in Japanese literature?

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While I don't live in Canada, I've had lots of doujinshi shipped to me marked as "books" or "used books" and they've gone through fine.

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Don't try taking that shit with you.
Mail it to yourself, that stuff on your person and in your luggage is subject to WAY more scrutiny than some literature sent through the post.

If you're just out for the challenge I guess it'd be fine though.

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underage materials are shit, but they just appear when you least expected. Whats more bizzare, they still prosecute even if they are drawings. Drugs has lesser punishment than this.

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pffft naw I was honestly curious. Not like I'd have the courage to buy the shit or go outside of my hermitage to Japan.

The biggest thing I've done was smuggle a fake ID across the border inside my laptop and that was scary as shit

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Okay, if I do this and the package is caught by customs, is there any way to talk my way out of trouble?

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Uh yeah officer, I was just holding that for a friend.

Works every time.

When the hammer is going to come down, your package doesn't ever show up and you eventually get a letter in the mail. You can basically do two things from there, pay whatever fee they throw at you and just shrug it off as you didn't know you had done something wrong, or just totally blow it off and hope they don't care enough to come at you. Either way you're set to place the same exact order again and hope for a better roll of the dice next time.

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No there isnt

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I REALLY wouldn't suggest it. Had the RCMP knock at my door after a shipment got held up at the boarder. Nothing illegal in it, but the cover's alone were enough for them to flag it I guess. Had to show them in person that there was nothing bad in it. Perhaps one of the worst moments of my life.

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I dunno, just roll the dice and see what happens.

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What was it?

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the boarder


boarder lololol

prepared to be borarded lololol

lololololololol lololol

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I don't know what to do. If it might be a small fine or they just keep it I might risk it, but I don't want to get in trouble or arrested but I can't find what officially what would happen.

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It's really like any petty crime, but most times if the order is small and not absolutely horrible they just keep it and demand a stock fee for processing, every country calls that something different. If they are only mildly agitated you get pressed with something like a border regulation fine which may or may not come with a black mark on your criminal record and a bigger price tag. Anything more and they send you for life and air that shit on fox news for about a year to scare off all the others.

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Fuck how horrifying.

If you have sexual thoughts about IMAGINARY little girls then you must be worst than drug dealers, terrorists, murders.

This country fucking sucks.

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I agree man.

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It's absurd that these sub-human transtesticles get more rights than innocent lolicons/pedosexuals. Are dling and ordering doujins REALLY more harmful than putting your tax dollars towards mutilating some mental defect's genitals?

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Damn man. I would've probably OD'd on sleeping pills at that point

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What if I'm hatesexual and hating other people's sexuality is the only thing that gets me off?


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it's because the man wants to oppress the jp
they is scared of us cause dey know we is a strong ppl

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You're the same idiot that mentioned PPP last time aren't you? In Canada you may have issues, in New Zealand, it's banned. It's freely sold and available and has been from every major brick and mortor that sells a large selection of DVDs, namely Fry's and Best Buy etc, and online shop in the US.

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They used to think we were too gross to talk to.
What ever happened to that?

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From experience, don't do it. It's not worth it. I'm not sharing my story, but don't. I used to import a good amount of doujinshi and eroge (not specifically loli, but some had loli characters) and it's really not worth it when/if you get caught.

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Please tell us about your experiences, Mr. Finklestein

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My one friend got a talking to for loli. Just remember the law and your legal rights and don't be a bitch if the RCMP starts making threats. My best advice is to ship it discretely in limited quantities.

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read the thread, problem's been solved for awhile now, it's just shitposters mechanically pretending to argue about transsexual politics or some shit itt now

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I agree, tell us. You're anonymous after all.

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>read the thread
I did. Some people will still get owned by customs, especially with the "though on crime" policy of current governments.

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It's sad that you guys mention that anything related to Japan, particularly books, will probably get the eye of some Canadian customs worker because of the things regarding loli there.

I'm glad that America trusts and has trust in Japan as much as it does. I've ordered countless figures and pillow covers and whatever else from Japan and they've never been touched. The US customs just doesn't seem to care about Japan.

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Same. I had some questionable doujinshi sit in US customs for 9 days once, but it turns out they didn't even open the thing.

