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Toyohime is a great character.

Such a shame she's not popular.

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Moonsluts go home. Neil Armstrong is the best!

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I like how those moonbitches got OWNED by yukari.

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Like when she kneeled before one of them?

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They are kinda far away from Gensokyo. Hard to make stories about them.

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It was all a part of the plan.

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Like when everything went exactly according to her plans and she drank their precious sake.

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Her plan was to have Yuyuko steal something valuable, though. She was thoroughly humiliated for a bottle of sake.

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She's a space shark. How could anyone not like that?

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She didn't really seem to care about it...

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Not really, and not nearly as how humiliated the moon was.

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That's right. She didn't _seem_ to care.

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I wonder how strong is Toyohime without her fan or any lunarian weapon.

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In fact, she was all smiles as she was bowing. Yukari schooled them in the art of deception.

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Oh, please. You saying she did? Evidence?

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Why do you think she would try to invade the moon for the second time in a row otherwise? Just to drink some sake? You're delusional.

She's also a pathological liar and tries hard to appear as a mastermind.

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Actually, I think her plan working would be more satisfying for her than anything else.

Not to mention she's way hotter than the any of the lunarians.

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It wasn't just any bottle of sake. Yuyuko took a special bottle of sake and they drank it so they could never return their precious artefact.
It's like >>11127327 said, those moonbitches got fucking schooled. Eirin included.
The only one who propably knew was patchy but she didn't give a fuck.

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You're not realizing how important that sake is, and how the point was that she outmaneuvered the mooninites and swiped their stuff.

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Eirin was pretty damn shaken by the sake thing.

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Eirin was scared as fuck when she found out about the sake.

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When you think about it she is sort of a Lunarian equivalent of Heimdall.

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I don't remember her reaction ever being shown.

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She's adorable.

I'd eat peaches with her and pet Udonge.

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It was at the end of CiLR.

Don't worry, Eirin'll come back and put a huge hole in Yukari's gap-making ass.

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probably the best character ever

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At the end of the day, all she managed to do was sneaking in the moon a pair of ghosts while the Lunarians tied her up and had the opportunity to obliterate Gensokyo.

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Pretty much this.

Yukari and Ran had literally 0 chance to break out of the lunar-hax rope, so Toyohime could've just one hit Gensokyo with everyone getting their ass kicked on the moon.

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Those Lunarians had no intention of hurting gensokyo and were actually pretty scared of some of it's inhabitants if I recall correctly. That aside, I really like how Yuyuko was depicted in SSiB. She knew exactly what Yukari hinted at and played her part perfectly without needing any explanation. Really changed my view of her.

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But that didn't happen. It wasn't even a war either. It was just a game to Yukari, a game that she won.

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Don't give two shits about her. ZUN himself obviously doesn't if he doesn't even think it's necessary to explain his artist how to actually draw stuff related to her beyond her basic design.

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That's nice. And?
What DID happen was the moon was totally outmaneuvered. The mooninites could have done stuff and won, but they didn't, so the lost.
That's it.

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They weren't scared at all, Toyohime pretty much came out and said she could reduce the whole place to ash if she cared enough for it.

The scary inhabitants were getting their collective asses kicked on the moon. Hell, it was by their grace that they were even allowed to breathe on the moon.

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But it IS a war for Yukari. It wasn't the first time either, she tried to invade the moon before with her youkai puppets but failed so she tried again with the rocket team.

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>That ominous smile left a deep scar in her mind, something she would never be able to forget. To make those who cannot die question the meaning of living. To make them fear the unknown, what they cannot understand.

>That was the true intention behind Yukari's Second Lunar Invasion.

keep being delusional moonbros

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Remilia could have killed Toyohime anytime she wanted and Reimu brought her to a draw. After she was dealt with, they could have destroyed those rabits and invaded the moon.

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>But it IS a war for Yukari.
...no, it's not. Where are you getting that?

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>she tried to invade the moon before with her youkai puppets but failed

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Then how come she didn't? She got fucked by the sun.

