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You gonna cum for me, buddy?

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Are you Candian?

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what are these things called?

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Ass cheeks

Your mother has them in excess

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His vaginas have been drawn less scary lately.

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I love this artist.

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Vaginas are always scary.

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Vaginas are already scary, that's why you let her give you footjobs and come on her panties, instead of taking them off.

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Those are butt cheeks. They exist in real life too.

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They look like alien mandibles

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Too bad his anus is too smelly.. 😓

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Finally someone who understands me.

Unless they are perfectly drawn like innie loli vulvas I find them pretty horrifying.

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So make her keep her panties on. You have plenty of other options besides using the vagina, and they're just as good.

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I love vulvas, but the actual vagina and clitoris and stuff grosses me out.

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I like the spot right above the vulva and right below the belly. I don't know if it has a name or not.

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Stop talking lewdly, I'm getting aroused

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tewi pls no

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The mons pubis?

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I guess, if that's what I'm thinking of.

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My thing is the gap between the thighs. Luckily, intercrural sex is totally a thing.

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Oh hell yes. See, that's what I mean~

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http://danbooru.donmai.us/posts?tags=thigh_sex (NSFW link content)

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Why are you using danbooru?

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Le superieur linque du Pixiv

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That's not what I was talking about, but whatever.

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I need this in my life

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Please enlighten us all, then. Would you prefer that we use the Sankaku Complex booru instead?

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It's my top secret booru.

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Everyone needs delicious, smooth, lubricated thighs in their life.

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Why is that a crime anyway? You didn't harm anyone and I doubt semen on the thighs is going to infect or traumatize anyone.

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Society is still dominated by feeling instead of logic.

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Kids are stupid and can't make good decisions.

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Human-san, seizures don't happen in groups, so if you roll up on a bunch of people doing the funky chicken in the subway, shoot up that Mark I kit and get the fuck out.

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What's that have to do with cumming on thighs? Having sex is probably a bad decision (which they'd say no to anyway.)

Decision to cum on thighs is about as much of a decision as if you want turkey or ham on your sandwich. You might have liked the ham more than turkey but if you choose turkey, it's not going to have any long lasting repercussions, provided you're not allergic to either.

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It's still sexual.

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What's wrong with it being sexual? They're not allowed to masturbate because it's sexual and they can't make good decisions as to what to use for masturbatory objects?

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Because it's lewd. Things could easily escalate from there.

Besides, do you want children to go around letting everyone cum on their thighs?

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I wish I could live in a place that perpetually made me feel like the first half of The Matrix made me feel.

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I'm afraid of sex and personal contact...

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I don't think that many people are attracted to kids to constitute "everyone".

Do you think the amount of people doing lewd things with young people would sky rocket if it were not illegal? I think it'd be as likely as a skyrocket in gayness if gay marriage were legal.

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I know i'd go HAM on Tewi's thighs

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Who gives a fuck, holy shit.
You should get the fuck out for even thinking of 3D children. Fuck off, normal.

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Look at you trying so hard to fit in.

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>i'd go HAM
What does that even mean?

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Yes!. It seems he got tired of dry, brown stained, meat-courtains.

Now they're a bit more of a lively pink, and even drew a few of innie vulvas. Obscene.

You are a wise man.

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He'd go ham.

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Hard As a Mother fucker

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but yeah id tear her up!

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That carrot looks like poop!

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Snowball logic. Just because it could lead to sex (an illegal act), doesn't mean the act should be illegal.
By that logic, walking outside with a gun should be illegal, because things could easily escalate and you could kill someone.

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a lot of people believe just that.

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She's possibly the oldest in gensokyo who isn't "immortal". If she isn't legal, then who is?

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*sexualizes Tewi*

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I hate Tewi so fucking much.

So fucking much.

And all of you as well!

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I'd sex Tei pretty hard, dude

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As old as Tewi is, and being a rabbit youkai, she's probably the horniest and most sexual person in Gensokyo. She's probably had more men than /jp/ even has posting.

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>she's probably the horniest and most sexual person
I don't know, I remember watching something on one of those science channels ones about mice breeding seasons and them running around having huge rat orgies and dying from exhaustion or lack of sex. I always think of it when I think of Nazrin

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Shut the fr*ck up man!

Tewi is a pure bunny!

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I like to think that Tewi is more on the "violently sadistic" side of the fence rather than "generic slutty.

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