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We all talk about which Touhou we like the most, but what about the Touhou you fear the most? Mine is pic related because she is the craftiest possibly most powerful youkai with ulterior motives.

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I fear Parsee the most since she is the only one mean enough to laugh at me if she ever saw my microdick.

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None because touhous aren't real toplel XD

But seriously, for me it would probably be the mooners because of their power and hate for "impure" things, which we humans on earth are part of. Nothing stopping them from simply purifying an area.

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I'd go with Yukari too. That bitch scares the hell out of me.

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feeling insanity is the worst

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All of them. Living things are scary. I'm sure they are going to bully me and stuff.

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that picture is going to give me nightmares

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I think Mystia could be quite frightening, if she's not busy being eaten.

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I think you've got the right idea.

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~kill me already Erin!

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Eirin. Yukari is scary and all, but it's not like I'd do anything to piss her off. She clearly places youkai over humans, but if Gensokyo were under attack then she'd most definitely protect me by proxy. Eirin is just some moon cunt who would probably use me as a guinea pig when that poor rabbit needed a break before she expired. Eirin holds no loyalties towards Gensokyo and would gladly let the Watatsuki's nuke it.

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you guys aren't helping my fears

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I fear no 2hu.

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Spiteful, vengeful Yukari is damn terrifying.

I want her to "frighten" me.

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the only reason yulari would save you is to feed you to the youkai afterwards

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Please do not underestimate Mystia, she is a deadly man-eating night sparrow, and not cute at all.

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No, what the fuck. Delete and fix.

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Are you OC or something? A simple typo should bother you so much

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As a weak, powerless human I would fear all youkai.
Wonder if I could get Marisa to teach me magic...

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Not when she's exposing her weak point so shamelessly.

Belly smooch attack!

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As a freedom loving citizen of the Land of Freedom, they would be the ones scared of me when they see my Colt M4 and my big dick.

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>Thinking you'd scare anyone with real bullets in a land of people flinging magic bullets.


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You retard, what have you done! here it comes.

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Have you ever seen a Touhou die because of magic bullets? No, and don't bring up the PC-98 games because Makai was dangerous as fuck.

Well, guess what, I've heard many people die from actual bullets being fired at them.

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Then my 10" monster would scare the shit out of them, unless they happen to be lesbians or something of the sort. As far as I know Jews haven't reached Gensokyo yet though.

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Are you telling me the Jews are responsible for Lesbianism?

Damn Jews!

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That's not fair. That's Yukari when she saw Yuyuko get died.

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Honestly, this work is no better than a DBZ episode. Why post it.

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That's not fair. That's when those guys were trying to bully her. Why don't you post the one of her dancing with Yuyuko? She looks nice there.

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Because this is a scary Touhou thread?

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You're right. I'm sorry. I love you.

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Eirin is scary.
Seiga is also scary, but attracts me.
Koishi is scary.

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Yes, damn Jews! I love them so much.

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Yukari a kowai

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Crash Yukaricoot

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Crash Yakumocoot

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Scary or not she's still Waifu material to me.

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Koishi is truly scary. At least the other touhous at least know better when it comes to their powers, but Koishi acts purely on a whim, and could destroy someone's subconcious mind as a game or something.

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After HM, I wouldn't think Koishi is all that malicious. Canon moeblob.

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Agreed. She's too cute in HM to ever be scary to me.

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At worst she would just molest you without you knowing.

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Yuyuko. She's convinced everyone that she's just some dithering glutton, when in reality she orchestrates incidents just for kicks.

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Hates all of humanity? Check.
Impossible to kill because she's already dead? Check.
Could easily possess one of your loved ones and make them stab you in the back? Literally? Yes.
Could instead kill all of your loved ones first and make you suffer? Oh, most definitely.

There are many reasons why evil spirits with grudges are so widely feared in Japan.

Mima is more than willing to kill you. And the worst part is, you won't know when or where she will do it.

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Surprised no one has even mentioned Flandre yet. She has the power to destroy anything she wants just by squeezing her right hand, and 495 years shut off from anyone else to back it. According to the backstory of EoSD's extra stage, Remilia even forgot all about her (Although she might have meant she forgot for that day, but still...)

So basically she's both my favorite and my most feared.

