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why do people torture yukkuri?

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because it's fun

it's kind of like watching an infant monkey being tortured in front of its mom

just something so satisfying about it

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Oh, so you're a dark and edgy sadistic pyschopath? Very nice. Epic.

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Pls stop bullying yukkuri and stop posting guro.

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I want a yukkuri plush

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Nice assumptions there about my personality. Might be accurate if we were talking about human beings but we aren't.

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Yes, you aren't.

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Yukkuri are basically children. In the real world, they'd have rights.

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cause it's funny LOL

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n1 murrican spirit, dude

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You guys are weird.

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I love you too, anon-kun!

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I really hate seeing yukkuri abuse. I mean, they're kind of like pests in the form of incontinent jelly-filled donuts, so really they're kind of asking for it, but it still upsets me.

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because people spammed these fucking threads on 2chan so people started drawing fucked up shit to respond to it

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Because they are asking for it. Arrogant little bastards that piss and shit all over the place while making stupid faces.

Kinda like autistic children, really.

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>Arrogant little bastards that piss and shit all over the place while making stupid faces.

Sounds like /jp/.

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Becuz torturing real 2hus is wrong and immoral and if u evr do ill wrek u m8 i swer

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Most of us probably should be tortured.

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I'm already being tortured, just living in this world is torture enough..... /end edgy statement

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I wanna be tortured by a cute loli mistress.

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I just rediscovered yukkuri.

I loved the stuff at yukkuri.shii.org . But the site seems down the last few days and the domain expired.

Does anyone know what happened?

I miss my yukkuri ;_;

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lol look at this new queer

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It's back up now.

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dammit how many days have I been loading a cached version?

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I really hate Chen.

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oh i drew that

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Does anyone have the Yukkuri Stalk Amputation radio drama?

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its on the forum section on OYP, dunno if the links are still alive

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Why are yukkuri so awesome?

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oh jesus what has anon created?
it's an abomination.

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Its been way too long.

Bring on the Yukkuri Abuse.

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yulovers pls go

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awww shiiit it's animated

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Far and away the worst part of this fandom.

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Worse than honking chen, walfas and annoying 2hu-remixes together?

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Has anyone got the link to the one where they forces Reimu to eat her own children (by threatening to eat them instead) and thus mindbreaks her?

I looked all over but I can't find it.

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Fuck yes.

If you added tumblr faggots, youtube commenters and roleplayers to that list I'd still be leaning to Yukkuri abusers being slightly worse.

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>youtube commenters
come on, it's not THAT bad

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Yeah you're right, it really doesn't get any worse than that.

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It's a coping mechanism for the frustration you feel trying to 1cc 2hu on lunatic.

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story or drawings?

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It's a stupid endless circle, because only the people who hate yukkuris are the ones who depict them as annoying pieces of shit. The ones who like them picture them as slightly dumb pets, which is more than enough.

Also, some bugs are annoying pieces of shit, but you don't see much insect abuse around.

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Because they honestly deserve it. Yukkuri as a whole are stupid and selfish creatures demanding agony and destruction.

But sometimes good yukkuri are tortured, and that really fucking grinds my gears. That "high class Reimu" one is a good example.

What kind of analogy is that? Some insects are inherently, by design, annoying to us humans, whereas the yukkuri in question have bothersome traits which are willful on their part.

Also, the depiction may be contrived, but just consider that only the annoying ones are being purged.

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> Also, the depiction may be contrived, but just consider that only the annoying ones are being purged.
That would imply all copies of Touhous are legitimate in some way. For instance, legluttonYuyukoXD or lesmokerMokou:) would be annoying Touhous that should be purged, and drawing torture manga would only make the Yuyuko or Mokou "races" better.

> the yukkuri in question have bothersome traits which are willful on their part.
Again, because the abuse artists want them to be annoying. It's no different from insects because they're deliberately making them annoying so they can justify the abuse.

After all, it started with some fucking SJIS art, how did it evolve into floor-shitting and insufferable bean bags?

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yulovers pls go

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Not every abuse comic shows Yukkuris as awful. Plenty do show Yukkuri deserving it but I think there are a good amount where they don't deserve it at all, like in True Happiness.

Also yes it's fiction, characters are written to produce a cohesive story which expresses the author's vision. So if the author wants to write a story in where annoying yukkuris are rightfully abused then he'll do that, it's fucking amazing that you guys are stumbling on this. It's like asking why Adonis is handsome in Death of a Salesman.