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US Customs is pretty chill. They seized an order of benzos (generic Xanax) I had ordered from somewhere in Latin America... can't remember where as this was years ago.

They sent a letter saying they had my drugs (lol) and if I still wanted them I had to fill out some forms . I said fuck it and was glad not be charged with anything. I've never had any problem since then

btw, the company I ordered from apologized and sent me a new batch that came through with no problem.

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I import games from Japan, and most are marked as gift.
How can I tell if they've been opened?

>> No.11294850

Customs is any country is hardly subtle about their repackaging of searched items. If you think it's been tampered with in any way it's been inspected by customs.

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Well fuck, I guess I cant get them then. I was hoping I could find a way I could possibly get them without getting in trouble, even if it ment losing them possibly. Fuck.

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Just do it faget. You're probably already a criminal in one way or another.

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Anyone have any experience bringing loli doujins into Canada via checked baggage. I bought around 40 primarily loli doujin at C84 and am wondering what the best way to get them home is.

>> No.11296207

Wouldn't bringing them home via carry on baggage be a safer bet?

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Carry on or checked would still be fairly unsafe, that's how some of the people I heard about getting in trouble ended up getting busted.

>> No.11298823

Wouldn't customs be less able to find stuff around christmass? And wouldn't the chance of something being checked from a person rather than a busness be even less? And if it wasn't coming from japan but the usa wouldn't there be even less chance?

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When Canadian customs opens packages it will be sealed again with a yellow CBSA packing tape.

I've only ever had one 2 packages (out of ~75) from opened by customs. One was an onahole because the packaging slip mentioned the presence of a liquid. The second was a personal package marked as gift/books.

It might just be me but I think they're take a closer look to any printed stuff when it comes from japan. I've placed dozens of orders for books from Europe and never once did they get stopped at the border.

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That's depressing. Why Japan? It's such a safe and benign country. I can understand if you were shipping shit from Pakistan or something but the third most relevant country in the world?

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Yurope, Murrica, and Banada all thinks animu is immoral art sexualising high school girls or younger. Moralfags everywhere. I ordered a dollfie and I'm already scared to end my life in jail with serial murderers.

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Ordered plenty of books through mandarake, including a few books with little girls either in it or on the cover, including porn and not-porn.
It was usually marked as "Printed goods" alongside robot toys though, for what that's worth. Never got opened or anything, though the trip from the coast to my house is literally customs to the local office, as I live in Vancouver.

I'd say it's worth the tiny risk if you want the stuff, there are alot riskier ways than sending it by mail. I was stopped on my way back after my previous trip to the states and had my stuff searched. They almost flipped through my sketchbook full of smut but due to cheery talkative relateableness they didn't bother opening it.

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america freely lets in japnese goods with no issue. just having a package from japan labeled books gets instantly eyed in canada.

america doesnt care.

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>The current minimum penalty for possession of, or "accessing," child pornography is fourteen days imprisonment.

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OP, long story short, they don't give a shit.

tl;dr below

All persecutions of "loli" in Canada have been comorbid with CP. So basically it means that they don't go cracking your mail randomly for illegal content without just cause i.e. trying to get a warrant to raid your house, because they already know that you have CP from online records.

This means that as long as you don't have CP, then you are basically fine, because they don't prosecute for possession of loli alone in Canada.

>> No.11299224

So basicly if you get caught there is no chance of just losing the package, you will be arrested and fucked.

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oh wow this retard thread's still up

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What are you basing what you are saying for them not prosecuting someone for a package of doujin with loli? I would think the opposite.

>Matheson's plea bargain brings to a close a two-year ordeal in which he was arrested and charged with criminal possession of child pornography after Canadian customs officials found a single questionable image on his computer.

>Mr. Handley's case began in May 2006 when he received an express mail package from Japan that contained seven Japanese comic books. That package was intercepted by the Postal Inspector, who applied for a search warrant after determining that the package contained cartoon images of objectionable content. Unaware that his materials were searched, Handley drove away from the post office and was followed by various law enforcement officers, who pulled him over and followed him to his home

>> No.11299255

That guy got arrested for the moe sex positions picture that anyone who is not a newfag has seen countless times. Yeah, seriously.

