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Show, don't tell.

Fucking Japs.

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Is this from that stupid article where some dumbass thought Japan had a completely unique form of storytelling fundamentally different from anything in the West?

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It's not like there aren't differences, but this person is wrong to have these opinions and I hate him/her.

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But conflict is what makes a good plot. Otherwise it is just dull.

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Yeah man, Aristotle had this shit down over 2,000 years ago.

That author is just crazy. There are some good Japanese stories that don't rely on any sort of conflict, but he's generalized that in a very stupid way.

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Tragedies are the best.
Who Kalevala here.

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I watched a japanese drama where the was no bad people. I think the worst person in the whole thing was the protagonist. Even his love rival was a better person than him

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sprölölös get out

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But didn't that make him more relatable?

I remember reading about a study where two groups of people listened to a recording of a man at a job interview. The first group listened to a recording where he was perfect. The second group listened to a recording where he was perfect but dropped a pencil or something equally embarrassing. Afterwards the groups were asked to rate the likeability of the man, and the flawed pencil-dropper man scored much higher.

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>no bad people

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google it muhfugga

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Do you know what the word 'rival' means?
It's not a synonym for a bad person.

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you're right, sorry

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If I read a comic or watch a cartoon or (especially) play a game and there's some conflict, I have to keep at it until the conflict goes away. Sometimes I lose days of sleep because I need the bad man to stop doing the bad things.

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His rival who was a very nice man married the girl he liked and the protag travels back in time to literally steal her from him.

I guess so

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If you love a woman who is already loved by someone else, you are a bad person. It's like wanting to kill someone. Sure, you're not actually a murderer, but you're a bad person for having that desire.

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>If you love a woman who is already loved by someone else, you are a bad person.

Leave me alone Jesus.

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captcha: "contestant Cdersa"

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No. You should feel bad.

Be honest: if she married another men then tried to seduce you, would you resist?

You're an adulterer in the making.

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Yes that is what Jesus has said.

> But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.

If you masturbate to 2D you remain pure, beccause there is no one to sin with.

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Did he post that on his Tumblr?

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Matthew 5:27-28

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I think Jesus would post in 4chan, he used to hang out with sinners frequently

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eh I don't trust the fucks jeezus keeps company with

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b-but they tried their best...

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Well, /jp/? Are you going to dress up for me?

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They were like the contestants on one of those reality shows, e.g. The Apprentice.

I can only assume Jesus specifically picked retards and people who would betray/doubt him because it would make for a better book in the end.

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You need to learn to let go, fag.

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Conflict doesn't have to involve people being "bad."

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If Jesus wanted people to believe in him, why didn't he tell one of his followers about a future natural disaster (e.g. 9/11) and ask them to write it down?

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Is this picture from that time when Jesus flipped his shit at a bunch of people just trying to make ends meet?

Sorry I have to sell my wares somewhere. Next time I'll just be born the Son of God instead. Asshole.

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Sure. You going to pay for the pretty clothes?

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Only if you come and live with me.

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>Sorry I have to sell my wares somewhere.

Sounds like a greedy piece of shit. Hope he likes the fires of hell.

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I'm scared, you'll probably want to do lewd things with me!

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It's more interesting that way. I'm happy to let the Jews teach me that Hitler was evil because it's pretty cool having a good vs. evil thing where the good guys won. It's like Star Wars.
But then in the prequels they had that one line, "From my point of view, the Jedi are evil!"
That was a stupid line and completely unnecessary. You're the bad guy and you will like it.

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>Sorry I have to sell my wares somewhere.
He was building a market in the house of God. Go look up the kind of business they were running there too.

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Only if you want to. Otherwise you can just dress up and be my housewife!

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Did they? They were either violent brutes, zealots (literally), money grubbing scum, traitors, cowards and the plain dumb. His nickname for a couple of them was "sons of thunder". The apostles were not nice people.

No wonder he was often disappointed at them.

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Crossboarders containment thread.

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He did miracles all the time in front of large crowds and still some people didn't believe him. You can't ask GOD to make tricks for you just because you're not convinced.

