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Why were people overreacting about lewd sprites in HM so much when Touhou official materials were already lewd as hell years ago?

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Because people think they will be known as true fans if they hate the newest games.

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Look at this, you can see Remilia's ass.

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I wish 2hu shitters would all die.

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Reimu's exposed bloomers less legs. Just like in HM.

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People will latch on to anything to hate the fighting games. It doesn't matter how flimsy the reasons are. People even made shit up about Letty hating Cirno just to hate on the screenshots for Futo's stage when they were revealed. You should not be surprised, OP.

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This artist was so great. Such a shame he's not doing anything for years now.

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I think everybody enjoyed the leg thing, the "lewdness" thing was part of it. I've only seen outright outrage concerning the breasts, which to me still sounds silly but at least is a bit more understandable.

Also, god damn, Genji Asai's art is so fucking great.

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I can totally understand people hating on Hijiri's idle animation. That's really over the top and pointless. Just hating the fact that characters are drawn with breasts is extremely silly and just sounds like someone being mad that people don't share his flat chest fetish.

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Shit artist.

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>>considering anything non-ZUN or ZUN post-wife canon

me veins

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Yeah, that animation makes no damn sense. Everything else is fine. Also how the shit is that computer running.

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when I saw Futo and Byakuren's sprites, both of 'em made me feel annoyed. Especially Byakuren. For Futo, huh, at least I can still imagine she's wearing, huh, very short bloomers lol

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Whoa, 2hus are drinking cola, next to a functioning computer, that is pretty crazy.

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HM sprites are lewder and don't even try to hide the blatant fanservice.

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looks like everyone wants another thread about hijirin's canons

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Fuck the hips, what about sakuya's over-sized cranium?
Jesus I guess that's what happens when you spend too much time with Okuu.

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That's because of the sprite's artists
BTW, I hope ZUN gonna make another story like CoLA again, I really like story like this.
Next character, a human from outside world that got spirited away to Gensokyo and started to live in the human village.

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Sprite artist was ZUN-approved.

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CoLA was fantastic and relaxing. Rinno's musings, ideas, and bizzare logic with a tinge of narcissism made for a great read.

I heard there were some disagreements, but never got a source for this so it's probably bullshit.

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heh. i wonder if anyone will bother to fix it.

man i regret clicking this though

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Whenever I get a desire to fix something on the wiki, I see things like what you linked and remember they're beyond help.

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There is no such thing as disagreements for the HM art. It's just people trying to make it look like ZUN would never approve of all the art so that they can still sound like true fans while hating on something Touhou related. After all, for some people ZUN is some sort of saint who actually hates anything that resembles fanservice. People like to tell themself that stuff like swimsuit scenes in SSIB were actually not written by ZUN and inserted against his wishes.

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People get mad about SSiB swimsuit scene? It's a bunch of little flatchested touhous and none of them even get a revealing closeup panel or anything. It's totally tasteful.

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The only thing people are really complaining about is Byakuren's idle animation, which is honestly stupid over-the-top.

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Anything that even remotely resembles fanservice is evil and clearly goes against ZUN's wishes. This includes Kasen being drawn not flat or harmless swimsuit scenes.

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Ask yourself one simple question: is it really "fanservice" if fans don't like it?

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It's only special snowflakes who don't like it. Sadly, those people tend to be very vocal on /jp/.

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Are there prudes in the Japanese community? Or do none of them give a shit?

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You're the special snowlake here, pervert. Very special.

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I don't think liking the art in WAHH or the fighting games makes one special. Though people liking SSIB's art would be special in my eyes.

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>Though people liking SSIB's art would be special in my eyes.
I always suspected I was special, but I didn't know for sure until today.

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I bet she's doing that to attract followers.

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God, Youmu is so insanely hot.

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No, but liking it for the few examples of perceived lewdness does.

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Are there people who only like WAHH because Kasen is drawn with breasts? It's not even anything wild and blatant like Highschool of the Dead. I couldn't even begin to understand that reasoning. It's like saying you like Zeta Gundam because people wear short skirts sometimes.

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>curiosities of lotus asia

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>not thinking SSiB Touhous are adorable

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It's shit. The reason ZUN thought that Aki Eda could produce a good looking manga are forever a mystery to me.