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that's fucked up

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But immense destructive power isn't really scary. What is scary is pain.
Like, I'm more afraid of getting stabbed than being shot.
Getting stabbed seems more painful.

And Flan-chan wouldn't devise a way to cause you pain, she would just turn you into pink mist instantly.

Yukari would make it so you suffer so much you wish you were dead. And she has the means to do so easily.

Yukari intimidates me sexually and psychologically.

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Kanako but I don't really know why. She seems like a mean kind of woman.

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I don't think it's the insanity you have to worry about.

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The Yama judges all, and very harshly at that. Out of all the playable 2hu's in her game, not one would've managed to not go to Hell according to her dialogue.

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they all kind of deserve it

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One of the reasons Yukari is the best is BECAUSE she is so wickedly overpowered and scheming. Sexy scary.

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Koishi and Flandre would make a freaky scary duo. Yukari and Okuu should also be feared.

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i dunno if they could be in the same room together though

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Underground is terrifying, the most agreeable youkai over there consists of a deva, and an earth spider with control over DISEASES.
Then there's the jealousy elemental, a god-eater, and two satori with a lovecraftian insight into the human mind.
I hope those who like Chireiden and enter Gensokyo, are prepared for their trials.

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simple solution don't go to the underground

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I'm scared of ghosts!

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A terrifying devil from that Scary Devil Mansion!

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I'm scared of breasts and feet, so she IS scary!

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Very powerful and frightening, truly the strongest there is

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Have the Japanese given a name to the recession in otherwise flat clothing that is caused by it being draped over the butt cheeks of a woman?

I need a word for this.

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Funny that the most primal human fears are actually the most childish ones.
>fear of darkness
>fear of cold
>the disturbing feeling of insects walking all over you
>fear of insanity
>fear of death
But I think I'd go for Yukari. She could send me to the worst possible places in an instant. Or, for example, upper half of me.

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*that the personifications of the most primal

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never thought of that before

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So the lesson is that damn near all Touhous are pretty fucking scary, or at least are capable of fucking you up.

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I always wondered if Keine's capacity to manipulate history extended to personal memories.

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Most of them don't frighten me too much. Yes, many are rather powerful, but that doesn't make them bad or evil people. If they visit the human village, then they can't be all that bad.

Most won't kill you for no reason. As long as you are polite and level headed, you shouldn't have much to fear. It might be a different story for outsiders though.

Koishi is kinda scary though, as she could hurt you randomly, at any time, for no reason whatsoever. Just on an instant whim, which I think is worthy of fear.

I think Remilia used to go around killing people, and Yuuka used to be more dangerous, but they don't seem so bad these days.

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Satori because she can read my thoughts and the pathetic self-hating faggot that I am and Sikieiki because Yama is really scary.

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Everybody hates people from the outside world, as a matter of fact, the human village has a secluded area for outsiders, far away from the natives.

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I can draw a number of parallels between gensokyo and /jp/, dunno if that's a good sign.

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I fear Kogasa the most!!! Keep up the good work!!! Kogasa-chan

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Yuuka, Kisume, Rumia.

They're the 2hus that would likely to kill someone out of boredom.

Nitori seems to be dangerous, too, despite her claims.

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It is, of course. /jp/ is the closest thing we have of a land filled with murderous, always hungry beasts with a rigid nonsensical code of politeness.

More or less, if you're polite and didn't fuck up, you're pretty much good. The biggest, meanest Youkai around see humans as annoying pet. Sit down when they order you, you won't have a problem.

Less powerful Youkai can be scarier. I wouldn't want to cross with Rumia in the dark. It wouldn't be good for my health.

Strangely, Yukari and Remilia are maybe the two only powerful Youkai I'm afraid of. Both are unpredictable, which is very bad. Remilia Scarlet is a vampire with skewed ideas about what consist of a good joke: she'd probably kill you because it amuses her, or something. Yukari would kill you because she can. She's polite, but a strong believer of the 'Youkai eats human' ways, and she has a very bad sense of dark irony.

Actually, Yukari is way worse than Yuuka in this regard. Bow politely to Yuuka, don't forget the honorifics, don't fuck up: you'll survive. Do the same thing to Yukari, she could snap for some nefarious unrelated reasons. Not important. You're dead.

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my america senses are tingling, I hate the idea of having to bow in front of her

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Too bad. I'm sure your american pride will be of some use in front of Eiki. She probably won't even laugh at you too much. She's a professional.