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Look man I have six kids and the tax collectors are all up in my shit, stealing my shekels. Oh, they're bad guys? Thanks for that story, I wasn't aware of that already. Mind stopping them for us? Oh wait, you're too busy starting a cult and doing party tricks instead of enforcing useful, political change. Sorry for interfering, go about your business. Go heal that blind man. Where were you when my third daughter died in infancy? Oh I guess that was just a case of bad timing or whatever. You go, Jesus! You obviously know better than us. Jerk.

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People making a profit out of religion is a big no-no. There is a reason as to why the Levi tribe was not allowed to own any properties.

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He did. We didn't listen.

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>I have six kids
Well here is your problem you worthless piece of shit. You dug this hole, you get out of it.

As if you could have handled a 7th brat.

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If Jesus wants me to believe in him, he should enter James Randi's Million Dollar Challenge or something. It's not fair that a few thousand people get to see his miracles and I don't.

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An materialist was seated next to a little girl on an airplane and he turned
to her and said, "Do you want to talk? Flights go quicker if you strike
up a conversation with your fellow passenger."

The little girl, who had just started to read Manusmṛti, replied to the total
stranger, "What would you want to talk about?"

"Oh, I don't know," said the atheist. "How about why there is no God,
or no Heaven or Hell, or no life after death, and how religions destroy organized society?" as he smiled smugly.

"Okay," she said. "Those could be interesting topics but let me ask
you a question first. A Roman, a Chinese man, and a Muslim come from the same stuff. Each group conquers the natural world and sets up a thriving civilization. Yet as each group loses touch with its spiritual origins, it succumbs to weakness and idiocy. Why do you suppose that is? I'm looking forward to hearing your petty materialist hypothesis. Have you read the Vedas? Have you read Plato? Have you even read the Bible?"

The materialist, visibly surprised by the little girl's intelligence,
thinks about it and says, "Hmmm, I have no idea." To which
the little girl replies, "Do you really feel qualified to discuss
God, Heaven and Hell, or life after death, when you don't know shit?"

And then she went back to reading her book.

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I guess it was like The Beatles. At first it's all, "Cool! You're good at fishing and stuff, let's be friends!" then a few years later it's all, "I am a weeaboo now and want to take our music in a different direction that will ruin us forever."

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The muslims look pretty in touch with their spiritual origins, but they're still weak and idiot.

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Look if Kami-sama was nice enough to allow contraception this never would have happened.

N-Not that I have sex for pleasure, or anything...!

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>nice enough to allow contraception
Only catholics are against it, and they´re so unchristian they have an obelisk to Amon in the the middle of their city.

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Naw way. Other historians and even artists of his time tried depicting him in their artwork, but were told "No." apparently by him. Later historians and fathers of the church either discussed this saying it was to be humble or that those artisan and historians said he said "To keep the grace of faith for my people" (or something along those lines). He would no less sit with us in discussion here for the same reasons.
Mastubation is still wrong though. Building all that false lust up as you see what you do it to and then only to encounter a woman you love with unfathomable fantasies in your heart or mind's eye. Tare's down the love you may bare for her and her actual dignity.

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Fucking Rustle lolis.

They had the smart idea of combining spirituality and law. The Jews did it too, but the Muslims took it to a whole new level. Unfortunately they didn't predict future banking systems or anything like that, so there's a lot of retarded cruft in there.

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Would you eat this? I would in a heart beat.

Though I would still eat it even if it dint taste like honey.

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What did Jesus look like?

He obviously can't have been the Aryan stud you see in European artwork.

Has anyone made conceptual images of what a historical Jesus might have actually looked like?

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How is combining spirituality and law "smart"? Their "holy book" is full of contradictions and it makes up their law system, which means that every ruler can pick up from it whatever he wants.

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>Mastubation is still wrong though.
Find this in scripture.
If you tell me onan, it was not for masturbation but for not obeying God.

>They had the smart idea of combining spirituality and law.
The people of Israel added too many laws to the sabbaths observed, and it was all wiped out in the new covenant of Christ.