Also Canadian criminal law defines CP as anything featuring people under 18, so most doujins are covered by it, not just loli.

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It's not retarded, we canadians are scared to order hobby shit from japan because of moralfags law.

>> No.11299274

Anything that could subjectively be interpreted sexually with a character that could maybe be considered under 18. (like they have birth certificate or something)

>> No.11299281

well we know you're retarded because
1) canadian, and
2) you type like a teenager
and anything you can get from a u.s. seller (who isn't a gun show or something) is likely fine in canada, just don't import it straight from "gravure-idols-R-us export company co. ltd. of Japan"

this thread of yours was just an excuse for a "loli thread"

now wrap it up before I put my dick in your ear

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That's precisely the problem. The guy referenced in >>11299248 got arrested because some Ottawa police officer thought the girl in the picture they found looked 6 years old. Seriously, its in the court documents.

>> No.11299319

1. I'm not OP
2. I'm french-canadian so sorry if I'm not writing literature here.
3. take it easy...

>> No.11299344


Precedent set by mr. Handley basically says shit like that won't happen anymore.

The case of Ryan Matheson really is an oddity. The fact that they searched his computer and all of his electronics was really odd.

>> No.11299369

I am op and it wasn't just a excuse to post a loli thread. Someone bought the newest works from a artist I like and even got one signed at C84, unfortunately they were all loli.

>> No.11299375

If they ever stopped and searched my computer, I've got a few VNs and flash games that would get me v&, and I think there might be one or two 3DCP pictures floating around somewhere.

Prison is only a police stop away.

>> No.11299378

That's nice, dear.

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Just do a full disk encryption.

>> No.11299384

That's nice, dear. Most laptops and RAID controllers have that built-in these days.

>> No.11299390

The whole thread is sort of like that.

That's true. At least I'm not British, where refusing to decrypt can get you charged with terrorism.

>> No.11299391

Then there's nothing to worry about is there, dear?

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O Canaduh.

I think I've made the better, healthier decision in suppressing my natural urges and turning to alcohol abuse to cope.

>> No.11299398

You wanna kill yourself now? I'd very much rather you stop existing so /jp/ can be a nice place.

>> No.11299414

I always think of this story
The tiny amount of real images makes me think the cops just planted them to make persecution easy, though obviously there's no proof of that

>> No.11299421

Hidden partitions?

>> No.11299436

I don't wanna end up on the wrong end of the law because a customs official made a call that will fuck my life.

I mean they hauled in a guy nearby just recently for a realdoll...

>> No.11299440

Canada sounds horrible

>> No.11299443

>I mean they hauled in a guy nearby just recently for a realdoll...


>> No.11299469


I've ordered dozens of books from CDJapan, and they label it as "books." No signs of it being tempered with, ever. America doesn't care about Japanese imports.

>> No.11299470

Are all commonwealth countries this nanny?

>> No.11299474

What country is the best for an otaku? I don't want to go through Canada's bullshit.

>> No.11299481

>Authorities said the package contained a human-like figure, which turned out to be a child sex doll — illegal in Canada.
>Royal Newfoundland Constabulary Cst. Talia Murphy said the doll looked like a child, and was dressed in a school uniform.
>"This doll has been deemed to be child pornography, it's approximately four foot two [inches tall], it's made of a foam-like material, it comes with accessories that would be used for sexual gratification purposes," said Murphy.

Not an actual realdoll, but you get the gist of it. Most of the chatter about it the next day consisted of why we aren't allowed to lynch child molesters. Even the most Marxist transqueer tools who called said that he was sick in the head and should be committed to a hospital to "get the help he needs."

>> No.11299478

move to japan?

>> No.11299479


>> No.11299493


Mail them. International luggage will go under way more scrutiny than some package labelled books.

>> No.11299504

Here's a story that bookish Canadians like to tell:

During Expo 67 in Montreal, the government hired teams of bylaw enforcers to police the various exhibits with noise gauges. If an exhibit went over the decibel limit for how loud an attraction could be, the people running the booth were warned to turn down the volume of get shut down.

