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Patchy a fat!

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I hate Patchouli so fucking much.

So fucking much.

And all of you as well!

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i want patchy 2 ear my hotdog if u kno what i mean ;)

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shiet nigguh you a fiend

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I want Patchy to angrily smother me

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>I ate Patchouli so fucking much.

So fucking much.

And all of you as well!

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Das lewd man

Who even eats hot dogs like that?

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B-but i'm ok with this!

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post moar :)

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2fat a 2hu

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She is no fat, she has a healthy body

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Why are bellies so hot

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Patchouli is sending that hot dog to her stomach to be digested.

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The last time you were in your mum, her belly was huge.

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i want her to digest MY hotdog if u kno what a mean ;)

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I don't know what you mean.

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he is proud of his mastery of grilling meats

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How can you say you love yourself if you don't love phallus-like objects?

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patty fatty 5x4 cannot get thru the bathroom door

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Whoa!!! Patchouli's hot dog sure looks particularly phallic

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Fatchouli can't work more than a couple seconds.

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Neither can regular Patchy, so that's ok.

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Just when did this [___] a [___] shit start? It is everywhere now.

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Some time after "youmu is a [____]!"

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Sine someone spammed "madoka a shit" on /jp/.

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It's from THAT? Holy hell.

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It started as someone spamming madoka is shit. It evolved over time.

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I like my patchouli REALLY big.

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My favorite kind of Patchy. <3

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how many dogs could patchy gurg

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I can't wait to watch her squeeze it out of her cute little anus

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Fat acceptance with fatfuckass Patchouli

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I'd accept her fat, if you know what I mean.

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Guess again

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I want to see more of cute, chubby Patchouli.

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No, no, no! Don't kill her!

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It's been an meme on /a/ for several months now. How new are you?

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OP a fag!

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No one goes to /a/ here, crossie. I'll agree that hes new as fuck though.

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He was asking when it started, whether or not it is new is irrelevant.

At any rate, the "Madoka is shit" spam started in June 2011, and by July it had mutated to "madoka a shit".

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Shittiest non-ironic post of the day. Kill yourself out of /jp/.

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I thought the first sentence of that post was pretty ironic.

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Get a load of this crossie

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Are you sure about that one? It sounds like the kind of thing a genuine retard would say.

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It would only be ironic if a bunch of people on /jp/ went to /a/.

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Yeah, there's just no way that Touhou Project fans and visual novel readers could have an interest in anime or manga. That's weeb shit.

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nice doubles

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Patchy <3

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Patchouli is a perfectly healthy girl!

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What about mental health?

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this is the only vn I've read that had lewd sounds in the h scenes. but it didn't have any va work.

why can't I have my cake and eat it too like that fat patchy ;_;

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Patchy can use magic to make a second cake, but once you already ate yours, it's gone.

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Why is the Patchouli so cute? I wish she was my girlfriend.

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You don't need to browse /a/ to watch anime.

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I masturbated to Patchouli today.

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>not knowing she's skinny

I bet you didn't even know she's a gypsy holocaust survivor.

Her Robes are dyed Concentration camp "Pajama's"

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He mentioned Gyspy.

Jews are out to claim the Holocaust was done on their people and their people alone.

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I want patchy to bodyslam me and laugh as I try to claw my way out from under her belly