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He only had one Jewish parent, another parent from outside this Earth.
There is no way to know what he looked like.

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He looked like your average jew. If you met Jesus today, you would not be able to tell him apart form anybody else in a crowd.

A completely forgettable whats-his-face.

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I'm not saying it's right, but if you want a contemporary example of how clever that is, here you go:

>> No.11158891

They did it one the history channel a few years ago.

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That would be cool. I like the idea of a Jesus I can relate to, not a Jesus who glows and whose eyes change color depending on his mood or whatever.

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What's your point? Are you comparing GNU to spirituality and law? GPL is just a license. Everyone can choose to either use it or not, you're not obliged to it.

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I like long haired Jesus. He looked like a cool guy.

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It'd be better if you could buy loli seeds and grow them yourself, Harvest Moon style. Depending on which loli seed you buy, the lolis you get would have different personalities. So could could buy tsundere seeds (should be watered daily no matter how much she protests about not liking it), genki girl seeds (requires lots of sun to grow), dojikko moe seeds (prone to toppling over, do not place on balconies), yandere seeds (releases allelochemicals so that she'll be the only one for her onii-sama, shouldn't be planted near other lolis) and so on.

Or you could buy regular flower seeds and treat them with a special fertilizer that was mailed to you from an unknown source in order to turn them into little girls. You'd start with simple, easy to grow plant girls like marigold-tan or chamomile-tan and later advance to much more needy plants like rose-tan (who'd be gentle, elegant and obedient; but she'd also be sickly and very prone to disease in her first few years) or a variety of orchid lolis (who should be haughty drill-haired ojou-sama type girls and demand to have their own "mansion"/orchid house).

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Like your average jewish, medieval and Renaissance artists worked all the time with references.

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"I had a really hard day today" Said Sayaka, sitting down with a "pomf" and a frown.
"What's wrong? Are you hungry, honey?" Asked Kyouko, offering Sayaka a small bag of chips.
"No, I just got into a fight with Mami again. She says we don't care about Madoka any more because we spend so much time together. But I told her, we're in heaven, and Madoka will join us someday too! Being a magical girl, no, living was awful! It's so much happier here!" She fumed.
Kyouko sat up, rubbing Sayaka's back gently, nipping at her neck with soft kisses, producing a box of pocky, pushing it into Sayaka's mouth.
"Hush, I'll make everything better. After all-I'm your girlfriend, and this is heaven-no need to get so mad. Mami is only worried about Madoka."
"Yeah, you're right..." Sayaka blushed.
Kyouko laid on her belly, looking back at her girlfriend expectantly. "I know what will make you feel better, Sayaka...." She said in a soft, low voice.
Sayaka smiled, laying down as Kyoko dragged her jean shorts down her legs, exposing her lightly-brown stained underwear. She unjammed her panties from her crack with her fingers, letting out a long, slow fart, letting the warm gas fill Sayaka's nostrils.
"K-Kyouko...I'm so lucky to have you..." she murmured, nuzzling the stinky buttcheeks.

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It's self-propagating. It combines ethics with legality, same with Islam.

"Sure, you can marry my daughter...but you have to convert to Islam and agree to Sharia law first! And spread that to all your children, and your extended family!"

It's pretty brilliant. They had a good thing going.

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Just being a trip makes you a lightning rod no matter what.

In an environment where we're expected to all be equals, where we mutually gave up on biasing each others' discussion by trying to save face/not step on toes with e-fame names.. someone who actually manually goes and gives themselves a name in this environment, is asking for trouble.

Generally the notion that you think you're important enough to knight yourself a tripfag carries an inherent conveyance of bias, namely that the trip feels he's a unique enough snowflake that every thing he says is important enough that you know he said it. Unless a trip is actually truly important for something besides conversation, it'll always wind up just redundant/useless/asking for trouble.

Every "good" trip goes bad eventually because as the years go by and they occasionally say something you'll disagree with, you'll remember those times a lot more than all the other times he said something that didn't raise any flags. I used to like Yutanpo for example, years ago... slowly but surely time erodes, and now I don't.

