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Why does Alice get impregnated so much? There's like 9 pages for the tags Touhou + impregnation for the gorillon characters Touhou project has yet Alice gets to be the MC of 1/9.

Fertility drugs maybe?

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Because she's a good housewife type of character.

You know, besides the whole canonically fucking nuts part, but nobody gives a shit about canon.

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Why are there so many Yukari futanari doujinshi?

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Because magical strength=magical penises

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Because apparently her power allows her to make dicks out of nothing.

Fuck canon.

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aryan genes

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She potentially can.

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Boundaries of gender, bitch

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>Boundaries of gender
I was thinking she'd just portal in someones dick

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Check your priv DUDE

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Is the twist here that he's actually getting a blowjob from a guy? That would be fairly funny.

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Nah, it's Tenshi.

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In my experience, the tag "impregnation" just means "creampie".

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Why are you assuming I'm a guy? That's terribly sexist.

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because I want to impregnate Alice.

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She is creepy, but not insane. Visitors find her unnerving, and most flee, but she is not out of her mind.

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It's a gender neutral pronoun you freak. You can call a girl dude in certain situations.

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Dude: noun
1: a man extremely fastidious in dress and manner : dandy
2: a city dweller unfamiliar with life on the range; especially : an Easterner in the West
3: fellow, guy —sometimes used informally as a term of address

Suck my gender neutral cock you dweeb

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>It's okay. It's not even my dick anyway.

I lost it there.

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I believe the psychological reason is her mature body. Futanari plays on the males attraction to dick as a visual stimuli. Big breast + big dicks + big hips = every man's subconscious's fantasy.

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>Big breast + big hips = every man's subconscious's fantasy

Fixed that for you. If what you said was true, most, if not all of gay men would get implants.

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Gay men aren't attracted by the same things straight men are, that's what makes them gay.

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Not everyone is a faggot like you.

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I understand what you are trying to get at.
I love my futanaris with huge breasts and huge hips. Mature bodies suit them best.

Loli futas are lame.

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Are you trying to argue my point or second my opinion?

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Would Alice make a good mother for my brown children?

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But thats like one step away from straight shota.

Thats another thing, Byakuren gets all the fucking /ss/ doujins, sometimes Yuyuko.

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But I'm not against you being a homo. You can be a flamboyant cocksocker as much as you want. Just don't expect others are the same.

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Yuuka gets the most /ss/.

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>in exclusively homosexual men who admitted negative affect towards homosexual individuals

I don't know about you, friend, but the only kinds of people I hear using words like "faggot" and "flamboyant cocksucker" are 'persons of negative affect towards homosexuals', and actual homosexuals that are into talking dirty to each other during rough buttfuckings, so which one are you?

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Only if you count Wriggle.

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I'm the straight guy who thinks political correct sissies are people with a sinister agenda and the reason why the world becomes more and more an unbearable place. And yet I think it's okay for you to suck cock as much as it is okay for me to call you a cocksucker. It really isn't that complicated.

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alice is a whore. she can't go a day without cock cumming inside her.

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You're getting testy over semantics, on 4chan of all places?