Authors of happy yukkuri comics are doing the same thing, why are you acting like you've found the lynchpin by which all abuse comics are tenuously held together?

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Your stance assumes that there is an original, true archetype to the yukkuri, and that yukkuri abuse artists/fans corrupt and deform what was already set. That's hardly the case.

It is also not out of the question that some yukkuri are more childish, ignorant and spiteful, which in turn warrant their abuse. Let me explain by correcting your analogy, which is once again flawed as it does not take into account the essence of the matter.

You can't compare the entirety of yukkuri to one specific character. A character is one entity, and they already possess a general, previous established set of traits. Yukkuri are not one entity. They are a group, something more akin to a species. A more apt analogy would be yukkuri to Touhou girls in general. Some will be well mannered, some will be misbehaved, some will be kind whereas some will be malicious. Is it not the prerogative of the artist to depict the yukkuri that ARE annoying, and show them getting their just deserts? It most definitely is.

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>story or drawings?
There are stories?

I dunno. I just heard about it in the wiki.
>Recipe to make a yukkuri mad: expose it to great pain. The nature of the pain can differ; it can be physical, or mental. For example, in a comic, Yuyuko achieved to make a yukkuri mad by forcing it to eat its children. The mother yukkuri knew that Yuyuko would eat its children, so it decided to eat them itself to avoid them suffering. When Yuyuko asked to the Yukkuri if it liked the taste of its children, the yukkuri became mad.

It would be such a shame if this was a story and not drawn.

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God these creatures are horrible. They deserve to be tortured just for existing.

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Does there have to be a reason?
People like it, so people do it.
Torturing a talking pastry doesn't feel as bad as torturing an animal or human.

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How about yukkuri love?

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Yes please.

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why do you pilot the eva?

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Would you guys do it?

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It has already been drawn. One of the first in fact. Make sure to read the rest of DOS stories. They are great.


Kamisama was also good.


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And please don't refer to Kimeemaru as "it."
A proper way to ask if you would fuq Kimeemaru is to ask "Would you tenderly make consensual love to the Beautiful and Magestic Kimeemaru-sama after marriage?"

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Why won't you just marry the normal Aya?

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All bodied Kimeemaru's are universally gifted by God(?) with an extra hot body.

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Best story I read was one about a guy drowning a yukkuri in boiling orange juice.
The orange juice kept it alive while the heat drove it crazy.

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What's so beautiful about a deformed head?

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Happy end

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Eye of the beholder, anon.

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There is beauty present here that I am afraid is currently beyond your understanding, but I hope that you will one day see it.

Is correct.

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Leonardo da Vinci was a faggot.
He dreamt of sucking dicks all day long.
Just saying.

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so edgy

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psychological torture is best torture

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this was the best reaction image

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no wait

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that one gets physical pretty quick!

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Thanks for the link. But she doesn't actually eat her own kids.

Oh man. That one was awesome. The ending gave me the feels.

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translate it, guro-weeb.

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There is an alternative bad end. Keep reading.

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>Why do people torture yukkuri?
Here's why:

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Why does it say "kagami" on the mirror? Is the artist really that insecure?

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>There is an alternative bad end. Keep reading.

That alt ending was fucking delicious!

I don't understand why I take pleasure in such suffering.

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that's doodoo

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It's hilarious. Only an advanced being can take pleasure in the pain of others. Embrace it.

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wot happened here

was she flipped?

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wtf happened?

the ones with the beady eyes are the cutest

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>the ones with the beady eyes are the cutest

Artist is "kiriraitaa"

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Why are there alway those strange spoon thing on every guro image?

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Stop posting guro, it makes Chen cry!

These are even worse than loli sexualistion.

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yukkuris are just beanpaste manjuss. yulover pls go

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I used to feel bad (and sometimes I still feel bad) about yukkuri torture

but I can't deny my boner while reading some of these like 'between studies' posted here.

>> No.11132190

>between studies
That's one of my favorites, along with all that artist's other stuff as well.

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annoying chen should drop dead eajy!

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das it mane

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Can someone post a tutorial on how to create a custom yukkuri using manju?

I bought some manjū recently but ate them before reading this thread and finding inspiration for my request

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a tutorial

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How about you getting tortured by Yukkuri?
Would you let Kimonge play with you?

