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Summer with Sanae!

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Summer sucks, it's way too hot. But at least summer cloths look good.

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She'd suck me dry and I'd die from dehydratation.

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I want to feel that soft, warm Summer skin.

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Those boobies aren't canon.

I think it's because everyone's fat. It was over 100F here one day and everyone was complaining but I think it feels good like that, the sun is like sitting in a blanket.

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dem ass cheeks

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Why don't you nerds stop wasting your lives on the computer? You nerds should go to the beach or pool or something, fucking nerds.

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I'm posting from the club, d00d. You don't know me.

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The best way to die.

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There are grills at those places. I'm scared of grills.

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They are pretty scary. If they attack you, just kick them in the nuts.

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Don't worry, they are more afraid of you than you of them.

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What if I encounter a grill without nuts? I'm doomed then!

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Now you're just being silly.

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Is cum a good substitute for water if hydration is needed? Would Sanae know?

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I'm speaking truth, last summer I encountered a grill who only had sausages and I had to run for my life.

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I love these kind of summer images. They are so nostalgic and warm. Makes me wish I wasn't a hikki.

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Why is lesbian sex so attractive?

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I want to put it in

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Who's in between the Suikas?

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Who are you quoting?

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I absolutely despise "lesbian" and "yuri" shit, but even I gotta admit this image is really hot.

> you will never be gangbanged by Suika clones

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Why quote a statement? That doesn't make sense even for the greentext meme.

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sanoo is perverted

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Sanae is stinky after a long day.

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I'll feed her even more and get her even bigger then play with her fat tummy.

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Why is there so many fanart of Sanae getting fat

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wow! sanae is a good girl!

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Because she eats a lot and sits around.

Delicious, delicious, fat Sanae.

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I want to slap and bully her belly.

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Don't bully Sanae!

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hair ornaments on the wrong side.

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Lets bully her for it.

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That's ok. Sanae's a girl, and girls liking doing stuff with their hair.

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Hey, guy who was translating that Sanae/Okuu book. I found your thread.

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it was posted in the okuu thread too

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It's pretty easy to interpret the image as futanari, from Suika's chosen positions.

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Why is like 90% of Sanae art about her having sex?

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It IS futanari. The pixiv tags say so.

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hottest 2hu

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Ah, well, better safe than sorry.

Because its not.

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rating safe: 12537
rating explicit/questionable: 3339

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Did somebody say bully Sanae?

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such a small time.

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Too cruel. This isn't bullying, this is torture.

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Well what are you going to do about it? Those images have a lot of comments and views on pixiv so the Japanese seems to like it.

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What's your point?

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Reimu wants to join the summer fun

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Reimu is pretty much the best 2hu.

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Not when she wears glasses she's not.

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>dat voice acting
My dick was so hard.

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Would you Reimu's butt or her feet? Both aren't an option unless you donate.

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I might poke my eye out at those places...

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What should my donation comment be?

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Reimu Hijack LOL!

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"Bothusu, onegai shimasu."

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thats one fucked up arm

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Oh god Reimu why are you so sexy

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What the fuck

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I miss when I was a kid and wasn't aware of my own appearance. All the summer water-related things were a lot of fun.

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Probably because the have to raise their arms, and girls love showing off their armpits.

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I cant stop getting a hardon to sanae images.. nyoro~n

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fucking whore