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Girls are crying. Forcing us into early or arranged marriages is a violation of our rights. We need a good future.

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The only right you'll ever need you already possess it.

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Buying a girl for three cows and raping her in front of her parents is FUCKING HOT.

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Is Johnny 5 for or against raping lolis in exchange for cows?

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Well, it would appear Johnny 1 is in favor of human rights and the freedom of choice. However, he is a nigger.

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Don't sully Johnny 5 with your shitty threads, faggot. I will come down on you with the collective wrath of the '80's.

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The freedom to choose to buy a girl for three cows.

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First time I've literally rofl'ed at a post on 4chan in a long while. I commend you.

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Saved as this.

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It sure does feel like /m/ in here.