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fuck one, kill one, marry one

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Kill Sanae and then fuck her in that order.

Marry Suwako.

Ignore the old hag.

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Fuck Sanae, kill Kanako, marry Suwacko

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Kill Sanae, marry Suwako, fuck Suwako. In that order.

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Marry Sanae, fuck Sanae, miraculously not kill anyone.

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>tfw nobody wants the old hag.

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fug kanakp
marry kanakp
kill suwa

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Kill them all.
Fuck them all.

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The late Jin'emon said that it is better not to bring up daughters. They are a blemish to the family name and a shame to the parents. The eldest daughter is special, but it is better to disregard the others.

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byakuren fag detected

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kill no one. Allow them to do what ever they want afterwards. You the fuck do you think I am am Kratos!! I am not fighting no god.

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Marry Suwako, fuck Kanako, kill Sanae.

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marry kanako, kill suwako and fuck sanae

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nice to see a fellow kanakp!

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shut up

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Fuck Kanako, fuck Sanae, marry Suwako(unlimited fuckings)

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god bless kanako

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fuck them all.
kill Sanae
fuck old hag again
kill Suwako
marry Ran

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How lovely.

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marry sanae
rest are shit

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You are shit!

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what's your basis for that accusation?

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Because I am irrefutably right!

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Marry mom, fuck Sanae, kill Suwako

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truly and epic thread /b/ro

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it's pretty funny ay??

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Fuck you