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I just had a dream last night that I was riding my bike down some back woodsy road in some forest. Then it came to this open field where I found a trailer like house. I went to the house and saw that Nitori lived there. She invited me in and she was quite shy (but she sounded like she wanted my penis)

We were talking about some things trying to make conversation be cause we were both kind of nervous.

I then went into her closet and found her dirty close hamper basket thing. I then took a huge deep breath and took in all of her sweet musky scent that is Nitoris dirty close. Then I started to piss on her dirty close (most likely because I had to pee irl and it was represented in my dream) I then saw a pair of her used underwear with a little brown staining on them and was about to make for them to smell.

Nitori came into the closet and saw what I was doing. She knelt down and started to hug me and says she understands and she nick named me Shy Bear.

I am sure there was more to it after that but the rest is getting hazy now. I JUST woke up so it was fresh in my mind and i did not want to forget

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Most ecstatic thread on /jp/ right now.

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>tfw Jesus was just a normal guy trying to make his way in life

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That's it. I'm sick of all this "Masterwork Bastard Sword" bullshit that's going on in the d20 system right now. Katanas deserve much better than that. Much, much better than that.

I should know what I'm talking about. I myself commissioned a genuine katana in Japan for 2,400,000 Yen (that's about $20,000) and have been practicing with it for almost 2 years now. I can even cut slabs of solid steel with my katana.

Japanese smiths spend years working on a single katana and fold it up to a million times to produce the finest blades known to mankind.

Katanas are thrice as sharp as European swords and thrice as hard for that matter too. Anything a longsword can cut through, a katana can cut through better. I'm pretty sure a katana could easily bisect a knight wearing full plate with a simple vertical slash.

Ever wonder why medieval Europe never bothered conquering Japan? That's right, they were too scared to fight the disciplined Samurai and their katanas of destruction. Even in World War II, American soldiers targeted the men with the katanas first because their killing power was feared and respected.

So what am I saying? Katanas are simply the best sword that the world has ever seen, and thus, require better stats in the d20 system. Here is the stat block I propose for Katanas:

>> No.11158917

(One-Handed Exotic Weapon)
1d12 Damage
19-20 x4 Crit
+2 to hit and damage
Counts as Masterwork

(Two-Handed Exotic Weapon)
2d10 Damage
17-20 x4 Crit
+5 to hit and damage
Counts as Masterwork

Now that seems a lot more representative of the cutting power of Katanas in real life, don't you think?

tl;dr = Katanas need to do more damage in d20, see my new stat block.

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But seriously, if you read the experiences of people that lurked pre-2006 4chan they'll all tell you they were afraid of posting because they'd be insulted and called faggots (!) if their post seemed idiotic and out of place. Now you can shit out all you want and if someone criticizes your post you have a wide range of tools to dismiss them:

- Say you don't care, that you do something with a bad reputation on the board and that you won't leave. Bonus points if you finish with "u mad?". They'll be the minority plus you're anonymous.
- Wait for someone to reply to them with posts like "WELL TOLD!! US OLDFAGS HUH???", "stop trying to fit in", "lol imagine being this mad" and such.
- Pass off everything as "trolling", a la >>11081882. No matter how retarded you acted, it was just pretending, you've made other people mad so you've won.

Ultimately this destroys any standard the community had.

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This is what the bbc said Jesus looks like.

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Even if he shows up in this era you won't believe him. I mean, God already sent his son, he performed miracles constantly and still got killed. Humans stupidity and stubbornness is legendary

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What does BBC know?
How can they know what phenotypes would be presented by the seed of God?
They don't, they can only go by the mother.

>> No.11158930

in all seriousness.
all complete seriousness, as in no more memes or witty comebacks.
all of that shit aside, completely serious right now.
if I had a gun with one bullet, and you were standing in front of me.
but next to you, was Hitler, alive again and ready to kill another 7 million or so Jews.
Honestly, I would shoot you. I really would. Why you're even on /jp/ is something I really would like to know. I want to know how you managed to stumble into this place, and who told you about this secret place of the internet.

