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I'm not ready to be a father!

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Too late. It's yours.

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why didn't you pull out anon?

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Yeah, well maybe you should've been more careful!
But it's too late now.

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That kid looks like it had this all planned from the start. It's practically sneering at me. I wouldn't trust it. It probably told lies to Futo to get me into deep shit.

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Feelio when there are no drunken preggo-sex pictures of her.

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That kid looks like it has none of your genes.

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What have I done

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Which touhou would be most willing to take your seed

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will touhous get jelous i if i make multiple touhous pregnant

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Yes. Your best bet is to settle down with a nice youkai girl. Some of them are very family-oriented.

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Alice she's the most desperate

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None. I have no desireable traits.

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I'm sure you have at least one

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That smug face totally comes from my side.

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this is why lewd things are evil

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Would a death goddess be a good mother?

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He probably tastes sort of like human.

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But pregnancy is pure and good.

And God said unto us "Be fruitful and multiply, fill the Earth and subdue it."

You wouldn't want to go against God, would you? You're not a heretic, right?
It is your sacred duty to masturbate to pregnant Touhous and one day make a real girl pregnant.

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She could probably feed a lot of children with a bosom like that.

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I don't think doing things a fictional character supposedly told you to, is very smart.

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Vampires are infertile.
Especially prepubescent vampires.

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But wouldn't you want to be a father, to have children who would carry on your genes.

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I've seen young lads that when they (willingly) get a woman pregnant seem to change from searching self gratification to postponing their own health, free time, money, etc for the sake of their future son, and after they're born, caring more about his/her well-being more than themselves.

I wonder if every man holds those paternal instincts deep inside, only to awaken at the time they get the woman they love pregnant.

I don't think I could have feelings like that.

Well, fuck.

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Says who nerdlord?

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Is that so~

Damphir, my friend. Damphir. They get +1 to angst and SUFFERING.

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No, not really.
On the contrary actually, I hope my genes die with me.

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You should get a nice human girl instead.

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You made me laugh.

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that pic is sexy

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It's like anything in life. Come the moment come the man as they say

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I think I have those feelings. I'd really like to take care of someone but I have a feeling I'd be terrible at it.

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>vampire spawn

fifty bucks say they turn out to be hideous abominations.

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I want to get a girl pregnant.
But I don't want to help raise the child.

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Are you black?

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No I just hate kids.

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seriously? I mean if they're annoying sure, but some are cute as fuck

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oh noes I impregnated them both what have I done?!

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Pedophile detected.
This thread is being turned in to the proper authorities.

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Oh shit I forgot, the US government knows that I think some kids are cute in a non-sexual way. I think I may just turn myself in at this point

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A real American hero right here, thank you friend.

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What's the evil here? We all reproduce in most cases at some point.

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I want a touhou to be pregnant with me.

She would rub her big belly lovingly and wince as I kick her insides as hard as I can.

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>We all reproduce in most cases at some point.

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I did that

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I would never put my seed inside of a girl. I'm not fit to be a Father and my legacy should and will end with this last pitiful and cursed existence.

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my parents keep trying to introduce me to their younger coworkers

I think they expect to impregnate one of them

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My family knows I'm a virgin and make fun of me for it

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But don't you feel a primitive desire to impregnate a woman and make her your bitch?

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Yukari could just telabort the baby or something if she really didn't want it.
It don't seem like yuka to be the motherly type either.

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My primitive desire to stab annoying people is much stronger.

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If anon's the father I'd double that bet.
easy money.

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Are you Asian?

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Now that I think of, the two vampire could just have normal human mom while they were bitten by a vampire causing them to become one, maybe they're not even sisters and they call themselves like that because one become a vampire before the other.

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I am white

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How do they know?

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Then be glad. If you were one your family would eat you up.

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Because in 23 years of life I've never brought home a girl or mentioned anyone I was interested in.

Since I'm the oldest of 3 children they don't care if I breed or not since the others show promise and will carry on this shitty bloodline.

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How would your parents react if they found out you knocked up both the scarlet sisters /jp/?

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They'd be so fucking proud.

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I want to impregnate a touhou.

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You're speaking from experience?

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No. I'm a pussy meister.

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I am sure they would have several questions

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tfw no pregnet japanese gf

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They'd call me a pedophile, even if Remilia explained their real ages.

I don't think I want that.

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Why would you care what anyone thought of you ever again?

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I don't know if childbirth would be healthy for their dainty bodies.

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They're still my parents. There are other touhous I'd rather knock up anyway.

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Touhous are anything but dainty, anon.

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Petite? Childish? Fun-size?

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Alice a good mother!

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Pregnancy is my greatest fetish. Too bad there aren't very many doujinshi dealing with it.

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Is impregnation a seperate fetish from pregnancy?

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Of course, the girl must look like she's carrying a child.

Also, rape is out of the question. It must be consensual sex with between the mother and the father.

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Then I must leave.

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Where to?

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Same. I want to have a son but I'm pretty sure I'd be a really shitty father.

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considering /jp/ does a ton of things fictional characters tell them to do I don't see the difference

you fucking filthy heathen

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There's a Flandre Scarlet page on Facebook that seems to post images right around when they pop up as threads on /jp/. hm.

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exquisite taste

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wow i really like this, where do i get more

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your mom in 9 months, you're welcome!


just type pregnant+Touhou in danbooru or something

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Here, I got more

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in this thread: 2ho's trip to Mexico

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Mormom scum.

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But their head is still intact.

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I took my responsability and married her.

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>9 months

not ⑨ months

do you even cirno?

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She should be wearing a diaper

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youkais cannot into pregnancy you dumfucks

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Where did Rinnosuke come from then? He's a half-youkai.

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Not a single anon taking responsibility in this thread.

You are all assholes.

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I took her to see Dr. Eirin for a discreet procedure.

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I would love to take responsibility.

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I'm still not sure if my wife can even get pregnant.

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With enough sperm, anything is possible.

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If I can't make Ran pregnet then I'll just help raise Chen. She'll go from delinquent into proper young lady in no time.

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Get out.

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haha I see what you did there
and it's pretty amusing

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jelly eggs

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This thread is making me depressed as hell.

I don't even know why, children and pregnancy are the further things in mind.

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That's what you get for being born a woman, woman.

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Depressed because you are getting too old to have children?

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it's because you're jellymad

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Would you be a better or worse father than Gendo?

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I just know deep inside that I'll never be able to impregnate a girl, no matter what.

My penis is too is small and my sperm is worthless. Even in the rare case that I'd manage to impregnate one she would abort instantly rather that carring my baby.

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i would provide my child with 0 giant biorobots and 0 momclones

sorry kiddo

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forgot my sage

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I could have impregnated a girl 8 years ago when I last had sex. I'm glad I didn't.

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