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This is absurd. Why would the master let her employee punish her?

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Opposite day.

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Because that's not really punishment. That's just Remilia showing off her kinky submissive side.

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Maybe Remilia's parents were the ones who hired Sakuya and gave her the mission of turning Remilia into a fine lady.

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She requested it.

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Sakuya's the real authority in the mansion. Remi just sits around; the head maid is the one that actually gets everything done.

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little remelia ass slap a slap slap

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>western vampire sleeping in futon
>taking lecture in seiza

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I remember Sakuya was employed by Remilia
but I can't recall where I have readed it

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Would you rather spank Remilia or be spanked by Sakuya?

Be honest

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……ofcourse Flandre

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dah fug you quotin' nerd

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That's a bad phrasing. I would like to be a Remilia spanked by Sakuya. I would like to be Sakuya that spanks Remilia. If that makes any sense.

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at the same time

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That is just begging to get fired

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I want to bully /jp/'s booty.

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I want to spank them and then shoot a poz load in their bloody neg bootyhole m8

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what does marisa's butt smell like jp

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Ah yes, now I understand.

I truly wish to be spanked by Eirin!

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dat ass

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Be careful what you wish for.

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It's ok, I'm a masochist!

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I want Eirin to give me butt lacerations!
And then treat them.

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I want to watch a Touhou get spanked! To see her reluctantly lower her panties and quickly leap onto the lap of her spanker, to not give me any chance to see her front. And then I get to look at her big fat bare butt as it jiggles and reddens with each whack!

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I'm a masochist and I love Sakuya, so I don't need to stop to think about this. Sakuya also seems like the kind of maid who would know a lot about discipline.

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Are you in here, verbal abuse guy?

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Be careful with what you wish for.

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spanked by sakuya