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The way she drawn is so pretty.
Do we really know nothing about her?

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pretty?! drawn so pretty?!

I'm resisting my urge to bully

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Why is Marisa wearing a Homu dress?

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>Snake : "NOPE."

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Could you post more, OP? Marisa looks very cute in that drawing, I'd like to see more.

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Np and yes, Moe make Marisa very cute.

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>You will never be a white snake on Marisa's bed.

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Is this Forbidden Scrollery? Man, I'm gonna have to read this.

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Cutest canon manga.

>There are a tons of ways to use one
h-how vulgar.

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What in the flying fuck is that?

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Es el Chupacabras.

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Last one for now from me.

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How does ZUN know about so many occult, paranormal things like that? Does he just browse the internet all the time? It's kind of impressive

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He reads a lot of books.

If you spent all your spare time reading instead of whatever it is you do you'd be pretty knowledgeable too.

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I'm wondering more about how ZUN always finds really weird artists that no one knows.

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I don't get it

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Are you indonesian?

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Fuck you. Tupai is Malaysian clay. They don't even exist in your area anymore.

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The manga mentioned about Tupai, which is a language from 3rd world country or some shit.

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FS really pushing ReiMari paring isn't it, even the latest chapter. Not that i don't mind cause the dynamic of the pairing is awesome. They were bros.

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Fuck off, Southeast Asians. Jesus.

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Woles bang

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That's actually pretty likely. He makes a living turning supernatural entities into little girls, remember? It's his fucking job.

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If he makes a living out of it he would just make a 2hu anime.

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Anime is not the be-all and end-all of otaku culture, /a/-kun. Though the fact that some people treat it as such would certainly damage the free spirit of the setting, for little gain, financial or otherwise. The man knows what he's doing.

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It's not his job. And they are not littles.

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wld give her my precious white snake

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If there's one thing about the artist that i like is she can draw some pretty sweet and detailed scenery. And the fact that she's 17 is just amazing.

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holt shit really

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marisa you're wearing it wrong

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>the fact that she's 17 is just amazing.

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Do you think she has sucked ZUN's penis?

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I wish I was good at drawing and drew official manga for highly popular franchise when I was 17.

Damn, the author must be rolling on her popularity in her highschool.

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I think she is a figment of ZUN's imagination. He probably drew the stuff himself after obsessively taking art courses and being bullied by a tyrant sensei.

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Look at dem background details, man.

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pencil strokes: excessive

2/10 would not admire

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>Doesn't like pencil sketching

Stay pleb.

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I don't like when they artist goes overboard. Nice clean lines and proper shading techniques are more elegant.

It's cool if you disagree and prefer other styles but please don't bully on /jp/ ok?

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What? There's nothing there but hatching, a technique usually employed in pen and ink drawings.

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Pencils are for children, adults prefer expensive ballpoint pens

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Quoting whom?

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>adults prefer expensive ballpoint pens


I hope you mean nibbed fountain.