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No that's dumb, why would anyone do that?

>> No.11146487

Kiriraitaa's comics make my heart hurt. Not because they're so beady eyed and adorable looking, but because he tries his damndest to make them as innocent and sweet as possible.

>> No.11146505

>play with you?

if by that you mean sexually tease me, and then belittle me for getting turned on by a creature as ugly as her, then yes! Yes I would!

>> No.11149223


Only if I get to put it in at some point. I don't get off to abuse but I'll use it as a means to an end.

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Is that you, Satsuki?

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This thread is horrible. I went through a few days ago, and now my mind is - day and night - plagued with thoughts and images of adorable, helpless Yukkuris being subject to such inhumane acts.

-Jimmies Rustled beyond recognition.

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Yukkuri is a creature designed to be bullied. They generally have all the qualities humans despise in their personality which provides the excuse to bully them, they are too weak to fight back, and at the same time has a cute exterior that is fun to break.

Kind of wish they were real because they would be such massive stress relievers for everyone on Earth.

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Yukkuri are the reincarnations of souls destined for an overcrowded Hell. Living as a Yukkuri is part of their penance for their sins in a previous life. Bullying them is good, making them suffer is good, they deserve it.

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It makes me feel terrible; simple thought-processed fictional beings who have such foreign and frightening situations thrust upon them.

-situations impossible for them to ever even come an iota close to imagining, and haven't any capacity whatsoever to discern why its happening to them during.

And, should one stay alive and intact, after being subject or witness, the trauma would be endless. But it would be normal for them. because everything they experience is not analysed. it simply is.

instinctively, they'd still have the primal desire to consume for survival, but they simple would be unable to. their constantly muddled mental and emotional state would affect them physiologically. they'd probably never be able to keep their food down, or gag on reflex. they might never be able to sleep, or at least have terribly disturbed nightmares.

I don't know how most of you can bypass such thought processes.

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some of them actually like it

>> No.11155434


That does not alleviate their suffering.

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Abyusers have their ways.

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Kinda wish they would just fade out. Both the fat heads and the subsequent abuse.

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fugg u nerd

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This is the only truth for me

>> No.11162134

It's because the Japanese are sick fucks. It's years and years of civil war, brutal violent history, and the worst atrocities committed by human beings during Sino-Japanese and second world wars aren't a coincidence.

>> No.11162151

Some of these are pretty disturbing.

It's like torturing retarded children. Just leave the poor fuckers alone.

For the record I hate yukkuri, especially the Reimu one that was fucking everywhere for awhile

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Hello, Korea.
Goodbye, Korea.
You are not welcome here.

>> No.11162164

>implying Korea is the only country that hates Japan
>implying you don't know who I'm quoting

>> No.11162167

Fuck off son. Post something a little more meaningful than /b/-tier bullcrap or get off my board.

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Check out this dog eater.

>> No.11162223

yukurri a shit

>> No.11162233

>my board
This is a board for sharing Japanese culture, not for cannibalizing it and sending it on to your government for use in anti-Japanese propaganda.
Please get off the Internet, Park Ye-jun. You might end up finding out the truth.

>> No.11162263

I have never seen anything this evil in my life

I need my waifu

>> No.11162321


Yes, the Japanese are nasty, insane weirdos. Never mind that they have a lower crime rate than most western countries.

"B-but muh sick crimes! muh Navada-tan, muh otaku kille-"

Yeah, tell that to James Venables and Ian Brady.

>> No.11162374

They're definitely ichiban in crimes committed against fictional characters.

>> No.11162393

You can't commit a crime against a fictional character, you moron.

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Yukkuri abuse fans are some of the shittiest people.

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How'd you get the funky coloured yukkuri?

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Narrow-minded people who think and complain that yukkuri and lolicon images are real abuse are the shittiest people.

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I agree with you.

>> No.11162540

>M-muh Fake of Nanking!

Cry about it somewhere else, Chink.

>> No.11162554

I was going to say 'why would anyone want those' but it's so cheap even I would want some

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I think Yukkuris are cute.
Why can't we do cute and fun things with them?

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File: 1.08 MB, 1000x2750, crying_yu_03.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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Kimeemaru is love

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But they are moe way when abused

>> No.11162609


I was trying to make a blonde-only box, so I removed all the black-haired Marisa's accessories

the small ones got trampled and it was nothing of note, but the adult one got gang raped. Like, 5 others surrounded her and she became food while they smiled telling her that she can't take it easy anymore

it was awesome

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there has been a lack of new abyuse recently

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>juggle their babies
im sold

>> No.11164449


Kagami means mirror, retard.

