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What is Miku doing

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what are you doing

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yeast infection
urine soaked
skid marks

could be any number of things. even the cutest of the cute nastify their pantsu sometimes

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I thought the J-List ads were gone.

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You thought wrong, bucko.

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Moot added some really terrible new ads...

What the fuck are these supposed to mean?

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I know look at that dumb Yui

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What got me is when he advertised a streaming site on /a/.

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this is a very subtle "troll" picture
gj I almost typed normalfag in all caps

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Fuck off normalfag

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how does having a cell phone make you a normalfag?

my mom bought me a cell phone for emergencies

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how the fuck are you posting pictures from an Iphone

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my mom bought me an iphone for my birthday last year

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your mom bought me plane tickets
to her bedroom
first class

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>my mom bought me a cell phone for emergencies
Why didn't she just buy you a $10 Tracfone or something? I'm not buying this story.