Honestly, you're the sole reason /jp/ is full of fail nowadays. It would give me great pleasure to know that before I left, I could at least convince one idiot to leave this place for those with a positive IQ.

So please, in all seriousness, just leave this place and never return.

>> No.11158931

> Just because no one likes your shitty anime means /a/ is bad.
Stop assuming stupid shit, everything I like gets discussed plenty. /a/ is terrible because it's full of terrible posters. You guys can't go 10 posts without spouting some sort of meme/buzzword. Let us not forget all of the image macros that get posted every day. As far as on-topic threads go, /a/ is probably worse than /v/.

I know that /jp/ isn't much better either, but at least it has an excuse. It moves more than 10 times slower, meaning ANYONE can completely trash it with minimal effort.

>> No.11158932

The new guidelines of what is acceptable on /jp/, NON PERMANENT and revisable, following the user advice posted on /q/ (☞゚∀゚)☞

* Light and Visual Novels
* Figures and other otaku paraphernalia
* Touhou Project
* Doujin works and music
* Neet lifestyle¹
* Diverse niche japanese interests (kigurumi, idols, mahjong, tea...)
¹ - NEET lifestyle will be contained in only one thread, so the board won't be flooded with personal threads.

NSFW is not allowed. Post links externally if you must discuss nsfw, just don't post it. Censoring (spoilers, mosaics) your porn is not allowed either. Moot agreed, don't bother him about it. /jp/ is not your blog, shitposting dump, travel advisor or personal translation service. Topic overlap with other boards is acceptable in moderation (keep anime/manga in /a/ though), and at the discretion of the available janitors. Please do not complain about cherry picking, as janitors aren't trying to be nazis.


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normies overwhelmed the site by sheer numbers alone

you did yourself in by valuing a culture that was necessarily niche

>> No.11158939

why are you replying to spam?

>> No.11158940

A lot of other boards are full of normals and yet manage not to shit and puke all over themselves every day like /jp/.

>> No.11158941

Hey /jp/
-Yes, /a/?

-Most of you have been in this longer that we have, right?
-I guess so

-I'm starting to get burnt, things are not like before and time keeps flowing, my dreams, my videogame, my harem will never happen
-Is that so?

-How did you do it?
-Do what?

-Go on for so long in this new dirty world, mediocre anime, web 2.0, jobs with duties and normals flooding our homeboards. Doesn't the degeneration hurt?
-Well, it kind of does, but doesn't matter

-Why doesn't matter?
-Because I've found already the place where I belong.

-The place where you belo-

>> No.11158945

It's called adaption and going with time; both are skills you apparently do not possess. Too bad for you, friend.

>> No.11158947

>* Light and Visual Novels
Those were the days.

>> No.11158948

It is the ennui of existence. The neets are bored. So bored they have no option but to shitpost all day.

>> No.11158950

BGM: Summer lights (AIR)

-But it's always been a dream! You can't attain it, like I can't attain mine so our lives revolve around chasing the unachievable.

-Don't "Heh" me, you know it's true, is always too far and doesn't matter how much we try or how much we run, we will never catch it
-But I'm telling you I did


-Show me
-There's is nothing to show, listen, you're right, you can't catch with the dream, it banishes along your youth, will and happiness once you grasp the tip, your legs will tire and get old trying to reach that special place and yet it won't be worth.

-Then how you did it?
-I understood.

- Stop beating about the bush!
-/a/ it's really naive to believe that such place exist for you, there's nothing such as a merciful God or a loving destiny lurking around to make this a ideal world, there's only us, you and me, well and the others.

-I fail to see
-We can't reach the place that, as you said, doesn't exist, but then how we do know about it? The answer to that, that's how I found my place.

>> No.11158954

-It lives in our hearts, we have to pull it out, a little piece for each one, and together we will build it, from the very begining it lived in my heart and in yours and in everyone else, in each heart a whole and a piece.


-Hey /a/! Again talking alone?
-Eh, no, I was talking to /jp/

-/jp/ has been gone for years now
-No, he's here as always, in our hearts.

>> No.11158962

Still, spamming a thread manually is kinda sad.

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