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Worst teehee

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whose dat

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Are you the dickspammer, guy-who-takes-pictures-of-his-food-and-makes-pictures-and-videos-of-himself-driving-and-posts-them-on-/jp/-and-other-boards-san?

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That dickspammer freak is the same retard posting the motorcycle pictures?

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I think so. Also might be the guy who talks about his cousins in my threads.

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I've never seen that person once, but then again I just ignore your spam.

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I want to taste flan again. It's really good.

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Do you really like Asuka so much?

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Yes. I transiently like other characters too but I don't ever not like Asuka.

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Why the fuck did some 4chan nerds decide "purrin purrin" is "puddi puddi"?

Also fuck moot for reviving that forced meme years after it was relevant. I mad.

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Rei's better

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purrin purrin purrin puuuuriiiiin...

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Why is Flan so fucking delicious?

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You don't drive a motorcycle, you ride it.

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I want to stick my dick in Flan and fertilize the eggs.

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Yucurri shiteitte ne

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Bats are mammals you goofus.

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I pilot motorcycles


Mammals have eggs too, silly

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Ooh that egg. I aplogize for not understanding right now anon.

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Don't apologize to me, I'm not the one impregnating flans

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why not? are you a homo?

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So you're assuming a flan gender is obligatory female?

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i look foward to your threads everyday, it gives me a sense of normalcy

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What's the dealio with her expression?

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She's iffy about the taste.

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