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What if people on /jp/ are ironicly sarcastic and actually think what they write?

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I think they are passive aggressive.

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What if people on /jp/ are ironicly sarcastic and actually think what they write?

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There is no ironic shitposting anymore.

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I like to think that /jp/ is just on person talking to himself and that its just me and him on the board.

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"Ironic sarcasm" is redundant unless you mean "facetiousness."

At any rate, I think /jp/ is very self-aware with regards to their posting.

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Include me in your fantasy too, nerd.

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but anon, you are that guy, everyone is except me

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Why does anime question girl have so many questions?

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She's at that curious age, she wants to know about everything.

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Why do you suck so much cock?

because you have a sexy mouth

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Oh m-my...

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Don't resist your desires

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But it's not right, boys can't love boys.

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When I'm finished with you, you wont be a boy

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At least have the decency to sage your gay shit.

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That sounds painful...
Very well

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why thank you

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Can I be you?

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It will be painful at first but you will get use to it

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Please be gentle then...

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I go balls deep son

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Then at least be tender with me...

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the only thing that will be tender is your ass after I'm done with you

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I don't know if I can give such a person my anal-virginity... I already feel so violated...

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Just accept it. Its going to happen and there is nothing you can do about it

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Alright then, I guess I'll just have to take it...

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bring your cat ears and fuzzy handcuffs, I'll take care of the rest

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O-okay I'll be there soon...

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I'll be waiting for you baby

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One of the most gayest threades I've seen on /jp/ in a while

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Obviously you have been here for the cocksuck threads

get out crossboarder

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you either haven't been to /jp/ in a few months or you are just new. I'll just be delusional and pretend your internet went down for a while

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you just blew my mind :DDDDD

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Oh my god is that prince Larsa? If I could chose to fug one boy, it would be him.
He makes me rock hard.

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