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How autistic is Alice?

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I've heard autists talk to me like that before

I give her a 5/10 as she's still functional, just weird

But since she's a female life will still open its doors for her and welcome her with open arms even with her quirks that will be seen as "cute"

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she's 2hu's #1 dork. she plays with dolls

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Autistic enough I'm surprised she's not /jp/'s favorite touhou.

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How does she measure Reimu's power? How does she numerically compare it to her own? What unit does she use?

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colours, dear secondary

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Colors. She uses color to measure power.

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Autist metrix

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So how do Reimu's 2 colours make 28.5714% of Alice's... how many, again?

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She reads her autism aura

Only an autist would rename themselves something like "Margatroid"

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7 divided by 2, dumbfuck.

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7,000007 to be more precise.

Wait, how does she even determine she has 7,000007 colours?

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why don't you go and try to be funny at /b/ or something

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Her title is Seven-Colored Puppeteer.

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It's 2 divided by 7.

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So she knows she has 7.000007 colours because her title is that... OK. But where did the title come from then?

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He's from there, I can tell.

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Someone saw she had 7.000007 colours and named her that.

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How did that person determine she had 7.000007 colours?

Honestly I'm just curious how one recognizes a 0.000007 of a colour when one sees it.

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She doesn't have 7.000007 she has exactly 7 colours which is probably a reference to the number of main colours the human eye can distinguish on a rainbow.

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So why does she say Reimu's 2 colours are exactly 28.5714% of hers, when 2 makes for 28.5714% of 7.000007 and not 7?

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This guy's autism is off the chart

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His autism is 28.5714% higher than mine

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Not my autism. Alice's. She's the one that made all these claims. I just want to know how she arrived at them.

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She never says it's exactly. You get 28.5714% whether you divide 2 with 7 or 7.000007 with differences only in the later digits.

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Trolled hard.

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If she was an attractive male, his quirks would be seen as "cute and eccentric" by females/gays and he would be welcomed by society just for having a pretty face.
The world isn't as sexist so much as it is vain and beauty-oriented.

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Teenage Alice is shit. Being able to do math in your head isn't an impressive use of magic.

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Guy: "The color's, Duke, the color's!!"
Duke: "I'm colorblind, kid."
Guy: "D:"

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not at all, don't be silly

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It kinda is! If someone would tell me sorting n things can't be faster than Ο(n log(n)) in general i would believe this must be magic.

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nice ref

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Everyday until its your favorite band.

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I occasionally think of random maths on my brain too

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>I've heard autists talk to me like that before
That doesn't mean Alice is autistic. A => B does not mean B => A

>But since she's a female life will still open its doors for her and welcome her with open arms even with her quirks that will be seen as "cute"
Your paranoia is playing tricks on you >>>/r9k/

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She is using a very poor estimation considering that 2/7 has an repeating non terminating answer.
She should answer
28.571428 Period 6

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um, you guys do realize the translations are all semi-rewrites, right? Riiiiight? Who the fuck knows what the original dialog was

jesus when did this board shit its collective brains into the ditch

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>implying there ever were any brains to begin wich

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Alice might be as autistic as me.

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Were can I find a shirt like that?

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alice is this autistic

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Check your mum's closet.

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The whole thread is this autistic


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9 potatoes

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You're a clever gril.

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Zero potatoes. At most there are pictures of potatoes, but not potatoes themselves (pic related).

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This picture is kinda hot. Who is it?

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But if a picture speaks of potatoes in their own picture-world. Of course it's not a real potatoe, but in the world of the picture it is if it says so.

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But there are no potatoes there either.
How would the potatoes be flying? And why would they be on a big white box?
That's clearly the girl's imagination.

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They're still not potatoes, but representations of potatoes. If they were potatoes I could cook them.

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I think i get what you mean: A picture paints a thousand potatoes. So >>11192324 actually contains a thousand potatoes.

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/jp/ Random Culture hecks deee!

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My Little /jp/ Can't Be This Autistic <3

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Imagine the 2D-world as some kind of manifold within our world. There's an atlas and diffeomorphism that locally maps these kind of illusional potatoes ,,1:1´´ in our real-life potatoes.

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>BBC News - Autism rock band The AutistiX go on tour to Spain
This is not "put it on the TV news"/"print it in the newspaper as news not an ad" level news. That's band blog site level news. What the butt, BBC?
Jesus fuck. You transmit all over the world, have a care what you choose to bother us with.

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you better believe it

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then where's the 1:1 Reimu?

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user >>11192374 et. al.
Same faggot.

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Imagine her post coitus dialog: "Silly human, your cum only fills 28.5714% of my womb". I think i'll cum right again and again until it's filled.

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cum is white, a mixture of all spectrum

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