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If Reimu is so desperate to get money and youkai extermination obviously don't pay very well why won't she start providing extra services at her shrine?

No, I don't mean sex.

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I'd sex her hard.

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I really hate the practice of giving every single Touhou large tits, even the ones that don't usually have large tits in fanon.

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It doesn't happen in every doujinshi, with every artist.

I hate retards like you that complain about something that you don't need to look at. Go read one of the other 8000 doujinshi where they look like their canon.

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How would you fap to them then?

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You mean KamS? Because he's like the only one who draws ZUN-style porn.

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To be fair some of them were flat in that doujin.

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I cant think of a single doujinshi where Yuugi looks like a loli wearing a gym shirt with a transparent dress.

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Because this happened.

You'll never get a loli Yuugi.

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that pic makes me wish yuugi was HM playable

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fuck you

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Just how high do you even have to be, to be able to lean on your background like that?

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Thanks for bringing to my attention that this had been translated!

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I'd say it's just as bad as people refusing to acknowledge that there are touhous with tits.

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Using a nuclear fusion reactor to heat a bath seems like an absurdly bad idea, for a ton of different reasons.

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To put it in a general way, I'll never understand people who give Touhous traits they don't canonically have when there are other Touhous that do have said traits and can be used instead.

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Yeah, every Sunday when should have to go to like church. They should give you a blowjob.

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What a turnoff.

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It's a magical fusion reactor.

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Which Touhou has canon tits? Pretty sure none of them do.

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ALso, I'm pretty sure Yuyuko too.

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Because you are one of those purists who thinks only ZUN's art counts and that characters like Kasen don't exist, right? Guess that means no character has knees either since ZUN never draws them.

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Oh, i actually forgot that ZUN himself now starts to draw breasts in DDC. So i guess people now ignore ZUN's art for that as well.

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Komachi, Kasen, Byakuren, Kanako, Yukari and probably a few more.

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Sanae and Byakuren do actually have boobs even in Zunart. Basically only them though.

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Shut the fuck up! Touhous have titties!

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Yukari does not have boobs, not even in IaMP, SWR, or SoPM.

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>characters like Kasen don't exist
> no character has knees either since ZUN never draws them

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yuugi, eirin, beer girl, mamizou, sanae, and some others in 13.5.

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lol @ 2ndaries saying pandering is canon

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lol @ pedophiles saying canon is pandering

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She's at least 17 in appearance, of course she has boobs.

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>Byakuren and Hijiri
that probably wasn't supposed to be a joke but i thought it was funny

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She's tilting to the side, so her dress is billowing down. I bet you think she has huge thighs too.

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>canon is pandering
i can tell your a stupid athiest

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i got back from church 35 minutes ago
where did you draw that conclusion from?

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She still has boobs.

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ZUN = God (Creator of Gensokyo)
"Official" works artists = scientists who try to play god
You do not believe in the Touhou bible you believe what the others draw

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God told his disciples to go out and preach his word.
ZUN approves of official touhou artists.

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but they alter what they see fit they are full of sin

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ZUN has said that he's sometimes too lazy to tell the artists how to draw characters.

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ZUN God is perfect
he makes no mistakes
the touhous are perfect as are
the scientists are tricking you

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That hand always gets me.

I hope she at least had the decency to fuck the poor guy first.

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>Whose sins you forgive are forgiven them,
and whose sins you retain are retained.
John 20:20-23

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What DO you mean, then?

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I pray for you and all you other 2ndary sinners

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Well, I'd sure go there if she was doing some sexy miko dances. Or massages.

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nice retort, heathen. i guess we're done here.

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That's just Ran, struggling to get up from being smashed underneath Yukari's umbrella.

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i turn the cheak

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Oh, c'mon!
That's hardly even a B cup.

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Look where her shoulders are, then where her tits end.

Her dress makes them look much smaller.

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that's is because the fucking alphes