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It certainly is summer.

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I-It is...

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No it isn't.

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Is there a time limit to her offer?

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yuuga :DDd

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go hunt wallabies or something ausfag

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I think it's only for summer.

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Is it true that Australians have two Christmases in a year? One during winter and one in December?

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No I mean, what if I take a long time to orgasm? I'd surely be uncomfortable at first as I slowly got over my inhibitions.

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It's winter here too...

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Plants sure can take it easy, but the people behind you in the queue won't.

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Thanks Tom.

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w-wait, there will be others watching me? I'll never get it up, I can't even pee in public if someone uses the urinal next to me

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What are /jp/s tips against the heat? Not living in a country where ACs are standard and it's very unusual having temperatures above 30°C/85°F, i'm sweating like hell and getting a headache. This is the apocalypse.

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Remove clothes with only your underwear on

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Put a wet cloth/towel around your neck.

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i'm already half-naked, only wearing my underwear and socks

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Impregnating Yuuka Kazami

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Put your fan to MAX and turn off the PC d00d

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Even knowing that all of you wouldn't take responsibility. You truly are the worst.

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Put your feet in a bowl filled with cold water and ice, only wear a pair of shorts (that also means without underwear) and/or make some air movement with fans.

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I would most certainly take responsibility.
You mistake me for a mere ruffian, as I would happily marry her and raise a big, loving family.

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cute pic

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December IS winter you idiot

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Um.. Not in Australia...