This is a fairly accurate picture of what most of Canada (most of the prairies is an exception) is like. We love our LAW and ORDER. And Canadians - important, nationally recognized Canadians, such as Pierre Berton - tell this tale as if our latent authoritarianism is something to be proud of.

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You wouldn't be here if it weren't for your superiors, now get back on task.

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It's shit like this as well as >>11299481 which has made me paranoid about ordering anything from Japan that doesn't have gigantic sacks of fat hanging off of it. Or anything at all, really, since I don't want to out myself as "abnormal."

At least the government can't read my thoughts when I sleep at night

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Yes sir

I faithfully obey every command

>> No.11299541

...or that isn't porn. Quit jerkin it and go contribute to the proud canadian faux-Japanese animation industry!

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>proud canadian faux-Japanese animation industry
I'd rather roughneck in the tar sands for a lifetime and a half

>> No.11299571

Canada hates Japan.
Japanese-Canadian immigrants built railways across all of Canada. How does Canada pay them back?
By throwing them all into "intern camps" where they would work for no pay. Just because their buddies down in the US of A had a few problems down in pearl harbor, Canada assumed every Japanese-Canadian citizen was a foreign spy even though they'd been living there for decades before WW2 or even WW1.
Oh and what happened to their property and other stuff? Well they were promised it back once they got out of there - not before it was sold off at auction first though. Kind of like Hitler did with the Jews, right?

All of this stuff about Canada being dicks about imported Japanese items does not surprise me one bit.

>> No.11299581

The Chinese built the railway.

>> No.11299594

My bad sorry for that bit of misinfo.
Canada still hates the heck out of Japan anyways.

>> No.11299619

Chinese had to wear yellow badges during the war to ensure that whites didn't lynch them.

Yeah, Canadians are pretty darn racist

>> No.11299642

not anymore after the huge immigration flux

>> No.11299650

The immigrants are just as racist.

>> No.11299797

You think if we vote for libertarian representatives we might get some ground? They are for supporting victimless crimes, so by extension they are pro-loli.

>> No.11299798


>> No.11300044

Is it true that Canada has preemptively outlawed loli sex robots?

>> No.11300828

Well this went offtopic fast. I am leaning more and more towards not risking it.

>> No.11300886

You are going to get fucked anally as soon as it comes in. Good luck

>> No.11300935

i'm trying to understand why the solid work is better than seeing it on the internet, or failing that paying someone to buy and upload such stuff.

>> No.11300942

Well it will be scanned uploaded and translated most likely if I get it or not. I guess its mostly because it would be neat to have and the fact that someone went through the trouble of getting it and even getting one signed.

>> No.11300953 [DELETED] 
File: 266 KB, 826x763, Screen Shot 2013-08-13 at 7.24.35 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

hahaha the canadian flag right above momozi :DD (newfags won't get this :D)

>> No.11300968

I'm no weeb but does momozi translate to maple leaf?

>> No.11300970

actually it translates to "peach hour"
t. expert

>> No.11301184

What are the chances of getting a full-naked daki into Canada? She's not a loli but definitely doesn't look like she's over 18.

>> No.11301204

Tomorrow I'm going to the post office to mail my 4.8kg of c84 from Tokyo to Toronto. Luckily I won't be back in Canada for another 3 weeks so if it does get searched and they draw up a warrant I can defect to Bolivia instead of going home. Also I've been out of the country for over a year and my permanent address is my parent's house which I haven't lived in for years.
Wish me luck jaypee

>> No.11301210

c84 loli doujin I meant to say

>> No.11301240

I wish you the best of luck in prison. I'll be sure to post here if you show up on the CBC or CTV.

>> No.11302974

If you are serious I would like to hear how it goes.

>> No.11303106

Anyone in here have any experience in dealing with UK customs as I would like to import lewd doujins but with the current porn crackdown I'd like to hear from some anons who have already done so.

>> No.11303112

UK is a small country with high population density and very stringent laws on the matter. The 8/10 chance of things working out for a canadian is a 2/10 chance for you.

>> No.11303137

Maybe you'll get lucky, like people did with Lost Girls:

>> No.11303542

If you want to get anything into anywhere just take the approach the drug dealers do. Pay off a minor to accept the shipment, they cant prosecute them so if they get it without issue your golden and if they get caught they will know there is nothing that can be done to them.

