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Have you put your true feelings inside of mommy yet, /jp/?

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This meme is almost shitty as the pretend to be gay meme.

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Kanako is not a mother. Suwako is a mother.

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Is that supposed to mean my penis?

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I don't think of her as a mother though. She's my inspiration. I'll strive towards greater heights just for her.

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I don't understand the mother incest fetish at all.
Maybe it's because my mom is possibly the worst person I know.

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>he still doesn't know Kanako-sama can be his new mom

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us homos XD *waves le pride flag*

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us /pol/shits XD *waves le happening flag*

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Did your mommies circumcise you, /jp/? Mine did, and now I don't like her.

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Thank god they didn't and my family is partly Jewish.

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She was going to but forgot. She remembered 15 years later but apparently I didn't need it so I opted out of it.

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Will they ever make stem cells to fix what was stolen from me? My family is part Jewish too.

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Yes, it sucks, I wish I had a tiny foreskin covered cock, but I'm stuck with this gross thing.

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I want to go back...

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>My family is part Jewish
Absolutely disgusting.

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It is. Luckily they aren't religious in the slightest.

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I didn't choose my family. I probably hate Judaism more than you.

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The genetic Jew is worse than then religious Jew without the lineage

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I don't understand it either but I don't dislike my mother. She's just a bit overbearing at times.

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Because for much of /jp/ their mother is the only female they've ever known personally.

My mother is a pretty terrible person and I don't think of her but I project the thought of Kanako onto her to take over her maternal position.

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It would be fucking sweet if Kanako was my mom.

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Death to America

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normalfags recording normalfags record normalfags
listen to them snicker like idiots

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If Kanako was my mom things would be different around here

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keep watching

you video gets progressively more and more 'america' until it's so america that you won't be able to watch it any more

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i ar first to see doggie