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If /jp/ ain't the cutest then I'll eat my hat!

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I'm happy to tell you you don't have to eat your hat ^_^

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Eat my dick, anime bitch ;))

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Does /jp/ really think I'm cute?

That's embarrassing.

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chi-chan a sit

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Little devious Flan smirk-y smirk smirk~

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frig off holmes

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Which is better?

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What the fuck is this? A VHS tape?

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I actually have a read a copy of Doyle and was identical to your picture.

My favorite was the hound of the baskervilles.

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>Longmeadow Press

Oh look, a modern publisher trying to make LE EPIC RETRO books. I can smell the plastic in that cover from here.

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Wasn't the resolution something gay as HELL like "lol they were all sniffing opium gas"?

Was Doyle the original writer who just made up sci-fi gimmicks without doing the research?

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It gets posted at least three times a week. There's a whole series of them.

Lurk more.

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Someone please acknowledge this please...

It;s really cute.

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I know

I am the one who posts them

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That's cute.
I like how you post the one with the hotdog when asked.

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No, there was a real hound and it was covered in phosphous.

There was a murder plot going on as well.

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*whips out dick*

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We're trying to be cute, please do not abuse the suprise box.

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Anyone have the picture in this picture? It's cute.

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Flan is very hot.

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If my hat ain't the cutest I'll eat my /jp/!

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Stop being so cute /jp/ or you will make me want to rape you.

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Who is the cutest cuteposter?

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I love you Fukune!

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I love you George Melbourne*

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i wonder if i made that post...

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/jp/ is cutest when /jp/ is intoxicated

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But good little girls don't drink alcohol!

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Finnish girls do

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Finland has drunk lolis? Can I get one?

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Don't fall for it, there are no lolis in Finland.

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Finn girls are cute.

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Is her name Shutterstock?

I don't know the Finnish tongue or what it sounds like, but that's not a very cute name. It sounds German.

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No. I bet her name is Mika or Aki... Or something. I've lived in Finland for 4 years. I know what I'm on about.

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Looks like something out of a horror movie.

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"The Attack of the 50 ft Watermark"