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This is how you transfer mana.

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Lacks CG dragons

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Not this sex bullshit.

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But she has gonorrhea.

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I don't see a dragon anywhere. I think your pulling my leg

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Oh thank GOD! Saber was telling me something about pOnOs and vagOOO and I was just so confused... This seems much simpler.

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This is how you transfer mana.

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mana transfer requires one to wear only minimal clothing? how preposterous!

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This is how you transfer mana.

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wow is that some shirou and female shiki art? MORE!!!!!

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Enjou Tomoe...

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you best be joking nigger

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lol shirou is on bottom but shiki is a girl AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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This is how you transfer mana.

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Okay there has got to be an explanation on why Shiro is ripped.

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Archery classes, sparring with Saber, daily house chores, etc.

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The fact that he works out every day? There's even exercise scenes.

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Dunno man he has only been working out every day since his father started teaching him magic in his shed.

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Other than the above points he also wroks very strenous physical jobs so that he can get a workout and get paid for it.

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Other than that, I have yet to see an unfit main protagonist in an VN

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Ever wonder why the majority of VN protagonists attempt to cover their faces with their hair as much as possible?

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Because they all have strabism.

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This is how you transfer mana.

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I've seen plenty.

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I love the one by the same artist where Patchouli is raping her.

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I've tried looking through Fakku and Rapidshare, can't find anything on this doujin. Possible to request a direct link to it somewhere?

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Check touhou wiki next time.

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That would be it it then, I was looking for Darkstalkers stuff. Thanks.

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