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Death is probably the least of my concerns with Yukari.

All the other youkai seem easy enough to talk your way out of, with the exception of maybe Rumia, Yamame, Satori, Yoshika, or Yuugi.

Hell, the entirety of the MoF cast were just outright friendly untill Reimu started being Reimu.

Satori and Yuugi don't seem the malicious type, although Yuugi's sense of "fun" would be dangerous to humans anyway.

>> No.11247377

>Satori and Yuugi don't seem the malicious type

She's probably the second or third last being you would ever want to cross paths with.

>> No.11247394

Her dialogue seemed friendly enough, although I suppose when you read someone's mind and all you get is "WHEN CAN I KICK HER ASS SO I CAN GET OUT OF HERE" you get a bit hostile too.

Oh, Medicine too. Considering she just outright hates humans, nothing can really be done about that.

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That body. That gap~

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Yuuka-chan is kind of scary

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god bless america

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faggot loves anime, pathetic.

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oh hell no

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All of these, in no particular order.
Even little Chen... have you ever been clawed by a cat? Imagine a kid sized cat... that's like a panther or something

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Scary Yomu looks even more dorky.

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Seiga is scary!

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what are you scared of, losing your virginity?

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Maybe he is scared of extreme soreness and not being able to get it erect in a week.

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Cirno scares me, because she's just a fairy, and she shouldn't be anything more than that...

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Friendly reminder that Yukari spirits humans away from the Outside world in order to feed the youkai in Gensokyo.

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I like that feeling. That loose feeling.

>> No.11248345

I like that feeling. That loose feeling.

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you're kidding right?

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Yamame: it's not the fact that she'd eat you, it's the fact that she would eat you as a spider would. With any of the other lesser stage man-eating youkai, you'd at least die fighting; with Yamame, one would struggle until exhausted, then die in agony until the poison reaches your vitals.

Even if she's a youkai that could be reasoned with, there's the entire 'wasting disorder' to deal with as well.

>> No.11248873

I always liked the relationship between predator and prey. There's something romantic about the one sided desire, intimate physical contact and the relatable urge to feed.

Given that disease improves the flavor for her, she's likely to inflict you with many slow acting, festering diseases. If you can avoid taking it personally, you could have many fascinating conversations with her while you're killing time.

And when all is said and done, you'll treat her to the loveliest banquet she's had in a hundred years.

>> No.11248955

The people who are considered dead (i.e. suicide attempts, etc) or otherwise nonexistent to the rest of the world are spirited away for food, since these people are essentially the same way off regardless. Humans in the village who are an actual disturbance to the balance of Gensokyo have been hinted to be vanished, although I imagine this doesn't happen very often.

>> No.11249021

you know how fucked up that is right?

>> No.11249074

It's supposed to sound fucked up. It's also supposed to be a way to feed youkai that need to be fed without them going rampant and eating random humans in Gensokyo. How do you suppose things would work otherwise?

>> No.11249094

wow what a unique post.

>> No.11249098

Survival of the fittest

>> No.11249153

survival of the fittest wouldn't work in gensokyo but i wasn't asking you anyway

>> No.11249173

who who whoa
>How do you suppose things would work otherwise?

and why would it not work?

>> No.11249244

I thought you were a different person because that suggestion is incredibly silly, even without it being Gensokyo, so it sounded like a joke. Why do you think letting everyone kill each other to sort things out is actually a good idea in a civilized world. I'm not sure why you think Yukari's solution is bad, either.

It wouldn't work because youkai are dependent on the belief of humans to exist. All the humans dying off from youkai trying to sustain themselves means the youkai eventually don't have enough belief and fear to exist. Youkai realizing this would have to not kill humans. Humans trying to take advantage of this and managing to kill the youkai is pointless because Gensokyo's purpose is to support the existence of youkai. The system quickly turns to mush.
And I mean that's just a big simplification of the scenario. More generally the system just flat-out doesn't make sense because of how death works and all of the influences outside of Gensokyo itself.

>> No.11249261

Not him, but the answer is so simple, you should know this already.

Because Gensokyo is a very unstable ecosystem to begin with. The most powerful Youkai can wipe the floor with the rest of Gensokyo without breaking a sweat. There's very few human compared to Youkai, and these humans are almost always at the beginning of the food chain and powerless.

