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Byakuren is the best touhou

Best character design
Best Theme song
Best story
Best mommy

Thank you for your understanding.

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☑ best hat

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ah, so lady like~
very hijiri

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Youkai loving scum

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Most of the characters in Touhou are youkai.
I see nothing wrong with loving them.

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byakuren loves everybody equally.

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Byakuren is a great 2hu but Ran is a better mommy.

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She would be a good care-taker. Like a very warm and caring nun. Could she take in human orphans?

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She would probably sacrifice them to appease some youkai

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Let me tell you something, the fact that Hijiri is good only for two, yes you heard well, TWO THINGS.
First her theme, so wonderfully composed that even today people come up with sweet arranges that make my ears flap in delight,
Second is her body, it turns my balls in bottomless pots of cum for hours, whenever I finish with it (usually 4-5 hours) I need 2,5 liters of cold water and a big meal to replenish all the energy and elements disposed of in our 2D lovemaking.

After that, if you don't like her theme or you're fucking gay then she's shit, fucking shit.

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so she's like most touhous except that she has a good theme

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An evil power magician, who dislikes humans as a care-taker?

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She has big tits. I would like to suck on those cow udders.

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>A devout Buddhist
>Even after being sealed by humans
>being a jerk to anyone
Everyone's entitled to their interpretations, but that's awful dark.

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No matter how you look at it, her figure is the way more ominous than loving and caretaking.

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Only things Byakuren is good for are her body and being submissive to Miko.

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Predictable. Try harder.

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I don't see it. Maybe a little stern, disciplined even, but ominous? Wouldn't make sense for a nun. She's got her temple to manage, why should a woman of faith have need of some ulterior agenda?

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well, ok

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Miko is the weakest S6 boss in Touhou.

She's also awful.

Her theme belongs on stage 1.

And she uses an EASIER version of eternal meek (a midboss spell) as one of her spellcards.

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>Evil powers
>Manages funerals
>Keeps bloodthirsty youkai at hand
You sure, mate?

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Byakuren loves everybody equally.

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>Evil powers
Her magic is not parasitic in nature, so it could hardly be called evil.
>Manages funerals
That's just a duty of most religious institutions. However, if evidence surfaces of Byakuren holding an urn and talking about her undertaker in a high pitched voice, I will concede that point.
>Keeps bloodthirsty youkai at hand
Why would bloodthirsty youkai hang around a monk who preaches peace and understanding? Her current charges are all pretty much by their own will.

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Best boobs

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That's...really nice.
Damn it all, quit posting stuff like that. It's pictures like those that keep Byakuren frustratingly above the mediocrity line.

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I'll only agree with best theme. Makes it all the more satisfying when I battle her, when I defeat her.

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Shes the most lovely touhou.

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Yes she is the best mom:

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Byakuren should only be smiling when she's lewd and hasn't realized it, or is trying to maintain her compsure, or something involving unwilling lewdity.
She doesn't get to smile with happiness without some lewd stipulate.
See danbooru.donmai.us/posts/1421234

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i would like to know which motherfucker made this piece of shit banner.

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is it still there? i haven't seen it recently

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It was me.

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What would you say to Byakuren and her friends before entombing them alive?

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I never said she was a hag, cockgoblin.

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the point still stands that a refined lady would not hold such a vulgar sign.

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I wanna discus tricking Byakuren into wearing sexy outfits during sermons again.

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"Humanity, fuck yeah!"

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Nazrin is a mouse.

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Do you think Byakuren would approve of your hikki ways /jp/?

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No, she'd tell us to take up Buddhism and work at her temple.

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Sorry, I just think Byakuren is a boring character.

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no one cares

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Mommy Byakuren thread?

Mommy Bykauren thread!

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I care. She is boring.

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byakuren has the most interesting backstory for me aside from yukari.

Also her theme is the most pleasant to listen to in my opinion.

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ara ara~

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That made me think of something. I'm surprised there aren't any /jp/anon who are really into religion. Purifying your mind with Buddhism and meditating is like the most compatible thing with the hikki lifestyle ever. You are by yourself all the time and have no distractions, and it will make you less dependent on worldy needs and material goods, not more.