>> No.11164469

what is the name for this
I searched yukkuri sim and I got some awful flash game

>> No.11164475


SimYukkuri. Fun, but I can't help but think of all the features it doesn't have that I'd like to see.

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thanks dude

>> No.11164531

I've never read a yukkuri comic or fic where there was any indication that the yukkuri were "willfully" annoying. They don't seem to be doing it on purpose. It's just a part of their genetics.

>> No.11165434

the ending of this comic is hilarious.

>> No.11165547


Wow, edg... oh.

>> No.11166979

its still on development.

someone found another sim today

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File: 161 KB, 1025x771, YuRaisingSim-0.2.0[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The other sim is definitely interesting but it's no longer maintained. SimYukkuri is neat in it's own way and actively under development so I think we might see more features.

I'd like ideally torture and rearing elements to be pretty much equal. YuRaisingSim seems to have better AI where SimYukkuri just has the shit bags spend all day crying at their dead babies. I don't know which is better.

I'd really like one of these games to have stem pregnancies.

>> No.11166996

no i mean other ones done by japs. check oyp

>> No.11167053

Oh I had no idea there were more, thanks.

>> No.11167662

So I've found the Yukkurium one(which there seem to be multiple version of), the one that starts off with a Reimu and a few Kos, and the one that's just a young Marisa. Anything else there?

SimYukkuri seems to be the only one with refreshing.

>> No.11167747

This is seriously some of the most fucked up shit I've ever seen /jp/.

You're all fucking sick.

Post more

>> No.11167748

someone found another one today. check the comments section

>> No.11167772

Yeah, I'd been playing that one. The controls are a little hard to get used to, it's sort of neat that you can use the hammer to destroy their house and things like that.

>> No.11168180

this game is breddy gud

>> No.11168485

I fucking love this artist

>> No.11168492

why u saging m8

>> No.11168583


Yukkuri are like ants, cockroaches and mosquitos.

Their lifes are pretty meaningless and no one is gonna miss them when they die so it's ok to smash and punch and slap and burn, step on, kick smash with an object and throw them down the toilet and flush.

They're like insects to me, they don't really matter to anything.

Just my honest opinion on these things.

>> No.11168715


>> No.11168822

In simyukkuri the babies keep disappearing,
are the adults killing them or something?

Do I need to pen them away with a barrier?

>> No.11168853

It's not edgy. Yukkuri are lower than insects, as far as life goes. They're fucking bean pastries, dude. You've eaten things more alive than these. How could you say yukkuri torture is edgy if you eat animals and plants?

>> No.11168864
File: 408 KB, 1024x1024, 0aed638ee7ef7d6378433917d70bac16.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Too /a/ for me

>> No.11168922

The one in OP pic makes me want to cuddle it.
It looks so round and soft I don't know why anyone would want to bully Yukkuris.

>> No.11168941

If it were me, all the nice yu's would be allowed to live with only the shithead deibus getting beat up or killed.

>> No.11169138

But torturing the nice ones feels the best.

>> No.11169333

pay attenttion, it's the only way to know

if a baby get refreshed it will probably die and rot but it SHOULD leave a body behind (only accessoryless yukkuri are devoured) while every parent cries. It's really annoying so you just remove the accessory and they become food

>> No.11169964
File: 92 KB, 894x568, SimYukkuri.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've broken her.

>> No.11170010

sometimes when I leave them with food, toilet and a toy they still die, and checking them show 100% hunger

I can't feel satisfied by this simulator because of minor shit like that

>> No.11170133

What the fuck? Real animals get depressed and stop eating all the time. If anything it enhances the simulation.

>> No.11170134
File: 97 KB, 800x530, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Once you start, you can't stop. Ever.

>> No.11170157

I fucking know. I've been in and out of the Yukkuri fandom for five or six years. I keep tearing myself away, but if I happen to see an errant picture and I'm of low willpower I find myself reading through all the good pools at OYP.

It's a disease I tell ya what.

