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I have a theory on why Wriggle Nightbug wears shorts instead of dressing in a dress or a skirt or something more feminine. Since she's a firefly, her ass glows. If she were to wear a skirt, she would pretty much have a spotlight coming out of it at all times. Shorts cover up everything, so the light can't escape.

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or maybe
you know
she wears shorts because she wants to

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LOL us 2hutards xD

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It's because they are comfy and easy to wear.

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It's really more like their abdomen glows than their butt. A human firefly would have their belly glow.

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Shush you're ruining my dreams

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Shorts are cute and feminine too.

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If she wore ones like this yeah

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you have no idea what you are talking about please go back to the boot camp before attempting the real thing

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I'd like to make Wriggle's ass glow, if you know what I mean.

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Those look slutty.

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Would you massage a Wriggles feet?

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That's a cute theory, OP. I like it. GJ!

Please elaborate.

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In a lot of firefly species, the females use their light only for mating. Some, however, use it to mimic the mating patterns of other species so they can attract males and eat them.

Possibly she wears shorts for a similar reason.

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It probably has something to do with comfort. No matter what you may believe in your heart of hearts, a girl putting on boy shorts doesn't automatically turn into a boy.

I hope someday /jp/ will learn to grow out of its 1950s sensibilities that dress = girl and pants = boy. I doubt it, though, but I can always hope.

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I want to wear a cute dress while Wriggle wears shorts and treats me like a little girl.