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i seriously thought of devoting myself to a life of solitude and Buddhism but i think I would get really bored of it quick without a computer or videogames.

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Hell yeah OP

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Best hair

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There are plenty of religious discussions on /jp/.
I'd even say that those on /jp/ tend to be more religious than other boards and more educated in theology and religious studies as a whole.

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Are you talking about Fires of Hokkai or Cosmic Mind?

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I love Byakuren. Her ideals are beautiful. And as ZUN said himself, she's a good person. I find it pleasantly fitting that the westerners call her the Youchrist.

She'll always be my most beloved saint.

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Best remix, no doubt.

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Well, yeah, it sounds like you don't know anything about it. Religion isn't just some thing you do, it's a system of deep beliefs that motivate you to do them. If you get bored of it, then it isn't for you.


I don't just mean discussing it. I mean actually making it an active part of your life. I have seen a few good theology threads on /jp/, especially after TD, but that's not what I was meaning.

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Why does that hat look so good on her?

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It's nice to see someone who actually believes what they preach, which is one of the things I think makes Byakuren so appealing.

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That traditional robe looks way better on her. I'd ask why doesn't wear it, but there's not much explanation for why anyone in Gensokyo wears what they do.

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Gradient hair is the best hair

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Byakuren is one of my favorite characters, but she will never beat Aya. As a buddhist, I dont think ZUN does a very good job of portraying her as an enlightened or at least post dharma person. I guess its because ZUN is not enlightened himself, so he cannot create that feeling of movement without moving. The touhou religion threads on /jp/ are some of the best I have ever seen, and from time to time, we get a truly exceptional one.

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>Good religion threads
I'll agree there.
I almost learned about voodoo in one, too. Too bad it got canned for whatever reason.

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My policy is to save threads often, so I can go back and read them. Either control-s and save the html, or shift-f2 "screenshot --fullpage threadname.png.

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explain this pic pls

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Just because she is a buddhist doesn't mean that she needs to be "enlightened" or a better person.
She could be a buddhist, but a bad one at that.

There are both good and bad people of all religions.

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It was a case where he didn't get to explain it before the thread was removed, for whatever reason. All I got was that a lot of it required a chicken and like $30.

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best mommy

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requesting ZUN thing where he calls her a good person

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Eastern and western notions of good vary. Actually, western notions of good vary as well. Look at Germans; they think starting a world war makes you a good person.

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Shut up kike

>> No.11191951

which race?

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>As a buddhist, I dont think ZUN does a very good job of portraying her as an enlightened or at least post dharma person. I guess its because ZUN is not enlightened himself, so he cannot create that feeling of movement without moving.

/tg/ here. Would you mind elaborating on this? One of my bar-none favorite character archetypes is an enlightened monk style character, so I can't help but be interested in what you have to say on this subject

I must say that regardless of how Byakuren is portrayed canonically, though, I swear she gets by far the most beautiful pieces of artwork. Much like how Utsuho gets most of the coolest pieces of artwork, it seems like Byakuren gets the lion's share of things that just, for lack of a better word, awe me

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She is technically a "bad" buddhist, since she uses "demonic" youkai magic, and her soul is blocked from entering Nirvana for it.

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In order to preach buddhism, you need to have had dharma transmission. This means that you have studied under a teacher and they have made you their heir. The dharma lines can be traced back for a long time, and are a major part of biuddhist history. Cases where someone started preaching on their own, and being required as enlightened and carrying their own personal zen, are very rare. Buddhism emphasis this student teacher relationship very much. This does not mean that Byakuren did not revive transmission, we just do not see any evidence of it.

Dealing with post satori training, and teachers, people who are long time practices of meditation seem to have this way of holding themselves, and of moving. Its like adding water to moving water. They dont seem to move when they move. Byakuren is someone who, especially in SoPM, is perceived as kind of a fool, is easily fooled, and made fused and confused easily. Thats not how a master or roshi presents themselves. Again, this is a personal issue, and I doubt that zun intended to have Byakuren be a perfect example. It just makes the character seem less real in my eyes.