>> No.11170192

I had 6 yukkuri, two of each type, one rude and one not-rude

I made walls to keep them from reproducing

only the rude alice was alive after about 30min, but she was bruised for some reason (no damage tho)

it's not realistic, it's just random

>> No.11170267

By the way, who are /jp/'s favorite yukkuri artists.
Mine is probably sanaeaki, I think he's under appreciated because his work is too strong for most, but he really pushes the boundary and his art is great.
Of course I also worship kiraraitaa along with everyone else.

>> No.11170369

Sanaeaki is always a favorite. He's a pretty cool guy, though I keep meaning to make a OYP account and touch up and make readable the "translation" of Satorin and the Lez OL.

>> No.11170792

Yeah, I've been waiting a long time for someone to fully translate it, but it looks like their all avoiding it because of the yukkuri vore

>> No.11170990
File: 114 KB, 1024x600, Retards.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wish yukkuris in the sim wouldn't pick on the premature ones. Their shit eating nature makes them so useful.

>> No.11171544

But thats the best scene...

>> No.11171604

you should be able to make some makeshift accessories for it


non-rude yukkuris shouldn't bully accessory-less yukkuris

>> No.11171610

is there some sort of guide for this game.

e.g. which food do what, how to deal with mold

>> No.11171640

use hammer to deal with mold
lemon pop causes sleep
viyugra causes need to refresh (similar to vibrator)
hot and bitter causes damage
pants protect against breeding

accessoryless yukkuri will get bullied to death by yukkuris with accessory, and can be used as food (also works if you remove accessory from a dead yukkuri)
I suspect the AI has troubles with barriers and sometimes get stuck on it

>> No.11171649

It's a tricky point, if you remove the accessories they won't bully the retards. Also rude Yukkuri kill them faster. Either way you'd be in the same place where you had to drop make shift accessories on each retard, which is just about as much work as removing the accessories on the non-retards.
It's not random. I've only seen retards die randomly because they were too stupid to go to food. They could be getting caught on the walls, If their wasn't enough room the shitty toilet could be stressing them, the walls could be stressing them. I don't know if stress causes damage or stops it from healing but that might have been it.

Just because the system isn't design to let you have some self governing Yukkuri Rapture doesn't automatically mean it's doing a 1d100 to live roll every few minutes. You probably fucked up.

>> No.11171674

I've had situations with more than 130% stress, it did not cause damage.

Walls are more deadly than stress in this game.

>> No.11171748

Is punish useful for anything other than causing damage in SimYukkuri? As far as I know, you can't discipline them. If they are rude, they'll always be rude even if they get almost killed and come back, and if they aren't properly potty trained, they'll never be

>> No.11172395

Its still a work in progress

>> No.11172416

I would just punish mine whenever they started pooping somewhere that wasn't the toilet. They'd move a bit closer and start pooping again. I'd repeat this until they got to the toilet.
Unfortunately, I don't think there's a mechanism for them to actually learn toilet-training, but I think that the yukkuris get better as they progress from baby -> child -> adult, so this sort of mimics toilet-training.

>> No.11172840

I've only find this kind of problem for rude ones, mostly rude Marisas. Most of the time, both Alices can use the toilet right off the bat, Reimus are the middle ground next to non-rude Marisa, and the worst one is rude Marisa, shitting everywhere and making me want to hammer its head in every time.

I look forward to proper implementation of the punishment system for correcting their 'bad' behaviour, at first. Conditioning based on punishment would be a wonderful thing to add but I suppose it's as hard to implement as it is to explain what I mean

>> No.11172863

you can't torture something that isn't real, faggot

>> No.11172868

i guess thats why you don't have a tortured sex life LOL

>> No.11172898

This game doesn't really do anything

>> No.11173306

Yes, I was very disappointed to find out the "game" was more like a screensaver.

>> No.11173528


>> No.11173574
File: 71 KB, 247x248, MY GLASSES ARE FALLING OFF.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

holy fuck
archive this shit

>> No.11176062

I've had some retards die randomly, It might be that they couldn't get to food quick enough or that they got caught on a little wall I forgot to delete. Though I've seen it.

Actually I think Stress might not be measured/displayed right. It's always the same for all Yukkuri.

>> No.11176067

Sorry! It's a project that was abandoned. I should have stressed that a little more before posting it, since it is kind of a let down. Sorry.

>> No.11176260

Yes this sim has potential but at the current stage it's pretty annoying with its limited capabilities.