>> No.11304966

I ordered Saya No Uta from J-list.
It'd be cool if I got arrested for it, because then there'd be a big case arguing the artistic merit of VNs.
I am willing to go through that.

>> No.11305045

God I want this.

>> No.11305233

>artistic merit of VNs

>> No.11307430

I am surprised this thread lasted so long and was so civil.

Anyways, the fact that I cant seem to track down a single person that has gotten loli through Canadian customs leads me to think that they all got arrested for it.

>> No.11307518

Who would defend you?

The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund sure as HELL don't care about your PowerPoint "games".

>> No.11308445

Of course they would defend it, they are mostly pedos too.

>> No.11311479

So anyone else with any advice?

>> No.11311519

Maybe you're just a dumbass, I guess something about being canadian does that to people.

Anyway I hope you all die, so seeing you guys get into a little bit of "npc infighting" amongst yourselves doesn't really bother me much.

>> No.11311525

It's a /b/ thread since it's about pedos. I'm disappointed it wasn't deleted.

>> No.11313416

What about to the US, though

>> No.11313424

All the pedos on /b/ moved to /jp/ years ago.

>> No.11313513

US don't give a shit.

>> No.11314206

I'm not a pedo, hell I really dislike pedos.

I just want to bring some exhibitionism doujin into Canada which contains loli content because they are from my favorite author.

>> No.11317808

you're still a pedo.

>> No.11317823

no actually he isn't, but that's what this stupid thread is really about, it just doesn't admit to it. This is a /b/ thread about the 3D version, the /b/tard community (on whichever board or site) just never quits, tell them not to do something they do it harder

>> No.11317831

You should consider being less paranoid.

>> No.11317834


>> No.11317934

christ, just read the thing

>> No.11319858

All I wanted to know is how bad it would be if I was caught, would they just keep it or would they arrest me? By the letter of the law, they would arrest, and so far no one has been able to tell me different.

>> No.11319949

No clue, I don't live in naziland and nobody up there seems to think it's worth knowing about. If you're so paranoid I suggest you follow their lead.

>> No.11319958

Oh Canada

>> No.11321558

Just successfully brought 50lbs of eroge through the border from the US with no questions asked (estimated them at $700). I still have 15lbs of even more questionable eroge to bring up though...

>> No.11321606

Go for it OP. Have you been to Anime North in Ontario? They openly sell lewd loli pillowcases, I bought one of Flan a couple years ago. I think getting caught is fairly uncommon, they just make examples out of some people.

>> No.11321613

I wonder how they decide?
What if we just produce flat-chested adult sexbots? What about oppai loli sexbots? The way I see it, as long as it's not short + flat they can't reasonably call it a child.

>> No.11321617

I have, but buying something already through the border and customs is different than buying it at a con. Its like the cops catching you with a bag of weed as opposed to customs catching you mailing it.

>> No.11321684

65lbs of pussy and ass! Almost as much as a real loli.

>> No.11321689

If Sweden can ban DOA because Ayane is 14, and USA says it doesn't matter if the character doesn't look like an actual child to be considered a child, then Canada can come up with something like "it has to be 16? years from date of manufacture to be legal"

>> No.11321787

>"it has to be 16? years from date of manufacture to be legal"
Easily combated, humans constantly shed flesh and rebuild cells - it's the brain that needs to be old.

We just need to force in some old-ass PC components to the sexbots head.

>> No.11323745

except with more variety.

>> No.11324913

yeah but how did the people selling them get it in?
And they bought a lot, not just one single one.

>> No.11325724

That's what I wana know. I suppose if someone could point me to one of these sellers I could try and talk to them to learn of their method, or maybe to get confirmation that the danger isn't as bad.

Thanks for that idea, does anyone know how to contact any of these people/stores?

>> No.11326093

That's not how merchants work.

>> No.11326572 [DELETED] 

Just about every woman in Canada, thinks they get paid less than men, even though we have minimum wage laws.

>> No.11326689

how so?

>> No.11326708

how's that relevant in any way you dumbass

>> No.11326710

pls no bully.

