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I can't make an on-topic, interesting thread that doesn't get deleted, so...

Patchouli thread?

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I made this thread in a self-aware, ironic manner.

Ten bucks says it still doesn't get deleted.

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worst EoSD

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Patchouli is a nerd!

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best mukyun

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best theme in EoSD

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COOL&CREATE's Locked Girl is my favorite arrange of her theme.

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that's cirno
that's meiling's

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how about no

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I like this one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L7pB-ib-Tpw

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the backing track reminds me of The Police.

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pachekkuri is best yukkuri

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Patche is fat!

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No she isn't!!

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Are you sure?

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Hurry up and delete this thread, faggot janitor.

You already deleted two of my far more on-topic and interesting threads.

See: Warosu /ghost/. I'm trolling you. Delete the thread for trolling.

I want to make a better thread about something actually on-topic, so delete this faggot Touhou character thread already.

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You know you can delete it yourself, right?

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I want the janitor to. I want him to see this thread, say, "Oh, what a worthless, shitty thread! It's far worse than those threads I deleted earlier!" and to delete it.

Though it benefits me if he doesn't, too, because then I can email that fact to moot.

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Yeah, I'm sure moot will take your appeal in consideration.

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That's why we love her dumbass

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Yes, more fatchouli, she is the best!

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Why can't I have a gf that is beautiful and knowledgeable?

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bcuz u don't want one

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Are you beautiful and knowledgeable, anon?

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You'd have to leave the house for that.

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I doubt anyone has seen her naked in hundreds of years, anon. In fact, I doubt she has any friends.

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Remilia is her friend. I can't think of anyone else. She still has more frinds than me.

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That's not true Anon, I'm your friend.

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Oh I didn't meant to quote. My apologies

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Is that a beowulf cluster?

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I guess?

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That just makes me love her more.

Does Koakuma count as a friend?

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>that doesn't get deleted
Ban evader confirmed.

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what do you call a Chouli that is cooked on the stove?

a Panchouli

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pic related

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He's saying fat is ugly.

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Friends with benefits..

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I was banned for this post.

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I got a suggestion. Why don't you upload patchy images in a gif and then put something shocking on it. So when people are fapping to the images they get shocked :)

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Serves you right, faggot.

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Anyone who likes Patchouli with glasses has awful taste.

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Patchouli in cute slippers is best.

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not kawaii.