If left unchecked, this ecosystem will implode in one month, maybe two at most.

That's why Gensokyo's balance of power is a very important thing, like the rules maintaining this balance. It's how the whole mess doesn't explode, and that's the whole job of Yukari and Reimu to ensure nobody do something stupid resulting in Gensokyo's death.

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>and that's the whole job of Yukari and Reimu

I believe you forgot Marisa. Marisa is the best, strongest, cutest, bravest, and the most beautiful.

Anything thing else if wrong, as in your wrong. Do you understand me? Don't you even replay to me if you're not in agreement.

>> No.11249315

But that's wrong.

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You are so wrong, I can't even begin to describe it. Just throw yourself off a cliff. You've lost everything it is to be human.

>> No.11249331

I'll give you gensokyo's messed up ecosystem but why do we(the outsiders) have to be involved? Who the hell is Yukari to judge who should be fed to those vile youkai

>> No.11249338

Because it needs to be done, and neets are useless anyway...

>> No.11249340

Whichever one eats humans indiscriminately and often.

>> No.11249341

fuck that man that's scary shit. What if you fall asleep and then out of fucking nowhere you wake up to a youkai taking apart your body and eating it

>> No.11249351

Well, I guess you could at least be happy about being in Gensokyo, imagine now. that Yukari with all her tech know-how simply monitors portal threads here and picks the neets with the biggest desire to go.

>> No.11249354

she watches me masturbate?

>> No.11249357

Who knows, it's up to your imagination to decide.

>> No.11249365

I feel awkward now. But seriously it would suck if i were whisked away, but it can't happen, right?

>> No.11249370

You know it isn't just random losers taken. It's like people who were planning to commit suicide anyways (or have just done so), or otherwise will have no impact on the world if they're gone. Even neets aren't that far gone. It's planned so it makes as little impact on the outside world as realistically possible.

>> No.11249375

she knows when you've been bad or good so be good for goodness sake!

>> No.11249377

that doesn't comfort me at all because I am also very delicious

>> No.11249429

Because the only way to ensure the continuing existence of an unstable ecosystem is to import what it needs from outside the ecosystem.

In other words, youkai can't eat the human of Gensokyo massively. Period. It can't happen, Gensokyo wouldn't survive it. Thus, hence, henceforth, the only way for youkai to eat is to eat humans from outside. Yukari understand this. She's actually very clever, if a bitchy granny.

It is sad, but it's the price to pay for Gensokyo. And nobody said youkai are all peace and flowers.

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Wow, nobody said Satori.
Well here is my choice for obvious reason.

>> No.11249752

Is there really any other reason to be frightened by Satori other than you might have dirty thoughts that she can read?

>> No.11249759

She could find out your memories if you're not careful and blackmail you.

>> No.11249780
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Then what would she do? At least she won't eat you and all you get is embarassment.

>> No.11250048

Don't forget she'd eat you by liquifying your innards and then sucking the resulting organ soup up until all that's left is an empty husk. You know, like what spiders do to their prey.

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But isn't she supposed to be really human-friendly, she wouldn't eat you.

>> No.11250162

In Reimu's scenario she's offering to go make tea after small talk, then Reimu is just like "BOOORING, LETS FIGHT"

>> No.11250168

That could by trap, what if she has developed way to add her poison to the tea?

>> No.11250174

If she cared enough, she wouldn't have jumped at the idea to fight just because Reimu got tired of her.

She's genuinely friendly, but she will read your thoughts which makes it a scary and unpredictable situation in itself.

>> No.11250959

i dunno spiders are crafty little bastards

>> No.11252375

those eyes

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She would kidnap me and turn me into a doll or at the very least make me try to be her friend, which would be really awkward because we're both not good at socializing.

>> No.11253367

I don't want to be around Reimu.

>> No.11253582

>And when all is said and done, you'll treat her to the loveliest banquet she's had in a hundred years.
Yeah, I'd let her suck my cock, dude

>> No.11256382

he said banquet not a bite sized Snickers

>> No.11256489


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>> No.11261306

Google "Superego", she won't hurt you.

>> No.11261319

>Fear of insanity
>Fear of death

These are childish how exactly?