That's like saying the Japanese won WWII because of pearl harbour. The Moon Sisters bound up yuk-yuk and her servant and kicked the shit out of Gensokyo's finest.

Maybe she can come around for round 3? Oh no. She need not embarrass herself anymore than she already has.

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>Remilia could have killed Toyohime
Sakuya could too

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That's the time before, of which we no nothing about. It very well could have been for the same reason as this time: To pass the time.

Remilia and Reimu could have teamed up and destroyed Yorihime easily. Stop being such a moon bitch.

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Not this shit again.

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It's the single worst plan ever. What kind of stratagem is that supposed to be? Surrender to the enemy and hope they just won't do anything with you? The only reason anything came out of that plan at all is because the plot says it does.

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If they had any foul play, they could've just separaed the fantastical moon from the moon moon.

Oh look. They choke and die in the vacuum of space.

Or better yet, deploy lunar-hax weapons like that one-handed vulcan minigun that was mentioned in one of the news books or whatever.

Turn the air-headed maid into red rain.

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take it easy

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It's like the English surrender in 1942

They surrendered and the Japs agreed to be nice.

Nope, deathmarched them and practiced cutting off their heads.

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The amount of denial by the moonfags never ceases to amaze me.

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Eirin has bigger boobs.

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>Oh look. They choke and die in the vacuum of space.
Along with the rest of the moon.

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They could just cut it off in that specific area.

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Could they?

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I doubt that she would muster up an army of yokai and lead them to the moon just to "pass the time".

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Of course.

Yukari can gap from point A to B, so why couldn't they cut off the moon from A to B?

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The lunarians were incredibly egotistical. Just look at what toyohime said when she agreed to the surrender. Yukari used their arrogance against them.

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>That's like saying the Japanese won WWII because of pearl harbour.
No, it's not, at all. I don't even know where to begin.

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Because the moon doesn't have gaps.

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It's Yukari, I have no doubts she would.

Also, we don't know the details that war, whose to say what was what?

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prove it

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Toyohime can split the moon however she pleases.

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You're in over your head gap-hag!

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Cite that.

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Wars are started to gain an advantage over someone else, so it comes natural to think that Yukari wanted to defeat the moon to gain something.

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She started it to teach the earth youkai a lesson. I am still unsure oof what kind of lesson it was.

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It's quite vague, but a portion of her abilities are stated as: "can manipulate the boundaries between the Earth and Moon, and between the scientific and fantastic versions of the Moon".

This means she could probably cut off a part of the fantastic moon to plain old moon-moon.

Vague like everybody elses' powers in Touhou

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how disgusting.

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Aya: You think up a new formula, and you create a formula that will solve it. So your master...is better at numbers than you are?

Ran: It goes without saying that there is no comparison. I could neither solve nor understand Miss Yukari's equations.

Aya: How terrifying....

Ran: Miss Yukari would determine not only the Sanzu's width, but its bottomless depth as well. She'd find out how long it would take Ursa Major to devour the North Star, all in an instant. Normally all she does is sleep, but the instant she opens her mouth, she gives orders no one else would think up

What I'm getting at here is: Yukari thinks up some wild shit, using common since with her is useless.

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I hate these arguments. Always just run in circles until I can't be assed to keep track of what's what anymore.

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That's a cute way to admit defeat.

Have some more smug Eirin.

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No one can do anything impressive in SSIB because ZUN lacks imagination and writing skills while Aki Eda lacks the necessary drawing skills. That's why everything in discussions always runs on informed attributes. This character could destroy the world and kill everyone! Why? She said so, nothing that would be even slightly impressive or near that level is ever actually shown.

Though i guess people like that stuff for their fanfiction since they get to make lots of shit up without feeling bad.

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It's just that Ran isn't very bright, so she doesn't understand her motives. She's a shikigami after all.

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You're not even trying anymore.

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Remilia and Reimu aren't really Gensokyo's finest. And they were both doing pretty well against the supposedly unbeatable moon princess.

Remilia even kicked her in the face and then shoved her face into dirt.