Byakuren's backstory, like many touhou's, is unknown in its completeness, and due to ZUN's absentmindedness, will probably stay that way, which is a pity, because its a cool story what we know, and I think most of us here want to know more and more about the people in this world.

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This song gets posted in every byakuren thread for some reason.

TAM's violin is probably the best version of her theme I've heard.


TAM does amazing violin.

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A lot is known about Marisa, more than Reimu even.

I think zun just wants to let the fans do whatever they want.

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Please, just mind spending 5 minutes reading Symposium of post-mysticism, instead of sticking to "I think" "why would".

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I want to thigh-fuck Byakuren while she's sleeping.

>> No.11192048

I, mysely, am a Taoist. Yet, Byakuren is one of my favourite characters. Also, her theme is my favourite Touhou music.
How/why does this happen?

>> No.11192053

Someone should make a Touhou rendition of the "vinegar tasters."

>> No.11192087

It became semi-popular when it was used in Osana Reimu. And it made me cry shameless bitch tears

>> No.11192127

Lots of assumptions, whatifs and straightforward fabrications? N-no, thank you.

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Resistance against canonical facts is futile.

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>Dealing with post satori training, and teachers, people who are long time practices of meditation seem to have this way of holding themselves, and of moving. Its like adding water to moving water. They dont seem to move when they move. Byakuren is someone who, especially in SoPM, is perceived as kind of a fool, is easily fooled, and made fused and confused easily. Thats not how a master or roshi presents themselves. Again, this is a personal issue, and I doubt that zun intended to have Byakuren be a perfect example. It just makes the character seem less real in my eyes.

Guy from that post again. If you're still here, I have to ask; what are some particularly good examples of characters who have achieved this sort of innate grace and fluidity in media? What about some bad ones, ones that demonstrate lessons of what to avoid?

Please, be detailed, if you are willing

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Nice one.

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black tewi alert

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Who can *not* love Byakuren? She's so beautiful. An epitome of feminine grace and saintly glory. Her backstory is ripe with intrigue. Also, her theme is seriously one of the most beautiful pieces ZUN has created. I could listen to the original all day


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>> No.11192421

I find Seiga's hedionism and Futo's wide-eyed idealism to be a lot easier to relate to. Not that Byakuren is bad or anything, her personality just seems a lot more...remote to me.

Also, lewd hags are the best~

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Tallyakuren www.

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Every other Touhou is jealous of her hair

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>canonically Byakuren was sealed for a thousand years
Wanna make it another thousand?

>> No.11192594

Worst hag

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I agree. Byakuren is undeniably a good person and worthy of being a saint.

>> No.11193009


I think alot of Byakuren fans would appreciate these images

>> No.11193023

I lol'd so hard and i don't know why

>> No.11193025


>> No.11193051

But she's too perfect. I can really only like someone who I know is as flawed as me.

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then ur a faggot

>> No.11194330

holy COW

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Because the divide between the two ZUN made up. They are very close in real life, and overlap in some situations.

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honestly, would you suck byakuren's cock, or her balls

>> No.11195238

and thus every Byakuren thread was ruined forever

>> No.11195288

moar of those?

>> No.11195295

Both, obviously.
But I would probably focus on her balls more.

>> No.11195347

Byakuren is actually practicing Buddhism.
She realized that youkai were people- sentient beings- too, and even if they had further distance to go to attain Nirvana than most (but not all) normal humans, they should still be helped and given the opportunity to improve themselves.

>> No.11195430

could I get an artist name on this, google/iqdb result in nothing

>> No.11195586

Would you slap her balls?

>> No.11195595
File: 505 KB, 622x829, 7397573a3f4e9f662bb96da9f2b9bad0[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Byakuren is a race traitor, who helps humanities enemies. She deserved, and deserves, imprisonment, if not death.

Our radiant queen Miko shall usher in a new era for Mankind. Please wait warmly while she quells the treacherous dogs.

Tao strong.

>> No.11195600
File: 2.77 MB, 2220x3104, byakuren in makai, day one.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Please don't send her back. It was a miracle she survived the first stay.