>> No.11261339

That sounds like bullshit, I remember reading that the Human Village loves outsiders because they hardly get to see any and are curious of the outside world. They get treated like celebrities.
And then ZUN said something about cell-phones and how the human village residents thought it was strange that none of the outsiders knew how their own technology worked.

>> No.11261412

huh really?

>> No.11261451


>However, there are also rare cases where outsiders settle into Gensokyo.
>Such outsiders are treasured, since they hold unique knowledge.

>> No.11261500

Scary Touhou sounds oxymoronic to me. Then again, we can always go to the grimedgy secondary territory... and then every single touhou can tear and kill without any reason whatsoever. So => every touhou can be scary enough.

>> No.11264576

Symposium of Post-mysticism talks about which touhous are the scariest. Unsurprisingly, vengeful spirits are pretty nasty.

>> No.11269382
File: 85 KB, 374x503, 1358659374157.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

so the portal to gensokyo really worked after all...

>> No.11269399

Hold on.

>They immediately put the tool called "mobile phone" to their ears, and after that they are at a loss of what to do next.

Why would they put their phones to their ears if they can see they've no reception?

>> No.11269412

>Humans in the village who are an actual disturbance to the balance of Gensokyo have been hinted to be vanished
Explain this then:

>If the omniscient youkai are expelled from Gensokyo and Gensokyo falls under human control, it is absolutely necessary that they know the truths about this land, said he.

Sounds like disturbing the balance to me.

>> No.11269503

Isn't Marisa supposed to be just average looking?

>> No.11270182


>> No.11273864

I never got what Marisa's title implies.

>> No.11273989
File: 102 KB, 420x297, 63309.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Koakuma seems shifty as hell. Besides being a demon, she would be type to have a secret stash of torture porn squirreled away somewhere.

>> No.11274007

Probably Byakuren. Not because I percieve her as evil or threatening, but because I believe her to be misguided.

>> No.11274031

what's wrong with finding peace?

>> No.11274042

Post more creepy 2hus please.

>> No.11274055


So the price of living in gensokyo would be that you're potential food for the freaky youkais?

>> No.11274061
File: 958 KB, 2184x3064, 2012-12-17-ImageofGod.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Mercy and Love are tricky business. Unless you are God to make the lions vegetarian, the sheep and the lions can never live in piece or together.

And taming the lions is cruelty.

>> No.11274067

That's way too broad to cover all youkai. There are some that do not feed off of humans.

>> No.11274074
File: 402 KB, 800x583, 1373298023679.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

"Some" is too few. Youkai are beings borne of terror, superstition, faith and downright fear of the dark. They need humans to fear/worship them to keep on existing.

This is why the human village is stuck on the middle ages with its population of uncultured yokels.

>> No.11274161
File: 319 KB, 800x600, Yukari popping out of your screen.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She might be watching right now!

>> No.11274461

I find this odd because even in less populated areas there usually is at least one inventor or dreamer

>> No.11274542

loose like ur mom

>> No.11275909
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I want her to give me a footjob.

>> No.11275944

I don't know, she seems too gone, too broken, like a shattered window that's all too easy to get hurt around.

>> No.11275951


>> No.11276028

>Colt M4
>not Colt M16
I bet you don't even believe in FREEDOM

>> No.11276058
File: 1022 KB, 1280x720, 1337319128494.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.11276187


>650-700 rounds/min


>> No.11276734

>The L1A1 Self-Loading Rifle, also known by the Canadian Army designation C1, as the SLR, or in the USA as the "inch pattern" FAL,[nb 1] is a British Commonwealth derivative of the Belgian

>Rate of fire Semi automatic (L1A1, C1A1)
Full Automatic (L2A1, C2A1) 650-700RPM


>> No.11276862


The L1A1 is specifically the british military version of the rifle. If he means the FAL, he should just say the FAL. (And it should be FAL *or* L1A1, it's weird to use both, just like you wouldn't call an american service rifle an AR15 M16)

As for the rate of fire, the L1A1 is a semi-automatic rifle, and cannot be fired in automatic. As your quote mentions, the select fire version of the rifle was the L2A1.

>> No.11277743

Remember those little kimono youkai in WaHH? They're spies that look out for "troublesome" humans in the village. One can assume any youkai that visits is also passively looking for troublesome humans in the village. So standout humans in the village could easily meet an unfortunate fate.