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Yes they can. Toyohime did that in CiLR to Yukari's crow.

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Reimu isn't Gensokyo's finest? How come she beats everyone up then, Yukari included?

They may have faired well, but they still lost.

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It's true though. She might be good with numbers but she's not very good with creative thought.

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I especially hate when I give up, then the side I was backing starts making retarded arguments like >>11127517

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Yukari also beat the crap out of her at the beginning of SSiB.

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What happened with her massive boobs?

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Reimu isn't fight everyone to the death.

If Remilia was being serious, she could have just torn Yorihime apart when she was toying with her. Reimu brought her to a draw and Yorihime asked her to stop or they'd both end up getting messed up.

Try again.

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>she could have just torn Yorihime apart

Remember when Yori turned into living flame?

What makes you think she would die so easily?

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You try making medicine and whipping rabbits with massive boobs.

Yukari gets off lucky because she can sleep on them all day.

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She can't use any of her abilities if she's already dead. She was taking those hits, if one of those happened to be fatal, that would be that.

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>whipping rabbits
Cunt. Also way to forget what you were fighting over.

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Oh yes, Reimu sure brought that to a draw.

Nice try.

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That wasn't the end of the fight.

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>As I spread my hands, the sea beneath my feet immediately began to drain its water, and the parched earth beneath it began to show through.
>A barren mountain devoid of grass or trees, the remnants of machines from the humans' lunar expeditions, a black sky. And, a world without any air.
>The desolate near side of the moon. This is the lunar world that the humans discovered. It is an exceedingly cruel, lonely world.
>Having suddenly lost its atmosphere and gravity, the crow spiraled slowly towards the ground, foaming at the mouth. Before long, it expired. Unable to breathe, it asphyxiated.

Yeah, good luck fighting this bitch.

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Whoops, bad screen cap.

Should've just used the real thing.

Anyways, it was a draw.

As you can clearly see here.

The only reason why she left off was because she wasn't allowed to kill Reimu. Either way, she was fucked.

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>Yukari gets off lucky because she can sleep on them all day.

A truly mind-master always will use others to do her work.

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Do her boobs count as pillows? How about Ran's?

Eirin could totally use Reisen's.

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If were going to be like that, then again, Remilia could have taken care of her.

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Yorohime used her massively inflated ego against her.

That and the sun helped.

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Why not Kaguya?

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There's nothing there!

Unless you use shady drugs.

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The art is so shitty. I will never understand why ZUN thought it was a good idea to hire Aki Eda.

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>There's nothing there!

she is a lunarian after all

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Hush boobinite.

>> No.11127606

Maybe he liked it.

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It's the single worst looking manga i've ever read and the only reason i even did that is because it has the Touhou name on it. I'm glad i didn't actually have to pay for that shit. It's like ZUN actively wanted it to be bad. Who the hell would think that looks in any way good?

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How? Her hits were doing nothing.

She put up a fight, but was obliterated in the end.

>> No.11127661


He was probably going for that amateurish look.

>> No.11127666

They were hurting her and she wasn't going all out. She was just showing off her speed.

>> No.11127669

Bad writing + deliberately bad art = perfect manga

ZUN logic.

>> No.11127707


Except Yori was not really hurt.

And she could've killed all of them with that blades out of the ground attack.

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Please sexualize Toyohime more

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So really, anyone could've won. In the end though, Yukari one. Everyone did everything just as she wanted and she got to drink some good sake with her pals.

>> No.11127737

>Yukari one
*Won. Fuck.

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Ok, I'll sexualize her sister instead.

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I like to think Reisen and Tewi spmetimes grab some popcorn and watch Eirin and Yukari futily butt heads over this stuff like all these anons do.
'course, they eventually break it up, neither side satisfied, and Eirin ends up taking out her frustration on the pets, so it's not all fun.

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So they symmetrically dock breasts and stare at each other in the eyes whilst saying nasty things?

Sounds like a show to me.

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Sometimes. Usually there's more angry shouting and pointing as things heat up. Not the sexy kind.