>> No.11176314

You could post some ideas at the Oyp forum, the dev hangs out sometimes

>> No.11176378

How did it get an shock when the cable just loops?

>> No.11176435

no it doesn't

>> No.11176863
File: 126 KB, 1024x600, BlackAndYellow.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Retards and walls interact badly. They get can 'stuck' on them, where they'll just stand there saying 'Yupi~?' until they starve to death. Honestly, I wish yukkuri didn't interact with walls at all. It's just annoying watching them yell at the wall before bursting into tears.

In an unrelated note, it's crazy hard to get a black haired Marisa to be born. So many births and subsequent smooshings before I finally got one.

>> No.11176877


It's not just retards, any yukkuri can get stuck.

Also, they actually included a mechanic to allow the non-accessory yukkuri to live together. Incidentally, a non-shit accessorized yukkuri won't actually kill the non-accessorized ones (technically only tested with a reimu, but seems likely for the others).

Also, I'm petty sure I saw a raper actually killing off non-rape offspring, which they're suppose to do IIRC. That or they raped them, but either way it was nice to see some faithful implementation.

>> No.11177045

hybrids are fun to look at, but they have terrible stats (frail)

puff-braided Reimus can't father black-haired Marisas, but I think it's a bug

as far as I know (various tests, version 13) non-rude accessoried yukkuris will kill accessoryless ones, but they don't have the same hurry rude yukkuris have, so it takes a while longer

and rapist kill kos because refresing causes hunger and kos have terrible hunger stats, leading to damage (more than 100% hunger), and they also have terrible health stats, leading to death by refreshment (also possible in childs/adults but you'll have to use a vibrator to reproduce easily)

>> No.11177069

just looking at that rude Marisa makes me want to hammer its head in

>> No.11177127

did you kill all other adults?

>> No.11177189
File: 108 KB, 1024x600, HybridHeaven.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


I only started with two; a Marisa and a Reimu. I force bred them until I got the hybrids, then I smooshed them and repeated the process with another pair, seeing as how siblings won't mate. I'm curious if hybrids breed true, and if it's possible to have a hybrid only pen. After that I'll probably do raper only pen and see how long they can last.

>> No.11177254

I know you can have a blonde-only pen (with Marisas and hybrid Reimus), or a black-haired only pen (with Reimus and hybrid Marisas) but won't hybrids have regular colored offsprings? I honestly never tried that, only color-based pens and it works

Also rapist are great if you don't want too many offsprings in your pen. Too bad Alices have some problem not being born rude (it's like, 1/2 chance EVERYTIME just like the rapist gene) and it pisses me off too much to keep a rapist pen for too long

good luck in your research fellow scientist

>> No.11178265


Turns out hybrids do breed true A hybrid refreshing another hybrid will only result in more hybrids. Now if only the rude/shithead trait was determined by parentage and not random chance...

Also, anyone know what the conditions are for a yukkuri to eat its own poop are? I've had some starve to death rather than do so, and I've had others eat it when a bowel of food was right near them. I just can't figure it out.

>> No.11179719

I have experienced the same, so my input hardly helps, I suppose.

If I had to guess, I'd say it's related to being rude and/or damage

>> No.11181913

what yu would you guys like next?

>> No.11181915

What if yukkuri
are the nuggets you just ate?

>> No.11181944


all i canz sez is.... chineses buns master race!!!

>> No.11183205

Flan or Remilia, It'd be nice to have more torture devices! Failing that Patchy would be nice.

>> No.11183267

Patchouli is the quintessential yukkuri, after reimu/marisa/alice.

>> No.11183277

Are there any Yukkuri onaholes?

I was thinking kinda like those Tenga Eggs.

>> No.11183338

It's an interesting way to dispose of shitheads. Find a raper Alice and let them have it! As for toys? Yeah, they do exist for when you want to keep your pet from refreshing with wild gutter trash.

>> No.11183377

I don't think that's what he meant.

>> No.11183407

Yeah, I didn't mean that at all.

>> No.11185020

good news anon! im currently working on it. work is going slow slow due to work and crap

>> No.11185024

I prefer torturing real touhous.

>> No.11185586


>> No.11185637


>> No.11187525

any plans of introducing dosus? maybe for really old yukkuris

>> No.11188287
File: 236 KB, 300x870, annoyingze.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.11188479


>> No.11188556

How do you get premature/retard births?
Do you hammer the Yukkuri as it gives birth?