>> No.11277905

Are you cherry-picking just to bug me or did you not actually read the article. The society is full of dumbasses who talk about unveiling a conspiracy that doesn't exist. The sentence immediately before that is "Today's people know nearly nothing about things like why youkai live here, or what Gensokyo was originally like, or what kind of people their ancestors were, and so on". They don't know anything and yet are pretending they're making some sort of progress; they're only a danger in that they might push their crazy racism on other humans.

Moreover it's said some people have died when trying to "investigate". If you're looking to say "these guys are a threat but weren't killed, so there" you'd have no evidence in either case.

>One can assume any youkai that visits
Er I wouldn't say that much. Youkai very regularly visit the human village; so often that at night there are booths just for youkai customers and the like. The only ones who would actually concern themselves with stuff like this would be the youkai who want to look out for potential trouble. I doubt most youkai give a fuck.

>> No.11277973

now this just pisses me off, why the fuck can't there be at least one inventor? The youkai get nitori and the humans have to fucking live in the dark ages?

>> No.11278314

Wait what, when did anyone say they picked off smart villagers or whatever? That isn't the case at all.

>> No.11278418

isn't that what you meant by "troublesome?"

>> No.11278804

I'm not >>11277743
but the troublesome humans would be those that would actually be trying to cause harm in some way, or as Yukari implies, intend to rebel maliciously. You know. Troublesome. There aren't a massive number of humans, and it would be something significant if someone were to die or disappear, especially in modern Gensokyo.

>> No.11280224

but me and >>11278804
were discussing if Gensokyo would allow for a person who pushes technology or cultural advances

>> No.11280337


>> No.11280342

Jesus, dude, no need to be so upset.

>> No.11280345

Scientific progress begets logic and reasoning. Logic and reasoning defeat faith in myth.

When people lose faith in myth, youkai cease to exist. You can do your math.

>> No.11280374

Even when they are standing right in front of you?

Knowledge brings certainty. If the gods came down to have dinner we would not need churches.

>> No.11280402
File: 693 KB, 1080x1507, tired eirin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You retard, spellcard system was created exactly from preventing them from killing each other.
Get out of here.

>> No.11280444

>Even when they are standing right in front of you?
Yes. When you begin to understand that flowers blossoming in the spring is the effect of biology and not a god's doing, that god begins to fade from existence. It is exactly what has been happening to Suwako.

>> No.11280453
File: 601 KB, 1093x743, dd637c2ca56688fe597a4d10238f1e7d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The most powerful youkai wouldn't rely on deception and plots to get what she wants.

just the smartest

>> No.11280472
File: 167 KB, 533x400, Fatal-Frame-II-3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah, but said god made a field of flowers bloom with a twist of its wrist. As in, you know, a miracle. Thus the divinity.

Of course, a scientist witnessing it would say that the youkai manipulated it somehow. Yet it was all because of magic and "fuck logic, I have belief".

Or trying to deny ghosts when the damn thing is posing for a picture. I know I would go insane if I tried to deny it to myself.

>> No.11280506

The thing is they can do that only because you believe they ARE doing it. Once you discover that they, in fact, don't, and that it's simple biology at work, they will subsequently lose that power.

As for ghosts, they're not youkai.

>> No.11280552

Yes, but didn't the Aki sisters get invited to the harvest festival in order to ensure a good harvest next year or something?

The gods lost power not because people didn't believe in them, but because they were not needed, and thus received no pleas/faith from humans.

>> No.11281056

Belief and faith is the same thing in the Touhou universe. Faith is just a more tangible term they use in-universe for measuring belief. If a god's assistance wasn't needed for something and the humans then don't "give them faith", the gods lose their influence.

>> No.11281203

not the other guy but:

But wouldn't faith/belief be shifted towards technology? The old gods/youkai may perish sure but there is a good possibility that new ones would created from this shit.

>> No.11281249

It is. The idea of "technology -> gods die" is just founded on "if we get technology it means we advance in science and know how things work therefore no gods needed gg" which is unfounded so far. Kanako herself is basically hitching a ride as Suwako's counterpart on her way to becoming a sort of technology god, and thoroughly encourages scientific progress.

>> No.11281289



>> No.11284750

Hmm I like this idea

>> No.11293943

wait isn't Kasen also planning something as well?

>> No.11300520

but what is really stopping them from killing each other?

>> No.11300534

The plot