>> No.11326966 [DELETED] 

This is unrelated, but are we supposed to keep track of our orders for tax purposes?

>> No.11328080

I have to ask.
I ordered a daki about more than a month ago.
Is there any chance that customs have seized control of the daki and that I will not get my daki?

The daki in question had loli on it. Is there a chance I might not receive it at all?

I'm worried since I don't normally export anything. I'm really getting paranoid that I'll never get my daki.

>> No.11328111

Import you stupid mother fucker, and no customs probably isn't going to look through your package as long as the description doesn't say "sexual depiction of an underage girl." They've never once gone through any of my packages, and the only time one got hung up was because I used EMS and they decided to just charge me taxes.

>> No.11328563

It's as he said, though I once had a package fall off the face of the earth for three months before it got to me becuase, EMS. It's usually worth the extra five hundred yen to have your shit within the week.

>> No.11330645

That's bullshit. If you get a package from Japan, and it is declared as "manga" or "books" there is a 99% chance they will not only check it but they will check it in depth.

>> No.11332101
File: 172 KB, 892x591, Thankfuckinggod.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Depends if it was lewd or not. I had pic related just come in today. The package was actually checked by Canadian customs, yellow tape and all.

Still managed to get through due to it being not really lewd.

>> No.11333241

>related just come in today. The package was actually checked by Canadian customs, yellow tape and all.
Yea I am not really surprised that made it through, its not even pervy and the character is basicly curvy enough for them to not even question it.

I still cant find anyone who has had experience bringing in doujin v_v I guess my signed copy will never get to me.

>> No.11333274

This is Canada, not some shitty country like the states.

>> No.11333281


Go back to gaia.

>> No.11333343
File: 71 KB, 440x600, 530540.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I was going to make a thread for this, but I figure I'll post this here, since I noticed the flag of my home and native land.

Why hasn't this been scanned and translated yet? Why are there all of those other Ouma Tokiichi doujinshi and yet this one isn't there? Are you a bunch of homosexuals or something? I am so disappointing in my community. What the fuck, man. You guys would be put into concentration camps if this were Russia.


I'd buy it if I knew how, but I don't even have a scanner. If it's not a futa book I'd probably pay to have it translated, too.

>> No.11333349


I've ordered hundreds of packages from Japan and literally none of them have been checked at customs.

>> No.11333354

Well tell that to the retard I was replying to, no one checks shit up here either.

>> No.11333368

Because it's out of stock!

>> No.11333384

>If Sweden can ban DOA
I'm being nitpicky here, but the publisher selfcensored themselves when some guy brought out that the minigame where you can shoot pictures with the (underage) ladies can be interpreted as sexual something of underage persons. (They circumvented this later on by taking out their age stats in their biographies.)

>> No.11333396


You'll need a paypal account or something.

>> No.11333458
File: 210 KB, 1283x1500, a564355b80b22a498da92854bd1ebb7b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Well, shit. At least the Japanese have good taste.



If someone can find this doujin, I will do whatever I can to make sure the Japanese stop hogging this doujin for themselves and make Yukari's tits a worldwide experience.

>> No.11333494

Go find/use your own sites, you whores.

>> No.11333528
File: 1.02 MB, 1000x1333, 1374059918517.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Suck my porous border, dude.

>> No.11333552

You know that's a wall scroll, not a doujin, right?

>> No.11333558

That was easy.

>> No.11333581

Dreams have been shattered.

>> No.11333590

Come on, dude. Even if you can't read moonrunes, it's over 3000 yen and has no preview images. 'course it's not a book.

>> No.11333608




Feels bad, man.

>> No.11333667

I also want to know this.

>> No.11333723

What do you think causes the shipping delays during that time?

Hint, they're not all out on vacation.

>> No.11333761
File: 29 KB, 800x473, 1374373649337.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Why the fuck is it $400?

>> No.11333775

It's rare.

>> No.11333777

Because it's out of print and rare and stuff.
No, it's not worth 400 bucks.

>> No.11337947

I wana know of some that sell loli manga so I can talk to them.

>> No.11337984

Hmm, I suppose that's true.

>> No.11338106


Vancoverite here. I've imported a lewd daki just fine. Same with some questionable figs. Just do it.