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Her art is cute. But horrible for a series with action.

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I don't find it cute at all. I think QUALITY is the 4chan word for stuff like this.

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Her chest rockets were already canon.

The way they move is over the top, sure, but I don't see why anybody would get mad over this. She's probably doing this on purpose.

She's obviously proud of her bazookas and wants to show the flat ones who's the boss.

Byakuren was always full of herself.

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Oh dear, she doesn't handle depth well. And Marisa's dress is somehow resting on poor Remi's hat.

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It's pretty amusing how flat Remi looks in this. But I really doubt it wasn't intentional.

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It's what happens when you can't into perspective. Things often tend to look flat or too small as a result.

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Are those pages not a non-issue? I've been using the wiki for years and I had no clue shit like this existed. I can't imagine the average user navigating to this crap either. As long as pages like that are by and large isolated I don't care.

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And people say official Touhou art is bad.

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I only play the games, secondary-kun.

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Sure, alone they're a non-issue. But you have to admit they give a good picture of where the wiki's real issues stem from.

Also, nobody fixed it after all.

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It's a shooting game series. The books themselves are fanservice.

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It's mediocre at best. Genji Asai's work is pretty nice though, despite the anatomy issues. Of course it could be much, much better though.

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It's great. Asai's style is so much better than generic fanarts.

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He draws everyone as a loli and gives all touhous silly outfits. He's okay, but he's no good at portraying Touhou characters.

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>He draws everyone as a loli and gives all touhous silly outfits

Sounds as Touhou as it gets.

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Who says I don't also loathe those? Do your homework rather than making assumptions to validate your "general" circlejerk threads.

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>He draws everyone as a loli and gives all touhous silly outfits.

He created the most powerful hat. Surely, he is the most powerful artist.

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That hat just looks dumb.

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I hate that hat. Seriously, it's one of the worst looking hats.

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You hate true beauty. Your only choice is suicide.

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I'm so glad the recent official mangas and her cameo in HM reversed that stupid visual.

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She looks so good in FS.

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I know, right? It's hideous. What the fuck is it even supposed to be?

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It's cute.

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He also drew Ramilia in a space suit.

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It's way too big. I have no idea how someone would think a hat should look like that. Maybe someone who crossed over from /fa/ can tell me what kind of hat that is supposed to be.

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>translucent parasol

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The hat alone is more than enough shade

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It is the one hat to rule them all. The supreme hat.

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Uh huh.

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There's also am article dedicated to the Coca Cola.

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Maybe it's supposed to be, but it's not. It looks like she just threw a pillow or clump of dough on her head and called it a hat. So fucking stupid.

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It's probably magical.

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This kind of hats was quite popular in old RPG's and fantasy anime.

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A hat fit for the inbred.

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sanae is slut XD
service the frog ... !!!

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please dont bully
english is not very well ...

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Bored Remi.

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Bored anon?

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SSiB Remi is cute.
CoLA Remi is beautiful.
WaHH Remi is silly cute.
FS Remi is a miracle of the universe, them vampire eyes.

Would serve and sexualize faithfully.

And her giant-ass hat is cute too.

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>And people say official Touhou art is bad.
Most of them is good. Here's a repost tier list

God Tier: Genji Asai, TOKIAME, Moe Harukawa
High Tier: Azuma Aya, Makoto Hirasaka
Mid Tier: Toshihira Arata
Low Tier: Alphes, Aki Eda, Nemu Matsukura

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I really like her FS wings.

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>God Tier: Genji Asai (...)
>High Tier: (...) Makoto Hirasaka

I respectfully disagree.

But I'm not going to produce my own alternative tier list until I track and compare every single artist that's ever drawn anything for a Touhou book.

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>putting Alphes together with Aki Eda and Nemu

What the fuck? Why are you offending them to such degree? What did they ever do to deserve such absurdly violent slander?

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Aki Eda and Matsukura should actually be below Alphes.

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>High Tier: Makoto Hirasaka

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Alphes was originally mid-tier. He was reduced after Hopeless Masquerade, rightfully so.

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Alphes should've been low BEFORE Hopeless Masquerade. Now he deserves a tier of his own, labeled Regression Tier.