>> No.11195608
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>mfw taoists a shit

>> No.11195643

Nah, that seems a little mean, doesn't it? Unless she was into that.
I'd stick to cradling, caressing, and suckling.

>> No.11195734
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You forgot best hugs.

>> No.11195878

>Best character design
>Best theme song
It's Yuyuko's theme song without the harmonious mixture of emotions
>Best story
She's selfish as fuck back then. So, no.
>Best mommy
This is the only one i can agree on.

>> No.11195893

lmao look at byakuren's boner!

>> No.11195996


>> No.11196180
File: 2.89 MB, 3417x1736, 1357023446056.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

As well as the best picture ever made of her. [..yet, IMHO]

>> No.11196388
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>It's Yuyuko's theme song without the harmonious mixture of emotions



I'll do you violence

>> No.11196515

Byakuren is fucking shit, just like the entirety of the UFO cast except for maybe Nue.

>> No.11196585
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how does it feel to have worse tastes than people who rank flan at #4?

>> No.11199488


>> No.11199493
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Thanks, moot

>> No.11202025
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At least they may go Pichuun in peace.

>> No.11202052

I don't understand. Do you mean to say that Byakuren is the best mommy? Or do you mean that her mother is the best mommy? Please clarify.

>> No.11202452

>Best theme
Cosmic Mind is an awesome final boss theme, but...

Every other stage 6 boss theme helps us to better understand the character. Every other stage 6 boss theme's name is a direct reference to the boss itself.
What part of Byakuren's character/backstory is described by Emotional Skyscraper?
What does the word "cosmic" have anything to do with Byakuren?

Well, don't worry if you don't have the answers. ZUN leaves comments in music box of every game. For example:
>Vehement yet elegant, powerful but ephemeral
Yeah, that's Yuyuko. Elegant and powerful ghost.

So what does ZUN think about Byakuren?
>This is the theme of a last boss who is hard to tire out, probably.
What? Hard to tire out? Does ZUN want to say this is the main Byakuren's trait? And he doesn't even call her by name/status. Just "last boss". And what's with that "probably"?

Everything becomes clear after this interview:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=otIrJdoaITI.. Byakuren made it into the game in the last moment. The name of the final boss theme is just another homage to the Space Invaders. And it probably was composed before ZUN had his final thoughts about Byakuren.

So even if Emotional Skyscraper is technically Baykuren's theme, please don't use it as argument when describing why you like her. It's just like saying "I love Koakuma because her theme (Voile, the Magic Library) is really great".

>> No.11202541
File: 143 KB, 500x600, 7f5fa335d8a264556774c562ca5599c3[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Byakuren made it into the game in the last moment.
That feel when Myouren will never be the stage 6 boss of UFO as he should have been.

Superior Buddhist
Superior Human
Superior backstory
Superior Bodhisatva

Myouren >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Byakuren

>> No.11202556
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i like byakuren because she has the best boss theme, and because she has high endurance and spontaneity

what r u gonna do about it :)

>> No.11203242


>What does the word "cosmic" have anything to do with Byakuren?
Cosmos means order/harmony of the world. That's pretty relevant if you ask me.

>Vehement yet elegant, powerful but ephemeral
Zun being a try-hard.

>This is the theme of a last boss who is hard to tire out, probably.
Zun not being a try-hard.

>Byakuren made it into the game in the last moment
>And it probably was composed before ZUN had his final thoughts about Byakuren.
These doesn't matter much because, if you think about it, original Myouren's story isn't going to be radically different from Byakuren's story. You aren't gonna top the tale of a fallen monk redemption.

> So even if Emotional Skyscraper is technically Baykuren's theme, please don't use it as argument when describing why you like her. It's just like saying "I love Koakuma because her theme (Voile, the Magic Library) is really great".
I don't understand this. Gaining affinity of characters due to the music they are associated with is not legit?

>> No.11203647

>Zun being a try-hard.
>Zun not being a try-hard.
Stopped reading there.

>> No.11204707

If you stopped reading at the first line about Zun being a try-hard then how come you can still quoted the second line of Zun not being a try-hard?

>> No.11207227

I dont watch a lot of movies, or TV, so I dont have an answer. You see it more in real life.

>> No.11207233
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