>> No.11188569

I think children give birth to retarded Ko's if they manage to survive refreshing.

>> No.11188653

>How do you get premature/retard births?
ask ur mom.


>> No.11188662


>> No.11188750


>> No.11188964

the mother needs to be visually damaged (not sure if mold counts, probably not), doesn't matter if it's before refreshing or after being pregnant

>> No.11189003
File: 22 KB, 289x198, tempyu.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i realising i kudo squueeezzze 50+ yukkurri into a very small javy window... do i win? left them alone for over an hour, and they still lived with several catching the moldy peaches...

>> No.11189056

You keep beat the hell out the parent with mister hammer while it's pregnant, orange juice when it's near death, and repeat. Some of the survivors might end up premature. That's how I get mine anyway,

>> No.11189075

Only sometimes. I think high damage throughout the duration of the pregnancy plays a part in it but I'm not too keen on the exact details. Give a ko orange juice immediately after it gets raped by an Alice, don't let it get raped again, and you might get a normal baby this time.

>> No.11189194


>> No.11189199

One question though, do you guys mind if the models get more cuter? Like kiriraitaa style?

>> No.11189306

Kiri style would be perfect, his yukkuri are not only iconic but they're also well expressed.
I just love how he's able to show how innocent and cute some yukkuri can be whilst also being able to show their disgusting and malevolent sides.

>> No.11189343

A Marisa and Reimu just breeded for me and I got an Alice. And a retard. Why

>> No.11189885

its canon that sometimes a reimu x marisa pair will give birth to another type. mostly sanaes

>> No.11190645

Why did you give them a treasure

Are you a girl? Is that it?

at least leave it behind a barrier

>> No.11190651

I fear for my own sanity if you switch to kiriraitaa's style

>> No.11191737

I can get the retards, but how do you get the hybrids?

>> No.11191834

breed a non-wasa reimu and a marisa, you get each hybrid based on who is the father/mother

just breed lots of them until you get what you want (use a vibrator) and then smash whatever else is left (or just remove the accesory of excess yukkuris if you don't wanna get your hands dirty)

>> No.11191842

They are rare. Like ridiculously rare. You can spend an entire playthrough not seeing one appear and yet one can show up easy in another one. Dumb luck, perhaps? I once forced 30 pregnancies with the vibrator and there was only a single hybrid born in the litter.

>> No.11191935

prepare for mental breakdown anon

>> No.11191967
File: 377 KB, 705x944, c980480105299d64c2f73303c99fa81d.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'd pretend to get sexually bullied by her but then suddenly turn the tables and brutally rape her.

>> No.11191975

thumbnail looks like she's smoking a cig with her vagina

>> No.11192246
File: 343 KB, 1023x600, 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i left it for like an hour at max speed, here's results

>> No.11192819

that's what you get when you breed too many rapist alices...

>> No.11193615

they barely survive 30 minutes at max speed, for me. They breed too much and stress themselves to death

>> No.11196331

which yu wud u fugg

>> No.11196379

hard mode: not bodied versions only

(probably all the ones without fillings that could ruin my dick)

>> No.11196407

Why did that only Maria survive?

>> No.11196415

confirmed best yukkuri

>> No.11197670

still working on that patche. there is some sketch if you want to check on oyp btw. if the dev approves ill go into chen next, or maybe ill change the old sprites

>> No.11197766

Haven't looked at yukkuri stuff in years. Are there any new ones by ammo?

>> No.11197781


Just saw this too. I remember this from a long time ago too. Did the program just get developed more, or is it an entirely new one? When I played it there wasn't much you could do.

>> No.11197825

orly? it took me hours to selectively breed 99% niceheads who are not rude and rapists. after that they survive pretty well(30/50++ survived) for almost 2 hours w/o me cleaning up or separating the moldies..

>> No.11198043

the strongest ze

>> No.11198522


I hope you cleaned that Marisa up and gave her a good home, Anon.

>> No.11198547

he came back for two days 2 years ago and then took it easy forever.

>> No.11198597


It doesn't seem like the kind of hobby people stay in for years.

Can you recommend some recent (1-2 years) yukkuri comics? I am guessing there's still no decent way to navigate OYP

>> No.11198608

Because they were designed to be tortured.

A cute creature that is extremely rude (most of the time) and stupid that is extremely fun to bully. Everything about yukkuri screams designed for torture/stress relief.

>> No.11198688

Indeed. Those things can take quite the beating compared to the rest of them!

>> No.11198750

>selectively breed
I don't think the game has genetics. Traits are random.

>> No.11199024


>> No.11199235

Oh, some people come and go. Its more of a community than a hobby for me. Do most people keep their childhood or teenage age friends? Probably not.

What kinda comics you want? There has been a lot of incomplete ones and as far as i remember only a few that were finished. Even I have to blame myself for being so lazy and not finishing some i did, but thats life for you.

>> No.11201993


Anything you think stands out above the majority of junky ones I remember there being.

>> No.11202122

I should try to collect all the text stories that are in English one of these days. It's a shame that so many of them are unfinished as well.

>> No.11202134

It's not really that edgy.

>> No.11202885

I should do that too. OYP got down last month for 4 days, and i couldnt take it easy at all.

>> No.11203709

Has kiriraitaa updated at all in the last few weeks?
Hoping he doesn't leave his current comic hanging

>> No.11203753

yes it is...stop being mad.

>> No.11205488

Would like patchy, thanks

>> No.11208840 [DELETED] 

Enjoying the torture of an infant monkey IS rather strong evidence of some psychopathic tendancies. Are you really unaware that this is almost universally frowned-upon? How little contact have you had with other human beings over the course of your life? How could you miss all the cues? Yukkuri aren't real - that's the difference you should have picked up on.

>> No.11208850

Enjoying the torture of an infant monkey in front of its mother IS strong evidence of some sadistic / psychopathic tendancies. Are you really unaware that this behavior is almost universally frowned upon? How little contact have you had with other human beings over the course of your life? How could you miss all the cues? Yukkuri aren't real - that's the difference you should have picked up on.

>> No.11208997

i just don't like monkeys, man

>> No.11209066

yea and i just dont like small animals thats why i torture them in my shed

>> No.11209268

Well you two have some things in common.

>> No.11212674

he always comes back....
his longer hiatus is 10 months

>> No.11212793

yeh, we both fucked your mom! in the butt! LMAO!!!

#rekt #fucking_rekt

>> No.11212860
File: 376 KB, 1000x1400, 88d6f6e6186bd6cec74dc82235f88216[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Manjuu is manjuu

is it wrong to play with manjuu?

>> No.11212879


>> No.11212890
File: 328 KB, 1000x1400, 8a5373dabf17b28ab956cc1aa41a3b64[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it's ok to get over-excited by playing with manjuu

>> No.11212955

They are living pastries that taste better when sad/abused
They look like humans but have the mental capacity of less than a frog. They can vocalize words but they don't know what they mean outside of one or two phrases per yukkuri, such as TAKE IT EASY or I SAID TAKE IT EASY YOU CUNT
They have the memory of a goldfish if the myth about goldfish having no memory was true, you can beat them to half death and they'll forget about it before they even feel better.

>> No.11213005

People rarely eat them in comics, and the flavor thing is really questionable, since some comics will tell they taste bad after torture (that yuyuko one, or that one where the boy visits the factory).
Also they are indeed dumb, but there are some that can show some higher level of mind (and those get ranked with medals like gold or silver). Only the oldest comics showed them only able to say 'take it easy' or 'yu', one of the reasons why it feels so good to punish these is because some of them are fucking cunts (the ones that don't deserve a medal, mostly).
The thing about memory is half-right... you can beat them and then offer some sweets and they will forget shit, but they can remember some traumas. Their mind is so simple its just unlogical (they are made of magic afterall)

>> No.11213235
File: 206 KB, 600x800, 944192ed922a3e686f4c500474db2472[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.11215488


>> No.11215563

They start to taste bad only when they fall to anti-yukkuritis.

>> No.11216571

Looking forward to him finishing up this current series, something of a cliffhanger right now.

>> No.11217315

how do you get a makeshift accessory?

>> No.11218423

whos your favourite artist /jp/

>> No.11219746

I like a bunch but then I realize they have unfinished works, which makes me unable to like them properly anymore

>> No.11221426

kiri or clamm

>> No.11221703

What about the new ones.?

>> No.11223175

New ones are okay. Old is gold, though. clamm disappeared long ago, but I'm hoping kiri will stick around for a few more years.

>> No.11224878

This thread is a few moments away from taking it easy forever

I'll miss it and you guys

>> No.11225369

What are you talking about?